Love Unknown

Chapter 25

Love Unknown- Chapter 25

Ziva is now 3 months pregnant. Talia is getting better slowly, she will now let Tony hug her, pick her up, kiss her but she still prefers her mother or her aunts, but will let Tim, Gibbs and Ducky at least hug her. Gibbs is still trying to find Eli but is getting now where, staying late at work leaving Jenny to take care of the kids. Jenny is trying to be understanding she wants to find him too, but trying to take care of 4 kids under 2 is very trying at times and she would like her husband back. Jenny looks over at her kids, Jet and Neaveh are playing together while the Molly and Bree were happily “talking” to each other, Jenny was trying to get some paper work done but could not help but let her mind wonder to her husband. This was the 5th night he was at work late this week, sometimes never coming home. She decides to call him

“Gibbs” Came his gruff but tired voice


“Jen, what is wrong? Are the kids ok?”

“Yes, they are fine, they miss their daddy.” Sighing

“I know, I miss them too.”

“I miss my husband”

“I miss you too hon”

“Why don’t you come home, I’ll put the kids to bed and then we can spend some time alone”

“Jen, I’m working”

“Jethro, you have been trying to find Eli for 2 months now and have nothing! You spend most of your nights at work and not with your family. It’s time to give it a rest and come and spend time with your family”

“Jen, this is our granddaughter we are talking about”

“Jethro I know! And I want to find him and kill him myself and we will find him, he has to come out of hiding at some point and yes he will. But you also have a family Jethro one that needs and misses you. Come home before you don’t have a family left!” Jenny hung up.

Gibbs just stairs at the phone, would Jenny really leave him? Take the kids and go. Sighing, rubbing his hand over his before shutting down his computer grabbing his things heading home. Jenny was right, they would find him and when they did they would get him dead or alive. He had to spend more time with his family, he had hardly seen his kids or Jenny in 2 months, he had not made love to Jenny in a while, partly due to the birth of the twins but knew they had been in the clear for at least month now and Gibbs thought it was time to show Jenny just how important she and the kids were to him and that he didn’t want to lose any of them. After putting the kids to bed Jenny gets ready for bed, but can’t go to sleep, she is too mad at Jethro to sleep so she tries to get some more paperwork done.

Gibbs walks quietly through his house, leaving his coat and boots by the door; on his way home he had picked up roses and some wine. Walking to the kitchen getting to wine glasses, before walking up stairs peaking in on the is kids to find them sleeping; shutting the door before heading down to the room he shares with his wife. There is light coming from under the door, slowly opening the door he finds Jenny asleep hugging his pillow; files are all over the bed some on the floor and she still has her glasses on. Smiling Gibbs sets the wine, glasses and flowers on his night stand before picking up all the flies pilling them on her nightstand. Stripping out of his work clothes down to his boxers he slips into bed next to her, leaning down slowly taking off her glasses; placing them next to her flies, slowly sliding his pillow out from under her head replacing it with his body, he wraps his arm around her kissing her forehead.

“Jethro” Came her sleepy voice

“Yeah Jen, it’s me” Kissing her again. Jenny begins to stir beside him; her eyes flutter open looking around finally meeting his eyes, when they do she jumps up

“Jethro! It is really you?”

“Yes, Jen it is really me, who else would be in bed with you?”

“No one, it’s just I was having a dream about you and then you woke me up in the middle of it”

“Really, what was the dream about?” He asks smirking a little

“Jethro! It was not that kind of dream, or not up till the point you woke up at least”

“Oh, do you have many dirty dreams about me?”

“Well, since these past couple months I couldn’t have the real you I started to have dreams about you, but I would always get woken up before anything good could happen”

“I’m sorry Jen, I didn’t mean to get so caught up in finding Eli. I have something for you”

“Really, what is it?” Reaching around he pulls the roses in front of him.

“Oh Jethro you really didn’t have to”

“I know, but what you said about not having a family really hit me hard, I already lost one family I don’t want to lose another one. I have wine too, though maybe we could spend some time together just the two of us even it if it’s just for the night”

“That sounds wonderful. Why don’t you go get a vase for these and how about we take a nice relaxing bath together and maybe if you are good you can get some.”

“Sounds good, be right back” Kissing her this time on the lips, Gibbs leaves the room. Jenny laughs, getting out of bed she starts the bath putting bubble bath in it. While it is filling up she walks back into the bedroom and takes off her clothes leaving a trail behind her, once the tub is full she sinks down into waiting for Jethro to come back. She hasn’t decided if she has forgiving him yet, she knows he was doing it for Talia, Tony and Ziva but he has got to learn not to forget his own family, she decides to see how tonight goes to see if she can forgive him or make him squirm a little longer.


“In the tub”

“Ok, I’m coming in”

Walking in he finds his wife up to her neck in bubbles, laying her head against the edge. Jenny turns her head when he enters opening her eyes smiling.

“You going to stand there or are you going to join me?”

“I am going to join you”

“Well hurry up”

Stripping out of his boxers he slips in the tub behind Jenny, wrapping his arms around her kissing the side of her head.

“How were the kids tonight?”

“They were fine, wondering where their daddy was. Jethro they ask for you every time, it breaks my heart to have to tell them you were not there.”

“I am sorry Jen, how about I take tomorrow off and spend the day with all of them?”

“They would love that. What would your boss say though?”

“Well, I have it in with her and I have ways to get her to say yes”

“Oh really?” She smirks turning in his arms

“Yes, really.”

“Try me”

“Ok, well I know she likes to be kissed right here” Bending slightly he kisses the spot right behind her ear, Jenny tired and barley holding a moan in.

“And here” Kissing along her jaw to her mouth, Deeping the kiss pulling her close. This time she couldn’t hold her moan in. His hands slid under the water sliding over her body, pulling her closer to him.

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