This Could Be the End of Everything


A light filters through his closed eyes making him see red. He gently opens them, only able to squint at first. His eyes seemed to be unused to such a bright sensation because a small headache started against his eyes and head. With a gentle moan he covers his head but his tummy spins with what seems excitement. Shouldn’t this be just another sunrise? Shrugging he throws the blanket off, looking over at Peter. One leg was swinging out of the hammock and the opposite arm limply hanging over the edge. A small snore comes from him and Loki snorts humorlessly. He stands, sore but not in immense pain like last night. He must have healed well, probably better than your average man. Loki tests just how well he has healed by doing simple morning stretches as he walks over to the window. As he lifts his arms straight above his head, palms up, he sees just how beautiful a simple sunrise can be. He felt like a blind man with how hungry his eyes were to take in the golden colors taking over the city’s buildings. The sun reflected off of windows making them sparkle like the ocean and birds flew across the sky, stretching their wings and gliding toward the sun, as if able to take them to a new world. Loki sighs, at peace with his thoughts, till a screech fills the room. Loki drops to the floor and turns in time to see Peter jump out of his hammock with a violent thud. Loki winces and watches as Peter trips over himself toward the source of the wails.

“Darn alarm clock.” He mumbles under his breath, whipping sleep from his eyes. He turns to see Loki huddled on the floor. “Sorry, that was my alarm to get up.” Loki looks at the boy, incredulous.

“You need that much racket to awaken every morning?” His eyes were big and unbelieving. Peter chuckles.

“I guess it is pretty loud. I have to get ready for school now. How are you feeling anyway?” Barefoot steps echo in the room as Loki takes note off all injuries on his body.

“Still sore, a few of the cuts have healed but the bigger ones still hurt.” Peter nods as he pulls a clean shirt over his head and pulls on a pair of dark jeans.

“I’ll put new bandages on those wounds then.” He grabs a beanie on his way to get the first aid kit. Loki grabs it and shoos him.

“Go finish getting ready and lay out some clothes for me.” Peter looks taken aback but does as he is told. He shrugs it off as a good thing that he is bouncing back so fast. He sets out a black pair of skinny jeans and a green plaid button up. As Loki continues to strip to get to all the injuries, Peter goes to the bathroom to get washed up. As he spits into the sink, Aunt May calls up.

“Peter, breakfast is ready. You better eat fast or you’ll be late for the bus.” Peter wipes his mouth and quickly swipes some deodorant on. He then goes to his room to grab his friend, who is sitting on the bed dressed. He doesn’t have anything to wash up with, and he smells like trash. Peter pinches the bridge his nose realizing how bad his plan to drag a homeless kid to school is.

“Loki, maybe you should stay home.” Loki tries to hide the fear that was clearly surfacing in his eyes by looking out the window. Peter lets out a breath. “Listen, I need to start creating false documents for you and hack into the school system before I can actually get you in without having to lie out of my ass. Besides, you kind of need to get cleaned up.” A blush that Loki would readily deny graces his face as he stares at the sky, the sun now out of sight. Peter can see that his eyes are no longer darkened by fear though. “I promise I won’t be gone any longer than I have to be.” Peter grabs his bag and heads downstairs leaving Loki to listen from his room till he leaves. Loki lays down on Peter’s bed again and listens to the woman he calls Aunt May walk around the house and make ruckus till even she leaves. Content with the silence he takes the, now garbage smelling, clothes off. Probably should have noticed his state before putting on clean clothes, but alas, he had many things on his mind. His dream drifts into his mind as he walks to the bathroom he saw Peter walk into. It was small but it smelled nice, unlike himself. He starts the water, turning it to the red H, guessing the letters stood for Hot and Cold. Feeling the water heat, he is satisfied with his guess. Loki hops in and as the water cleans his body he thinks of the dream. The boy he did not even know the name of prances around in his head tauntingly. Loki sees a ball of cloth and takes it in his hand. He then grabs a bottle of nice smelling stuff and squeezes it on the cloth. His body seems to know how to wash itself so he just lets muscle memory take over. The woman’s voice was beautiful and sounded so familiar. He could feel his body relax as his hands drag other good smelling soaps in his hair. It felt good and the sound of her voice in his head lulled him. His heart swelled at the replay of the dream in his head. It felt nice, being around them. He snaps out of the daze when the water starts to turn cold. He quickly stops it and drips in the tub, just now realizing he needs something to dry off with. He pulls the curtain back to see a towel hanging from the door. He steps out and grabs it, drying his body quickly then wrapping his hair in the towel. Once back in the room, he looks through Peter’s closet to find new clothes. He found a simple black long sleeve with green cuffs and a dark pair of loose jeans. He then takes his old clothes and balls them up, wondering where they go now.

