Love Unknown

Chapter 20

Love Unknown- Chapter 20

It’s been three months since Jenny found out she was pregnant, she was now 5 months along and was having twins again. Her doctor told her not to get too stressed as she can go into early labor. Jethro also got “fixed” he was not happy but did it anyways. They got married a little over a month ago; it was a small wedding with just family and friends. They never got to go on a honeymoon yet maybe after the next set of twins was born. Tony and Ziva decided to get married in the spring and were busy planning it and running around with a 6 month old who was very active. Talia looks like her mother in every way but the eyes they were definitely Tony and she has the DiNozzo smile. She will be a heart breaker when she is older. Andy was growing like a weed looking more and more like Tim except with black hair. He has been a good first baby. Tim and Abby have not talked about marriage but Tim is really thinking about asking her. He has to talk to Gibbs about it and ask Tony maybe for some help on picking out the ring and if Ziva and he can watch Andy.

At Abby and Tim’s…

They just got Andy to sleep and were going to spend some time alone. Sitting on the sofa they started to watch a movie; Abby cuddling into Tim’s side with his arm around her. They are quite for some time before Abby breaks it.

“Hey Timmy?”

“Yes Abs”

“How about we go have some fun” Looking down at her he knows what she means. Every time they have tried to make love Andy would cry and cry and by the time they got him settled they would be too tired to do anything.

“Sure Abs let’s go.” Standing up she drags him back to the bedroom, when there she pushes him on the bed claiming on top of him. Their kissing gets heated clothes fly off till they are both naked. Tim flips them over so he is on top, he starts to kiss her mouth down her neck to her breasts slowly sucking one then the other, leaving them he trail kisses down her belly to her hot core when a cry comes from the other room. Time leans his head on her belly.

“You have got to be kidding me. Your son doesn’t want us to have any fun.”

“Yeah, I’ll see what the matter is.” Kissing her on lips he grabs his boxers and heads into Andy’s room. The baby is wide awake, looking around.

“What is the matter Andy? Mommy and Daddy were in the middle of something.” He just smiles and starts to cry again. Sighing Tim changes his dipper, when they doesn’t help he cries him in to their room. Abby is still on the bed but under the sheet. Looking up she sees Tim come in with Andy.

“What is it this time?”

“He need to be changed and still will not stop, maybe he is hungry?”

“Maybe give him here.” Giving her Andy he sits next to her. Watching his son eat

“We need to find time to ourselves. This is getting crazy.”

“I know, I am going to call Ziva maybe they can watch him for the night.”

“Ok” After he is done she burps him handing him back to Tim who plays with him on the bed.

“Hey Tony is Ziva there?”


“Hey Abs, is something wrong?” Ziva is a little worried

“Well nothing is wrong pre say”

“What is it?”

“Tim and I were wondering if you would watch Andy for the night.”

“Oh sure, are you two going out?”

“Ahh no, we have not gotten any ALONE time since he was born?”

“Alone time?”

“Ziva, alone time for you know….”

“I don’t know”

“Sex! Ziva every time we start he goes and cries and by the time he stops we are too tired to do anything.” She hears laughing at the other end

“Tony! It is not funny”

“Tony hang up.” Tony does but you can hear laughing in the background.

“Yes, Abs we will watch him for you guys, get everything ready and I‘ll come and pick him up.”

“Thank you thank you thank you!”

“Just please be dressed”

“I will thanks bye” Hanging up the phone she looks over at Tim with a big smile on her face.

“They will do it?”

“Yes, but Tony is going to make a joke about it next time he sees you just so you know”

“I don’t even care; let’s get a bag packed for you little man.” Kissing the side of his head Time heads out of the room while Abby grabs Tim’s shirt heading to the kitchen to get some milk for him. She pumps so they have extra when they need to stay at work late. About a half hour later there is a knock on the door. Abby opens the door to find Ziva on the other side.

“Hello Abs”

“Hello Ziva, come in” Abby opens the door wider, letting Ziva walk in. Tim is sitting in the living room playing with Andy. He looks up when he hears the women voices.

“Hello Tim”

“Hey Ziva”

“So why don’t I just take this little guy from you so you two can have some fun.” She says smirking, Tim blushes he was never good with that kind of stuff, Abby just laughs.

“Thanks Ziva, if something didn’t give soon we would have killed each other.” Ziva laughs.

“I know the feeling. Do you have everything ready?”

“Yes, here is everything you will need and there is some milk in the bag so head right home.”

“Don’t worry I am, we are spending the day in.”

“You know with all this watching yours or Jenny and Gibbs kids you will be ready when you have another one.”

“Yeah I know, but it is not going to be anytime soon.” Taking Andy from Tim

“Say bye to mommy and daddy” Both parents say good bye and hug and kiss their little boy. Once the door closed they attacked each other’s lips. Hands roamed clothes came off. Tim pushes Abby down on the couch continued to kiss her lips, neck her breasts down her belly to her core.

“Awww Tim” Tim flicks his tongue at her buddle of nerves making Abby squirm.

“Tim! I need you now” Kissing back up her body to her lips, having waited long enough Abby reaches between them stroking his hard member making Tim moan.

