Love Unknown

Chapter 11

Love Unknown

Chapter 11

Tony wakes before Ziva, he looks down at her sleeping form. She looks so young and peaceful. He smiles, he loves her more than anything in the world. Tony has been thinking about when the right time would be to ask her to marry him. He thinks now is the right time, he just has to figure out a way to get her out of the house for a few hours. Maybe Gibbs will have an idea. I’ll go see him later today. Leaning down, kissing her lips to wake her up. Ziva slowly starts to wake up, her eyes fluttering open to look in Tony’s green ones.


“Morning. You want some breakfast?”

“I would rather stay right here.”

Tony laughs.

“Me too.” Tony leans down again kissing her; she wraps her arms around his neck pulling him closer. After pulling away for air, Tony asked.

“Do you want to continue this or go have breakfast?”

“Hmmm.” Ziva trails her finger down her cheek, chest stopping at the waist band of his boxer, biting her lip.

“That is a hard one.” Ziva smiles wickedly, she cupped him in her hand through his boxers.

“Zi, you’re killing me.” He moans.

She leans up kissing him, while rolling them over, she sits just below his hips. The kissing turns more and more heated, Tony slips her shirt off of her freeing her breast. He lips leave her mouth trailing kisses down her neck, down her chest to one nipple, suck one then the other. Making Ziva moan.

“Tony.” Tony rolls them over so he is back on top. His mouth trails down her stomach to the waist band of her panties. He looks up to see Ziva is watching him with hooded eyes, he can see lust and love reflected in them. Pulling her panties down with his mouth, down her legs throwing them on the floor.

“Mmm Tony, please. I want you.”

“I know babe.” He works his way up her lips, stopping at her center, sticking a finger in, she is more than ready. Smiling he continues back to her mouth, while kissing her he enters her with a quick thrust. They moan in each other’s mouths. Tony sets a rhythm, slowly at first getting faster and faster. They can feel their pecks coming when

Ring Ring

The couple stops, looking at each other, the phone rings again.

“Don’t answer that.”

Kissing her again, starting the rhythm again. The phone stops, but a few minutes later it starts ringing again.

“Grrrr.” Still inside her he reaches over to the table, picking up the phone and growling into

“What! This better be good.”

Ziva tries to claim him down. Rubbing her hands up and down his arms, kissing his neck and chest.

“McGee….can’t we talk about this some other time? I am a little busy right now” Sighing, Tony looks down at Ziva. “McGee hold on.” He puts his hand over the phone.

“Zi, we are going to have to stop. McGee is having issues, we will finish this later.”

“Ok Tony.” She leans up kissing him Tony deepens the kiss before remembering McGee on the phone. Rolling off her, putting the phone back up to his ear.

“Ok Tim what is wrong?” Ziva cuddles up next to him; he is still hard as a rock.

“Do you love her?”

On the phone

“Yes, Tony that is why I called you, you have more experience in this then I do.”

“I know, what do you want to do?”

“I want to be with her for the rest of my life. I was planning on asking her to marry me.”

“And do you still want to?”


Ziva just laid there, gently playing with his chest chair. She could only guess what the two men were talking about. Ziva sighed. She looked down at “little Tony” he was just hard; Ziva was inching to finish what they were doing. Ziva gets a wicked smile on her face, she glances up, and Tony is still talking to McGee. Sliding over his body, straddling his waist sliding him in her. Tony had to cover up his moan. Looking up at her, he has questioning look in his eyes. Ziva just smiles and starts moving up and down. They both can feel the friction. Tony is having a really hard time keeping his moan quite.

“Ziva what are you doing?”

“I am horny so I am finishing what we started. Tim can just deal with it.”

“Yes, Tim I am here.”

Ziva picks up the pace, moving up and down faster and faster.

“mm Zi.”

On the phone:

“Tony what is going on?”

“Nothing Tim.”

Tony’s hands give in to what Ziva was doing to his body, his fingers travel down to her nub of nerves. Slowly rubbing in slow circles, Ziva moans forgetting that Tony is on the phone.

“Tony is that Ziva moaning?”

“Tim, just forget that, now what were you saying?”

Ziva can feel she is about to go climax and Tony is too. She leans down, crashing his lips on his. Moaning in each other’s mouths as they climax together. Tony dropped the phone on the bed so he could pull her closer.

On the other end of the phone:

Tim stands in the middle of his kitchen, still holding the phone, mouth hanging open. Did I just hear what I think I just did?

“Timmy, what is wrong?” Abby asks as she comes into the room.

Tim just stands there, saying nothing. Abby grabs the phone out if his hand.

“Hello? Who is there?”




“Ziva?” She hears heavy breathing on the other end.

“Ziva why did you call Timmy?”

There is whispering before Tony comes on the line

“Abby, Tim called me. Tell him to call me back.”

“What did you say to him? He is just standing here with his mouth hanging open.”

Tony laughs.

“I am sure he will tell you later. Bye Abby.”

“Bye.” They both hang up.

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