“I wonder if something to clean them is down stairs.” He thinks out loud, filling the silence with his own voice. He smirks softly. As he explored the top floor with the clothes in his hands he hums a tune. It was random at first but then melds into a melody once he finished his quick look upstairs. Heading down stairs he wonders where this tune came from. Loki goes right to see a den that connects to a kitchen and dining room. He looks left to open a door to a closet. Loki walks over to the kitchen to see a small room tucked to the side that was littered with clothes and clothes baskets. He wrinkles his nose at the mess. Throwing his load in a basket he decides he might as well be useful and studies the machines. He opens the lid to one and sees wet clothes and the other to feel warm air come out. Washing machine and a drying machine. Easily comprehending the two bulky machinery, he takes the dirty clothes and throws the whole basket in, then takes some out seeing it was too much. He notices a bottle and picks it up. It described in an exaggerated way how it cleans clothes. He pours a liberal amount and shuts the lid. He then presses the green button and the machine comes to life. Looking around again he notices another basket of folded clothes and opens the dryer. He watches his own hands lift the clothes and fold them. It wasn’t as good as what was in the basket but it was good enough. Once that was empty, his stomach growls. His body starts to ache from standing for so long but goes to the kitchen. He looks into the fridge, hoping to find something in the big thing. He finds a few containers and various ingredients. He grabs one and looks inside. Some kind of meat and mushy white stuff. Shrugging he picks up the meat and takes a bite. It was good with some spice to it. He then sticks a finger in the mush and sucks it off. It was salty with a creamy feeling. It was food so he continued to eat it, shutting the door as he walked away to the dining table. He ate the simple dish with his fingers, trying to keep them as clean as possible after taking a shower. He was ravenous though so he ate faster than he realized. He licked his lips and fingers clean, wiping the wetness on his pants. He then takes it over to where he saw other used dishes. Looking around it he notices the knobs and pulls one of them to have water spew out. He sticks his head down to drink his fill. Water drips from his chin when he noticed a bottle of blue liquid on the sink. A brow raises when he notices it says dish soap. Huffing, despite himself, he rolls up his sleeves and proceeds to wash the dishes with the soap and cloth. Once they were clean he walks away, rolling his neck and decides he should take a nap. His body was in pain now and protested when he made the first step upstairs. “Maybe I should just nap in the den.” He states to himself, feet quick to escape a trudge upstairs. Loki collapses on the sofa with an ‘oof’, his eyes heavy and body throbbing. It doesn’t take long for him to pass out.

Loki wasn’t even aware when the front door opened and closed with a gentle click. Neither did he stir when Aunt May gasped, seeing a worn boy sleeping on her couch. He would never know about the gentle intake of breath when Aunt May realized the boy wore Peter’s clothes and the smile she made seeing the chores he had done without being asked. Aunt May walked over to the boy who looked so at peace when in dream land and brushed hair out of his face.

“What has Peter gotten himself into this time?” she walks into the kitchen and starts cooking a proper breakfast for the guest she knew her heart was already reaching out for. She then fixes a hot cup of instant coffee, pouring a generous amount of sugar in it, her woman’s intuition hinting to what the boy liked. She sat the food and drink down on the coffee table and went to the laundry room to finish the load and start putting clothes in their appropriate rooms. Her task was mind numbing, hands and feet knowing where each individual article went. Once she walked back down and into the den, she sees the boy freeze mid bite of cheese and ham omelet. Aunt May gives a knowing look and Loki continues to eat, any fear that could have swelled in his body, being extinguished at its core. She put up the basket and walked back to sit on the opposite end of the couch. He grabbed the cup of coffee and sits back, legs crossing under him. “What is your name young man?” Loki takes a sip and hums thoughtfully.

“Loki,” Aunt May took the hum as a complement.

