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This Could Be the End of Everything


The wind whistles in Peter Parker’s ears as he swings from his webbing over the city below him. Watching the colorful dots of civilians go about their day or stopping to observe the web slinger in action. Not much was amiss this fine Wednesday evening in his city and he hums with anticipation of an easy day coming to an end for a well-earned night of relaxation. The metro clinks loudly ahead and he shoots toward it for a ride home. He stands on the roof mimicking a surfer when his Spidey-senses make him jump off. He focuses on the surrounding area till he hears something come from an alley directly across the metro’s tracks. He swings over with great care and perches on the wall above. He scans the ground till he sees a shift among the trash. White emerges from the pile and he realizes very quickly it was a nude man.

“Guess this guy had way too much to drink.” Before he left the scene he noticed the guy looked young. Too young to drink. Peter crawls lower and sees he is injured, no beaten with precision. Peter drops down and the guy whips around, only to fall on his ass with a pitiful yelp of pain and fear. Peter holds his hands up to the teen in a peaceful manner. “Hey it's fine I’m Spiderman so you’re safe.” Peter might as well have spoken a different language for all the good he did. The fear stayed in his eyes with a heart breaking intensity. The teen goes to stand and from the tense muscles, attempt to bolt. Peter pulls his mask off in desperation. “Hey, it's ok, I’m a normal guy just like you see.” The guy relaxes his muscles enough to show he wasn’t going to bolt. He puts his arms tightly around himself and to Peter’s dismay looked ready to cry. Peter takes off his backpack and pulls out his jacket and jeans. “Here,” Peter holds the clothes out to him. “You must be freezing.” With shaking hands, he takes them and gingerly dresses his beaten body. Once finished he tucks his chin length black hair behind his ears and looks at him with wet piercing blue eyes. Peter gives the guy a smile seeing the situation getting easier by the simple kindness. "See, just a guy under here. My name is Peter. What happened to you?" The guy doesn’t answer at first and Peter gets more and more worried. After a few more seconds he starts to speak.

"I don't know. I just hurt all over." His voice sounds abused and very weak.

"Where do you live?" he shakes his head, hair coming out from behind his ears and him tucking it back nervously.

"I don't know." He whispers shakily. Peter tries to calm him before he gets to full blown panic mode.

“Hey, you’re ok now. I won’t let anything happen to you and its fine that you don’t know.” His voice was light and gentle. The guy visibly calms back to just a nervous shaking mess instead of a distraught shaking mess. Peter takes a breath looking down the alley both ways to make sure no one was around to see his face. "Do you know your name?" the guy looks down for a moment in deep thought, probably wanting to know something.

"Loki, I- I think my name is Loki." Peter smiles encouragingly.

"Well that's a start." He rubs the back of his head a bit lost now. Loki needed a hospital. A big breath and then Peter blows it out fast. “I’m gonna take you to a hospital ok.” Peter opens his bag and grabs the shirt and gym shorts he had from school today. It was weird given the weather but he wanted to stay with him till Loki was ok. Loki nods, not fully understanding the situation. Peter jogs behind a dumpster, changes in record time and pops back out heading out of the alley. When he turns back he sees Loki didn’t follow. “Come on, we need to go.” Loki looks behind him as if to see who he was talking to if not him. A moment of hesitation and a gulp of air later, Loki followed. Peter sighed, happy that a hospital was just a few blocks away seeing the boy sway so easily. Holding out a hand Peter moves toward Loki. “I’ll help you walk.” Loki looks at the hand then into Peter’s eyes. Apparently satisfied with the honesty in them he takes the hand, putting some of his weight on Peter. They make progress slowly reaching the hospital with Loki out of breath and a little worse for wear. When they enter the brightly lit building with stark white walls, floors and ceiling, Loki squeezes Peter’s hand painfully.

“No,” he almost yells causing a few heads to turn. Peter smiles sheepishly and runs out to catch Loki breathing hard on a bench out front. Peter sits next to him about to ask what’s wrong. “Too many,” a few panicky breaths, “Too many people, too loud.” Peter rubs his eyes a little irked at the difficulty of the teen. He can't just take him home, can he? He looks at Loki seeing just how beaten he is. The kid needed a hospital but in his state he couldn't ever hope to get him passed that door again. He sighs a little too loudly making Loki jerk his head up. "Come home with me." Loki looks at Peter confused. "You need someone to help you out so I will take you in until we figure something out." Peter was slightly surprised by his own words but he wasn’t about to take them back now. Loki looks back down in deep thought once again. A few minutes of what looks to be critical thinking he sighs, dropping his shoulders.

