Love Unknown

Chapter 23

Love Unknown- Chapter 23

A few hours later Tony is awaken by Ziva scream Talia’s name over and over. At some point she slipped out of his arms and was slashing all over the bed. Reaching out he tries to grab her, but she rolls away from him. Finally able to grab her, pulling her to him.

“Zi, wake, wake up it is just a dream.” Kissing the side of her head and all over her face; finally after a few minutes Ziva opens her eyes rolling over in his arms snuggling closer to him breathing in his scent. While talking softly to her he feels his shirt getting wet; looking down he sees her crying again.

“Zi, it’s ok. We will find her don’t worry.”

“I know” She says softly. Once she stops he kisses her again

“How about we get you something to eat?”

“I am not hungry”

“Zi, you need to eat, if not for you for the baby”

“I know”

“Alright come on, I will make some dinner, and then we can call Gibbs and see if they found anything”

“Ok” Pulling the covers down, she starts to sit up when she sees what she has on

“Tony, why do I still have this on?”

“I didn’t want to wake you up by undressing you all the way.”

“Ok” Standing up pulling on her robe, Tony follows her walking out of the bedroom with his arms around her. Once in the kitchen Ziva sits at the table while Tony cooks her some chicken and a veggie. After eating both of them change into jeans in a t-shirt, sitting in the living room on the sofa close to each other. Tony calls Gibbs putting it on speaker.

“How is she Tony?” Ziva is shocked by the soft tone in his voice.

“She is fine Gibbs, she is right here”

“Ziva, how are you?”

“I am ok Gibbs. Dealing with it”

“We will find her Ziva, don’t worry”

“I know Gibbs; I trust you and everyone on the team”

“Do you guys know anything new?”

“We are trying to track down Director David, to see if he is indeed in the states.”

“Have you found anything?”

“We cannot confirm he is in the states or not.”

“Anything else?” Tony asks

“Are there any safe houses that you know they would use?”

“I know a few of them, but they most likely have more that I don’t know of.”

“Ok, tell me where they are and we will check them out”

“Gibbs I want…”

“Ziver you are too close to this. I know you want to find her I do too but you need to not get stress because of the baby” Ziva looks at Tony with wide eyes.

“Zi, I had to tell him, so we can both keep an eye on you.”

“Ziver, I didn’t tell anyone.”

“Ok. Thank you Gibbs” Ziva tells Gibbs where the ones she knows are and the couple decides to go to work for a few hours.

Three days later….

The Director is awakened by again the screaming child. This is the third day in a row it was getting tiring. All his agents were getting on his nerves. They would drug the child just to shut her up, but they were running low and he knew he couldn’t keep drugging her it would kill her. Tying her up was working somewhat but she was a fighter just like her mother. He wanted to get back to Tel-Ave; but agent Gibbs was sure to have a bolo out on him and defiantly the girl. He could hear his agents talk behind his back about how this plan was not working and they should just let the kid go. He was starting to somewhat agree with them. But he knew he was doing the right thing by taking her way from them.



“What are we going to do about the child?”

“We are going to keep her and we are going home when this is all over we are going to train her to be one us”

“How long are we staying here?”

“I am not sure yet. NCIS is going to be looking for her and me; so we have to wait till this all blows over”

“Are you sure it is going to?” Director gives him a look

“Sir, I am just saying that Americans seem very attachen to their children and would do anything for them even die for them. And Ziva is trained to kill people so she is double the threat.” Rubbing his hand over his face

“Don’t you think I know that! I trained her myself she is my daughter and I know her”

“Yes, sir, what do we do about the screaming?”

“I think it is time we getting rough with her. Her parents made her soft time to toughen her up.” The agent smirks walking out of the room.

Two more days passed and still nothing was found. For the most part Talia was being quite after they hurt her, she sat on the small bed huddled in a ball softly crying; not eating not talking. Gibbs and his team were working every lead they had and have gotten nowhere. Ziva is eating very little, just enough to feed the growing baby inside her. She is very withdrawn from everyone. Tony is really the only one that can get her talking; Abby tries and nothing. They all are very worried about her. Gibbs and Tony about her and the baby, the rest of the team still don’t know about the baby. Every night they go home Ziva sits in Talia’s room holding her toy rocking. He would carry her to bed every night and every night she would have bad dreams. Gibbs called them every morning to cheek in on her. The team can’t find Director David. No one knew where he is, the safe houses are being checked and nothing has come up.

Eli got a call this morning from one of his Officers saying there was a problem that he needed to attend to. His second in command thought this was a very bad idea going out of hiding, NCIS was still looking for them, but he would not listen. All of his Officers went but two. They would watch the child, who still would not eat or say anything which was fine with everyone as long as she was not screaming. The two Officers that were left never liked the idea of them kidnapping the little girl, they could not believe that he would and it being his own granddaughter. The two Officers had come up with a plan, to take the child back to NCIS while the Director was out and then go into hiding. They collected evidence on what happen, how things were planed out what happen, they had written statements video and voice statements too. They were wearing a wire, the Director never suspected anything. Once the Director was gone they gathered everything they had and went to get the girl. When he opened the door the girl never looked up but he could tell she was scared. She was shaking, her whole body. Though he had never been the one to hurt her either was the other Officer going with them, he hopped she would come with them. Slowly walking over to the bed kneeling down next to it

“Talia” Nothing, she looked at him from the couner of her eye. Relaxing a bit when she noticed it was not the guy that would normally come in and hurt her.

“Talia, do you want to see your mommy and daddy?” Talia perked up at this lifeting her head up.

“Mommy? Daddy?”