“Where are you from?” he stiffens and Aunt May holds her hand out in comfort. “I don’t mean to pry, it’s just, I wasn’t expecting to come home to a polite young man such as yourself. Thank you for cleaning up.” Loki smiles timidly, nodding his head in acknowledgment.

“I don’t remember. Peter found me in an alley, beaten.” Aunt May covers her mouth in horror.

“I’m so sorry, how are you feeling today?” He smiles bigger at the kind woman.

“Much better, your food and kindness have helped me immensely.” Aunt May smiles, moving closer. Loki turns his body more towards her, sipping more coffee.

“I will be giving Peter a hard time, but I want you to know you are welcome to stay here as long as you would like.” She grabs his knee and rubs her thumb back and forth over it.

“You truly are a kind and wonderful woman. Thank you so much for your courtesy.” Aunt May waves him away.

“I would never turn my back on someone in need. Peter should be home shortly, I can show you to your room if you would like.” This woman, somehow wormed her way into Loki’s heart to the point that he felt that his life could not have been filled with enough goodness to replace her kindness.

“I would love to Aunt May.” He follows her upstairs and they fall into simple conversation as she helps him get comfortable in his new room.

Peter couldn’t get home fast enough. As the last bell rang, he ran out of the gym to change into his normal clothes. jumping into his shoes, he sprints to the bus, bouncing impatiently as the bus pulls away as the final person enters. He didn’t even notice who it was till a clearing of a throat snapped his attention from the window. Gwen Stacy.

“May I sit here, no other seats are open.” Peter drops his bag to the ground instantly. Gwen slides into the seat with grace Peter glorified every time he saw her. He jerked his head back to the window before he started staring and Gwen tucked her hair behind her ear, biting her lip. Peter despite himself could just sense what she just did. He could feel his heart quicken. He looks back at her to find her looking at him. They both look away, not sure what to do. The last time him and Gwen spoke was on the day of her dad’s funeral. He wasn’t too excited to approach that anytime soon. “You are protecting me.” She says. Peter looks to her to see her studying the palms of her hands intently. “My father told you to, and i know you want to be close. i mean we decided to be friends still...” Peter lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

“He was right.” Peter leans away from the vibrating window. "I can't hurt you."

“You have no right to decide that, I am capable to protect myself.” Peter groans.

“I would rather you be safe and with someone else then you hurt or dead because of me.” A long stretch of silence fills their seat. He was looking out his window, noticing they were close to his house.

“It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” She whispers. The bus stops at his street’s bus stop, Peter ignoring today's quote from Literature. Peter picks up his bag and steps out of the seat when Gwen gets up to let him.

“I loved with all my heart,” Gwen takes her seat and looks out the window. “And still do.” He saw Gwen follow him with her eyes off the bus. He feels her hazel eyes stare as the bus drives off, leaving him to walk home with the burning from the intensity for company. He enters the house, shoulders sagging. “Aunt May, I’m home.” Said woman steps out into the hall, arms crossed. He did something. Loki came to mind and his palms began to sweat. Aunt May walks into the kitchen and Peter follows, the smell of hot chocolate filling his nostrils. Three mugs were set out. Loki sat, sipping one, and Aunt May stood on the opposite side of the counter with another. The third was his and she gestured for him to sit. He did instantly, dropping his bag. Loki was just drinking his cup nonchalantly as Aunt May stared him down. She wanted him to crack and come clean. He tried to withstand that stare by taking a sip of his mug. He could barely swallow when he tasted the cinnamon. She knew it was his favorite. He groaned loudly and she gave a satisfied smirk. “I was going to tell you.”

“Tell me what Peter?” She wasn’t going to make this easy for him.

“That I took someone in.” She drinks from her mug slowly and Loki slides his toward her, finished.

“Did you think I’d throw him out or something?” she asks behind her mug. Peter shakes his head slowly.

“No, it was late and you were tired, he was tired. I figured it would be best for everyone to wait till everyone was rested.” Aunt May nods once at his explanation.

“You have Uncle Ben’s charm, that’s for sure. I would have rather had known though.” Peter nods in understanding, and hoping to escape this without punishment or a lecture. “Loki has the guest bedroom. Take him shopping so he can have his own clothes.” Peter nods picking up his backpack. Aunt May grabs the boys’ mugs as Peter goes upstairs to put his bag up. Loki stands by the door as he waits for Peter, who comes bounding down the stairs.

