Love Unknown

Chapter 2

Love Unknown

Chapter two

Getting up Ziva slowly makes her way over to his desk, sitting on the edge. Tony doesn’t notice her; she leans in close to his ear.


He just grunts

“My little harry butt, I need you.”

Still nothing, she is getting mad. She reaches down and squeezes his thigh. This gets him to look up, right down her shirt. He smiles and looks up at her face.

“Zi, what are you doing?”

“Trying to get my boyfriend to notice me.”

“Well I have.” He gives her one of his DiNozzo smiles.

“Good, how about we have some fun?”


“Well my little harry butt. We are the only ones here. So I thought we could… do you say it…fuck on your desk. I know you have been wanting to.”

His eyebrows go up

“Zi, are you sure? We could so get caught.”

“That makes it more fun. Don’t you think?”

Tony leans back in his chair. Ziva slides onto his lap, so her legs are on either side of his. His hands go to her waist. She slowly to unbutton her shirt, once she is done it slips off her shoulders to the floor.

“You might be changing my mind” He smiles, leans up kissing her. It starts off slowly and gets more headed. They lean their foreheads against each other’s when air is needed. Her hands slide down his chest to the hem of his shirt.

“Tony, you are wearing too many clothes.”

He smiles at her.

“I’ll help you with that.”

She kisses him one more time before slowly pulling his shirt over his head letting to fall to the ground. They kiss again, Tony leaving a trail from her mouth to her jaw, down her neck. Leaving little marks along the way.

“Zi, you are so beautiful.”

He says as he slides her bra straps down her arms, reaching around her back to unhook it. Letting it fall to the floor. His hands kneed her breasts making her moan. He replaces one hand with his mouth making her moan loader. She leans back pushing her breasts into his mouth. Tony pulls her closer; this puts too much weight on one side of the chair. Causing them to fall backwards. Ziva yelps, Tony pulls her tighter to him as they hit the floor. They look at each other, Ziva starts to laugh, and Tony joins in. After a few minutes of laughing, she leans down kissing him again. She can feel how much he wants her. She smiles, rubbing herself against him.

“Zi, you are killing me.”

She just smiles

“Tony, I want you and I want you now.”

He gives her one of his DiNozzo smiles.

“Well, I should please my girlfriend then.”

“Yes, you should.”

Smiling at him, the kissing begins. Ziva’s hand finds their way to his waist. Slowly unbuttoning and unzipping his paints. Her lefts up with the help of Tony pulls them to the floor along with his boxers. He processed to do the same to her. Once they are both naked he enters her. The couple moans together. Ziva sits up as much as she can moving up and down on him. Tony kneads her breasts, leaning up to suck on one. Leaving a trail of open mouth kisses up her neck, across her jaw to her mouth. Kissing her hard. Telling her just how much he is enjoying this, breaking the kiss he looks into her eyes.

“I love you Zi.”

Stopping her movements, smiling down at him. She leans down giving him a very passionate kiss.

“I love you too.”

Tony thrusts up into her making her moan. Ziva moves against him, the friction is getting too much. Tony can tell she is close.

“Zi, go over, I’ll go over with you.”

Tony lightly bites her neck up to her jaw, pushing her over the edge. Her climax triggers his.



They say together. Ziva falls onto him; he hugs her tightly to him. All they can hear is each other’s breathing. Once it is back to normal, Tony kisses the top of her head. Ziva smiles against his chest, moving her head to look at him.

“Let’s get dressed and go home, my little harry butt.”

He smiles at her.

“Alright sweet checks.”

Ziva gives him one more kiss before getting off him. Tony gets up, they both get dressed. Smiling the whole time, grabbing their things. They walk to the elavorator hand in hand.

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