This Could Be the End of Everything


Blood was on his hands. Whose blood was it? He looked around the dark room, seeing technology that baffled him, a glass dome and a discarded golden staff. Crimson topped the blade like tip, a drop falling to the ground. He looked around again, to find the source of all the blood with no luck. He looked back again to the staff. His eyes grow wide, hands trembling. There, on the floor with the staff driven through his chest, a man sits, eyes glassy and dull. He was holding the staff. The blue at its end shines a sickening bright blue and he pulls it out. He looks to his left hearing a pounding on glass to see Thor yelling at him from behind the dome structure. He was furious, turning red. He also looked tortured from his quivering lips and shaking body. Why was this happening? He tried to explain, screamed he didn’t mean to but instead he walks to a control panel and presses a big red button. The floor below Thor’s cage opens its mouth filled with clouds and an endless blue ready to take him. The pod is let go and he watches as the blond god falls. He could feel a Déjà vu feeling from watching the man fall. When he looks away, he finds himself in a golden dome with a sword in its center. He watches as the old man from the training arena walks away, shoulders slumped in agony. He did that. He caused that pain. Loki looks back to see the galaxy spread before him and he was scared. Something wasn’t right. Loki closes his eyes and breathes. When he opens them again he is still looking at stars and nebulas scattered across the realms, but the image was cracking. Glass chipping away until it shatters before him, sucking his body out into the solar system. Falling beyond the speed of comprehension. He tries to scream but he can barely breathe. He closes his eyes begging it to stop when he finally saw a light through his closed eyes. Loki swam through his own subconscious to grab the source. He felt warm, body encased in soft cushions and blankets. He was home. Loki opens his eyes carefully. Same room with Christmas lights at his head board, an empty desk and a half open drawer with his choice clothes. Loki untangles his body from the thick comforter and sheets. The clock red ten twenty two. He slept in for the first time, his body feeling fully healed and rested for the first time. He stretches his simple morning yoga poses to find no aches. Loki gets up, placing each foot gently on the cool wooden floor and goes to his vanity’s mirror. He takes off his shirt, tossing it on the bed behind him. He carefully takes off the worn bandages from his arms and torso to find no wounds. Not even a scar on any of his wounds. He takes off his pants and rips off the last few bandages on his legs. Nothing, no scabs to prove anything happened. He was completely fine. This was also the first time in his now four days of being with Peter that he looks at his body, even his face. His body was carved with tight muscles that looked unassuming but with gentle flexes and pokes, he finds they were practically rocks. He was pale, but not pasty. He was marble with a soft glow that spoke of sun exposure. He felt his face with feather touches, a strong chin but almost feminine quality lines and softness. His lashes were thick and long, framing his ice blue eyes. He smirks his pink lips. So this is why girls roamed his body so often. He shrugged, going through the half open drawer, picking a gold splattered black shirt with green plaid skinny jeans. He slips on his clothes for the day and slips on calf high combat boots. Peter picked at his punk tastes that counter his playful skater boy get up. Loki had just messed his hair up more and jogged to the next class. A smell of sausage snuck its way into Loki’s room and he hears the opening of Peter’s door then the creak of the third step. That boy loved Aunt May’s cooking and Loki could not say much with his same love for the food making his feet move just as excitedly. Aunt May greets him cheerfully as she plays with Peter’s hair while he eats. He didn’t have any noticeable wounds with his black jacket over his button down shirt and jeans. He had a scarf on too, probably hiding one of his bandages from last night. Aunt May had a glisten in her eyes when she looked down at Peter. She knew. She was a woman after all. Loki sits next to Peter and thanks Aunt May for the Sausage and gravy biscuits with eggs. It was truly mouth watering.

“Is there anything Aunt May can’t make?” Loki wonders out loud. Peter snorts and swallows his food.

“Yea, if she makes meatloaf again you’ll need a tums afterward.” Aunt May swats the boy playfully. But her feathers had clearly been ruffled.

“Well at least you finally let me know. It was your fault for lying with your Uncle Ben.” Peter smiles but goes silent after that, Aunt May sighing at memories Loki was clueless about. They continued to eat in silence after that, Loki wondering about the Uncle Ben character. He notices the news channel when he gets up to put his dish away, Aunt May snatching it in his momentary distraction. He walks over, about to turn it off when an obnoxious sound played and what looked to be an important topic started to be discussed. He felt Peter get up from the table behind him.

“The Russian mob just stole technology from OSCORP. The police have lost any trace of where they have gone.”

“Oh boy.” Loki mumbled to himself. Peter was in no condition to be up against the mob. He chases the retreating figure up the stairs and into the room. He grabs Peter’s shoulder, who was about to get the suit out of the closet, and pushes him to the bed with more force than meaning too, causing more of a falling motion instead of a forced sit. Peter shakes his head from his seat on the bed, wincing from the jostle. “You are not going out there Peter. You are still healing from last night.” A lopsided grin was his response.

