Love Unknown

Chapter 10

Love Unknown

Chapter 10

The next few weeks go by fast; the team has had many cases. Some were very long, keeping them away from their loved ones for hours/days at a time. The couples try to steal little moments when they can but it is not enough. Everyone is getting stressed.

Jenny’s Office…….

Today had been a bad day. The case Gibb’s team was working on was all dead ends. Everyone was on edge snapping at each other. The team was following a lead right now, if they could get this case closed by the weekend, she was giving them the weekend and the next week off. Her phone beeped.

“Yes, Cynthia?”

“Agent Gibbs to see you.”

Smiling “Send him in.”

The door opens and Gibbs walks in very stressed.

“What can I do for you, Jethro?”

“Just wanted to let you know, we closed the case and that I am requesting my team have some time off.”

“Great Jethro, I was just thinking about time off for your team. You can start today and have the weekend and all next week off.”

“Great Jen, what about you? You have been more tired lately.”

“I know, I am requesting next week off. We can spend some alone time together.”

She smirks at him.

“Sounds great Jen.” Walking over to him, kissing her on the lips, it was meant to be a short kiss but turns passionate. Breaking only after the need for air become too great. He leans his forehead against hers.

“Later Jethro.”


Kissing her one more time before leaving, down in the bullpen he looks around. All of his “children” are at their desks writing their reports. Ziva and Tony exchange looks of longing, while McGee keeps looking at his watch.


They all look up at him.

“After your reports are done, go home. We have some time off, today all this weekend and all of next week, coming back the Monday after that.”

The three agents face light up.

“Gibbs, does that include Abby?”

“Yes, McGee, Abby too.”

His face lights up even more.

“Thanks Gibbs.”

“Don’t thank me; the director is the one who did it. Now get back to work, so you can enjoy your time off. The agents get back to work. About 2 hours later reports are done. Tony and Ziva grab their things, say goodbye, rushing out the door. McGee heads down to Abby’s lab. He finds her slumped over her keyboard.


She turns quickly towards him.

“McGee, what are you doing down here?”

“I came to see you and to see if you were done with your report yet.”


“Great! The Director gave us some time off.”


At his nod, she jumps up, flying in his arms.

“Timmy, this great! How much time?”

“We don’t have to be back here till the Monday after next.”

“Yay. Alright let me just finish this.”

“I’ll wait.”

Half hour later, Abby is done. Grabbing her things, the couple heads up to give Gibbs her report. Walking into the bullpen the stop short, their mouths dropping open. Gibbs is at his desk with Jenny in his lap. They are kissing and whispering. McGee clears his throat, the couple looks over.

“Yes, McGee, Abs?”

Snapping out of it, Abby walks over to them.

“Here is my report.” Placing it on his desk.

“Thanks Abs, now goodnight, go home.”

“Bye” The couple says, walking back over to McGee, grabbing his hand pulling him with her.

“Jethro, you almost done?”

“Yes, Abby’s report is the last one.”

“Well hurry up.”

She kisses him again before walking back up to her office.

“Cynthia, you can go home, take next week off.”

“Thanks, ma’am”



Tony and Ziva’s………

The couple lies in bed panting after a very heated pout of love making, their clothes were all over the place, once the door shut they couldn’t get their clothes off fast enough.

“Zi, I’ve missed you.”

Tony rolls on his side pulling her to him, Ziva smiles, tilting her to look up at him.

“I’ve missed you too.”

Ziva pulls the sheet around them; they fall asleep in each other’s arms. Abby and Tim are too tired to do anything more than fall asleep in each other’s arms. Gibbs falls asleep after a very enjoyable bout of loving making. Jenny looks over at the sleeping man next to her. She smiles; he looks so peaceful, brushing her hand over his hair, he stairs.

“Jen?” He asks sleepily

“Jethro, go back to sleep.”

“Stop looking over those papers and come cuddle with me.”

“Ok” Setting her papers on the nightstand, turning off the light, shifting in the bed so she is laying next to him. He wraps his arms around her.

“Night Jen.”

“Night Jethro.”

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