Love Unknown

Chapter 22

Love Unknown

Chapter 22

It was the twin’s first birthday. Jenny and Gibbs decided to have a small party with just their family. Tony, Ziva, Talia, Tim, Abby and Andy were still living with them, thought Ziva wanted to go home and not put their lives on hold for someone like her father, this was what he wanted; them scared and she wanted none of it. Finally Gibbs and Tony agreed that they could go back to their house but would have someone outside their house. The same went for Abby and Tim. Jenny was just about ready to pop, she was not happy! She wanted them out and out now but they were taking their sweet old time. Stubborn like their parents; they never found out what they were having as they wanted it to be a surprise as these were the last kids they were going to having. Tim had finally asked Abby to marry him, she said yes of course! They have yet to set a date, being happy with how things are now and are in no rush. Tony and Ziva’s wedding was coming along nicely, it was only a few weeks away. They were happy to be able to share this big moment with their families. They sent an invite to Tony’s father but never got a replay back, Tony was not very worried he wanted to amend things between them but if his father didn’t then that was fine at least he tried.

At 2pm Ducky and Jimmy arrived for the party, everyone laughed at the twins when they got cake everywhere. Ziva helped Jenny give them a bath as she was having a hard time getting up and down on her own and bending over was just as bad.

“How are you feeling?” Ziva asked when the twins were happily playing in the tub

“I can’t wait for them to be born. I am so uncomfortable.”

“It’s not much longer right?”

“No, it could be any day, Neaveh and Jet came early”

Once they were clean Ziva and Jenny carried them back out to the party, a few hours later everyone left. Ziva was happy to be finally home, but the house needed to be cleaned. After putting Talia to bed she starts to clean as much as she can, without waking Talia up.

“Zi, I am going to go get some food for the house”

“Ok” Tony kisses her then leaves.

By the time he comes home Ziva is nowhere to be found. After putting the food away, he goes in search of her, checking in on Talia who was still sleeping. Walking to the master bedroom he sees a light on under the bathroom door. Smirking he slowly opens the door to find Ziva in the tub with candles light all around her in a bubble bath.

“Hey, Zi” Looking up smiling

“Hey, Tony. Did you get everything?”


“Then why don’t you join me” She smirks

“Ok” After stripping his clothes he gets in behind her wrapping his arms around her, pulling her against him. Kissing the side of her head. Tony’s hand starts to wonder, but is stopped by Ziva’s words

“Can you believe Talia is going to be one soon?”

“I know, it feels like you were just pregnant with her”

“I know, our little girl is growing up so fast”

“You know, we talked about starting to try for another one, when she turns one” Ziva is quite

“Zi?” Turning around in his arms, kissing him then looking in his eyes

“We already have, Tony” Tony just looks at her with a questioning look on his face

“Tony, I am already pregnant” Taking his hand placing it on her belly. Tony looks down to where their hands were then back up to her face


“Yes, I’m about a month along, maybe a week behind” Tony smiles at her pulling her to him kissing her with so much passion they have to break apart after a few seconds

“This is great Zi, a baby”

“Yes, Tony. We are going to have another little DiNozzo running around here very soon”

“We should tell the team, or at least Gibbs, you shouldn’t be in the field as much”

“Tony, I would like to wait and tell everyone in a different way.”

“But Zi, there are things you can’t be doing…”

“Tony we never found out I was pregnant with Talia till about 2 months and I was in the field and was fine, she was born fine. I will be careful.”

“Ok” Leaning in to kiss her once more.

“How did you want to tell them?”

“Well I was thinking of having our family picture done for Talia’s birthday, we could have one taken with just the two of us or something.”

“Sounds good, now how about we go into the bedroom and celebrate.”

“Sounds good” The couple spent the night showing each other how much they loved each other.


A week later Jenny went into labor, making it to the hospital this time, they had two girls; naming them Molly Claire and Bree Samantha both having their mothers red hair. They were good babies, having no sickness or anything. It was the day of Tony and Ziva’s wedding. Ziva had a bad feeling in the pit of her belly that something was going to go wrong today. After telling Gibbs he doubled the amount of undercover police there. The wedding was being held in the park, it was a beautiful spring day, and there was a light wind. Ziva’s dress was very simple white and some beading. When the music starts Abby and Jenny walk down, then Neaveh and Talia who are the flower girls.

“You ok Ziver?” Looking over at Gibbs, Ziva shakes her head

“I have a very bad feeling something is going to go wrong. You sure we are safe?”

“Ziver we have double the amount of cops and I know you have a gun or knife on you and I am sure Tony, Tim and Jenny have a guns.”

“What about you?”

“I have my back up. Try not to worry” He kisses her on the side of the head. Once they hear here comes the bride, they link arms and walk down to Tony. Everything was going great, they said their vows exchanged rings and kissed

“Now I would like to introduce Mr. and Mrs…..”

“Mommmmmmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daddddddy!!!!!!!!!!!!” The couple looks around for the source of the crying.

“Mommmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help”

“Talia!” Ziva takes off running kicking her shoes off on the way, grabbing the gun that was strapped to her leg.

“Ziva” Tony runs after her grabbing his gun. They hear more screaming and a load bang and then nothing, catching up with at the end of the park. Ziva is crying and can hardly stand. Wrapping his arms around her to support her whispering in her ear.

“Ziva, clam down think of the baby” He says as he wraps his arms around her middle. Turning Ziva cries into his shoulder.

“I knew something was going to happen! Why can’t he just leave us alone? Tony why can’t he!”

“I know Zi, shhhh. We will find her”

“What if we don’t, he took our baby. She is just a baby”

“I know” By now Gibbs, Jenny, Tim and Abby have caught up with them. Abby walks over to the couple give them both a hug.

“We will find her Zi, trust us”

“I know Abs, I know” Once she has calmed down she looks over at the others. Gibbs is on the phone with someone, he looks very guilty, and Tim is also on the phone. Jenny has come over hugging Ziva.

“Ziva, don’t worry Jethro is on it. If anyone can find her he can.”

“I know, thanks Jenny” Once Gibbs is off the phone, Ziva walks over to him

“I am sorry Ziver”

“What about rule number 6: Never apologize; it's a sign of weakness.” She asks in a quite voice

“Rule 51: Sometimes you’re wrong” He smiles a small smile at her, wrapping his arms around her giving her a hug.

“Ok team we have to go back to base. Tony and Ziva go home change and make sure nothing else was taken, and meet us if you’re up for it Ziva back at base. Tim, Abby bring Andy with you after you get changed. We are on high alert. Jenny come on let’s get the kids changed and we are going to work. Ziva Tony we have a BOLO out for her and a kidnapping alert. Everyone knows she is missing and to be looking for her. Now go, be back to base everyone in 2 hours.”

Gibbs let the rest of the guest go told Ducky and Jimmy what was going on than left with Jenny going home to change, grab toys for the kids than headed to work. Tony and Ziva walked into their house. Ziva got really quite. Looking around at all of Talia’s toys, slowly she walked into Talia’s room grabbing her favorite toy, sitting in the rocking chair just rocking and humming, staring at nothing. Tony stands in the doorway just watching her. He can see it has finally sunk in that their daughter was missing and had no idea where she was or if she was hurt. Walking over to her kneeling in front of her putting his hands over hers, she looks down at him her eyes shining with tears. Leaning up he kissing her.

“Ziva, how about we just stay here for a while, just the two of us, let Gibbs and the others work it for a while?” Slowly she nodes her head.

“Come here” Slowly it seems she falls into his arms crying now. Slowly he picks her up sliding into the rocking chair with her his arms holding on tight to the bear. He starts to hum the song they sing to Talia when putting her to bed. Half hour later he feels her breath even out, looking down he sees she is asleep. Kissing her on the forehead carrying her to their bedroom, placing her softly on the bed, slightly rolling her to one side he unzips her wedding dress pulling it off her body laying it across a chair. Under it she had a white corset with matching grader belt and stockings. This is not how he imagined undressing his wife on their wedding day. Damn that Eli David! Pulling a blanket over her, kissing her again, he walks out of the room to call Gibbs

“How is she?” Tony had to pause; he was not use to Gibbs answering with anything other than a gruff ‘Gibbs’

“She is sleeping. So we are not going to be coming in for a while. I will see what she wants to do when she wakes up.”


“Gibbs, there is something else…”

“What is it DiNozzo?”

“Zi is pregnant.” Nothing

“We were going to tell you guys in a different way. But now that this has happen I thought you should know.”

“Alright Tony, I will keep this to myself for now”

“Thanks Boss.”

“Go back to your wife, we have everything covered. She is going to need you”

“I know” They hang up; walking back into their room Ziva is still sleeping. He strips down to his boxers slipping in next to his wife wrapping his arms around her pulling her to him; falling asleep a few minutes later.

Eli David was sitting on the sofa at one of his safe house, rubbing his temples. He had a very bad head ach. The little brat would not stop screaming all the way there. They gaged her but then she started banging her feet on everything. They had to give her an injection to put her to sleep, tying her to the bed. She looked so much like her mother when she was sleeping he almost felt bad for taking her. But he knew it was the right thing to do. That DiNozzo was not good enough to have a daughter as beautiful as Talia or a wife for that matter as Ziva. He regrets sending Ziva to America to watch over her half-brother, if he hadn’t; she would not have fallen in love married DiNozzo and had a family with him or wouldn’t have become close with Jethro Gibbs thinking of him as her father. He was her father damit! And there was nothing she could do about. Yes, he was never really there for her growing up, forcing her into Mossed at a young age; but that was just how things were. His thoughts were stopped by a high pitch scream. Looking up at the door his eyes wide.

“Will someone shut her up!”

“Yes, Director” One of his men say walking into the room, when the door opens the scream becomes loader. The man comes out a few minutes later. The screaming has stopped

“That should hold her for a while”

“Alright let’s get some sleep.”

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