“I have to, no one else loves the bad guys as much as I do.” Loki crosses his arms and leans to one side. Peter saw this a few times, knowing Loki had his mind set and Peter would have a mountain to move before he even swayed the stubbornness of Loki.

“I will.” Peter nearly fell back after getting up again.

“No you are not. This is what I have to do, not you.” Loki shakes his head slowly.

“You don’t have to do everything alone. I can help, you need support.” Peter gets up, hands ready to move with each word.

“No you are not, I won’t let you.” Control. Loki was losing control by those words. Loki’s voice raised.

“You can’t make me do or not do anything. This is my choice. My own. I will go and you will stay.” Peter was growing red, eyes piercing through Loki’s.

“I will not let you be in danger, I am supposed to protect you.”

“That’s not-”

“Loki, I can’t lose you too. I won’t lose more people.” They were breathing each other’s air. His voice had been hysterical and Loki jumped if only from surprise. He took a breath, Peter’s hands on his shoulders.

“You are my brother.” Peter looked almost confused for a second then a smile of sincere emotion graced his face.

“You are mine too Loki. An infuriating brother.” He cracks a smile at the quip but sets his eyes hard.

“Fine, we can go together.” Peter looks relieved but was not gonna rest. Loki goes to the closet, listening to him tell him no in every way possible. He grabs the suit and holds one of the cuffs. “Your right, you can go without me. Lay down on the bed so I can check your wounds first.” His eyes, to Peter, show defeat. Loki was a master at deception when he had to. Peter obliges him and lays down. Without warning, a spray of web encompassed him and Peter had to bite down hard not to curse. “Sorry Peter, this is for your own good.” It was a thick layer that Peter had trouble even shifting under. Loki covers him up and leaves for his room, grabbing a leather jacket and his empty backpack putting the knives holster on his hips. Peter was grunting with effort as Loki ran down the stairs. Aunt May was doing laundry and didn’t get a chance to ask where he was going. He had limited time. Peter would catch up but Loki would be damned if he wouldn’t get as far as humanly possible. The truck was last seen east off of Broadway. He takes the bike out and starts the engine like yesterday. Every movement ready in his mind to make the drive easy. He only registered Aunt May coming out in a huff after he left, but he did not have time. He took his phone out at his first stop light and researches where the police have covered, checking at the rest of the stop lights he got caught in. The exact location they had last scene the getaway truck comes on from the news, giving Loki a more exact area to go to. By the time he reached the search area he had narrowed it down to a single street and drove down the alley that linked to it steadily, parking the bike in between two dumpsters. He rubbed the back of his neck once he took off the helmet. That feeling of being watched has grown. He looked around, not seeing anyone. Huffing, Loki looks down the street. It was mostly apartments. Most were closed down with one building at the end that actually looked open, not falling apart just by looking at it. “Where did they go?” No car either. They sure as hell didn’t fly so where could they have gone? He chants that question till he was ready to beat on a stop sign he paced around. He failed already. Where could they have ended up? “It is not like they burrowed underground.” He throws his hands up about to leave when a thought hit him. He saw a man hole in the center of the street that wasn’t quite placed right. He smacks his forehead. Loki ran toward it and pulled the surprisingly light lid away. A scent so foul hit his nose that made his eyes water. “Sewers, why sewers?” Groaning, he climbs down the ladder and drops to the floor below. It got worse now that he was in it. Taking his phone out for light, Loki walks forward, behind him being blocked by bars. He kept silent, listening to everything he could. Rats scurried like a lost civilization down here. Unperturbed by his presence, confident in their own element. Eventually his nose got used to the smell or probably killed his sense of smell. The surrounding darkness became clearer as he walked, light coming from a distance. He crept lower and was mindful of every step as he came up on the light. He heard voices. The sound of clips being jammed into guns and the heavy boots clomping around assaulted his in tuned ears. He chanced a look from behind the wall seeing five thugs walking a perimeter. One turned to walk where he was hiding. He scooted back, pressing himself to the wall as he came and passed to walk the edge of the concrete away from the water. Loki breathed quietly. He needed to get these guys incapacitated. Loki stroked his knives, images of blood on his hands going through his mind’s eye. All he had was knives that were meant to kill.