“Tim now!” Tim wanted to make it last a little longer but since it has been so long, he figured next time he would; entering her in one swift movement this is almost too much for them, he can feel her walls closing around him.

“Tim, I’m close”

“I know Abs me too.” Kissing her again he slowly starts to move in and out, after a few more thrusts it becomes too much, they climax together. Tim falls on top of Abby kissing her neck. Once they get their breath back Tim leans back looking down at her.

“Sorry Abs”

“It’s fine Timmy, it has been awhile. Why don’t we go take a shower and start round two” Leaning up she kisses him.

“Alright” The couple gets up and gets in the shower where they make love again, after they fall asleep for a couple hours Abby wakes up, waking Tim up again to make love.

Tony and Ziva’s…..

“Hey Zi.” Ziva walks in the door with Andy, Tony is on the floor with Talia. The little girl looks up, smiling at her mother

“Hey Tony, Talia look who mommy has” Sitting Andy down next to her the too start to play together. After putting the milk away Ziva comes back sitting down next to Tony who leans over to kiss her.

“How are Abby and McLovin’” Ziva hits him

“Tony leave them alone, what would you do if that was us?”

“I would have asked someone to watch Talia.”

“Yes, so leave those two alone, or you will not be getting any”

“Yes, ma’am” Ziva leans over kissing him. The couple sits and watch’s the two kids playing.



“With all this watching other peoples kids we would be able to handle having two small kids.”

“I know Tony but how about we wait till Talia is at least a year old.”

“Ok” Ziva leans over kissing Tony. After dinner Ziva decides to give the two toddlers a bath. While she was doing that Tony was watching some TV. In the background he could hear laughing coming from the two children and Ziva’s mixed in, he loved his life he would not change it for anything, would not go back to his play boy days. After the bath Ziva got the kids ready for bed, changing, feeding and then putting them to bed. She sang a song in Hebrew like she does every night. The two fall asleep quickly, walking back in the room plopping down next to him.

“Are they asleep?”

“Yep, how about we go to bed. Those two tired me out”

“Ok, my little harry butt.” Grabbing his hand she pulls him to their bedroom the couple changing and getting in to bed. They don’t make love that night they just cuddling falling asleep in each other’s arms.

While eating breakfast Tony gets a call out from Gibbs

“Why don’t you go to the scene and I’ll meet you there. I have to drop them off at the daycare and I’ll be there after.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I can handle both of them, don’t worry.” Tony gets ready, grabs his gun and badge. Kissing Talia and Ziva then leaves. Ziva gets the kids ready settling them in the playpen while she gets ready, after she puts both in her car driving towards work. On the way in she notices a car that has been behind her for a while. Letting it slide till she notices the car is still behind her when she is almost to work. Who could that be? She is stopped at the gate for her ID. Showing it she is let in, the car that was behind her the whole drive is sitting across the street. She is getting a little nervous.


“Gibbs, it’s Ziva”

“What is wrong Ziver?” He can tell something is wrong by her voice

“There has been a car following me since our house, it is now sitting outside the gate at base.”

“Ok, just stay there. Don’t let Talia out of your sight.”

“Ok, I also have Andy” She can tell he wants to ask why but he doesn’t

“Ok, take him down to Abby and stay there with Talia”

“Ok” Hanging up the phone Ziva rushes to park her car, grab the kids and bags and hurries into the building. Walking into Abby’s lab the music was blaring.

“Abby!” The Goth turns

“Ziva! What are you doing here?”

“Someone was following me all the way from my house.”

“Omg! Are you ok? Are the kids ok?”

“Yes Abby they are fine, I called Gibbs and he said to come down and stay with you.”

“Ok, I have a playpen for them.” The two women put the kids in there; Abby puts them in the room with her desk locking it. No one can get in there from any other but to get through them first. Putting the monitor down on the table to hear them. The two women sit talk and wait for the guys to come back.

“Abby!” “Ziva” Tim and Tony yell as they run in the room. Both women go willing into their arms.

“What happen?” Tony asks

“Someone was following me from the house.”

“All the way here?”

“Yes, when I pulled in the gate he was sitting across the street. I called Gibbs and he told me to come down here and stay with Abby and the kids.”

“Where are they?” Tim asks

“They are in my office, the door locked.”

“Can you open it?”

“Yes” Both men walk over picking up their child, walking back to their mothers.

“How long do you have to stay down here?”

“Gibbs didn’t say. I am sure he will get a hold of me when we can leave. Now what is going on with the case?”

“Yeah do you have anything for me to process?” Abby asks

“Yeah, here” Tim slid a box over to her.

“Maybe you should go back up to the bull pen, before Gibbs comes looking for you”

“Too late.” Gibbs walks into the room.

“Gibbs!” Abby runs over hugging him.

“Do you have anything? Ziva asks him

“By the time we got here the car was gone but the guys at the gate gave me a make model color, part of the plate, but it was most likely stolen.”

“Give me the info and I‘ll work on it boss” Gibbs hands over the paper, Tim kisses Andy then Abby handing the toddler to his mother leaving the room.

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