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His Butler, Genesis to New Demons

By Jendayi Hamilton


Prologue: His Butler, Genesis to New Demons

Prologue: His Butler, Genesis to New Demons

Watching the purple and red sunset over foggy, meddlesome London had become something of a habitual habit for her. Before she had never noticed exactly how precise the colors would merged every evening after dinner and after her tutoring sessions, and so she could have never fathomed just how much it would be desired when she departed from the only home she had ever known. Soon though, soon she would not see London for a while, soon she would not walk on cobblestone paths and breathe in the putrid air of advancement of mankind and industry. Clear, glass shop windows and people going along merrily in their blissful ignorance passed her as the hansom rolled and cajoled along the rugged pavement. She had been riding in the hansom for over several hours, basking in the coolness of the evening. In order to reach the specific dock that was taking the British students to the Americas, a certain road had to be taken. It was only open for the adolescents of the nobles who dared send their children to the New World. Was she afraid? Yes, yes she was afraid. She was afraid that she would come back the same person as she left. After all...she was only a child; thirteen year old affluent, wealthy, spoiled, and childish girl. What did she understand or apprehend about the real world? Suffering, pain, sorrow and vengeance were conditions that the young girl had never been inaugurated with. She knew nothing, absolutely nothing.

Suddenly, the hansom rolled to an abrupt stop in front of the docks. The large steamer puffed out a billow of black smoke. She breathed in deeply before allowing herself to open her eyes again. Besides, this would be the last time she would set her green eyes on the misty haze of London. Perhaps, not the very last time, she thought.

"Lady Elizabeth, your luggage is already aboard the ship as well as any other personal items or effects that you should require. Are you ready?" The valet inquired of her, reaching out to help her onto the ship. Elizabeth faintly smiled, quickly casting her eyes once more towards the direction of the home of boy she loved. Leaving him, she decided was easier said than done. She had not revealed to him that she was leaving. In fact, she had begged her parents to keep it a secret from the dark haired boy.

Finally, summoning courage she did not know she possessed she climbed aboard the steamer, not looking back only forward.


At the sound of the bugle she awoke quickly, almost staggering to get out of the warmth of the comforters. Even though being in the boarding school for a year, she had not gotten accustomed to the sound each morning. Immediately as she pushed them back, she wished that she had not for it was chilly and quite cold as the pitter patter of hundreds of other students crowded her head with nonstop noise, as she began making the bed. Elizabeth jumped in surprise to feel a cold hand on her shoulder. Turning, she smiled as a grinning face met hers.

"Oh! It's you, Hannah. Do not surprise me like that! I nearly screamed out of bewilderment!"

"I didn't mean to scare you, darling. But I have not found my ivory brush! I've looked everywhere and I can't seem to remember when I set it down. Do you have a clue?" Elizabeth shook her head in disappointment, the blonde curls bouncing in the early fall sun.

"I haven't the slightest idea, Hannah. Perhaps you left it in the wash room?" The brunette shrugged, biting her lip in disbelief at her loss. She walked off, muttering something about "using the comb instead". Elizabeth smiled, she was very fond of Hannah, but the girl was such a scatter brain, you could not help but adore her.

"Ladies! I hope you are all presentable for Mrs. Glaudusa Huddersfield. She is to arrive shortly, please ladies…please I beg of you! Act accordingly! She is the wife of Sir Harrison Ward Huddersfield! He is Dean of St. Josephina Augusta, this very school!" Ms. Westford shouted. A short, round women, Ms. Westford was mild tempered and in charge of the girl's chambers. In her hand she held a book, titled "Etiquette of an English Lady". Elizabeth stifled a laugh as the small women bustled about the dorm, inspecting individually each girl's bed. Elizabeth could not help but wonder what exactly this Mrs. Huddersfield was like. According to all the older girls, she was extremely stern and intolerant of any behavior she deemed unreasonable of a woman.

After leaving the wash room, and getting dressed she along with several other girls walked to the dining hall. The loud voices and clattering of dishes welcomed her inside. Seeing her friends she maneuvered her way over to them, waving excitedly. Suddenly, without warning she was bumped into and felt herself spiraling to the floor. But a strong arm wrapped around her, preventing her from harming her bottom. She looked up, into the bluest eyes she had ever seen. Almost like the blue sea back in London, such a deep hue that made her long for her home. Not realizing that the young man had caught her, she reached up tenderly, towards the face…the face that held those blue eyes.

"Um…I'm glad that you didn't fall, but my lady I think that we had best place ourselves in our seats. See? Mrs. Huddersfield has arrived."

Elizabeth flushed tomato red as she excused herself to the table. Placing her hands to her cheeks, she could feel her face hot as if she had been in the summer sun. The girls giggled, whispering among themselves.

"Attention ladies! This is Mrs. Glaudusa Annabell Huddersfield. She-sh-she is the wife of Sir Harri-Harrison Ward Hudd-H-Huddersfield!" Ms. Westford squeaked. One of the girls across the able winced and leaned over to Elizabeth.

"She always gets nervous announcing Mrs. Huddersfield! I feel so sorry for the poor thing."


"My husband Sir Harrison Ward Huddersfield is the descendant of St. Josephina Augusta Ladies' School for Gifted Women." She snapped, whilst casting an irritated glance towards the smaller woman. Her stature was indeed intimidating, a severe stern face that bestowed no feelings of gratitude or even happiness. There seemed to be such a shallow sorrowful expression in her eyes.

