Love Unknown

Chapter 24

Love Unknown- Chapter 24

Once Ziva got Talia undressed and in the shower, she slowly starts to wash her hair. The whole time she talks to her telling her how much she and her father love her. And her aunts and uncles, Talia is quite through all this. Lifting her head Ziva notices after all the dirt is off her face she is very pale.

“Are you ok Talia?”

“I no feel good”

“Ok, I am all most done, a few more minutes”

While washing her Talia goes limp in her arms.

“Talia? Wake up” Nothing she tries again and nothing. Rushing out of the shower grabbing a towel wrapping it around Talia and one around herself and rushes out of the room. Ziva is glade that Ducky is not that far away. On the way there Ziva starts to feel light headed, shaking her head and countines to run, she has to help Talia. Running into autoposy, stopping trying to chatch her breath, the four men in the room look over as the door opens.

“Ziver? What is wrong?”

“Talia, something is wrong” Walking over to her Gibbs takes her out of Ziva’s arms, once she is Ziva’s eyes roll in the back of her head before she passes out

“Tobias catch her.” He does before she hits the floor while trying to keep the towel on her

“Be careful she is pregnant. Ducky call 911, Jimmy call Tony and the rest of the team.

Tony, Tim, Abby and Jenny come running into the room as the EMT’S are loading mother and daughter on streacher’s.

“What happen?” Tony asks as you runs over to Ziva

“Are you her husband?”

“Yes, and that is our daughter, what happen?”

“We are not sure yet, they both look dehydrated, breathing shallow. We have to get them to the hospital”

“I am going with you”

“Ok” The EMT’S load them both in, laying Talia next to Ziva and wrapping a blanket around both. Tony sits next to them. The rest of the team follows behind in a car meeting them at the hospital. Once there they rush Ziva and Talia into a room, telling Tony he has to wait here, Tony finds the team in the waiting room. He sits on the edge of his chair waiting to hear anything. Two hours later two doctors come out

“Family for Talia and Ziva DiNozzo” The whole team jumps up, Tony at the front

“I am Tony DiNozzo”

“Ok Mr. DiNozzo please come with me”

“You can tell them whatever you have to tell me, they are family”

“Ok, Talia is indeed deyhatraed, and is very skinny. There are lots of bruse’s on her.”

“Yeah, she was kidnapped for 5 days and just came home today, our ME casted her arm and leg.”

“Ok, that explans that, and mostlikly why she is so skinny.”

“What about Ziva, is she going to be ok?”

“ Mrs. DiNozzo is also deyharaed, and anmic.”

“She has been very worried about her daughter being missing and has not been eating too much. I tried to get her to eat something because of the baby. How is the baby?”

“The baby is fine, a little under weight but eating more the rest of her pregnacey will help that.”


“Can we see them?” Tony asks

“Yes, you can. They are sleeping right now but you can go in.” Tony thanks them and he and the team walk into their room. Both are sleeping, IV’S in their arms. Tony walks over to Talia first, moving some hair off her forehead, leaning down kissing her cheek.

“I love you” Kissing her one more time, he moves over to Ziva, she has a fetal heart monter on.

“Zi, please wake up. I love you” Moving a chair over next to her, he grabs her hands, rubbing it with his thumb. Reaching over he grabs Talia’s hand in his other. The team gathers around them waiting for them to wake up. A few hours later the team had left to get some food and to pick up their kids. Tony hears a moan, looking from one to the other

“Tony” Ziva try’s to say, her voice is low

“Zi, you’re a awake”


“She is right here” Leaning over he kisses her on the forehead. She smiles

“I love you”

“Love you too, water”

“Yeah let me go get the doctor” She nodes, Tony runs out coming back with her doctor

“Hello Mrs. DiNozzo, it’s good to see you’re awake. Let me cheek you out”


“Yes, you can have some water” Tony pours some water into a glass with a straw putting it close to her mouth, Ziva slips some

“Thank you”

“You’re welcome sweet cheek” The couple smiles at each other

“Well everything looks good”

“The baby?”

“The baby is fine, I will get someone in here so we can a sonogram”

“Thank you, what about Talia?”

“Talia seems to be ok, just waiting for her to wake up”

“Can she lay over here with me?”

“Sure, it might make her wake up sooner; just watch out for her IV”

“Thank you.” Tony gently picks Talia up placing her next to her mother. Talia snuggles closer, leaning down Ziva kisses her on the forehead.

“I will check in with you guys later”

“Thank you doctor” A few mintues later a nurse comes in.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. DiNozzo you ready to see your baby?”