“Ok, I’ll go to your home.” His voice started to be less shaky and Peter smiles big holding out his hand once again. Loki takes it a little faster than last time and is led quickly behind the building for Peter to change, once again into Spiderman.

"Ok, hold on to me, I'll get us to my house quickly." Loki looks at Peter apprehensively. He in turn, just waits with a dorky smile on his face till Loki groans and complies. Arms wrapped loosely around Peter’s neck he looks up at his face with a raised eyebrow. Peter pulls him flush against his body, knowing he needs to keep him close so not to drop him and shoots a web straight up to the roof of the hospital. Loki opens his mouth with a face saying ‘Don’t you dare’ but instead hollers in shock as they are blasted high into the sky. Loki holds on tighter, almost choking Peter with his eyes clenched shut. Peter yells for him to open them with laughter lacing his voice. Loki slowly peels his eyes open and is instantly in awe at what he sees. The lights of the city flashed by in beautiful cacophonies of colors and the cool air felt like a cleansing against his pale skin. His senses were overpowered by the rich scenery that flooded his hungry eyes and his body shook from the feeling of life that wafted from the very foundation of the city they flew through. He laughed. A jingle in the back of his throat that sounded centuries old and tired from lack of use. Peter smiled at the rich sound that came from the boy’s lips and decided to do a three sixty spin mid jump and a few swigs later, a flip in the air that had Loki’s head spinning in exhilaration. His laugh started to come louder and more frequently with the giddiness filling his body, despite his tired and beaten body protesting against the fun. “I have one more trick.” Loki gasped in anticipation as Peter scaled the buildings that were slowly turning into his neighborhood. He slung them in the air higher than any of the other buildings and angled himself to glide toward his house. Loki held his breath as they did a free fall toward Peter’s house.

“Peter,” Loki yelled. “We’ll crash.” The ground was dangerously close and Peter lifted his arm with such casualty, Loki wondered for his sanity. Peter pressed his two middle fingers back toward his wrist and string shot out between two trees in the yard and they landed in what was essentially a spider web. With an ‘oof’ Loki and Peter slid out of the web and onto the ground. Loki groaned in pain and Peter immediately regretted his stunt.

“Are you ok?” Peter gently picked Loki up and slung him over his shoulder. Loki nodded limply and held on for the piggy back ride up the house’s wall to Peter’s room. Once safely inside Peter placed Loki on his bed and changed into his usual hipster clothes and jumped out the window to enter through the front door for Aunt May to properly greet him. Peter looks into the kitchen and sees Aunt May sitting in a chair with her head down sleeping on the kitchen table. He smiles with love and worry for his aunt and wakes her with a kiss to the crown of her head. "Aunt May, I'm home." She sits up slowly not completely aware. When she blinks the daze from her eyes and registers that Peter is here she takes his hands in hers, patting them in the way that Peter has come to know so well. Aunt May looks him up and down and sighs, relieved that he is fine.

"You should head to bed, it's a school night." She smiles a bit sadly at him. He smiles back trying to cheer her up. He would have been home so much sooner if he hadn’t have found Loki, sparing Aunt May from yet another late night.

"No problem, good night Aunt May." He gives her a hug goodnight and walks upstairs dragging his hand on the rail behind him. When he enters his room he sees Loki sitting up in his bed looking at him with tired eyes. "I am sorry for being a burden." He croaks. Peter waves it off as he grabs the first aid kit off the dresser not knowing where that came from when he could barely speak at first and then having the time of his life on the way here. He shrugs blaming it on what happened to him screwing his mind up.

"Don't worry about it." Peter sits on the bed next to Loki who has his legs up to his chest in a way that could not be comfortable for him. Taking out a cotton ball and some disinfectant he takes Loki's hand slowly. "This may sting a little." He starts wiping down Loki's scratched up hands. Said man hisses but doesn’t take his hand away.

“You didn’t lie about the pain.” He notices some nails have been pulled out and lots of scratches and puncture wounds up Loki’s arm.

“Why would I? I wouldn’t lie to you.” Peter is starting to wonder more and more who this kid is. Loki hums when the stinging sensation cools and starts to numb the wounds. Peter then bandages his hand and moves on to the next one with a new cotton ball. He is searching through his mind of what to say or ask but is rather lost on what to say with a beaten amnesia kid. He decides to ask really simple questions as he finishes that hand with another bandage. Loki slowly starts to sit more regularly as Peter works around his body.