“Be back soon Aunt May.” They both leave hearing aunt May’s warning if they were not back by nine. It was five now, so that gave them four hours. There was a Goodwill down the street so Loki could buy whatever he wanted with the sixty dollars Aunt May had given him. On the way, Peter ducks into an alley. Loki follows, not surprised to see Peter strip to be in costume underneath.

“What did you call yourself last night? Spiderboy?” Peter snorts.

“Spiderman. I’ll be back by eight thirty to pick you up.” Loki crosses his arms.

“Taking off that quickly then?” Peter shrugs.

“I can’t keep the thugs waiting. They love how hard I work to find them.” Loki scoffs at the boy who shoots a web up to the closest building and flies off.

“Unbelievable. I guess there are worse things than having to walk around an unknown city when you have no memory by yourself.” Loki walks toward the building that said Goodwill and does the shopping he was told to do.

Peter slings himself onto the cop car and rides it till the car catches up to the vehicle it was chasing. Another cop car turns from a street they pass and follows them to aid in the capture.

“I know it's New York and all, but that driving is just too reckless. I’m afraid I will have to pull you over.” Peter webs the vehicle and launches himself to it to land with a crash. The back windshield shattered and he saw two thugs with one woman.

“Please Spiderman, I’m not with these men.” Peter hops up to the side of the back seat the first thug was on and goes to grab him. He opens the door and tries to stab him. Peter dodges quickly and pulls him out while his balance was off. He throws him then webs the guy to a building. The driver starts to shoot behind him and Peter has to jump back to the trunk. The driver goes back to steering and Peter takes this time to grab the woman. He gently pries her from the back seat and holds her close to his chest. He then jumps away, sliding from the momentum. Once stable he lets the woman down. Peter shoots webbing at the vehicle keeping it in place for the cops to deal with. He heard the thug screaming from here. “Thank you Spiderman.” the woman gushed.

“Just all in a day’s work. Those guys just don’t know how to take a girl out on a date.” The woman blushes and Peter waves goodbye, heading back towards Loki. One fire and two car chases. It was rather calm today. Once the Goodwill came to view, Peter looked at his phone for the time. “Mother hugger, how did it get so late?” five minutes before nine. He swings over in two flips and lands directly out front. His spider sense chimes in his head. Tilting his head, he finds a noise coming from down the street. Peter closes his eyes, calming his breath behind his mask.

“Come on now, give us money. Or you can pay us in a different way.” Peter’s skin crawls, legs sprinting toward the voices. He was three buildings away and he finally hears who they were talking to.

“Leave, please I have nothing for you.” A yelp sounds when he jumps into the alley. Moments before he shoots webs at the men he sees blond shoulder length hair. Peter immediately webs one of the guys to the wall then webs the other guy’s eyes shut. The blonde turns and runs. Peter throws himself at the man, tackles him and kicks him to the wall. He webs his hands to the wall.

“Like picking on teenagers? Do you like picking on old men too?” an anger Peter hasn’t felt for months, surfaces without warning. Peter pulls back the man’s cuff on his left to find no markings. Why can’t he ever find him? Peter takes a breath. He can’t seem to get enough air. He hears a thump from the front of the alley. Loki was stumbling away. Peter runs to catch up to him. “Hey whoa, you can’t just walk off alone.” Peter jumps in front of the teen. He was doing a gait that spoke furry.

“Yea and what am I supposed to do? You forgot about me.” Loki growls, trying to keep his voice down. His eyes glisten in the street light. Peter scratches the back of his head, remembering he was still in the suit.

“I’m sorry, I lost track of time.” Loki glares at him, one tear falling that he wipes away viciously. He was seething, but why? Something burned in his chest causing him to feel inferior. His pride was hurt. Loki looks down the street at the red and blue lights flickering. “I have to change. I’ll be right back, I swear.” Loki just shrugs. He could have done something. He could have ran if he wanted to but he was frozen. The men showed dominance that his body seemed trained to submit to. How long was he kept to be beaten? Why was he beaten? Would they come back? All these questions buzzed in his head till it swam with nausea. Peter came back and grabbed his hand to lead him away from the scene. “You are not weak.” Peter whispers. Loki jumps slightly. What does he know? He had to be saved when he could have done anything else besides beg!