Cut the tendons. Loki jerked from the voice. It was far back in his subconscious. Then he remembered anatomy class. Just because you cut a tendon doesn’t mean they bleed to death or die. They just lose function of that tendon group. He takes out one of his knives. It was light in his grip, not even there. He had to be fast and above all quiet. Loki crawls forward, eyes practically glowing with feline predatory instinct. He watched the men at first. He saw slight patterns in where they walk and for how long. It dawned on him that he needed a way to keep them quiet. He bites his lip till his eyes land on a box strewn on the floor. Duct tape scattered among other items that a homeless guy would own. It was a few yards away. If he timed it right, he could grab it. Watching the man walk past a pillar he looks to two other brutes that have their backs to him. They turn every few minutes so he jumps up and bounds to the item, sliding into the shadows to check his surroundings. No one had seen him. He smiles victoriously tensing when he hears footsteps. It was the guy he hid from earlier. Loki waits till he makes his passing rounds. He then looks back out to see the pair still hasn’t turned. He takes a chance and darts back to his hiding place. Duct tape strapped to him in between belt and hip Loki focuses on the one who comes to his spot. He was about to make his circle once more, Loki’s eyes never wavering. He holds his knife up to his chest, pointed toward the man’s direction. He stands for a few seconds just breathing, no thoughts, just muscle memory. The man steps into view. Loki grabs him from behind, a scream ready on his lips but shock sets as soon as Loki makes a cut on both his inner wrists. The man gasps in air to yell for help but Loki tapes his mouth then trails it to his hands that he holds behind his back. The man groans and starts to kick. Loki quickly wraps the legs and huffs from the effort. This was going to take a while. He would take out the ones among the four left that stood alone, which was all but the two gathered by the fire. He would cut their tendons last then grab the tech while they were immobilized. Loki takes a breath and heads down the tunnel to the opposite edge of the ramp. There was debris and pipes to hide behind on his way over but nothing helped once he leaves that protective layer. Loki watches the next guy. He didn’t come close enough to grab but he did stop to lean on a wall that had a little shelter blocking his view. The other man kept his back to him, never wondering anywhere except to go further away to stand and take a smoke. If he could sneak up against the wall this would be easy. He creeps through the wall of pipes and steps around the debris with of shattered beer bottles with snake like fluidity. He kept low, breathing deep and quietly the short distance to the shelter. He lifted the fabric that served as its wall and takes the last foot in a single stretched stride to look through the many holes at the man. He was on his phone, the familiar sound of candy crush coming to his ears in the shadows. Loki holds his knife steady. His hand strikes out and pulls his victim into his domain. He covers his mouth as he slices his bicep to his triceps in one swift motion, carrying over to his other arm. The man goes to lift his arms but can barely make the effort to Loki’s neck before they drop. Loki tapes his mouth then slices the tendons on his legs, immobilizing him. There was a muffled scream and the next target walks over, gun raised.

“Trevor, where did you go man. This is no time to take a leak.” The other guys lost interest at that statement and carry on with their obnoxious conversation. Loki regroups and heads out the way he came hiding on the other side till the guy came over and lifts the sheet to find his buddy. Loki struck the leg tendons from behind. The man falls to the ground with a scream. Loki cuts the man’s inner wrist when he turns over with the gun pointed at him. Once the cut was made, the man lost his grip. The other two came over and Loki was out of options. He hid as deep into the shelter as he could. Once the men shined their lights in, seeing the crouched figure that was not Spiderman, he grabbed the fabric and threw it at them, taking away their vision. They shot at the fabric, pulling it to the side as it falls lifeless to the ground. Loki pressed himself close to the man who grabbed the fabric, slicing his tendons as he goes to crouch and kicks him away. The other man shoots at the teen. He does a backflip, sensing the bullets and threw his knife. It hit his torso, a yelp coming from the thug’s lips. He pulls it out with a grunt. Loki jumps up and gives a round house kick to his face. He flew out into the sewage, knocked out from the force. His body was tense but every muscle was a stream of water, ready to flow with grace. His partner tries to get up behind Loki to grab his gun. Loki kicks it away, gathering the dagger he threw. Loki looks to the men on the ground and sees they are of no threat now. He straightens his outfit while he goes to the crate they had been guarding with OSCORP written in big white letters on the side. He lifts the unlocked lid to find a small staff. Loki takes it out, looking over the box for any indication of what it does. All it had was a mix of numbers and letters.

“That is helpful.” Sarcasm dripped from his mouth looking over the weapon to find a button. On both ends a gas comes out. He backs up quickly letting it dissipate. He walks over to the man who had gone for his gun. He was mimicking an inch worm to get to it now, freezing when Loki spots him. Kicking him back on his stomach he places the end next to his head.

“Wait no, you don’t know what you’re doing.” He lifts his chin with the end to examine his face.

“What does it do then?” He sputters a bit and Loki puts his thumb over the button.

“It is a gas that causes the user to lose control of his limbs. He pretty much has a seizure as his body deteriorates from the gas.” Loki hums, thumb still on the button.

“What do you want with it?”

“Boss said he was going to use the toxin to take out the competition easier. He would put it into the building’s air conditioner and we would go in after to get their supplies and take out the rest. Things are getting rough out there. Gangs are getting bigger and badder things to fight with.” He sounded dumb with his horrible grammar. Loki takes his foot off his chest and walks back to the path out. He wasn’t sure if giving it to the police was smart. They would probably put him in jail for the fact he had it.

