Love Unknown

Chapter 13

Love Unknown

Chapter 13

The next day, Jenny calls up Ziva and Abby making plans for a girls day, go out to lunch and do some shopping. And that she has something to tell them, they are all excited. At noon the three women meet at a small café.

“Hello Ladies.”

“Hello Jenny.” Abby and Ziva say

“Hello Abby.”

“Hello Ziva.” Abby looks at her with a confused face.

“What is wrong Abs?” Ziva asks. Before she can answer the waiter comes to the table.

“What can I get you ladies?”

They all order Ice tea.

“Do you know what you want to eat?”

They all place their orders, the waiter leaves.

“Jenny, what is the occasion for shopping and lunch?”

“Well I have some news.”

“What is it?”

“Well I am pregnant!”

“Yay!” Abby stands up, leaning down giving her a tight hug.

“Abs, I can’t breathe.”

“Oh.” Abby quickly lets go of her, sitting back down. Ziva gives her a hug, sitting back down.

“How far along are you?”

“About a 1 ½ month.”

“Wow this is so exciting, a gibblet on the way!”

“Yeah congrats Jenny. Didn’t think Gibbs had it in him.”

This gets a chuckle from Jenny and a sick face from Abby.

“Ziva, not something I want to think about.”

“Trust me Ziva, I never thought I would be having a baby at my age.”

“ Again don’t want to know about your and Gibbs sex life.”

They are all quite for a while before Abby can’t hold it in any longer.

“Ziva, what where you and Tony doing when Tony was talking to Tim?”

Her fork stops midway to her mouth, her cheeks get red.

“We were not doing anything. Why do you ask?”

“Well Timmy said it sounded like you were having sex while on the phone with him.”

“Ziva! You didn’t” Jenny asked surprised. Ziva folds her arms across her chest.


“Abby, does it matter?”

“That is a yes. How could you? You know how Timmy is about stuff like this.”

“Well why was he calling so early then!”

“ That I don’t know. He said not to worry about it.”

“So were you?”

“Yes! Ok. We were in the middle of it when Tim called. We did stop but….” Her voice trails off.

“Were what?” Jenny asks joining in on the conversation.

“I was still in the mood and so was Tony, so I took things into my own hands. Happy now you know.” Jenny just shakes her head.

“So where do you want to go shopping?” Jenny asks changing the subject.

“I could use another pair of boots.”

“Of course you could Abs.”

“We should get some baby stuff”

“Good idea.”

The ladies finish their lunch, pay the bill and start walking down the street to so some shopping. Abby got another pair of boots, black knee high with lots of buckles. Ziva also got a pair of boots for work. In the baby store they look through everything.

“Jenny, when do you find out what you are having?”

“In about 3 months, and I don’t know if we are going to find out.”

“I hope you do. It would be easier to get stuff.”

“I know Abs.”

Jenny did get a book about pregnancy. On their way back to their cars they pass an adult store.

“Zi, maybe you should get something for Tony.”

“Jenny! Only if you two get something.”

The other two think about it, then node. They walk out an hour later with bags. Tony texted Ziva while they were in the store.


When are you coming home babe?


About half an hour


Ok see you then, Love you


Love you too.

“Well this has been fun but I have to go.”

“Ok bye Ziva.”

“Bye Jenny, Abs.” The three women hug and leave.

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