“I definitely act like it.” Peter shrugs.

“You just need to know more about your strengths and weaknesses. You don’t strike me as someone who would roll over before you lost your memory. You just need time.” Loki glares at the ground but he knew Peter was right. All he needed was time.

“Who knows, maybe I was terribly strong before all this.” He said it as a joke but his heart cooled at the acknowledgement. They come up on the house, a gold thirty six shines on the glass door. It was almost nine thirty. Once they enter the house Aunt May comes to greet them.

“I got worried, but I’m glad you are both here safe.” She motions excitedly for them to follow. “I made pasta tonight, eat before you go upstairs and do whatever it is you boys do.” The boys sit and eat the pasta. Loki looked at the silverware that sat on the napkin. It registered that he should have used this earlier. A blush comes across his face as he twirls the fork in the pasta. He eats with more of a regal air then he had earlier when he was starved. Peter watches as he eats, wondering what the blush was for. Once Peter eats his last bite he does an exaggerated yawn.

“Guess I should go to bed early tonight. You ready Loki?” Loki still had a few bites but he could tell Peter was trying to get him upstairs.

“Agreed, it is time for us to rest for the next day. Thank you for the meal Aunt May it was well made.” She shushes him.

“It was my pleasure. Peter could learn a thing or two from your politeness.” Peter groans at the stairs. Loki gives a snort and follows the young man up and to his room.

“What did you need?” Peter positions him by a corner and tells him to give a smile. Loki simply gives a simple upturn of his lips and he snaps a picture of him with his phone. “What was that for?” Peter plugs his phone up to his laptop.

“I made the document of you to upload into the school’s student archives during computer programing class. I just needed a photo to complete it.” Loki shrugs and sits on the bed.

“Anything else?” Peter continues to type but explains to Loki his new identity.

“You are Loki Silvertongue, perfect for how you have Aunt May under your spell of words.” Loki crosses his arms at the jab. “Your parents abandoned you as a child and you were staying with a friend’s family since no one knew you had a cousin, which was me. Now that you know, you have come to live with us.”

“Sounds so happy and inviting. Sure you don’t want to give me cancer or anything?” Peter rolls his eyes.

“Didn’t feel like making fake documents for imaginary people. This will be enough to get you enrolled. Just don’t do anything to be investigated.”

“Let me go try to take over the city in my spare time.” Loki jokes to the ridiculous request. Peter huffs.

“You can go to bed now Loki, I just wanted to tell you that.” Loki gets up and stops at the door.

“What was with that anger earlier in the alley?” Peter pauses in his typing and wipes his eyes.

“Don’t worry about it. Just stressed.” Loki heard the lie but did not pursue it. He was still a guest and did not want him to take back any of the goodwill he has given him thus far. Loki walks to his room and tucks himself in for the night. He kept the lamp on, however. Peter had the glow of a street lamp light up his room. Loki was in the back away from such light and the dark suffocated him. He fell asleep with his face toward the light making him see gold till his dreams turned it into blond. The boy, slightly older was playing with a sword that was a little too big for him.

“Come on Loki, I can take you any day.” He takes a step back in apprehension. Those swords were too big for his age. This kid was big for his age but Loki was small. He looked around at the weapons that hung on the railing of the sanded arena. He saw a small dagger. He could maneuver well with the small weapon. He looked back to the blond, a name rising to his throat but his tongue could not form it. His voice could not utter the syllable. He grabs the dagger and glides toward the boy. He had the sword up and ready. “Go!” he shouts and swings the sword with surprising speed. Loki falls back and flips on the ground. The kid goes to slice at his back but Loki kicks his legs out from under him and jumps back on his feet as the other falls back on his ass. The kid yelps and Loki tackles him to the ground, sword rolling away from the surprise. Loki places the dagger at his throat in victory. It was short lived when he heard a deep voice resonate like a fierce drumming.

“Get off him Loki, how you dare start a fight in the sparring ring.” He drops the knife and the boy below him looks fearful.

“It wasn’t my idea, it was-” he could not say. The name refused to come out. Who was this boy? Why was the woman not here; replaced by this unfair man? The blond runs behind the man with one eye. He sees what will happen, it was his idea no matter what he said.

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