"So do you know your last name?" Loki looks to think for a bit. Peter gets another piece of cotton and starts working on his face grasping his chin between thumb and pointer finger with as much kindness as Aunt May would give him when he was a kid. There are a few bruises and cuts but thankfully nothing looks to be needing stitches so far. They can all heal with time.

"No, I don't remember." Loki says depressed now. Peter puts a few band aids here and there and one over his nose. He flicks Loki's forehead playfully not happy with the new mood shift.

"Hey, don't worry, you're fine now, you're not alone and we'll figure this out together." Loki rubs his forehead and feels himself start to smile his cheeks stretching from the unfamiliar movement. Peter looks at Loki's body and starts to wonder what could be under his clothing since he couldn’t exactly see the wounds in the alley. Peter clears his throat. "I'll give you something to sleep in." He goes over to his dresser and pulls out a big shirt and lose sweat pants. "Change out of those, but could I also get a look at your body to make sure all your injuries are taken care of." Loki stands slowly clearly uncomfortable but does as he is asked. Peter chews on his lip as Loki takes off the old clothes to be once again nude. Peter sees all the injuries and decides maybe a hospital could have been a good plan. However, with how the first attempt went he is sure it wouldn’t have mattered no matter how hard he pressed. With a gentle sigh, he goes over and starts treating the wounds with bigger bandages and some wraps around nasty wounds on his waist and calf. It wasn't too bad until he sees a really bad gash between Loki's legs. Turning a bit red he looks at Loki from on the floor. "Could you lift your leg up for me?" Loki looks at him, surprised. He almost said no but decided since he hasn't done anything but help him he might as well. He lifts his leg up carefully and lets Peter bandage him. Stitches would have probably helped but Peter didn’t want to test those waters. Loki bites his lip and speaks nervously.

"What do I do tomorrow?” Peter thinks for a bit and realizes he'll be at school most of the day ignoring the possibility of him asking if he had to go instead.

"Do you remember school?"

"It's where you go and learn." Peter sighs thankful. So he only seems to know the unimportant stuff, he muses.

"Yes, would you like to come with me if you feel up to it?" Loki nods probably not eager to be left alone.

"I'd be stuck here if I said no right?" Peter, done playing nurse, goes to put up the first aid kit and get changed into his sleeping clothes, Loki doing the same.

"Correct, alright it's time for bed then." Loki looks around asking a question without words. Peter catches on quickly. "Right, um, give me a second." He goes to get one of his web shooters from his desk. Pulling one out, he shoots webbing from the ceiling into an arch creating a hammock. He then puts up his web shooter, locking the door as he came back to the hammock. "I'll sleep here, you can have the bed." Loki, now in his night clothes shrugs and climbs in. They both squirm a bit till they get comfy in their separate beds. Silence spreads and Peter closes his eyes for sleep.

"Thank you, for saving me Peter." Loki whispers in the dark.

"No problem, sweet dreams Loki." With that they both fell asleep in a comfortable silence thinking of what tomorrow would bring after such a strange night.

Loki remembered this smell. Rain. He looked all around to find himself in woods. It was a gentle rain and he felt at peace. Where was he? Did he not just fall asleep in Peter's room? He called out into the mist but words did not echo from his lips. His breathing picked up and he heard his heart thrum in his ears. Why could he not speak? Loki fell to his knees and he felt warm drops fall down his face with the cold. Rustling came from the bushes to his left. His legs wouldn't work and he watched, eyes wide till the being emerged. It was a boy with golden hair.

"Loki, what are you doing out here?" He didn't know himself so didn't even bother to try to reply. Then a voice came from behind the boy.

“My darling child, why did you run away?" she sounded sweet and warm. A singing of low chimes among the drops of rain.

“Don’t worry about what dad says, he is just jealous he can't use magic like you and mommy." He took Loki's hand and helped him up, brushing off mud from his legs. "Come on Loki, mom says she'll send food to my room. I want to see more of that realm you were showing me with that spell. It was so cool." The blond boy spun around in a circle in revelry. Loki couldn't help it, he smiled.

“No matter what happens, no matter how lost you get, I promise you will always find a light." the voice practically sang from beyond the trees. He takes the boy's hand and runs among the trees to find her, but runs into another figure. Lighting burst from behind him illuminating his face. A red mask with a design of webs looks back at him. He tries to scream for the woman but he feels himself waking. The blond beside him starts to fade and he screams to him to stay. He wants to find her. He wants to show the boy whatever realm he spoke of. He wanted to be here, with them, away from the truth.

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