Love Unknown

Chapter 19

Love Unknown- Chapter 19

Tony walked through the door around midnight. He quietly put his keys on the table, taking off his shoes. Walking to his room he stops at the nursery, peaking in he sees Ziva sitting in the rocking chair feeding Talia, singing softly. Smiling he walks over to his two girls, Ziva looks up at him.

“Hey.” She says softly.


“How was your night with Tim?”

“It was great; it was nice to spend some time with a guy. Not that I don’t love spending time with you two.” Ziva smiles, by now Talia was done eating, Ziva was burping her, once that was done she places her back in the crib next to Neaveh. Tony kisses her head and the couple leaves the room, walking down to their room.

“Why do we have Neaveh tonight?”

“I can’t tell you, Jenny and Gibbs will be telling everyone soon I am sure.”

“Ok, so how about we have a midnight snack?” Looking at him she can see the passion in his eyes. She smirks.

“What kind of snack?”

“Well, what about you get into that sexy fire red lingerie outfit, and I’ll go get some toppings.” He lifts his eyebrows smirking at him.

“Hmm that sounds like a good idea; the kids should be asleep for a few hours. I’ll get dressed and you go get what you like, I’ll be waiting for you.” She leans up kissing him hard on the lips. Pulling back she starts pushing him out of the room, closing the door behind him. Quickly she grabs the outfit Tony was talking about, putting it on she is glad that it still fits after having Talia. Once it is on she settles herself on the bed, waiting for Tony.

“Hey, sweet checks you ready?” Ziva laughs.

“Yes, my little harry butt.” Wearing one of his DiNozzo smiles he walks in with a handful of topping. Ziva’s eyes get wide

“Tony, did you clean out the frig?”

“No. I just want a nice big snack.” He smiles setting everything done on the end table. Leaning down towards his wife his eyes wonder down her body, he loves all the curves she has from being pregnant. Sliding his finger from her neck down between her breasts down her belly to her hot core. Sliding his finger over the cloth teasing her, Ziva moaned.


“I know Zi, let’s get you out of this outfit, I want to taste you.” Tony pulls the top of the outfit carefully off her; he loves this outfit so he doesn’t want to rip it. Then slowly pulls the little scrap of underwear off, they land on the floor next to the top. Tony striped down to his boxers, Ziva could see how much he wanted her. She went to reach for him, but he pushes her hand away.

“Not yet babe.” Tony gets on the bed straddling her legs, reaching over he grabs the can of whip cream, shaking it he puts the tip to her lips, opening her mouth he sprays some into her mouth then kisses her, they share the sweet treat. Pulling back Tony sprays the cream down her neck, over both her nipples covering them down the middle of her belly down to cover her hot core. Next he grabs chocolate sauce, it followed the same path as the whip cream, Tony makes little shapes on the side of her belly, next comes the honey, then sprinkles and finally the cherries. One on each of her nipples and one on her core. Ziva had been watching him the whole time, watching his eyes change as he put each topping on; Tony sits back letting his eyes slide over her body.

“Are you going to just stare at me all night? Or are you going to have your snack?” Ziva smirks. Tony’s eyes travel up to hers.

“Oh I am going to enjoy my snack.” Leaning down kissing her lips down her jaw stopping right above the start of the whip cream; licking down between her breasts, over her belly stopping right above her core. Tony moves back up here body to her breasts, licking the whip cream from the outside in, finally reaching the cherry, picking it up by the stem he shares it will Ziva letting her eat it off the stem while the two of them kiss. The same thing happens with the other cherry from her breast, licking the cream the same way on her core; when reaching the cherry this time he picks it up placing the stem in Ziva’s mouth him eating the cherry this time. By now Ziva was so turned on that she could hardly wait to get him in her.


“Yeah Zi?”

“I want you now” Tony smirks against her mouth.

“I know Zi.” He kisses her mouth again and again travels the path where the whip cream was. Leading his lips down to her hot core, he starts to lick and suck on her bundle of nerves. Stick a finger in her wet core, thrusting it in and out adding a finger stopping at 4. He can feel she is close to edge and wants to bring her over before he has his fun; he stops a few times right as she is about to go over. By now she is panting.

“Tony!” She half yells half moans. Tony laughs.

“Alright.” Bringing his mouth back down to her core he sets the pace. She is again about to go over when… they hear a cry from the next room. Tony looks up at Ziva’s face, it is flushed and she is breathing hard. Leaning his head against her belly, kissing it.

“I’ll go see who it is. You stay right here how you are.” All she can do is nod. Putting paints on over his boxers he walks out of the room. Ziva tries to get her breathing back to normal. She could not believe how close she had been again. Tony walks back in around 20 minutes later.

“What took you so long?” Ziva asks leaning up on her elbows.

“Neaveh would not go back to sleep, and she woke up Talia so I had to get both of them back to sleep.”

“Why didn’t you call me? I would have helped.”

“I wanted you to stay right where I left you. And it was good practice for when we have another baby.” Giving her a DiNozzo smile, Ziva laughs.

