Love Unknown

Chapter 14

Love Unknown- Chapter 14

Arriving home Ziva finds a note on the front door. Taking it off she reads it,


I know you are wondering what is going on. But please trust me and just go with it. Follow the rose petals.

Love always,


Opening the door, she sees the trail. Putting her things down she follows it, down the hall to their bedroom. Opening the door, Tony is standing in the middle of the room, which there is candles everywhere, soft music was playing.

“Tony, what is all this?” He smiles at her.

“Come her Zi.” Walking into his arms, he leans down kissing her.

“I love you Ziva.”

“I love you Tony.”

“Dance with me?”

“Yes.” She says smiling

They dance for a few songs then Tony stops.


“Ziva, you mean the world to me. I would do anything and everything to make you happy, you make my life complete. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

Ziva is shocked, she didn’t see this coming.

Smiling “Yes, Tony I will marry you.” Slipping the ring on her finger, he kisses her. When air is needed the stay in each other’s arms. Ziva can’t help but to look at the ring.

“Tony, it’s beautiful.”

“Just like you.” She blushes.

“I saw it and knew it was the right one.” Ziva kisses him one more time.

“I have to tell Jenny and Abby.” She says excitedly. Tony laughs.

“Ziva, can’t it wait?”

“No Tony, this is one of the most important moments in my life. They are my friends, and then there is always Gibbs.” Tony shakes his head.

“I’ll make dinner, and then it’s just you and me time.”

“Yes.” Ziva hurries out of the room.

“Naomi, can I talk to Jenny, please.”

“Ziva, what can I do for you?”

“Jenny. Tony asked me to marry him!”

“Oh Ziva that is wonderful. I can’t wait to see the ring.”

“It’s beautiful.”

“I bet it is. Listen I’ll let you get back to him, talk to you soon.”

“Yes, and will you please tell Gibbs.”

“Yes, congrats to you both.”

“Thanks.” Ziva hangs up, calling Abby. Who is super excited, Ziva asks her to please tell Tim. They say goodbye. Tony makes dinner and after they clean up they show each other just how much they love each other

“Who was that on the phone?” Gibbs asks from the other side of the bed.


“Did DiNozzo do it?”

“Yes and she sounded so happy.”

“I’m sure she did. Now come to bed.” She turns out the light on her bed side, sliding down cuddling in his arms.

The next day….

The team had the next day off. Tony and Ziva spent most of the day in bed. Only getting out to go to the bathroom and to eat. It’s around 6pm; the couples had just gotten done eating and were on the couch cuddling. Soft music was playing in the background.

“Zi, dance with me?” She smiles up at him.

“Yes.” Getting up, Tony pulls her up with him into his arms. They start to sway to the music. They kiss and whisper loving things to each other. They both can’t believe that their lives have gotten to this point. Tony the playboy is settling down, Ziva mossed assaion turned NCIS Agent, who had a terrible childhood, who never thought she would find anyone to who would love her no matter what. Knowing her past, and that is has killed people. She is very grateful she came to American and met this wonderful man. She never thought she would be the one that would make him settle down and get married but she was glade she did. Things start getting headed again. Tony’s hands slip up under the shirt she was wearing which was him, she had nothing under it. She pushes him away.

“What Zi?” He was confused, he thought she wanted this.

“I have something I want to show you.” She smirks a little.

“Oh really? What is it sweet checks.”

“It was something I got the other day when I was out with the girls. Now why don’t you go in the bedroom and get comfortable. Maybe take some of those clothes off.” Tony gives her one of his DiNozzo smiles.

“Alright sweet checks.” The couple walks to the bedroom. Tony starts to undress, while Ziva grabs a bag out of the closet. Smiling over her shoulder she wiggles her hips as she closes the bathroom door behind her. Ziva opens the door a little to peck out, Tony is laying on the bed naked and ready for her. She smiles.

“Tony, close your eyes.” Looking over at her trying to see what she is wearing behind the door. After a few seconds he does as she asks. Once she knows he can’t see anything she walks into the room. Moving over to the box next to the bed. She reaches in, pulling out four clothe type ropes. She kneels on the side of the bed next to him. “Zi? What are you doing?”

“Tony, quite. We are going to have some fun.” Tony smiles at that. Letting her tie each of his hands and ankles to the bed. They have talked about doing something like this but never got a chance to. Ziva still had some fears Somalia. Tony never pushed it; they would do it when she was ready.

“Can I open my eyes?” Tony wanted to see her, see what she got for his eyes only. Smiling she straddles him right above his manhood.