“Guess I could just drop it off or something.” He counts his steps, looking at the staff till he gets to his exit. He puts the staff in his belt. It hit his arms annoyingly but he could climb now. Before completely servicing he looks around to see if someone would see him. It was just as deserted as before. Loki crawls out, breathing in the fresh air to cleanse his lungs of the filth in the sewers. “Never again. Peter can keep the sewer gig. I will stay up top.” He walks the way to his bike, adrenaline from the fight now faded into a serene contentment. Loki feels the tingling in his skin from the eyes he has yet to see. He turns to see a lone figure in the front of the alley. The man was dressed in a suit, a body larger than a normal businessman. Leading Loki to believe he was something far more lethal. Loki felt the dark intent from here.

"We need to take you in Loki. Come with us willingly please, for our orders say bring you in regardless." Loki runs to his bike, but despite his efforts, he couldn’t even put the key in before a cloth came over his face. He scratches the leather gloved hands then reaches back behind his head to pull the head or claw at the eyes. His limbs turned liquid before he could manage anything. His eyes closed of their own accord and silence fills his head in a suffocating cloud of darkness. A pit opened in his stomach. He was taken again.

Thor was unpleased with the way things worked out. He said they could talk to him. They said that’s all they needed to do. Steve had agreed. It was Tony's ill choice of men who made it into a kidnapping. Strapping his brother down to a table while unconscious.

“He had a weapon from that OSCORP company. We had to take him out.” The mercenary Tony had borrowed wasn’t really feeling the need to defend himself, his eyes shown his true feelings toward the raven. The men were pissed at the man for his attempts on Manhattan but Steve couldn't even allow them that as an excuse. Thor would not see reason. He grabbed the man in charge and pinned him against the wall next to the two way mirror that showed a sleeping teen.

“You laid a hand on my brother. He has shown no hostility. You will pay for this.” The man scoffs.

“Tell that to the thugs he stole the weapon from. They were sliced at the tendons.” It was a way to stop them, he knew, without killing them. A harder way to deal with the situation, but the guy stubbornly refused any good to be the kid’s intent. Thor threw him away, shaking in anger. Steve stepped into his vision as he stared at Loki, the two slinking out in the distraction.

“They were wrong to do it this way, I agree. Let’s get him off the table and into a bed. Maybe then we can fix the situation.” He nods but a shuffling from the other room sealed their fate. Loki was awake. The light that blinded him from above kept him from seeing anything but vague outlines, an illusion of darkness. Loki’s breathing was beyond just labored and phantom wounds started to hit him as if being made right at that moment. He screamed in panic.

“Let me go. Where am I? Please, I’ll do anything you ask.” Tony walks up after showing the mercenaries out, observing the kid.

“He is either the best actor in the world, or we just abducted an innocent boy.” Thor, clad in his plaid over shirt and faded jeans, runs out to enter the next room. The two other members were left to watch in wonder. Loki had frozen when he heard the door bang open. His eyes became blurry with unshed tears. He braced for pain, for cruel words to echo to his very core. Nothing of the sort came. He felts strong hands take the straps from his body with fumbling fingers. The light was turned off and Loki had to blink for a few minutes before he could make out anything. He gasped when he saw Thor. Once fully free, Loki made to jump off the table and run, but his legs gave out and he crumbled to the floor. He was petrified. Light may have filled the room but he felt to be in complete darkness. He heard Thor stomp over. When he felt a hand on his shoulder, Loki yelped involuntarily and threw himself as far as his shaking body would get him. He looked at his captor to be in shock at his expression. Utter self-hatred and guilt that hurt even Loki to look at.

“We will return you to your home. I apologize for letting this happen to you Loki.” He stood, hand held out. “Please allow me to atone for my friends’ mistake.” He didn’t move. Eyes glued to the man. His sigh was a wind, lost after a great and powerful storm. Loki brushes his fingers against the man’s retreating hand and the two freeze. Thor wouldn’t even breathe in fear that he would scare the teen away. When Loki’s slim pale hand fully embraces Thor’s muscled golden one, he gently pulls him to his feet. Loki felt strength come back to his body as he stood toe to toe with the storm god. It felt familiar. He breathed in the scent of rain and felt the power of thunder just under his gentle demeanor. A power that was in waiting to break out in a loud show of force. He wasn’t afraid of that though. He wasn’t truly afraid of Thor. He seemed too gentle in his eyes. It reminded him of Peter’s deep brown orbs. A puppy’s eyes.

“Why was I taken in the first place.” Another blond addresses the two from the doorway. He was built yes, but nothing of his entire being spoke danger. It felt more like the presence of a sweet goofball. His mind goes to Peter again but he ignores the many reminders.

“We believe you to be Thor’s brother. A man who almost destroyed the city that you now live in.” Loki looks between the two. Neither were accusing, eyes not seeing an enemy but a confused teenager. Steve clears his throat, giving a sheepish look. “Could we treat you to a meal before you go, as a way to apologize? You have been out for a while and you must be hungry.” His stomach growls in agreement but he didn’t agree right away.