“That is not going to happen any time soon.” Striping off his paints and boxers he hops on the bed next to her.

“Well we can practice till then right?”

“Yes Tony; now how about we continue were you left off.”

“Oh I plan on it.” Kissing her on lips and making his way down again he finds her bundle of nerves licking and sucking it, putting some pressure on it bring her to the edge and finally letting her fall over.

“Tony!” Ziva screams, before her breathing can get back to normal Tony had entered her in one thrust. Both moan at the contact, Tony thrusts slowly at first getting faster and faster. This brings Ziva over the edge for the second time that night. Having had enough of being on the bottom Ziva flips them, she sets the pace now; sliding up so he is almost out of her before sliding fast back down. Tony moans Ziva smiles down at him their eyes met. She can see the love he has for her and it is reflected tight back down at him; leaning down kissing him hard. Picking up the pace sliding up and down on his hard member.

“Zi.” She can tell he is close, she picks up the pace bringing him over the edge.

“Ziva!” Tony screams in her mouth, kissing him one more time before snuggling into his chest. Tony wraps his arms around her, kissing the top of her head. After a few minutes Ziva breaks the quite.

“That was fun Tony.”

“Yeah, we will have to have more midnight snacks.”

“Yeah but next time you are my snack.”

“Alright.” Tony laughs. The fall asleep in each other’s arms, Talia had only woke up one other time that night; the next morning Tony cooks breakfast for them Ziva comes out wearing one of Tony’s shirts. Bring the kids with her setting Neaveh in a high chair, placing Talia in her seat they start eating. Half way through the doorbell rings. Picking up Talia she answers the door, opening the door to find Gibbs and Jenny there.

“Come in.” Opening the door wide for them the couple walks in; Jenny rushes over to Neaveh picking her up.

“How is my baby?” Jenny asks snuggling her. Gibbs smiles at them.

“Boss, Jenny.”

“Hello Tony, Ziva.” Ziva smiles at them.

“So am I going to get in on this secret?”

“Yes, Tony.”

“Why did we have Neaveh last night?”

“Because I had to tell Jethro that I am pregnant again.” Tony was shocked.

“Way to go boss man.” Gibbs heads slap him.


“How far along are you?”

“About two months along.”

“That’s wonderful boss, Jenny.”

“Yeah, it was a big surprise to us right Jethro?”

“Yes, Jen.”

“Now why don’t we just grab Neaveh and leave the three of you alone.”

“It’s ok; if you guys are hungry you can stay.”

“No it’s ok, where is Neaveh’s bag?”

“In Talia’s room.”

“Ok, I’ll just go get it, Jethro clean her off we still have to go get Andy.”

“Yes dear.” They are still surprised every time they see Gibbs obey Jenny with now questions asked. They are not use to it.

On her way to the nursery Jenny walks past the master bedroom, looking quickly but stops and backs up to the door way. She smirks all the toppings are still on the night stand and clothes still on the floor. I don’t know how those two have the energy to have sex with a 3 month old in the house. Like I should talk I am pregnant again and the twins are only 6 months old. Jethro is getting fixed there is no way around that! I am too old to be having any more kids after this. After grabbing all of Neaveh’s things she walks back into the kitchen where Jethro was holding a now clean baby. She decides to have a little fun with Tony and Ziva.

“You know what I would like pancakes…..maybe with some whip cream.” Ziva coughs while trying to eat while Tony pats her back looking anywhere but Jenny; Jenny smirks

“Umm we don’t have any whip cream.” Ziva manages to get out. Walking over to her, whispering in her ear.

“I know, next time maybe clean up before going to bed.” Walking back over to Gibbs she smiles at him, he has now idea what is going on and he doesn’t think he wants to.

“Let’s go Jethro. Thanks again Ziva, Tony. Bye Talia” The couple leaves after all the goodbyes.

“What was that all about?” Tony asks

“She found the toppings in out room”

“Oh god.”

After Tony and Ziva’s the couples goes and picks up Andy and tells Abby and McGee the good news. Abby is more than happy even though she already knows she still jumps up and down hugging them both. McGee smiles shakes hands with Gibbs and hugs Jenny. Once home the couple sets the kids in their play pen, they happily play together. Jenny and Gibbs sit on the sofa watching them.

“Can you believe in about 8 months we will have another one or two?”

“No Jen I can’t believe it.”

“Jethro I want to get married before the next one is born.”

“Ok, say when and I will be there.”

“Thanks Jethro.” Leaning over she kisses him softly on the lips.

“Did you make your appointment?” Gibbs sighs

“Yes. It’s of Monday.”

“Ok great.” Gibbs mumbles something, she knows he is not happy about it but he finally agreed to it. Agreeing that they were too old to have any more kids that they should enjoy the two they have and the one(s) on the way. Jenny had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday to find out how many they were having. She was excited and scared at the same time. When she was pregnant with the twins the doctor told her to be careful, not to stress out a lot and because of her age they had to watch her closely it was go
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