Love Unknown

Chapter 18

Love Unknown- Chapter 18

Talia and Andrew were now 3 months old, Neaveh and Jethro were 6 months old, and they were just starting to learn to crawl. They were all over the place; their parents had a hard time keeping up with them some times. Jenny got the funding she needed to put a daycare center in NCIS. She hired some great teachers and the agents were all happy that their kids were close. Ziva and Abby are both back to work now that they had a daycare center. The team had no cases right now so they were working on paper work. And they had a ton of it; the last case was a hard one, they had some many leads but most of them didn’t go anywhere.

A week later…

Jenny called Ziva and Abby telling them about plan she had, and not to tell the guys. They were all to come over to her house on Saturday around 1pm. At 1pm like they talked about Ziva and Abby brought a very confused Tony and Tim and the kids to Jenny’s house. Naomi opened the door.

“ Miss. Daivd, Mr. DiNozzo, Miss. Sircio, Mr. McGee and Kids. Please come in.”

The two couples walk through the door.

“Miss. Shepard and Mr. Gibbs are up with the twins.”

“Thank you.” The couples walk up stairs to the nursery. Jenny and Gibbs were on the floor playing with kids. Neither adult saw the other but Neaveh did. She grunted and pointed at the door. Crawling towards it. Both look up and see the others.

“What are you guys doing here?” Gibbs asks. He was very confused; he didn’t remember Jenny saying about the team coming over.

“Come in, let the kids play.” The others let the kids down to play, Talia and Andy really couldn’t play but they laid there looking around the room. Getting off the floor walking towards the others.

“Glade you guys could come.”

“Jenny what are we doing here? Ziva wouldn’t tell me anything?”

“Yeah, either would Abby.”

“Well, Ziva, Abby and I are going to have a girl’s day, while you guys watch the little one.”

“What!” Jenny looks at Gibbs.

“Jethro, I think you three can handle 4 little kids. You watch the twins by yourself all the time.”

“I know that, but…”

“No buts you are doing it or you know what will happen.” She gives him a look that said don’t mess with me.

“Ok.” Jenny smiles

“Good. So we will see you guys later.” Each woman kisses their man and their kids and leave. Jenny has her driver drive them so they don’t have to worry about that.

“So, Jenny where are we going first?”

“I think the first thing is to find a dress.” Jenny came to Ziva and Abby saying that they had two weddings to plan and they better start now. She wanted to get married as soon as possible. A couple hours later the women leave the dress shop, both have found the dresses they wanted and now they were getting something to eat. While they were eating Abby asks a question she has had on her mind all day.

“Jenny, why do you want to have your wedding so soon?”

The fork stops half way to her mouth, looking from Abby to Ziva then back to Abby. She puts her fork down.

“Well. Because….” She stops and looks down at her hands.

“What’s wrong? Are you sick? Hurt?”

“No, I am not sick or hurt and no I am not dying.”

“Well then what is it?” Sighing she looks up at the two women who have become her best friends. She has to tell them, she can’t keep it to herself any longer. But should she tell them before Jethro? She is not sure how he is going to react. She didn’t know what to think about this whole thing.

“Jenny?” Shaking her head she decides just to tell them.

“I found out a couple says ago……I’m pregnant again.” The other two women’s eyes get wide. They both just look at her.

“You’re what?” Abby asks

“Have you told Gibbs yet?” Ziva asks at the same time.

“I’m pregnant again and no I have not told Jethro, I don’t know what he will think of this. I don’t even know what to think about it.”

“Is this why you want to get married so fast?” Ziva asks.

“Yes, I want to be married before I have any more kids. I didn’t even think I could have any more.”

“You’re just really fertile.”

“Yeah I guess. I just can’t believe it. I mean I just had the twins 6 months ago and now in about 8 months I will have another one.”

“What if it’s twins again?” Abby asks. Jenny’s eyes go wide.

“I hadn’t thought of that. You know what Jethro is getting fixed!” Ziva and Abby’s eyes get big.

“Jenny that is not something I want to hear about Gibbs.”

“Sorry Abs, but being pregnant with the twins was hard enough and I am not that young any more, the older I am the harder it is going to be.”

“We understand Jenny. When are you going to tell Gibbs?”

“I don’t know, I kind of want to wait a little longer. What if I lose the baby or something? I don’t want to get his hopes up.”

“Jenny, I think you should tell him right away. He will there for you no matter what.”

“I know he will, I am a little scared what he is going to say about it.”

“Ok” The three women get done eating, do a little more shopping, picking out bride maids dress. Abby and Ziva was Jenny’s and Jenny and Abby were Ziva’s. Once that was done they headed back to Jenny’s. Walking through the door they hear crying coming from upstairs. Putting their things down they head up to check out what is happing. Walking in the nursery they find 3 very frazzled men. Neaveh was on the floor screaming while Gibbs changes Jethro; Tony is trying to claim down Neaveh and Talia who is crying because Neaveh is. Tim is helping Tony trying to claim both down and Andy. Gibbs is having a hard time changing Jethro, he is kicking and wiggling and not laying still.

“Will you stay still Jethro?” The baby stops for second then wiggles more and more.