“Yes.” Setting everything up, the nurse puts jelly on her belly sliding the wound over her.

“There it is”

“Tony, there is our baby”

“Yeah Zi” Kissing the top of her head.

“I will print some pictures out for you”

“Thanks” The nurse does and then leaves the room, coming back a few mintues later with some pictures. The couple looks at the pictures. The next morning Gibbs and the rest of the team coming walking in

“Ziva, you are awake!” Abby runs over to her hugging her.


“Oh sorry Ziva, are those pictures?”


“Can I see?” Ziva looks over at Tony than back to the team.

“Yeah here” She hands them to Abby

“I am so happy you are having another baby, when did find out?”

“A few weeks ago”

“When were you going to tell us?” Abby pouts

“Before Talia was kidnapped. Tony got them out of my bag”

“Ok” He walks over pulling a folder out of it. Handing it to Ziva

“We were going to give you these to tell you guys.” Handing each couple a few pictures, one is of just Talia smiling a big smile. Talia had on a cute pink dress with a bow around her waist, her hair was down with curls just like her mom’s but she had a clip on the right side. The other one was of the three of them, Talia was laying sleeping in front of Ziva who was laying on her side with Tony sitting behind her. Ziva had on a white with some pink spring dress, Tony was in a dress shirt with a pink tie. Both had their hands on her belly and were smiling. It said “We’re having a baby!”

“Aww guys these are so cute! I love the way you did this”

“Thanks Abs”

“Gibbs have you found anything about Eli?”

“Not yet, FBI is sending a team out to the safe house from the disk Talia had. We are too close to this so they are taking over. Don’t worry Fornell is keeping my in the loop. And we can be there when they do get him.”

“What about him getting out of it, because of Diplomatic Immuity?”

“We are working on that. Don’t worry, he will not get away from this”

“Ok” The team stays for a few more hours before leaving for the night, saying they will be back. Tony

and Ziva settle in for the night. They are getting more worried about Talia she still has not woken up and

the doctors think she may not want to wake up after what happen. That talking to her might make her

want to wake up, so every night the couple would spend hours talking to her, singing her trying anything to get her to wake up. So far nothing has worked. After a few hours the couple falls asleep, Ziva is woken up by wimpering, opening her eyes she looks down at Talia who is clinging to her side, crying softly.

“Talia, it’s ok. Mommy and daddy are here”


“Yes honey, shhh” Softly humming and rubbing her hand over her hair. Once she is claimed down, Ziva poked Tony till he woke up

“What’s wrong Zi?”

“Talia is awake” This made him perk up, looking over at her. She was hiding her head against her mother’s sides.

“Is she ok?”

“She woke up crying but she seems ok now.”

“Ok. Talia honey are you ok” Her tiny little body tightened up at the sound of his voice.

“Talia daddy is not going to hurt you, he loves you.” Talia said nothing, Ziva still soothing her.

“Tony honey, it will take some time, why don’t you go get the doctor and tell them she is awake.”

“Ok” Tony was a little disappointed but kissed the side of Ziva’s head and left the room, coming back a few mintues later with the doctor. After checking her out, and seeing everything is ok she leaves them.

The next few days Talia gets better and the doctor says they can leave, Talia will not leave Ziva’s side for anything, she will not look at her father; Tony is trying to not be too unhappy but he wants his happy little girl back and is ready to find Eli and kill him himself for what he did to her. Abby and Jenny help Ziva with her as women are still the only ones she will talk to or interact with. The FBI has still not found Eli, they were gone at the safe house by the time they got there, they could tell that they were there. Fornell thinks they have left the states but don’t know where they could have gone.

Eli David was on the run, and he was tired of it. They had to keep moving from safe house to safe house. He has been keeping tabs on Ziva, Tony and Talia. He knew they were out of the hospital and back home. What he still doesn’t know that Ziva is pregnant again. He couldn’t get anyone on the inside at the hospital and Gibbs made sure to cover anything that happen while there under wraps.



“We have to move again, the FBI is on to us. I don’t know how but they seem to know every safe house we have and have been calling anyone they can to help them locate us.”

“Damn It! We have to go deep under cover, I know a place out in the desert that only I and one other person knows about. That is where we will go. Get everyone ready”

“Yes, sir”

Ten mintues later director and his men are on a pravite plane heading out of the country. By the time the FBI and Gibbs teams found out it was too late he was already out of the country and in hiding. Ziva couldn’t think of any reason why her father would fly back to his home country or where he was hiding. The government there was helping as much as they can, saying they would go to any safe houses they knew of over there and in the country’s they were allies with. 2 months later and there is nothing new they could give them.

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