It almost looks as if she has been crying all night long. Her eyes are a little red for wear, though she looks like nothing has happened at all! I hope that she is alright. Perhaps she isn't such a cruel woman after all.

"I believe that many of you have heard rumors about the Natives being transported across the Americas as a experiment to introduce them to the civil ways of the world. Industry, science, knowledge are absent from them. Starting two weeks from now, we will be the first girl's school in the America's to incorporate Natives into the education system."

Elizabeth leaned against the white washed walls of the corridor, listening to the cries and fearful sobs of the girls in the next room. Hannah leaned against her, covering her mouth to try to keep her own cries silent. Just like Mrs. Huddersfield had said, thirty Native female students had come to St. Josephina Augusta. They had all be barely dressed, dear skins just barely covering the privates' parts and legs bared for the world to see. Elizabeth had gotten a glimpse of the young girls; many looked about her age as the dorm leaders guided them into the school. Now she, Hannah and Daisy stood in the hallway, listening to the cries of the girls as their hair was cut.

Warm tears fell from Hannah's face as she clutched Elizabeth's hand in her own.

"How can this be justified? Why must they trip them of their dignity?" She whispered among her sobs. Elizabeth held her, wiping the warm liquid away with her sleeve.

"It is because…they must know about the world. The world is changing for the better…we have machinery, embroidery, medicine…they must know about these things…don't they?" Elizabeth tried to reason in her naive mind. Suddenly, a sharp swoosh filled the air, as the sound of a hurtful smack resonated through the hallway. Elizabeth had enough, she bounded into the room.

A young girl, about fourteen years of age sat on the floor, her beautiful brown locks lay in strands. On her darkened face was a distinct mark of where a hand laid itself forcefully.

"You stop this! Stop it right now!" Elizabeth yelled at the barber. She grabbed the girl's hand, and stood in front of her, trying to shield her from another attack. The man was much taller than the blond girl, much bigger as well. In his eyes there was anger.

"Step aside Ms. And let me do my job. There is no need to get a lady of your social standing involved."

"Stand aside and allow you to hit a woman? How dare you lay your filthy hands on her! You should be ashamed of yourself!"

He breathed deeply; clearly irritable this young woman was adamant about not letting him have his way. He grinned and clicked the scissors together, passing a nonverbal threat.

"Step aside now!" Yelling, he grabbed onto Elizabeth's wrist, twisting it in a most painful manner. Elizabeth gasped in pain as he drew her away from the Native girl; she kicked, screamed and tried to bit his hand.

"Stop! Let me go! You're hurting me! Let go!"

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Hannah running down the hall, calling for help. The Indian girl jumped up from the floor, onto his back beating him, screaming in a language Elizabeth did not know.

"Victor! You will release those young women at once or so help me God I'll blow a hole in your stomach!" A man's voice shouted. Swiftly, Elizabeth was thrown on the floor alongside the Indian girl. The young woman crawled towards Elizabeth, wrapping her arms around the shaken girl and began loudly spewing words in her own language. In the hallway stood a young man, probably in his early twenties, holding a pistol aimed right at the barber.

His blue eyes met Elizabeth's green and he gestured for them to come beside him. The hallway was crowded now, full of blissfully ignorant spectators and students all horrified at not understand what was going on. The barber slowly back away into a group of police men who began taking him away.

Sighing in relief, Elizabeth stood still holding the Indian girls hands. The other female students flocked around them, crying out their concern and worry.

"Oh, how brave you were darling! Weren't you scared?"

"Elizabeth! Your beautiful curls are now all tussled!"

"You poor thing, how dare he hit a woman!" Elizabeth looked for the young man who had helped her. Speaking to one of the police man, he pointed towards the group of young girls and after nodding his head began walking away. Elizabeth hurried her pace to reach him and tapped his shoulder.

"Tha-than-tha-thank you for saving me! I was so frightened… I-I didn't know what was going to happen…if it was not for you coming to help us then…then." Elizabeth nervously twisted her hands together, trying to stop the tears from falling. She had been so afraid, no one had ever hurt her like that before.

When Ciel was angry that one time, he raised his hand to me but Sebastian stopped him. I never thought that he could get so angry that he would hit me.

The man put his hand on her shoulder, gentle giving her a reassuring squeeze.

"My name is Vincent. Vincent Avery Hartford Tudor." Before taking grasping Elizabeth's hand, he brushed back her curls and smiled.

"I'm glad I was able to help you, Elizabeth."

Please review! I've been dying to post something about this story forever and now that I spent two days on this prolougue that means you guys cannot waste my efforts! Review, pm me or even send me some kudos! I could really use the encouragement. Anyway, please believe me that I am currently working on "Training the Heart." It's just giving me a little trouble because I stopped the story for so long, and now I'm a bit lost as to what's going and who is who and such. I hope you guys liked this prologue into, "His Butler: Genesis to New Demons"! Be looking out for the first chapter and also chapter 26 for "Training the Heart!" It will be coming, hopefully this weekend! Review please!

Oh, one more thing. I got the information about Victorian coaches here ... w w w. likesbooks. com/carriages. During the story, I will refer to this site for some historical accuracy. If I find anymore sights I will post them to my profile. Thanks a lot!

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