“Why do you believe so strongly it is me?” Steve sighs out through his nose.

“We could show you over lunch, or rather dinner.” Loki’s eyes grew worried. Peter was going to have a stroke. Loki nods hesitantly, not sure if saying no was a good idea. He walks side by side with Thor to an elevator. They ride it up a few floors. Loki impressed by the numbers on the panel.

“When do I get my stuff back?” they exit the elevator and enter a lounge area with a small kitchen at one end with a huge flat screen at another with obnoxiously plush seating arrangements.

“Right now.” Steve says as Tony Stark moves over with his backpack and belt. He takes it quickly, putting the weapons around his hip, slinging the bag over his shoulder.

“The staff?” Steve had led them to the kitchenette, rolling up the sleeves of his white V neck.

“We can take it back to OSCORP.” He says as he starts chopping meat. It was half finished with vegetables already in a pot. He must have been rudely interrupted by his kidnapping. Loki shakes his head, Steve looking up from his chopping. He takes the meat and puts it with the vegetables, setting the heat up higher. “Why not?” he was wiping his hands, Thor watching everything with open eyes and a protective body posture from a seat away at the island. Loki wasn’t sure at first. He had wanted to keep it, but didn’t want to get in trouble with it on his person. He chews on his lip putting many reasons together till he decides on one.

“I want to protect someone. I don’t have enough strength on my own.” Steve’s eyebrows shoot up for a moment but composes himself with a thoughtful smile.

“That is a good reason, but it isn’t yours.” Loki almost puffs his cheeks in indignation. Thor sensed such a reaction and hides an endearing smile as he relaxes. The fact that he was given his space was not lost on the teen. He was also taking note of Stark's absence after giving him his stuff without a word.

“Then what am I supposed to do? If I can’t be strong enough to protect him no one can.” Thor heard the sincerity and truth in his voice. It has been a long time since he heard that. His pained voice filled his mind as he remembered the last time he saw his brother. If this wasn’t Loki then why would he be cursed to meet someone who has his face? His Brother’s voice. He clenches his hands tightly. Steve gauges both the men in front of him.

“Would this person you speak of be the boy behind the mask of Spiderman?” Loki jerks as if slapped. Steve holds his hands up in a gesture to calm his frantic thoughts. “We know yes, but we won’t use that against him. We may seem dysfunctional, but we still carry the role of heroes.” Loki nods, agreeing with dysfunctional. He wasn’t so sure of hero at the moment. “Then, what family isn’t dysfunctional in some way?” he jokes to himself. Steve grows quiet as he leaned against the island. Loki saw his mind working in deep thought so he left him alone. Thor cleared his throat from across the seat that separated him. Loki turned, questioning the brute with a raised brow.

“What is your last name, if I may ask?” His documents said Silvertongue, though he wondered if he could take Parker instead.

“Silvertongue.” Thor nods. He scratches his head, a question on his face that he wasn’t sure if he should ask. “Just say it already.” Loki groans. What is the worst he could ask?

“Did you know that you fell from the sky? Possibly from outer space.” Loki turns his head down to the counter top. He had a hunch after last night. He sighs, letting out all possible denial. No point in putting off the truth.

“Yea, I had a suspicion. I sort of remember the night I landed, but it is so fragmented it hurts to think about it. Do you know anything else?” Thor looked at Loki, debating things in his head. He gets up and opens the fridge for a beer. Steve walks away and out of the room as Thor closes the door.

“Nothing for sure. Just that you fell from somewhere.” Thor had grown suspicious after seeing the energy originate in the middle of town with no line to where it came from. He took off to Asgard and asked Heimdall what he had seen. He couldn’t tell where exactly the teen had come from, just that he fell from the deepest of cosmos that even he had trouble seeing to. He was also informed of a split between the two. Two separate beings had been made but he could not see much else. Darkness had blocked his vision and he swore to inform Thor of anything that he saw on the matter. This Loki did not know of such things so he figured he would spare him from such dark insight for a while longer. Heimdall, however, had informed that this being was the very essence of Loki’s soul, but slightly altered. There was a high possibility of him being his brother but Heimdall had also reminded him that in such an endless galaxy, there has always been theories of twin energies. Some Midgardians knew it as Twin Flame or a soul mate. Thor wasn’t sure. He didn’t want to hope. His hopes have been destroyed so many times already, but he couldn’t suppress the love he felt when he looked at the teen. He would not deny the complete feeling from being close to the raven haired boy. He wanted him regardless of him being his Loki or not. He felt too attached to just let this boy slip from him without an attempt of being kin to him. Thor downed the beer like water. He was being selfish. An attempt at making things right to a dead brother he had let down too often. As he watched the boy dial a number he swelled with a feeling of failure. He had already been replaced. He had someone standing in between him and his redemption to his brother.

