Love Unknown

Chapter 15

Love Unknown- Chapter 15

3 months later….

Jenny sat at her desk, rubbing slow circles on her very large belly. She was 5 months along, a week ago they found out what they were having. A boy AND a girl! Twins! They had no idea; the girl had been hiding behind her brother. Jenny’s doctor told her now because she was having twins and age she had to be careful, she had to try not to stress out, relax during the day. Gibbs had been checking on them throughout the day. Ziva and Abby would call her a couple times throughout the day to check in. She loved her extended family. They cared about her and it showed. Gibbs would also bring her snakes through the day; she had to make sure to eat every few hours. Jenny also got an assent Director to help her now and he would take her place while she was on maternity leave. Tony and Ziva had set a wedding date for next year in the spring. Abby and Jenny would be bridesmaids and Tim would be a groomsman.

“Hey Jen, how are you?” Gibbs asks as he walks in, Jenny smiles.

“We are fine Jethro.”

“I brought you some snakes.”


Sitting on the edge of her desk, placing his hands on her belly.

“They are active today.”

“You have no idea; they have been kicking up a storm all day.” He smiles, leaning down towards her belly.

“Guys, you have to give your momma a break.” His hand rubs circles over her belly. The twins quite down a little.

“They just wanted to hear their daddy’s voice.” Smiling he leans in to kiss her.


“Yes, Cynthia?”

“Assent Director Vance would like to speck with you.”

“Ok, give me a minute.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Well I better go.”

“Yes, Jethro, see you later.”

“Yes.” They kiss one more time before Gibbs leaves.

Another 3 months later…..

Jenny was now 8 months pregnant. She was leave as her doctor didn’t want her under too much stress as she could have the twins any day twins came early. The nursery was done, Jethro made both cribs and changing tables, the walls were green. They painted wooden letters of their names, hanging them above the cribs. Jethro also made a rocking chair, Jenny walked over to it sitting down, rocking, and talking to the twins. They were kicking up a storm.

“You two need to settle down.” They kick her, she laughs.

“Alright, alright. How about a nice warm bubble bath.” Nothing.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Once the bath is ready, she gets in sighing. Her back was hurting, he had been all day. She must have fallen asleep; she was awoken by a sharp pain going through her belly. By now the water was cold; she slowly got out, wrapping a robe around her. Walking into the master bed room, the pain was getting worse and closer together. She knew she was in labor. Grabbing the phone she calls Jethro, it goes right to voice mail.

“Naomi!” Jenny yells. The house keeper comes running in the room. Jenny is on the floor with her hands on her belly.

“Miss. Shepard, what is wrong?”

“I’m in labor. I don’t think I can make it to the hospital.”

“Oh. Should we call a doctor?”

“Yes, call Ducky.” Naomi looks around the room, looking for Jenny’s cells phone. Seeing on the dresser she grabs it, looking for Ducky’s number. Jenny cry’s out in pain.

“I have to push.”

“Oh Miss. Shepard, don’t let me get Dr. Mallred.” She hurries to press talk. While walking over to Jenny lifting the end of her robe. She can see a head of brown hair.


“Dr. Mallred, Miss. Shepard is in labor. I see the head!”

“Oh dear, ok I will be right there 5 minutes.”

“Ahhhhh!” Jenny had been trying not to push but it was getting harder and harder. She kept breathing her way through; she could feel the baby slipping out of her body even though she was not pushing.

“I am going to kill Jethro! Where is he? He is never touching me again.” Ducky came in the room laughing.

“Jenifer that is no way to talk about the father of your children.” She gives him a glare.

“It’s his fault. They next time he wants a baby he can give…….” She stops gritting her teeth.

“Ducky help me.”

“Ok, let’s see what is going on.” Lifting up the robe.

“The head and shoulders are out. Let me just clear its air ways.” As he does the baby slips from Jenny’s body. She sighs.


“Naomi could you please bring me some towels.”

“Yes.” She runs from the room bring a handful of them. Giving one to Ducky, he cleans off the baby, than wraps it up.

“Ducky? What is it?”

“Here is you son.” Jenny smiles, she has a son.

“Jen, I’m sorry.” Jethro says running in, stopping next to her.

“It’s ok, Jethro. Meet your son.” She hands him to Jethro.

“Jethro, would you like to cut the cord?”

“Yes, Duck.” Handing the baby back to his mother, he cuts the cord.

“Ahh, Jethro, take him, his sister is ready to come.” After another 10 minutes later their daughter is born. Ducky cleans everything up.

“We should get you to the hospital.”

“Ducky, can I be moved?” Jenny asks

“Yes, there was no tearing.”

“Can I get some clothes on?” Ducky laughs

“That might be a good idea.” After getting dressed with help from Gibbs, they are ready to go. Jenny try’s to stand, but she is too tired.

“Jen, I’ll carry you.” She smiles at him; Ducky carries the boy and Naomi the girl. The family gets into Gibb’s car, Ducky drives with Gibbs in the back with Jenny and the kids. Once they get to the hospital they all get checked out and everything is fine. Ducky leaves them so they can have some alone time with their new children and calls the rest of the team with the good news.

“Gibbs! Gibbs!” Abby yells rushing in Tim is right behind her.


“Tim, it is ok. Hello Abs.”

“Where are they?”

“Abby, come over here.” Abby walks over to the bed.

“Would you like to hold one?” Jenny asks, Abby’s eyes light up.

“Yes!” Jenny hands her the baby. Abby is in aw, she glances over to Tim who has a smile on his face.

