This Could Be the End of Everything


Tony tinkers away at an old toy he wanted to revamp on an early Wednesday morning. He got drunk last night, thats what JARVIS said at least and he decided to go searching through old boxes of scrap parts. He found an old friend he lovingly called Chopper and decided to bring him back to life. He was in the middle of fixing his hard drive as the final step of many problems when JARVIS announces a rather unexpected guest. Fury walks in despite JARVIS asking him to wait till Stark was ready but he just kept going with his power walk toward the scientist who chose to ignore him till he actually got in his vicinity, which was too fast if you asked him. Tony takes a sip of his choice alcohol and tries to change a circuit, only to get shocked. He wines and drops his tools, downing the entire glass.

"Good day Stark, I am in need of you and Rogers. if Thor is available, that would be even better." He hums, looking at his bottle of the alcohol and decides he might as well fill it again.

"What do you want us to do?" He heard that Natasha was out looking for Bruce while Clint was at home, helping raise his secret family he still can't seem to believe. they have to be some sort of fake agent family. Fury grabs the machine he was working on to keep him in the conversation.

"There has been a disturbance last night. S.H.I.E.L.D has been looking into it and are wanting to put you and Steve on standby due to the fact it came from outer space." Stark throws his hands in the air.

"Why on earth does everything out there keep invading us? Is it another alien? I really think we should just let Thor handle these things." Fury shrugs in his usual cryptic manner.

"We have yet to find the thing. It has done well hiding so we were wondering if you could make a machine for us to track its energy trail. it has a sort of energy level as Thor's hammer or Loki's magic so we think it to be Asgardian or something powerful like the ones we have met. hopefully it has the ideals of Thor." Tony thinks for a bit and pours himself the rest of the booze.

"Fine, I can make something in about a day or two." Fury nods and turns.

"I trust you can fill Steve in and give him lodging." Tony gapes at him. He seriously was just given babysitting duty. He face-palms despite himself. Fury sat the machine down and turned to leave. Stark grumbles follow him with a few curses being said loud enough to be made out even when he shuts the glass door behind him. Tony turns back to his drink and moans. He needed more booze.

“JARVIS, has Fury informed you on whether he has called Steve or not?” JARVIS, as a ball of yellow light materializes.

“He has asked me to do so sir, however I decided to wait till you gave the order.” Tony smirks. Robots are so loyal.

“Go ahead JARVIS.” He goes back to his machine and tries to replace the circuit again. This time it worked with minimal shocking. He gave a hoot, and turned the robot on. It was a heli-butler. Pepper had asked him to get rid of it till it learned to stop spilling the alcohol while it was in flight. Tony in turn gave it more stable arms and a less wobbly flight path. Now he didn’t have to walk to get his scotch. Stark smirks at himself and decided to try it out.

“Chopper, bring me a glass of whiskey.” The little robot starts up, propeller working overtime and starts off toward the bar. Tony wipes his hands with the cloth and proceeds to his computers.

“Sir, Mr. Rogers will be here within the hour.”

“Leave it to Mr. Patriot to be so close by. he really needs to venture out of the New York area. Does anyone know how to contact Thor?” JARVIS was silent on this. “Right, Asgard does not have cell phones. Call Jane Foster and see if she may have some sort of summoning thing we can use.”

“Will do sir.” Tony continues to type and is interrupted only when Steve shows up lugging a duffel bag. Tony wasn't expecting pleasantries from him and so wasn't offended when he cuts straight to work.

“Did Fury happen to tell you the details on the standby situation?” Tony grabs the fifth glass Chopper had brought him and throws it back.

“Honey, must we always talk about work? Why not an I love you?" Steve was unamused and so Tony just shrugged. "Only that it’s alien and that he needs me to make a new toy. I am working on the schematics right now. JARVIS, show Cap to his new room. I took some liberties with it in order to make it more comfortable for you given that you all seem to keep coming back.” Steve shakes his head at the jab, knowing that it is Tony’s aggravating way of affection. Steve follows the directions JARVIS gives him till he gets to a private elevator. The door shuts and JARVIS goes ahead and sends him to the designated floor with a ding to signal the arrival. He wasn’t sure what to do about the blast from the past he walked into. Everything was simple and had the style of his time period of the early nineteen hundreds.

“Thank you JARVIS, I will make myself at home.”

“That is the idea Mr. Rogers.” A kindness that Stark would rather be left unappreciated.

Steve hits the gym that Tony had supplied in his room, passing the few days alone while Tony made his next machine in solitude. He wondered briefly if all the rooms were made to keep them occupied as much as possible. He decided to do his usual four hours and head to the city for a run. He still needs to catch up on the seventy years he missed. He spent the next day solely for people watching. Steve was drawing a scene between a father and his daughter sometime around lunch when Tony called him to tell him the machine they needed to track the entity was finished. he had gotten halfway back on his bike when Tony called again. He pulled to the side of the road to answer the annoyed scientist.

"Fury, that bastard, just told me that it was our job to track it." Steve felt his eye twitch at the loud curse. He gives Tony a small reprimand. his response was a groan of annoyance. "Cap, could you pick up some eggs? i have been craving sunny side up eggs. you do amazing things with your breakfast foods." Steve scratched his head at the compliment. Tony's stomach was his weakness. He gives a hum of a yes and hangs up. Steve wasn't sure how to take the laid back feel of the mission. as he grabbed the eggs at a mini mart he worries over the lack of violence. He was unaccustomed to the lack of threat when he was called in and their alien expert seems to be a no show since JARVIS attempted to call Jane but she apparently is on a no phones honeymoon with the Asgardian. Darcy did say she would send him as soon as they return. He finally gets back home, Tony pretending to be starving to death. as Steve begins to cook for him and the playboy, Tony proceeds to complain of the lack of Thor to deal with the aliens.