“Hello? Peter, yes it is me. I am fine.” Peter the boy who has become brother to his one chance. Thor grabs another beer as the Steve and Tony come out from a side room. The formal meeting room, Thor noted. They had been in conference without him. Weary of his friend’s motives, he stood closer to Loki, causing the boy to look up from his conversation. “Yea, Avengers Tower. I will wait.” He had whispered before hanging up. Thor was a towering guard dog behind Loki. He had glared at the man, simply to show his discomfort. Thor only stared at the two coming to meet up with them. Tony gets plates down from the cabinet, then walks back to get the silverware. Steve was a stickler to dinning in each other’s company, Tony often showing his displeasure. Steve grabs the napkins and sets out cups for everyone. Once the table was set, the two work to get the food served, Thor not helping in favor of staying by his brother. Neither man looked at them to Loki’s relief. Thor taps Loki’s shoulder who turns in his chair to crane his neck up in order to see his face from the proximity.

“We can take our seats.” Loki gets up and follows the god to the table, sitting beside the head of the table with Thor opposite him. Once all plates were made with everyone's choice drink fixed, the small group sat with Steve and Tony at the head of each end of the rectangle surface.

"Do we now hold hands for grace dear?" Tony asks with overly adoring eyes. Steve gave a smirk.

"Sure, if you will lead us." Tony grimaced.

"Not enough alcohol." Light banter continued to fill the air. Thor joining in, Steve keeping the volume down the best he could even though he ate with a content smile despite his attempts. The family setting had never looked so real till now. Loki was in wonder. How could they be a perfect family when they seemed so dysfunctional? Loki ate in silence till the group calmed, Steve clearing his throat.

“Loki wishes to have help protecting someone. He says he needs more weapons.” The three at the table looked to Steve in silence, no longer eating what was on their plates. Loki held a higher head at the continuation of the conversation. The atmosphere grew heavy and not for the first time, Loki wondered what did he do wrong? His dream from last night glided over his vision briefly. The man’s blood and his empty eyes filled his vision. He blinked hard to get rid of it. Loki hoped he wasn’t a murderer but things were getting harder to deny. “I know the objections but you know i prefer diplomacy." he was pointedly looking to Tony. Loki felt he sounded like a general going over the next assault with his men. for all Loki knew, he might be doing just that. Steve nods to Thor. "I need your vote.”

“What are the arguments?” Thor asks gruffly. He was eating slower and drinking from a huge goblet he had already had to refill it twice with what Loki smelled as coffee.

“Loki could be your actual brother and we don’t need him with weapons if that is true.” Thor glances at the billionaire who was asking a heli robot for more scotch. Loki guessed Thor knew he was the one to put up the argument. “Or that he is in fact not Loki, or if he is, he poses no harm and has good intentions.” Loki perks up at the positive thoughts. Thor nods.

“I believe him of good intent too. He should be able to protect those dear.” Loki looks to the big man next to him. Thor looks back with a face that echoed that of the boy’s in his dreams. Loki averts his eyes.

“So now we have a decision.” Loki almost jumped at the invisible voice that almost cut Steve off.

“Pardon me sir, but a figure is currently swinging straight for the Tower.” Loki looks around for the voice that came from nowhere.

“Open a window for him, you can even light up the landing pad for him.” Tony instructs. Loki gets up from his seat to look out the ceiling to floor window. Sure enough, Peter was clad in his Spiderman suit, swinging with such speed, he wondered whether it was from worry or anger. Most likely both from his complicated mind. Loki sees the window to a ledge open up and lights stream out. He wasn’t sure if Peter would take the offered entrance so he ran out to the landing platform. He saw Peter change his course abruptly. Loki mused he might have snapped something. A wind blew cold and strong over his frame as he waited. He shook from the pressure looking down. It was higher than he realized. Peter does one last jump and webs the edge of the building to hop on top of the platform. He takes the few strides to Loki, near stomping in the intensity. Loki wasn’t sure if he should prepare to dodge a punch or a hug. Peter wraps his arms around Loki, resting his head on his shoulder in an embrace that kept Loki from breathing.

“You idiot. I told you not to go. You never listen when it counts, you dense A-hole.” Loki snorted quietly at the attempt to not curse. After a moment of hesitation, he holds Peter back, with a squeeze to go with an apology. Peter lets him go, holding him out arm’s length. “You aren’t sorry you did it though.” Loki shakes his head leading him inside

“You can take the mask off Peter, if you would like to be more comfortable.” Tony spoke. Steve admonished him for the quip, saying that was insensitive. Tony shrugged, Peter took off his mask when Loki handed him a plate. He wasn’t surprised that they found out with all that they have at their disposal, however, it did worry him. He ate a bit but realized he walked into a conversation and wanted to know what it was. Steve cleared his throat, looking at Thor then the plates. He in turn got up, taking plates and going to the sink to soak them in water.

“We had just finished a vote of if we should give Loki weapons to help him protect you or not.” Peter jerked his head to Loki. He gave a challenging glare. “The vote was in his favor.”