“She looks just like you Jenny.” Abby says looking back at the baby. McGee can’t stop looking over at Abby and the baby. She looked good holding her.

“Tim would you like to him?” Snapping out of he looks back at the couple. Jenny is smiling; Gibbs is giving him a look.

“Yes.” Carefully take the baby from Gibbs he walks over to Abby who smiles at him, they share a look that gets noticed by Gibbs.

“Have something to share you two?” The couple looks guilty over at him.

“No…Boss” Gibbs stairs at him.

“Jethro stop.”

“They are hiding something.”

“Timmy, we better tell them.”

“Abs, this is their day. I don’t want to mess with that.”

“He is going to be mad one way or another.”

“Guys! Just tell me.”

“I’m pregnant!” Abby blurts out. Gibbs face goes from shock, to mad to happy then glares at McGee.

“Abby that is wonderful.” Jenny says excitedly.

“What is wonderful?” Tony asks as he and Ziva walk in.

“Tony, Ziva will each of you please take a baby.” The couple is confused but does as they are asked. Gibbs has one of his glares on.

“Now Gibbs, don’t.” Abby moves in front of McGee.

“Move Abs.”

“No you can’t hurt Timmy. You have to get through me and you will not hurt me or the baby.” Abby says wrapping her arms around her middle.

“Abs, I am not going to hurt you or the baby. McGee on the other hand.”

“Jethro, leave them alone.”

“Fine.” He walks back over to Jenny. Abby sighs, McGee wraps his arms around her.

“So now would not be a good time to tell you our news.” Tony jokes. Ziva glares at him.

“Ziva, you better not be pregnant too.” Her checks get red; she looks down at the baby in her arms.

“DiNozzo!” This wakes up the babies.

“Bring them here.” The couple slowly walks over to Jenny handing her each of them. Jenny hands his son to Gibbs. Once they have stopped crying, Jenny turns to the others.

“Would you like to know their names?” The others node.

“The girls name is…..” Before she can tell them Ducky walks in with Jimmy, they have flower, balloons and teddy bears.

“Congratulations Jennifer and Jethro.”

“Thanks Ducky, Jimmy”

“It’s from all of us.”

“Well thank you all of you.”

“You’re welcome” They all say.

“Not what are your lovely children’s names?”

“The girl is Neaveh Kelly Gibbs and the boy’s is Jethro Donald Gibbs. In honor of Ducky who helped bring them into the world.”

“It was an honor. May I hold him?”

“Sure.” Gibbs hands him the baby.

“Jimmy would you like to hold Neaveh?”

“Um, sure.” Jenny hands him Neaveh. The other two couples are waiting to see what happens. Gibbs looks over at them.

“When did you find out? And how far along are you Abs?”

“Umm, I found out two weeks ago and I am about 13 weeks.” Gibbs sighs.

“Ziva, what about you?”

“I found out last week and I am about 12 weeks and we have something else to tell you.”


Tony takes over. “We got married on Monday.”

“What!” Everyone in the room is shocked.

“We wanted to get married before the baby was born and I didn’t want to be heavily pregnant when we do.”

“Ziva, why didn’t you tell us? We would have been there?”

“We are going to have another wedding once the baby is born.”

“Oh ok, Congratulations Tony and Ziva.” Abby hugs both of them. Tim hugs Ziva and shakes Tony’s hand; Tony and Ziva congratulate Abby and Tim. Ducky, Jimmy and Jenny congratulate both couples; Gibbs just sits there staring into the air.

“Gibbs are you going to say anything?” Abby asks. He looks at her, Tim, Ziva and finally Tony.

“Yeah, congratulations to all of you.” He hugs Abby and Ziva, shakes Tony and Tim’s hands.

Why don’t we leave the new parents alone, we will see you tomorrow?” Everyone says goodnight and leave. Jenny feeds the twins setting them in their beds. The new parents cuddle on the bed, Jenny’s head on his shoulder. The nurse comes in to take the twins to the nursery. The parents kiss each of them and let them go.

“Can you believe them? Both pregnant and Tony and Ziva married.”

“Jethro, Tony did the right thing to marry her before the baby’s born.”

“Jen, do you think we should have gotten married before the twins were born?”

“Jethro, I really don’t care either way, though I would love to be Mrs. Jethro Leroy Gibbs.”

“Well it’s a good thing I have this then.” Gibbs pulls out a ring box, inside is a beautiful 3 cart ring.

“Oh Jethro.”

“Will you marry me? I know it’s romantic.”

“Yes Jethro, I will marry you. And it’s perfect.” She leans up kissing him. He slips the ring on her finger, the kiss turns heated but soon Gibbs pulls back kissing her forehead.

“We can’t for 6 weeks.” Jenny moans, Gibbs laughs.

“Jen, we are go to be to tired to even think about sex.”

“I know, you just look so sexy holding the kids. I could have jumped you right there.”

“Jen, you hormones are all over the place.”

“Jethro, you really don’t know how sexy you are. There were times before I was even pregnant when I have wanted to jump you, but we were at work.

“Jen.” He could feel himself harden at her words.

“Let’s get some sleep.” The couple snuggle down in the bed and fall asleep. The next day the new family gets to go home. The team is there, there is another round of congrats to the new parents. Abby takes a ton of pictures, everyone helps pack everything up, heading back to Gibbs and Jenny’s. Naomi is waiting for them.

“Miss. Shepard, Mr. Gibbs, welcome home.”

“Thanks, Naomi.”

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