Love Unknown

Chapter 17

Love Unknown- Chapter 17

Ziva was now 81/2 months pregnant, and Abby well she was about to pop any day now. She was no longer at work as she was over her due date and was getting cranky, she wants the baby out and she wants it out now. Her doctor said if she doesn’t go into labor by Thursday he would induce her. Tim and Abby tired everything they could find on how to jump start labor and nothing was working. She would spend all her time looking up ways on the computer and when she would find one she would call Tim and tell him. He was getting to the point where he couldn’t wait till Thursday. Only2 days he would tell himself. Jenny came back to work when the twins were 3 months old; she missed them but knew she had to work. The twins finally got over their colic and were very happy babies, Jenny was very happy; she no longer thought they hated her or that she was a bad mother. She was also working on getting a day care center in the building, there were a lot of agents who had kids and would like their kids to be close by them, and things were coming along well on that front. For now Naomi babysat the twins, and either Gibbs or Jenny got off at 5pm to be home with them. Things were working out pretty well.

The past few days have been long and very tiring for the team. They were trying to get a killer that was going after Navy kids, teenage girls. So far 3 have been found with 2 more missing. They were no closer to finding who did it then yesterday. Right now the team was in the bull pen going over everything, Ziva was still working half days, and she would not stay at home alone being bored when she could be useful here. Half way through the day Tim gets a call from Abby.


“Timmy you need to come home now!”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“I am in labor what else would be wrong. You need to come and take me to the hospital now!” There was a moan on the other end of the phone.

“Ok, I will be right there.” They hang up. Tim grabs his stuff.

“Gibbs Abby is in labor, I have to go.”

“Ok, go we will meet you at the hospital.”

“Thanks Boss.” McGee rushes out of the building. When he gets home Abby is by the door, hands around her belly clearly in pain.

“Finally! What took you soo long?”

“Abby I am sorry, let’s get you to the hospital.”

Tim helps Abby, grabs here bag and the couple heads to the hospital, they get there check in and are put in a room. They are waiting for the doctor to come and check Abby.

“Timmy, I want something for the pain now!” McGee is scared, he has never seen her in this much pain before she is not her normal happy self and he can understand why. He rushes out of the room to find the doctor. He comes back in with the doctor.

“Ok, Miss. Socrtio, let’s see how far along you are.”

“I just want something for the pain.”

“As soon as I see how far along you are.” The doctor lefts the sheet and checks her.

“Well it seems you are coming along nicely.”

“Can I have something for the pain?”

“Yes, you are about 4 cm. I will be right back.” The doctor leaves, coming back with another doctor and she gets her pain meds. She calms down right away.

“Ahhh, that is soo much better. Thank you.”

“I will be back in to check you in an hour.” The doctor leaves.

“How are you Abby?”

“I am doing great. I can’t wait to meet him.”

“I know me too.” He leans over kissing her on the forehead.

“Abs, how are you?” Gibbs asks as him and the rest of the team walk in.

“Gibbs, I am great! Got some pain meds.” Gibbs laughs. Gibbs walks over to her kissing her on the forehead.

“Abs, does it hurt as much as they say?” Ziva asks.

“Yes.” Ziva goes white.

“I am sure you can handle it my ninja.” Tony kisses the side of her head. An hour later the doctor comes back in to check her, everyone leaves but Tim.

“Well you are now 6cm. coming right along; you should have your baby in the next couple hours. I will be back in an hour, if you should feel anything page me.” The couple nodes. The others come back in and hear the great news. The team sits and talks, about a half hour later there is a splash of water.

“What was that?” Everyone looks around and stop at Ziva.

“Ziva, are you ok?” Her face had gone white, her hands on her belly.

“My water just broke.” Tony rushes over to her,

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I need a doctor.”

“Ok.” Tony runs out of the room, coming back with a doctor.

“Looks like we are going to have another baby tonight. Let’s get you in a bed and checked out.” There were no other rooms, so Ziva joins Abby in her room. The doctor checks Ziva out.

“Wow, well you might be having your baby before she does. You are already 71/2 cm.”

“What about the pain?” It is starting to get very painful.

“Well, I am sorry to say you are pass the point where I can give you any.”

“Zi, you can do this.”

“Tony, when you have a baby you can talk to me about how to deal with the pain.”

“Ok.” Tony soothes her, kissing her.

Ziva’s pain gets worst and worst. Abby is starting to feel some pressure; things in the room are starting to get intense. Both women are trying not to swear but it is getting harder and harder. Its worst for Ziva, who is squeezing Tony’s hand so hard that he figures it, will be broken by the time the baby is born. Gibbs sat by the window just watching both couples. He was happy for all of them glade that he was going to have two grand-children. Jenny was still at work, being dictor she couldn’t just leave, she was stopping by after work, and Gibbs called her a little while ago with an update.

“Tony! I have to push.” Tony’s eyes got wide.

“Zi, I have to get the doctor. Don’t push.”

Through gritted teeth “Well you better get him and now because your daughter is not going to wait.”

