Love Unknown

Chapter 26

Love Unknown

Chapter 26

The office doors slams open, startling the people in it.

“Jethro! Do you really have to slam the door?” Looking around he sees all of his children playing on the floor, Bree and Molly were screaming their little heads off. Jenny rushes over trying to calm the screaming children. Gibbs walks over picking up Bree to calm her down, once they are the couple places the kids down.

“Jen, what are they doing up here?”

“Well, your son was acting very badly down there. Screaming, crying, throwing stuff, they put him in time out, tired everything; when that didn’t work they called me and told me to come and get him and you know I can’t just pick up one and not the others.” Gibbs sighs

“Why is he acting out like this?”

“I think he is jealous that Talia gets to come up and be with her parents and he doesn’t.”

“So this is going to go on until Talia goes back?”

“Looks like it.”

“Well Talia is getting better, she is with Tony today” Jenny’s face lights up

“That is great!”

“Yeah, Tony is so happy; he missed holding his little girl”

“Yeah, I know. Ziva was getting worried about him. So what did you come up here for?”

“I came up here to spend some time with my wife alone, but since the kids are here I’ll spend some time with them.” Jenny smirks

“Jethro, what did you think you were going to get if the kids were not here?” He smirks, pulling Jenny closer to him leaning down whispering in her ear

“Well I was hoping to be able to fuck my wife over her desk. We have yet to do that” He nips her ear, making her moan.

“Then I will fuck you over your table and after every time you sit at that table all you will be able to think about is me fucking you on it.” He says as he scraps his teeth over her neck, Jenny moves closer grinding herself against him.

“Jethro” Jenny moans, he smirks against her skin

“And the door, pushing you against it fucking you hard.” Sucking on her neck leaving a little mark before pulling away, Jenny moans looking up at him through heavy lashes. Her eyes a very dark green.

“Jethro, let’s get someone to watch the kids and do some of those things.” Gibbs smirks down at his wife; he can see passion and want in her eyes.

“Alright, I will call the team tell them to come up and take them to the bull pen. We don’t have a case right now.” Leaning up Jenny kisses him hard on the lips. Slightly biting his bottom lip.


“Yes, Gibbs”

“You and Tim come up to Jenny’s office and grab our kids and take them down with you for a little while.”

“Ok Boss” Tony was a little confused but did as he was told, once the two men were up there they could see something was going on between the couple. Tony being Tony was going to say something but was stopped by the hard glare Gibbs gave him. Once the two men and kids were out of the room, Gibbs pushed Jenny against her desk, her hands pulling up his undershirt and polo shirt fling them across the room, his hand unbuttoned her suit jacket pushing it off her shoulders it falling to the floor by their feet. Once it hits the floor it’s a frenzy to get the rest of their clothes off. Gibbs is down to his boxers while Jenny was in her bra, underwear and to his surprise a grater belt and stockings and shoes.

“Jen, when did you put that on?” Jenny smiles

“When you were getting the kids ready.” She smirks slightly

“Wow” She still looked great even after having two sets of twins one right after the other, yes she had little pouch around her middle but Gibbs didn’t care he still loved her maybe a little more for giving him four more kids and loving him and all that came with him.

“I am glad I can still surprise you Jethro. Now get over here and kiss me” Wrapping her arms around his neck pulling him closer their lips meet in a headed kiss Jenny’s hands slid down his body slipping in the waist band of his boxer, Pulling them down letting them fall to floor, wrapping her hand around him pumping him a few times.

“Jen” He moans

“Yes, Jethro”

“You are going to kill me” Jenny laughs

“Not yet, honey I’m not done with you yet”

“Oh really” Jenny smirks, she wraps her legs around his waist pulling him closer to her

“You are waiting too many clothes” Jenny laughs, yes she is wearing more clothes then he is but not really wearing that much. Slipping his hands under her butt pulling her underwear off flinging them across the room, where neither cares where they land, his manhood is hard and wanting some release, reaching in between her legs sliding a finger over her folds. They are very wet, Jenny moans with pleasure.

“Jethro, I want you” Jen says in a husky voice.

“I know Jen, I know.” Leaning down his lips slam onto hers, his lips make a path from her mouth to her jaw down her neck leaving little marks on her skin marking her as his; to her shoulder meeting his bra strap pulling it down with his teeth. Trailing kisses across her chest kissing the part of her breasts that were not covered by the bra; pulling the other strap down. Arching her back pushing as much of her breast against his mouth as she can, reaching around Gibbs unhooks her bra pulling it off her with his teeth letting it drop out of his mouth. Her nipples are hard just waiting for his mouth to pay attchen to them. Jenny looks down at him under hooded eyes, smirking at her he leans down flicking one nipple. Jenny moans.

“Jethro” Kissing across to the other one, lightly flicking that one; kissing the same path back over to the first nipple sucking it lightly scrapping his teeth over it pulling it lightly. Repeating the process with the other nipple.

“Jethro please. I want you inside me now” She yells

“Jen, quite; someone with hear you. Don’t want to get caught do you?” Jenny smirks up at him

“You little vixen you do want to get caught.”

“Jethro, can you stop talking and just fuck me already. We can talk about this another time.” Gibbs smirks down at her

“Alright, honey.” Pulling him closer Jenny closes his mouth over hers, as she does this he thrust into her making them moan in each other’s mouths. Picking up the pace Gibbs manhood slides in and out of her his balls hitting ass.

