Love Unknown

Chapter 21

Love Unknown

Chapter 21

After the guys left the ladies got back to work, about a half hour later there is a bang

“What was that?” Abby asks Ziva looks around the room, one of the window is broken; looking on the floor is she something moving closer than backing away

“Abby! Grab Andy we have to go now!” Ziva yells as the room begins to fill with smoke. The two run grab the kids running out of the room

“Cover his face” Ziva yells towards Abby. The two women are coughing. On the way out Abby pushes the fire alarm

“Ziva what was that?” Abby asks once they get out of the lab, leaning against the wall. Both check the kids over they seem fine. Other than they are screaming.

“It was a smoke grenade”

“Who would do that?” Abby asked, she could not think of anyone who would want to hurt her or Andy.

“I think I know who.” Ziva was getting mad; she knew her father had something to do with this. After him breaking into her house; demanding for her to give him Talia

“Who?” Before Ziva can answer Tony, Tim and Gibbs rush in.

“What happen?” Tony asks, walking over to Ziva and Talia

“Someone broke a window in my lab and threw a smoke grenade in.”


“Abby are you and Andy ok?”

“Yes, Timmy we are fine” The firemen show up clear everything up.

“Everything is fine”

“Thank you”

“Do either of you have any idea who would want to do this?”

“I do” Everyone looks over at Ziva

“Zi, are you sure”


“What?” Gibbs asks

“My father”

“Your father? What would he gain from hurting you four?”

“A couple months ago my father broke into our house and waited there for me. It was the day I was watching Neaveh. Anyways when I got there he demanded I give him Talia so he could raise her the way he raised me. When I told him I was married to Tony he flipped even more saying Tony was a play boy and was never going to change and that he could raise her better than we could. I told him to leave once he tried to grab Talia”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Gibbs asks, he was mad, someone was hurting his family.

“I didn’t think anything of it, I got him to go away, and I told Tony.”

“Ok you three need to be under watch. And just in case Abby, Tim and Andy”

“It has nothing to do with them”

“Ziva, we don’t know that, what if whoever they are goes after them because they can’t get to you?”

“Ok, where are we staying?”

“I think we should all stay together so you 6 will come to my house, I’ll talk to Jenny about getting some police officers outside the house and to follow us to work and stuff like that”

“Boss are you sure Jenny will be ok with us moving in with you guys? I mean you have the twin plus two more on the way, and Jenny needs to be not stressed wouldn’t that stress her out?”

“I will talk to her and let you know but as of now you are coming to our house. I will get some officers to follow you home back some stuff and come back here, you have an hour”

“Yes, Gibbs.”

“I will be right back, you guys go back to the bull pen and wait for me” The 4 agents go back to the bull pen to wait for Gibbs.”

Jenny’s Office

“Jen” The res head looks up at him smiling.

“Jethro, what happen?”

“Someone tried to smoke out Abby’s lab, we are guessing to get Talia.”

“Why would someone try and steal their baby?”

“Ziva thinks it’s her father he came to her house a few weeks ago and tried to talk her into giving him Talia, because he would raise her better and that Tony was not a good man and would go back to his play boy days stuff like that.”

“Ok god, are they ok?”

“Yes, I think they need to be in WP”

“That is a good idea, let me find…”

“Jen, I think they should come to our house that way we would all be there and if anything happen we could help them.”

“Jethro, what about the twins?”

“Jen, I know we are putting our family in danger but they are also my family and I would do anything for them.”

Jen sighs

“Ok, that is fine. When are they coming?”

“I am having them go home with some officers to pack and then come back to the office.”

“Ok why don’t you have they bring the kids up here and I will watch them while they pack. That way they don’t have to worry about them”

“Ok, I will have someone outside your door”

“Ok” Leaning down kissing her than leaves. He tells his team what Jenny said, the two women take the kids up to Jenny than the two couple leave to go home to pack. An hour later the two couples come back, nothing happen while they were our and everyone was grateful. At 5 the two couple’s leaves as the kids are getting tired of staying in one place. Once they are at Gibbs’s house they set the two children up in the living room to play. An hour later Jenny walks in the door with the twins.

“Hey guys”

“Jenny we are in the living room” Tony answers her, walking in she sees the two men playing with the two kids.

“Hello guys, how are things?”

“Everything is fine; we didn’t know where you wanted us to stay.”

“Oh well you guys pick, there are a couple guest rooms so pick what one you want. Where are Ziva and Abby?”

“They are in the kitchen, making dinner. Kick Naomi out, told her to take some time off they would make dinner”

“Ok” Placing the twins next to the other two, she puts her gun away and puts her stuff down walking down to the kitchen. Walking into the kitchen she finds Abby cutting some veggies up and Ziva at the stove making something

“Ladies, what are you doing?” Both women turn to look at the red head.

“We are making dinner what does it look like” Abby laughs

“Why did you give Naomi the night off?”

“We wanted to make dinner because we want to thank you for letting us move in with you for a while.”

“It’s what family does. Now what are you making?”

“Tony wanted spaghetti.”

“Ok, you also are making a salad?”


“OK, I am going to go change out of my work clothes, Oh I told they guys you could pick whatever guest room you wanted.”

“Ok, thanks” Jenny smiles leaving the room to change, on her way back downstairs she meets her husband in the hallway.

“Hello Jethro”

“Hey Jen” Leaning down he kisses her.

“This is different, there is a lot of noise” Jenny laughs

“Yeah, well it seems it will be like this for a while”

“Yep seems like it” Kissing her again before heading into the living room to find the twins, Jenny heads down to the kitchen to help the other women out. Gibbs finds Tony and Tim on the floor playing with the four kids. He laughs at the faces Tony is making at his daughter. Neaveh is laughing at him; Tim is playing with a truck with Andy and little Jethro.

“Dada” Neaveh yells, when she sees her father. Gibbs smiles at her

“Hey little pumpkin” Neaveh crawls over to the edge of the en-closer, putting her arms up. Gibbs picks the little red head up kissing her curls.


“Yes, pumpkin”


“You want momma, ok. You guys ok with little Jethro?” He asks the two men

“Yes, boss; can’t be any worse then you” Tony laughs, Gibbs gives him the death stair. Gibbs leaves with his daughter to find Jen. He finds her in the kitchen with the other women.

“Mama” The older read head turns towards the sound of her daughter

“Hey baby girl. You found dada”

“Dada” The little girl says happily, the couple laughs.

“What’s going on in here?”

“We are making dinner Gibbs”

“I see that Abs, but what are you making?”

“Tony wanted spaghetti and a salad”

“Sounds good, let me set the table” Jenny grabs dishes and everything to set the table. When everything is done everyone sits and eats, all through dinner there is laughing jokes and just plain old fun.

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