“Yes, you can open them.” His eyes meet hers then pop out of his head. She is sitting on top of him in a fire red teddy, with a little string of what are called underwear. It is see through and pushes her breasts up so much that it looks like they might fall out at any moment.

“You like?” She lifts her eyebrow at him.

“More then you know.”

“I think I have a pretty good idea.” She reaches behind her slowly sliding her hand up and down his manhood. Tony moans.

“Yeah you seem to like it.” Taking her hand away from him she leans up kissing him on the lips, her tongue slide across his bottom lip wanting to gain entre. Grinding softly against his manhood, he moans, her tongue battles with his. Finally when air is needed she leaves his mouth slowly kissing along both side of his jaw giving him a quick kiss on the lips when she reaches them. Moving down his throat leaving little love bites along the way, he lips move down to his chest licking and sucking his nipples making him moan louder. Her lips leave his nipples down his chest kissing down his lips missing where he wanted her mouth the most.

“Zi, you making me crazy.”

“I know, that is the point.” He just moans, looking at her through hooded eyes. Working her way back up she kisses him one more time on the lips. Then gets off of him completely.

“Where are you going?”

“To get something more stuff. I want to have fun and I think some whip cream is in order.” She smiles one more time, leaving the room. On her way back to the bedroom the doorbell rings. She frowns. Who could that be, without thinking she opens the door she finds the team on the other side.

“What are you guys doing here?” The guy’s eyes have gotten big and are looking anywhere up at her. Abby and Jenny are smirking.

“Are we interrupting something?” Jenny asks. Ziva is confused, and then she looks down at herself and the things in her arms. Toppings, whip cream, chocolate sauce, honey. Her checks get red.

“Well, kind of. What are you guys doing here?”

“We came with some food, wine and beer to celebrate your engament. But we can see you two are already celebrating.”

“Zi, what are you doing? I am getting lonely in here.” His voice his husky.

“Tony the team is here.” They hear a little moan from the other room.

“Let them in.” Looking back to the others she lets them pass by her. Gibbs picks up a blanket from the couch handing it to her, taking the items from her hands. Wrapping the blanket around herself she walks out of the room.

“I’ll be right back. Make yourself at home.” Gibbs shakes his head, putting everything away. The others are shocked; they sit down on the couch. To wait for Tony and Ziva.

In the bedroom….

“What is the team doing here?” Tony asked as she hurried into the room wrapped in the blanket.

“They brought food and drinks to celebrate our engagement.”

“Oh.” Ziva unties him; he gets up quickly getting dressed. Dropping the blanket she bends down to get sweat clothes out of her dresser, Tony has a nice view of her ass.

“Ziva.” Looking over her shoulder she smiles at him. She knows she is teasing him badly.

“We are going to finish this later trust me.” Pulling on her clothes over her outfit. She grabs the blanket, walks over to him kissing him, and grabs his hand pulling him out of the room.

The team in the living room with the TV on watching a game. Everyone has a slice of pizza and beer or wine. Jenny looks over at them as they enter the room. She smirks at her, Ziva blushes. She knew they were going to ask questions. She was never good with girl talk, but they were her friends and she had known Jenny before she was director. Ziva looks away, at everyone else in the room. Ducky is the first to talk.

“Anthony, Ziva. Come and have something to eat and drink.”

“Ok, Ducky.” The couple sits down on the couch, Ziva ended next to Gibbs. She couldn’t look him in the eyes. She was like a father to her and he saw her in hardly anything, she would never be able to look him in the eyes again. And Timmy, he already heard them have sex on the phone and now he saw her in hardly anything. Ducky seemed to be ok, Jimmy was just Jimmy he was scared of her and most likely always will be, but she checks were red every time she looked at him. Once everyone had a couple beers and a couple glasses of wine they were relaxed. The pizza was gone; they were snaking on pretzels and other snakes.

“Ziva, I knew that outfit would look wonderful on you.” A very drunk Abby says. Jenny node her head.

“I bet Tony liked it a lot.” Abby wiggled her eye brows. Ziva laughed.

“Yeah, he did like it.” The girls fall into fits of giggles. Gibbs who had the least amount of beers decides it’s time to leave. It’s almost 11 pm and they have to work in the morning.

“Come on guys it’s time to leave.” The other moan. Gibbs had picked everyone up so he had to take them home.

“Let’s leave the happy couple alone.”

The other agrees, hugs and goodbyes are said all around and they leave. Gibbs drops everyone off expect Jenny who came to his house. He has to carry her up to bed; she is so out of it. He changes and falls asleep next to her. After the team left Tony and Ziva just went to bed. They were too tired to do anything more tonight.

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