“Jethro please” Jenny moans making her point by squeezing her inner muscles around him.

“Jen, I’m not young anymore.” Jenny smirks up at him, with green sparkling eyes

“Jethro, I like older men. I happen to be married to one handsome old man”

“Really” Gibbs lifts his eye brows, he has slowed down his pace every once in a while thrusting hard and fast into her pulling a moan out of her.

“Yes, he has this gorgeous grey hair, beautiful blue eyes that 2 of our children have a great looking body for a man of his age and let’s not forget about his sex drive.”

“What about his sex drive” Leaning up till her mouth his right next to his year she whispers

“It’s like he is a teenage boy with raging hormones.” Nipping his ear lightly, picking her up walking the last few feet slamming her against the door. Before slamming his mouth against hers, they break apart when there is a knock on the door.

“Director Shepard? Are you ok?” They look wide eyed at each other breathing heavy

A knock comes again “Director Shepard? Should I call someone?” Jenny tries to get control of her breathing before answering

“Cynthia, I am fine there is no need to worry”

“Are you sure? I heard a lot of banging”

“Yes, we are fine Cynthia”

“Oh is Agent Gibbs in there with you?” She asks with a knowing voice, Jenny swears to herself. Jethro nuzzles her neck lightly biting and nipping her. Making it hard to keep her voice normal

“Yes, he is; now go back to your desk and please hold all my calls and don’t allow anyone in my office till I tell you.”

“Yes, ma’am” You can hear the smirk in her voice; it’s going to be all over the office that the Director and Agent Gibbs are locked in her office alone. Everyone knows they are together and have children but it is always gossip when the two of them are together in a locked room. Everyone is wondering what they are doing.

“Now where were we?”

“I was about to fuck you against your office door.”

“Well let’s do it then.” As the couple heat things up again Gibbs thrust back into her swallowing her moan. Gibbs fucks her hard against the door bringing her closer and closer to fall over the edge.

“Jethro, faster harder” Picking up the pace, reaching between them flicking her nub making her let out a moan

“I’m close Jethro” rubbing her nub with the right amount of pressure pushing her over the edge. Gibbs is not fast enough to cover her mouth before a scream is pulled out of her as the pleasure rips through her body. He stops thrusting he was close but wanted to bring her to another orgasm at least one more time before he does. Kissing the side of her neck waiting for her breath to get back to somewhat normal.


“Jen” Gibbs says against her skin.

“Let’s go over to the table.”

“Director?” Came Cynthia’s voice from the other side of the door.

“Yes, Cynthia?” Before the couple can react the door is being open and Cynthia comes in. Jenny and Gibbs cover as much of themselves as the can. They made it to the table; Jenny sits up cover her breasts while trying to cover Gibbs’s manhood with her legs.

“Cynthia!” The young girl stops in her tracks. Looking wide eyed at the couple then shy’s her eyes away.

“What are you doing in here? I told you I was fine.”

“Well there was banging and screaming”

“Cynthia I am fine now will you please leave and don’t repeat what you saw in here, understand?”

“Yes, ma’am” The young girl backs out of the room closing the door behind her. The couple sigh, Jenny looks up at Gibbs who has a smirk on his face

“What?” Leaning down he kisses her hard

“You got your wish of getting caught.” Jenny laughs

“Yes, you are right. But right now I think we should get back to what where doing someone wants some attention. Looking down at his manhood then back at his face a smirk playing on her face, pushing him back lightly she slides off the table kneeling in front of him her face level with his manhood. Jenny’s tongue slips out lightly flicking the tip, he is so sensitive that a moan slips out of his lips. Her lips slide over his manhood slipping all of him in her mouth sucking him, scrapping her teeth over him. His hand tangle in her hair.

“Jen, stop” She lets him slip from her mouth looking up at him

“I don’t want to cum in your mouth.” Pulling her up kissing her mouth pushing her back onto the table. Slipping back into her picking up the pace, he is close. Leaning over he sucks one nipple than the other

“Jen, go over with me”

“Jethro” She says huskily. Pulling him up their lips meet as they fall over the edge together, each swallowing the other’s moan. Jenny falls back on the table with Gibbs falling on top of her both trying to get their breathing back. Jenny runs her hand threw his hair down his back as far as she can reach and back up again. After a few minutes Gibbs gets off of his wife, smiling down at her, she smiles back.

“I’m never going to be able to look at Cynthia in the eyes again” Gibbs laughs pulling Jenny up and on her feet. She sways slightly; Gibbs keeps his hand on her back. Leaning down Gibbs kisses her one more time.

“We should get dressed and see what trouble our children are getting into”

“They are your children when they are in trouble”

“If you say so.” The couple walks around the room finding their clothes

“Jethro, I can’t find my panties” Gibbs smirks

“Well I guess you’ll have to go without them” Jenny narrows her eyes at him

“You would like that wouldn’t you?” Gibbs after getting dressed lean against her desk


“Leroy Jethro Gibbs! You are a dirty old man” He laughs at this

“Jen, just get dressed if we stay up here any longer the team is going to come looking for us” She pulls on her skirt and the rest of her clothes, fixing her hair in the mirror

“Alright let’s get this over with”

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