“I would love Point Break to be here. I would send him off to do this by himself.”

"You do realize we are a team, so team effort is needed." Tony shrugs, saying he did his part. When he gives Tony his plate of eggs, Steve sees a storm coming fast on the horizon, the weather man saying their was zero chance for rain.

“Sir, Foster would like me to inform you that Thor is on his way now.” A figure could be made out as the clouds start to take over the sky above the Avengers tower.

“A little late JARVIS.” Steve spoke as he grabs a water from the fridge and begins to make another plate. Thor lands on Stark’s Ironman landing pad and JARVIS opens the glass door for him. Thor comes in with his cape blowing obnoxiously and his steps louder than a normal man’s.

“What problem does this day bring us friends that we must be called together?” his old English speak has gotten better but Tony still cannot take the man seriously when he opens his mouth.

“Not sure Shakespeare, but Fury needs us together for a reason, you have a job though.” Thor sets his hammer down on the counter.

“What is the job then man of iron?” Tony stops himself from smirking at the nickname and hands him the device.

“We need you to go to an address and turn this thing on. It will show you a line of energy and we want you to follow it.” Thor looks confused.

“Is that truly it?” Tony nods and gestures to Steve, gulping down water.

“You and Cap will be going together.” Said man nearly chokes on his bottle of water and glares at Tony.

“Why do I need to go? Shouldn’t it be you?” Tony shakes his head.

“It’s very simple, an Asgardian can do it, and he just doesn’t know addresses.” Steve groans and grabs his bike’s keys he dropped on the counter after last night’s drive. The city was truly alive at night so he started taking midnight drives for more research.

“Fine, but you are making dinner tonight. That does not mean Chinese or pizza.” Tony rolls his eyes but says nothing about Thai being an option for his delivery choices. Steve takes the elevator down to the bikes as Thor goes back out to the landing platform to wait. He had his hammer in one hand and the device in one. Tony had a last minute thought that maybe he shouldn't be in full armor but shrugged it off thinking a man flying by hammer would be noticeable either way. Once Steve finally made it out he twirled Mjolnir and he launched himself a few streets up to land on a building to wait for Steve to catch up. This was a very long process but Tony was right, Thor did not know street names nor landmarks so it was a necessary process. Once they reached the destination, which was nearly a city over, Thor drops down into the alley as Steve parks his bike. It was already getting dark so Steve had to use his phone, a technique Natasha taught him, to help Thor see. Thor flipped the switch that said on and turned a nob in a way an arrow pointed. A screen lights up and Thor moves it around the alley to try and find an energy source.

“All living things hold a force within them that shines out. My mother had a way of seeing these energies.” Something was left off from that statement but Steve chose not to pry when he saw the distant look in his eyes as he watched the screen. Steve then saw two colors filter through the screen.

"Wow, we got two different energy signals here." Steve tells Thor. He looks as if awakened and starts following the energies.

“Which one should we follow?” Steve furrows his brows.

“We could try the darker one, see where that one leads first.” Thor follows said light and just as they turn the corner it starts to fade away. “Perhaps it was a decoy to throw us off.” Thor looks to be thinking that one over as he walks back and follows the lighter green energy. It looked familiar though he has never seen energy before. It just reminded him of something else. A magic color but he shook his head, knowing that it was ridiculous to think he would still be alive. He watched the light leave his eyes that forsaken day. They walk with Steve pushing his motorcycle along as if it was a small bike instead. Thor had to raise the machine up to the sky to have the energy back in his sights.

“The being seems to be a flying acrobat, he has done many twirls and dives.” Steve digs into his pocket and dials Tony’s number. He picks up after three rings.

“What is it Cap?”

“I need you to do research on anything that has been flying around the streets of Manhattan.” He hears typing coming from the other end and decides to wait. They walk another block and Tony finally spoke up.

“The only thing that has been ‘flying’ around Manhattan is some kid calling himself Spiderman. I have a picture here of the night Fury said something fell. He seems to be holding a body but the picture is shit.” Steve scrunches his nose.

“No need to curse.” Silence fills the other end till a huge burst of laughter sounds for a good minute. Steve holds the phone from his ear and waits. Once Tony calms down a bit, Steve continues. “Listen we have arrived at a house on Forest Hills Street. The number is thirty six.” Tony goes back to typing and clears his throat.

“Home to Ben and May Parker, however, Ben died a few months back and a boy named Peter Parker lives there. He is the son to Richard Parker who died years ago in a plane crash. I smell foul play but that’s just me.” A kid in a suit picks up an alien life form and now said life form is living in the house. “You should head back. As much as I would love to just walk in there and grab whatever it is, we should probably just watch for a bit. Thunder boy has first watch tonight. You can switch with him in the morning.”

“Are you going to do anything during our operation?” Tony gasps as if wounded by his words.

“You know I am more of a behind the scenes guy.” Steve snorts. “We are heading back now. Thor can start the watch in the morning.” Tony claps.

“Great, we are having Thai food tonight.” Steve pales at the foreign meal. Chinese didn’t agree with him last time.

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