Love Unknown

Chapter 12

Love Unknown

Chapter 12

Looking over at Timmy, Abby tries to get him to snap out of it.

“Tim? Come on snap out of it.”

Nothing. Abby shakes him. Tim looks at her

“What Abs?”

“You tell me Tim. “

“Umm well…..I think I just heard Tony and Ziva having sex.”


“I called him to talk to him and I interrupted something but I had to talk to him.”

“About what? Me?”

“Well kind of.”

“Tim what is wrong?”

“Nothing I just needed his advice on something. Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad.”

“Ok. Now you are sure they were having sex?”

“Well by the sounds of it yes.”

“I will have to talk to Ziva about that.”

“Abs, don’t. It’s already going to be hard enough looking at them now.”

“Don’t worry Tim. We are all adults and we all know about sex.”

“Yes, I know but still knowing that they were having sex while I was on the phone with him, is not something you want to hear about.”

“True. Let’s just forget this and get back to our game or you know we could have some fun of our own in the bedroom.”

Abby smiles at him.


“Come on.” She drags him back to the bedroom.

“Ziva, I can’t believe you just did that! Tim is not going to be able to look at us.”

“Tony, he interrupted us. I was not going to let that go, I waited before I started things again.”

“Yeah, you are right. So what do you want for breakfast?”


“Sure sounds good to me.”

The couple gets out of bed gets dresses and heads out to the kitchen. Before Tony starts to make the pancakes he sets a cup of coffee in front of her.


He smiles at her. They are quite for a while; Tony puts a plate in front of her, sitting one across from her sitting down.

“Anything you want to do today?” Ziva asks.

“I have a few places to run to but other than that nothing.”

“Ok, I am going to clean the house today.”

“You need help?”

“No, Tony you get out of it this time.”

“Thanks Sweet cheeks.”

Once breakfast is cleaned up, Tony grabs a quick shower, while Ziva starts to clean. Putting head phones in, listening to her IPod. Tony comes out dressed 10 minutes later to find Ziva singing and dancing as she cleans. Walking over to her, tapping her on the shoulder.


“I am leaving now. See you in a bit.”

“Ok” Kissing her before leaving the house, getting in his car. He drives over to Gibbs house.

“Gibbs? You here?”

Hearing no answer, walking over to the basement. The lights are off.

“Jenny’s house duh.”

Getting back into his car driving over to her house. Getting out of his car walking to the door knocking.

“Hello” Naomi answers

“Is Gibbs here?”

“Yes, please come in.” Naomi closes the door behind him.

“Mr. DiNozzo, I will go get him. Please sit down.”

“Thank you, Naomi.”

Ten minutes later a frazzled looking Gibbs walks in

“Boss, you ok?”

“Not really, what do you need Tony?”

“Where is Jenny?”

“Upstairs, why?”

“I wanted to talk to you alone.”

“Ok, come sit down.”

Both men do.

“Now what can I do for you?”

“Well, don’t get mad but...”

Tony pulls a box out of his pocket, opening it to find a diamond ring inside.


“Boss, I love her and I want to ask her while we have time off.”

“I knew this day would come. What do you need from me?”

“Well I need to get Ziva out of the house for a couple hours.”

“Ok, well Jenny is going to have some new to tell the women. When do you want to do it?”

“I was thinking tomorrow.”

“Ok, I will talk to Jenny.”

“Thanks. Boss”

“You better not hurt her.”

“I won’t don’t worry.”

“Ok, bye Tony.”

“Bye Gibbs.”

Gibbs walks Tony to the door, than heads upstairs.

“Jethro? Where are you?” Jenny calls from the bedroom.

“I’m coming Jen.”

Walking into the master bedroom, Jenny is sitting on the bed.

“Yes, Jen?”

“Who was at the door?”


“Oh? What did he want?”

“You can’t tell anyone.” She nodes her head.

“He is asking Ziva to marry him.”

“Oh that’s wonderful.”

“Yes, so if you could the girls together for a couple of hours tomorrow, so he can set it up.”

“Yes, I can tell them our great news.”

“That’s what I was thinking.”

He leans over kissing her

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