“DiNozzo, I’ll get him. You stay with your wife.”

“Thanks Boss.” Gibbs hurries out of the room coming back with the doctor.

“Ok, let’s see what’s going on with you Mrs. DiNozzo. Well you are ready to push. Let me get a nurse.”

“Doctor, what about me? I feel a lot of pressure.” Checking Abby.

“You are also ready to push, let me get another doctor.”

“Hurry! Ahhhhhhhhhh. I need to push now!” Ziva yells. The doctor hits the call button for some help.

“Ok, Mrs. DiNozzo push, I see some hair.”

Ziva pushes. “Tony you are never touching me again!” She goes on to swear in Hebrew.” Another doctor had come in and was helping Abby out. She really had not felt that much pain just a lot of pressure, so she was not swearing all that much.

“Ok, push more time then they baby will be out.” Ziva pushes and their daughter was born. On the other side of the room Abby has her baby a few minutes later. The babies are taken away to be weighted and cleaned off while the doctor cleans the two women up. Gibbs had stepped out of the room to call Jenny; she is on her way there. By the time Jenny gets there both couples have their children. Jenny walks over to Ziva and Tony first. Ziva is holding a cute little pink buddle. The baby already had brown curly hair like her mother, and looks like her father with Ziva’s fair skin.

“Ziva she is beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

“Do you have a name for her?”

“We have to decide, we have two we both like.” Jenny smiles, walking over to Tim and Abby, their baby were screaming, Abby was trying to settle him down but he was having none of it.

“Abs, maybe you should try and feed him?” Abby looks up at her.

“You think so?”

“Yes, he is hungry. Don’t worry you will learn what each cry mean. And he is a handsome boy. He had black hair, with both Abby and Tim’s looks mixed in his face. Tim hands Abby a blanket laying it across her shoulder, to breast feed him, the room is now quite.

“Do you have a name for him?”

“Yes, Andrew McGee.”

“That’s a nice name.” The new parents smile; Tony and Ziva name their little girl Talia May DiNozzo. At 5 pm Gibbs and Jenny say their goodbyes going home to their kids, Ducky and Palmer soon follow. The babies are taken to the nursery for the night giving the new parents some time alone. Tony and Ziva cuddle up in the bed falling asleep in each other, Abby is asleep but Tim can’t seem to fall asleep, he is too excited about being a father, he wonders to the nursery and just stairs at his son. The next day the team comes back to the hospital with balloons, flowers and teddy bears for the couple. The twins come to meet the babies, they don’t know what is going on but they are just happy being with everyone they love. Both babies get the all clear to go home, Gibbs and Jenny stopped by each of their houses getting the car seats. Gibbs shows they how to buckle the kids in and how to put the seat in the car, once that is done both couple head home. Jenny promises to call them both later to see home things are, but she had to go back to work. Kissing Gibbs and both twins she heads to work. Gibbs takes the twins back to home, he had the day off, and now that his team had some time off he could spend time with the twins. His team was on call if they were needed but the other team was taking all the cases.

Ziva and Tony carefully get Talia home and settled in; she has been a good baby so far. Not much crying only when she needs something. Ziva has been breast feeding her and she caught on to that right away. Once she is feed Ziva places her in her crib. Gibbs had made each baby a crib, Talia’s had little flowers carved in it. They walls are painted pink with butterfly’s painted on the walls, her name in pink and purple letters are hanging over the crib. Gibbs also made them a changing table and rocking chair. Grabbing the baby monitor she walks back into the living room sitting next to Tony on the couch.

“Is she asleep?”

“Yes, for a few hours.”

“How about we get some sleep, while she is.”

“Sounds good.” They couple walks to their room falling down on the bed, falling right asleep. Tony is awoken suddenly, sitting up slowly so he didn’t wake Ziva up he listens. Talia is awake. Getting out of bed walking to her room, Talia is wide awake, crying softly.

“Hey baby girl. What is wrong?” Talia looks around for her father’s voice.

“Hey, daddy’s here.” Picking up his daughter cradling her in his arms, rocking slowly. After changing her, she quiets down a little. Sitting in the rocking chair Tony rocks and talks to his daughter. Talia looks up at him; he wonders whose eyes she is going to have? His green or her mother’s brown. Talia gets fussy again.

“Guess you are hungry now, huh. We have to wake your mommy up now.” Kissing her soft hair he carries her into their room. Ziva is still asleep.

“How should we wake her up huh?” His daughter just looks at him. Slowly sitting back down in bed next to Ziva, he lays Talia on top of her mother’s chest, Ziva’s arms wrap around her little body.

“Zi, Talia is hungry. Wake up.” Slowly Ziva wakes up looking at a small head with brown curls, then over to Tony.

“How long has she been awake?”

“Only a little while, I changed her and we rocked. But I think she is hungry now and I can’t feed her.”

“Ok, take her so I can sit up.” Once she is sitting Ziva feed her, she was hungry sucking away.” The couple watches their daughter eat.

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