“Yes, I am going to take you to them. Will you come with me?” Talia eyed the man in front of her. She wanted her mommy and Daddy so much and it seemed no one carried but maybe this man did. She slowly nodes her head; he reaches over to touch her, she backs away

“Talia, I am not going to hurt you, but I need to carry you so we can get of here faster” After a few mintues of eyeing the man Talia finally let him pick her up carrying her out of the room she had been in for what seemed like forever

“You got her?” Another man asked. Talia shirked away from him

“It’s ok, he is here to help you.” She seemed to relax a little bit. The safe house was in a normal naughbor hood so they walked down the road away from the house for about an hour than called a cab. He covered Talia’s face so no one would know this was the missing girl, they wanted to get her to safty before the Director found out. The ride to NCIS was short maybe an half hour. When they got there they got out a block away, walking almost to the Navy yard. The first Officer put Talia down.

“Now Talia, you have to walk from here we can’t be seen with you, gives these to your mommy and daddy ok?” She node, turns but stops turning back around she quickly hugs the man.

“Thank you” Before walking down the sidewalk, once she is there the two men leave as if they were thin air.

Talia senks past the gate into the building, jumping on the elevator before the doors close, looking at the buttons trying to figure out which floor would take her to her mommy and daddy. When the door opens on floor 3 she gets off, thinking this is the right floor. Hiding behind desk and cabents trying to figure out if this is the right floor,

“Tony, I am ok. Yes I am looking for some leads.” That is her mommy’s voice.

“Mommy!” Talia yells running as best she could, Ziva having hung up with Tony looks around for the voice, it sounds like Talia’s could it be? Once Ziva sees her she starts to cry picking her up as she launches herself at her. Kissing her head.

“Talia, my baby. Your back”

“Mommy” Talia cries holding on to as if your life depended on it. Once they claim down, Ziva has a good look at her, she is dirty, her looks like it might be broken and she was limping on her one foot. She notices she has something’s in her hands.

“Talia, what is that?”

“The men that got me out said to give it to you” Talia hands them over, before taking them Ziva puts on some gloves. After looking at them quickly she puts them in a bag, so Abby can look at them.

“We have to have Grandpa Ducky look at you.” Grabbing her phone she walks down to Ducky


“Tony she is back! Our baby is back!”

“What! How? When?”

“Come down to Ducky she has to get checked out, could you please tell the others”

“Ok, tell her I love her”

“I will, see you in a few”

“Daddy is coming down as soon as he can. He loves you.” Talia is snuggled into her.

“Jethro, I don’t have anything for you yet”

“Ducky” Hearing Ziva’s voice instead of Gibbs Ducky turns around but stops

“Is that Talia?”

“Yes, Ducky, she walked into the bullpen I few mintues ago. She needs to be checked out”

“Ok, put her on the table.” When she tries to pull away from Talia she starts to freak out, scream don’t leave her and crying. Ziva was soothing her as Tony runs in with the others behind him

“Talia” Walking over to them, he tries to reach out to her but she slinks away from him. Frowing he looks up at Ziva.


“Tony” One look in her eyes tells him everything he needs to know. They beat her, must have been a man. Tony got mad, walking to the other side of the room, watching his wife and daughter. Watching the whole scene Gibbs and Tim walk over next to Tony as to not scare her. Abby and Jenny walk over to her, starting to talk to her. Talia talks them, while this is happening she looks at Ducky, she can see the pain in his eyes, her eyes wonder over to the other three, they all look very mad. Who in their right mind would hurt a child. They wanted to kill Eli David. Turning back to Talia

“Talia, honey grandpa Ducky has to look at you. He is not going to hurt you. He loves you.” Kissing her forehead. Talia looks over at Ducky than her mother and slowly nodes her head. She knew Grandpa Ducky would not hurt her but she was scared of men they are the ones that hurt her

“Good girl, you have to be brave ok, Aunts Abby and Jenny will be right her too and mommy”

“Ok” The girl says softly

“I have to put you on the table, but you can hold my hand”

“Ok” Slowly as not to scare her Ziva lays her down on the table. Ducky slowly walks over to her gently putting his hand on her arm. Flinching away from his touch.

“Ziva I need to take her clothes off, they need to be checked for clues.”

“Ok Ducky I’ll do it. Jenny and Abby can help”

Very careful the three women undress her, they have to take her underwear off they are very dirty, looks like she peed herself a lot. Ziva tries to hold back the tears. Her arm is indeed broken and needs a cast, her ankle is sprend, Ducky puts a cast on that too. Taking pictures along the way. She has cuts and burses everywhere. Ducky looks up at Ziva with pain he his eyes

“Ziva, I know this is hard but I need to check her pravite area” There is gasps throughout the room. Slowly Ziva node, the three women start talking to Talia to get her mind away from what Ducky is doing, when he is done, they all thank God that she was not rapped. Wrapping Talia in a towel Ziva holds her on her lap.

“Gibbs, Talia brought these with her, said the man that saved her told her to give these to me.” She hands them over to Gibbs, after looking at them he hands them over to Abby

“See what is on them Abs, have Tim help you.”

“Ok, Gibbs. Bye Talia. You are a very brave girl” After kissing her on the forehead Abby grabs Tim and them leave.

“We have to give you a bath now, but we don’t have one at work. How about you take a shower with mommy?”


“Tony?” He walks a little closer to her but not too close. He hates that he can’t just hug his daughter, kiss her. Damn Eli!

“Yes Zi?”

“You still have those extra clothes in your desk?”

“Yes, I will go get them and leave them in the locker room”

“Thanks babe” Reaching over squeezing his hand trying to reassure him everything will be ok.

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