“You guys need some help?” Jenny asks raising her voice over the nose. All three look over at the door at the women.

“Of good you guys are home.”

“You need some help?” Ziva asks.

“You think?” The three laugh, Ziva takes Talia from Tony while Jenny takes Neaveh, Abby takes Andy. By this time Gibbs has changed and re-dressed Jethro, picking him up handing him to his mother. Once the kids are in their mothers arms they quite right down.

“Why didn’t you come home sooner? They have been crying for an hour now. We would get them to stop, then one would stay and the rest would start.”

“Oh three Special agents can’t handle 4 tiny kids.” Ziva says sweetly. Gibbs gives her one of his looks. She just laughs.

“I need a beer.”

“Me too Tony.” Tim agrees.

“Fine, Tim and Tony go grab a beer we will take the kids home.”

Thanks sweet cheeks.” Tony kisses Ziva’s cheek. Tim Abby’s cheek and the two men leave.

“Do you two mind each taking a twin tonight?” Jenny asks, it would be easier without them here to talk to Jethro. Gibbs raises his eyebrow at her.

“Sure.” The two nod. Once they each have a bag, a baby in a car seat they leave. Ziva takes Abby home as Tony and Tim have their car, after dropping off Abby, Andy and Jethro Ziva heads home. While on the drive she looks in her mirror at the two sleeping kids. Smiling, Ziva wants to have more children maybe when Talia is older. She is sure Tony will not have problem with that. Once at home she grabs both kids and bags walks to the door. Opening the door she stops before going in, she can sense someone is in the house, but how did they get there? They lock the door and have a security system; slowly she makes her way into the house. Her hold on the kids tightens, looking around the door way she sees someone sitting on her sofa. He has black hair and it looks like he is the only one there.

“Ziva, I know you are there. Please come here.” None other than Eli David , Ziva doesn’t say any anything, slowly making her way into the living room sitting across from him. His eyes move from Ziva to each child.

“Ziva, when did you have children?”

“Only one is mine the other is Jenny Shepard’s.”

“Why do you have it?”

“I have her for the night. Why are you here father?” Ziva had not heard from him years since she left the Mossed he had not talked to her, she didn’t think he knew about her and Tony. Setting Neaveh in the play pen along with Talia she goes back over to your father.

“Why are you here? And why are you in my house?” He looks at his daughter.

“I came to see you; I went to your old apartment and found out that you moved. I did some digging and found out you had moved into a house. And I can see why now. Who is the father?”

“I can guess you already know.”

“No I didn’t look into anything before I came here. Who is the father? It better not be that Agent DiNozzo.”

“What if it is?” Eli gets up quickly.

“You had a child with him! What were you thinking Ziva! He is a play boy and always will be. I am taking her back with me.” He starts to walk towards Talia, Ziva moves between them. Anger in her eyes.

“You will not touch my daughter.”

“Ziva move, it’s better for her to come with me. DiNozzo will make her soft and will do nothing good for her.” He tries to move closer, Ziva doesn’t move, they are now standing face to face,

“Tony is a great father and would do anything for her. Anything, she will have a great life with both of use. Now you need to leave and don’t come back. I don’t want you in her life.”

“Ziva, give me the child, leave DiNozzo and find another man that is worthy of you. I will teach the child all I taught you. You turned out great.”

“Father, you turned me into an assion at a young age, I do not want my daughter to go through that. She is going to grow up in a loving home with BOTH her parents, aunts and uncles cousin that love her and grandparents that love her and will not teach her to kill people just because they say too.”

“DiNozzo is a bad man, he doesn’t treat you right.”

“Tony is a wonderful man. When we found out I was pregnant he did the right thing and asked me to marry him.”

“Oh Ziva, you didn’t”

“Oh yes I did. I married him and not just because I was pregnant but because I love him and still will till the day I die, he would do anything for me and his daughter. He would die for us. That is more than I can say about you. Now get out of my house and my life now and don’t come back or I will call the police.”

Eli sighs. “America has changed you, before you would do anything I asked and now you are nothing but a worthless women in a marriage that is not going to last and a child to take care of. Fine I will leave, but someday you will see that I am right and DiNozzo is a worthless man and you should have never married him.”

Before Ziva can say anything he is out the door and leaves. She just stand there with her mouth open, she cannot believe her father said those things and he thought taking Talia away was better for her, looking down at her she smiles. Talia is happily sitting there watching Neaveh play. She would never let Talia have the life she did growing up; she would never wish that kind of life on any kid. She was glade she came to America and met Gibbs and the team. Tony the most, he made her happy, yes it took years for them to act on their feelings but it was worth it in the end. She had a family that loved her; a beautiful daughter and some day she will have more children. While the kids were being good she decides she better call Tony and tell him what happen. He was worried asking her if he should come home, Ziva says no just have a good time with Tim; that they were all ok. They hang up, Ziva feeds the kids gives them both baths and then puts the to bed, both sleep in Talia’s crib as it’s big enough for both of them, after doing that she changes in to her pjs and decides to watch a movie. She watch’s a James Bond movie falling asleep in the sofa.

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