“No,” was all he had given. Loki slams his hands on the table causing Thor to drop a plate and Tony to get up and go to the bar. Steve watches with a calculating stare.

“Why are you being so stubborn on this? You got shot twice last night and I had to stitch you up myself. You need help. A war between mobs is coming and you want to do this yourself?” Peter slides the seat back, leaving the rest of his food.

“You have no right to challenge me on this. I will not let you get hurt. You know nothing about my reasons.”

“You can’t just take away my choice I can-” Peter swipes his hand across the table, sending his plate flying, Steve stands, motioning for Thor to get ready.

“Damn it Loki, I lost my Uncle Ben for not acting and I killed Gwen’s dad because I wasn't good enough. I can’t lose you too. Not a brother.” His voice broke in a scream of rage and a broken heart. He could see tears behind his fury and Loki stayed quiet for a moment. He walks over calmly and gently placed his head on the side of Peter’s to whisper.

“Are you so selfish that you will make Aunt May, Gwen and me suffer losing you when we could have done something? Let go of your fear Peter. I won’t leave you alone when you didn’t leave me.” Peter bites his lip. He takes a heavy breath and lets it out in a shaky burst. Loki leans away so Peter could address him for what he has to say.

“One. Chance.” He bites out. A small light of hope shined deep within the depths of his brown orbs. A hope of easier times. a shoulder to lean on during the battle. “If I think you are unable to be safe during it, you will stop.” Loki nods slowly. He was going to pass this test with golden colors. Peter closes his eyes, as if realizing what he just said. Steve walks over to Tony, leaning his head next to his ear.

“Make sure that bike of his can keep up with Peter. Try and give him things that can be defensive too.” Tony groans lowly but bows his head in acknowledgment.

“What if this is really Loki?” Steve thinks for a moment. Seeing every scenario play out in his head.

“We beat him once, we can do it again.” He hoped for once it wouldn’t come down to violence but he would do what he must. He only hoped the first line of defense can keep it from happening. He looked at Thor who watched the scene from the shadows with such a dark aura, Steve pitied him. Perhaps Peter will be the first line of defense. He thought despite Thor’s obvious jealousy of the young hero.

Loki wasn’t sure if this was really happening. His bike was gone. It was now replaced by a Si-Fi movie motorcycle. The sides had a blue glowing line going from the headlights to taillights. Its motor could now change into a hover mode by flipping while driving to make him glide a few feet in the air. Just enough to drive over cars. He could also scale buildings with the polarity able to keep him centered despite gravity pulling him down. He smiled at his new ride. The only downside was that he had to still ride the bus to school with Peter since he couldn't hide it in the parking lot. He also wondered where he was going to hide it in general.

“That is another thing I added. The last thing I want is for people to find your bike and examine its parts to find I made the thing.” Tony presses a button on the keys and the bike disappeared. Loki gaped. The thing was taking on its surroundings. He could still see it if he looked at a lopsided angle but looking straight at it, or just walking by, no one would see it.

“Sweet, so we don’t have to take the bus.” Peter joked. Loki elbowed him and took his helmet, ready to go. He turned to see Thor leaning on a pillar far off from them. He pulls the helmet down hard and starts the bike aggressively. Peter looked back, making sure he was ready to go as he put his mask back on. Loki nodded but couldn’t shift the gears. He looked back at Thor. He felt a small piece of resentment but he couldn’t really keep it. Not when he saw how put out he was. Thor noticed he was being watched and turned to leave. Loki growls out a groan and turns the bike off. Peter looks to Steve and Tony for answers.

“Go on Peter, he will be home soon.” Peter decided to give him five minutes before he would leave. Loki watched the numbers light on the elevator and waited to see which floor Thor was on. Once he saw it he pressed the button to get the elevator, tapping his foot.

“I thought only women tapped their foot. Well, until I met Steve.” Steve punched the side of Tony’s shoulder. Tony yelps and rubs the soon to be bruise. The elevator doors part and the three step in.

“If he isn’t your brother, why worry?” Loki presses the button and crosses his arms, mindful to not tap his foot.

“He believes I am.” Steve nods in acknowledgment.

“Do you believe you are?” Steve asks. Loki felt the words like a punch to the gut. He couldn’t answer the question despite it being a reason for him following the god.

“I don’t know.” He didn’t know much. He wanted to know this. He had to know something for certain. The elevator opens to a lavish corridor that did not fit the rest of the Tower. Loki steps out onto the red carpet that lay over a golden tile floor lit by bronze torches with abnormally large fire. A large window at the end let in fresh light but it was still rather dim due to it being so late. The doors were broad openings that he passed, seeing easily into each room. One at the end had a curtain in front of it and Loki gently moved it aside enough to peak. A floor to ceiling window was on one side of the wall or at least, it looked like a window. Except this window showed a view of a two mooned night sky. One was purple, the other blue. Both was abnormally large. The meadow that came to view was lit by flowers that could glow like the sun. Thor was looking at it intently. He bit his thumb nail, a nervous tick Loki could guess he strategically kept hidden.

“JARVIS, show me the slideshow.” Thor wistfully demanded. JARVIS spoke with an invisible mouth, then a smaller screen formed on the fake window, causing a break in the scenery. Loki watched as pictures of him showed on the screen. They were all from yesterday. He knew he felt watched but he didn’t realize it was him. They were of him smiling and talking. There were very few but it went on a loop. Thor barely made it to the chair he had pulled up behind him as he collapses to watch the pictures. Most of him smiling held Peter. Loki felt he should leave but he was invading his privacy. Loki pulled the curtain away, causing Thor to look up. He jumped up telling JARVIS to turn it off. It stopped, leaving them in the glow of the two moons and the meadow. Loki looked at Thor till a question formed in his mind.

“How did you lose him?” Thor was taken aback. His eyes became darker, remembering the day he saw the light leave his brother’s eyes.

“You mean his love or his life?” Thor asked, a deep hum from his chest. “I lost his love long before I was sent to earth. I lost hope to gain it back when he fell from the Bifrost.” Thor grabbed the beer that was on a table next his chair. “I guess you could say I lost the ability to trust him when he resurfaced here to take the city.” He chugs the bottle and discards it. Loki wasn’t sure how fast Thor could get drunk. He seemed fine. Thor had then gone to a bag and pulled out a luxurious bottle decorated with gold trim and emeralds on the lid. He open it and started drinking greedily. “I lost everything that could have been left or salvaged the day I watched the light leave his eyes and his skin grow cold.” Loki saw the destroyed man in front of him not as a stranger, but as a distant memory. “I had to mourn my mother without my father because I chose to leave Asgard for a new life. I felt I had nothing left there. I had to mourn my brother alone because no one knew him for who he was. They only saw an insane monster.” It hurt hearing the term monster. He had never been called such, yet it seemed so familiar. He took another gulp and Loki thinks he sees the beginning of a tipsy god. He sits on the edge of the bed. Turning his head to watch the scene as a wind makes the meadow become an ocean in its movements.

"So am I to come to you as him incarnate? Even if I was him, I am not any more. I have no ties to you." He felt he was saying this out of fear. Fear of what this god would bring with his presence. Thor stood abruptly growling.

"Then why do you torture me by appearing in my chambers? You insist on being around me despite your words." Loki was challenged with those eyes.

"I was not brought to this tower willingly. You allowed me to be taken twice now." Thor's hand twitched. A man who fights with fists not with words. He chugged a few more gulps and turned to throw it at the wall. Loki flinched and watched in disgust as he grabs a few beers from his mini fridge. He had enough of this tantrum. Loki walks over and takes the two bottles before they were even opened.

"Give them back. If you truly wish me out of your life then leave me to mine. I will drink as much as I wish." He was slurring, if only slightly. Loki threw them in the small garbage can by the bed. Thor grabs his wrist and throws him aside. he hit the wall then fell to the bed. Thor realized his mistake of ill controlled raw emotions. Loki crawls off to stand proudly.

"Now I see why I left. Do you have no sense of honor? Do you see past your own pain?" He in turn sits on the bed, staring again out into the field. Loki clicks his tongue in distaste.

"You fear remembering when that's all I wish for. I wish for your eyes to look upon me with love like you once did years ago." Thor sighs in his hands. "That would cause you pain. Truly I am the monster here." His shoulders slumped. His posture looked like that of a man who had fought a war alone, only to find what he was fighting for was a lie. Peace gone forever. Loki made to step toward him but was swiftly reprimanded. “Go back to your brother Peter. Leave me to mourn the loss of yet another chance for my brother.” Loki was getting tired of the childish display before him. He forcibly takes Thor's face within his, standing in front of the other world's scene. Thor' face has aged in the short time span. Loki did not want his old life. He wanted a chance, yet here he stood denying an emotionally dying man his.

“You need me to be your brother.” He only wished to see him react to it. Loki looks into his eyes that reflect the purple of the bigger moon. A large hand comes up to hold Loki’s in a lost caress of a man who isn’t sure what to trust anymore.

“You remind me of his younger years, when he started to prove to everyone his strength and intelligence. It cost him trust of others. Never mine. I always fought those who traded words against him.” Thor dropped his hand and went to stand by the window. “I am but a stranger to you. You have gained a new life regardless of your old one.” He goes back to chewing his thumb, watching a storm roll over head. The flowers still gave a golden glow, softening the rough face of the man. "I am so proud of you." Thor barely even whispers. Loki steps toward him, a hunger deep within his fragmented soul starting to be fed by that simple phrase.

“So we now stand with a dilemma.” Thor looks to him out of the corner of his eye. “I am unable to doubt this possibility. Can you keep me together when both sides collide?” This was the end, Loki knew if he continued, he would be destroyed by truth.

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