Love Unknown

Chapter 27

Love Unknown

Chapter 27

Gibbs and Jenny walk into the bullpen to a smiling DiNozzo; he gives him a hard glare.

“DiNozzo you will never talk about what you think you saw up there do you understand?”

“You’re no fun boss” Tony pouts

“Get back to work.”

“Bye Jethro, I’ll take the kids back to my office” Jenny grabs all their kids walking back upstairs. Talia is sitting at her father’s desk coloring. The team gets back to their paperwork as there is no case going on right now.


“Yes, princess?”

“How did the baby get in mommy’s belly?” Ziva puts her hand over her mouth trying to cover her laugh, Gibbs trying to cover his smile and Tony looking like a deer in head lights.

“Um, I will tell you when you’re older”

“But daddy! I want to know now!”

“Zi, some help here?” Tony looks at his wife who is trying very hard not to burst out laughing.

“Well Tony your daughter did ask you about this”

“Yeah well she is also your daughter and since she is a girl you should be the one to talk about these things with her.”

“Talia, honey.”

“Yes, mommy?’ Ziva looks into her eyes that are so much like her father’s

“How do you think the baby got in my belly?”

“Hmm” Tilting her head she thinks for a few seconds before her eyes light up

“You ate him!” She says excitedly


“I think it going to be a boy” Tony’s face lights up

“Yeah that would be great right Talia, having a baby brother”

“I guess, but sister good too” The adults laugh

Up in Jenny’s office...

The kids are all sleeping on the floor, Jenny sits at her desk looking through her email; stopping when she sees an email address she has not seen in years clicking on the email she reads it.

Dear Jennifer,

It’s been a long time I know. How have you been? I thought I heard you had gotten married? And you got your dream of becoming Director of NCIS. Congrats on that. I have been doing well, I am back in the USA, for good this time, got a job with California state police. When I was packing to move I found some pictures you and some of us together when we were in college. We had some fun times together. I never forgot about you, I loved you and still do. But I don’t want to break up your marriage. Anyways if you would like to please email me back

Your friend,


Smiling Jenny sits back in her chair look all around her office landing on her sleeping kids. She has not thought about Jason in years, she almost married him but that changed when she wanted to be an agent. Jason understood but Jenny could tell he was disappointed but let her go and now years later he is emailing her telling her he still loves her. Does she love him? That was the question; she knew she loved Jethro but Jason had been her first love but if she had not left Jason she wouldn’t have meet Jethro, left him, got back together with him and had their 4 kids. Jenny decides to email him back; there is nothing wrong with that.

Dear Jason,

It has been a long time, to long if you ask me. I am doing well; yes I am married have been for around a year now. I also have 4 kids (two sets of twins) they are about 6 months apart. I know what you are thinking wow that was fast one right after the other. And yes it was the second set was a surprise, I married a man named Leroy Jethro Gibbs before the second set was born. He works with me at NCIS. Do you have a wife or kids? I am glad you are back in the USA, where in CA do you live? What are these pictures you are talking about? There have to be hundreds of them, a part of me still loves you yes; but I also love my husband. But you are still my friend and will always be my first love and will always have a part of my heart. I would like to stay in touch with you, please email me back.

You’re Friend,


Sitting back in her chair biting her lip trying to decide if she should send it or not. In the end she does send it, hoping it was the right thing to do, they were friends and she wouldn’t tell Jethro about this. Getting back to the paperwork that is covering her desk, a few hours later the kids wake up and want some lunch.

Eli sat at his desk in his make shift office; he was getting very mad that he had to work like this but he should have known when he kidnapped the little girl. He still wants to train the girl like he did her mother but has to think of another way to her, he has one of his men following them; it was hard to get one of his men out of hiding but he managed it. He should be back soon with some photos he had called a little while ago saying he had something to show him that was important.

“Director?” There was a knock on the door way, looking up Eli saw it was the man he sent after Ziva and her family

“Yes, come in. You have something you wanted to show me?”

“Yes, sir, you are not going to be happy.”

“Let me see.” The man hands him a folder, setting it on the desk, opening it he is shocked by what he sees. The first picture is of the whole family out somewhere. Tony is holding Talia while his arm is around Ziva who is to his surprise very pregnant. They are laughing at something. Other pictures are of just Ziva, some with her looking loving down at her round belly with a hand on each side, some are with members of the team, Eli stopped at one with Ziva and Gibbs both hand their hands on her belly, both were smiling. Eli ripped that one in two, how dare Gibbs try and take the place of him in his daughter’s life.

“Did you find out when Ziva is due?”

“These are from a few weeks ago, so I am not sure but I would guess that is sometime very soon.”

“Yes, she looks very close to having it, do you know if it’s a boy or another girl?”

“No, I can’t seem to be able to find anything on her, after what happen last time they have hid that information very well and I couldn’t do much because they are still looking for us.” Eli sighs

“Thank you, you may go and rest.”

“Thank you sir” The man leaves Eli alone looking at the pictures, Ziva really did look beautiful pregnant and Talia was going to be a heartbreaker when she was older, he could use her in Mosssod she could get close to people and kill them easily, they would never see it coming they would be only looking at her body. Ziva had been a lot like that, Eli slams his fist on the desk knocking some things off, he wished he never sent her to NCIS in the first place.

Ziva was at home today, with Talia who was sleeping right now. Ziva sat on the sofa watching some movie on TV she didn’t know which one she was too busy talking to the baby and rubbing her belly. The baby has been very active today which was a sign that it might be born soon which was fine with her, she loved being pregnant but she couldn’t wait to see this one, see if it was a boy or a girl.

Knock, knock

Ziva looks at the door wondering who it could be, she knew the team was at work with a case, she hopped it was not her father or one of his men she had kept training and in shape but she was not sure she could handle a lot of them.

Knock, Knock

Slowly getting up before the knocking woke up Talia, grabbing her gun.

“Who is it?”

“Mrs. DiNozzo, its Stan Director Gibbs driver”

“Oh did something happen at work?” She asks slowly opening the door looking out and seeing it was Stan and to her surprise he had all 4 children with him.

“No nothing happen that I know of at the office but the Director told me to bring her kids here and I have a note for you.”

“Ok please come in, Neaveh and Jr run in while Stan carries Bree and Molly, setting the, in the play pen while the other two play with some of Talia’s toys.

“I have some of their things in the car, here is the note she left.” Handing Ziva the note Stan gets up to get the other stuff from the car. Ziva opens the letter


I am very sorry for what I am about to say and do. You have been my friend through some very hard times in my life, and I am glad I had the chance to meet you and got to watch as you and Tony played hard to get with each other and finally date, get married and have a beautiful daughter, I am sad that I am not going to see your new baby be born and grow up or see my children grow up, but I have to go I just have to leave everything behind. My only goal in life was to become an agent and then the director and I did all that but in doing that I left behind some things I wish I hadn’t and yes Jethro was one of them but not the only one. I am most likely being selfish in doing this to Jethro and the kids but I have too, having 4 kids one right after the other has been hard and I am having a hard time doing it. I am not going to tell you where I am going or who I am with but please don’t look for me or let Jethro get depressed I know everyone will help out. I have to go now; I hope you can forgive me. Good bye Ziva you will always be my friend.



By the time Stan comes back in he finds Ziva sitting on the sofa crying,

“Are you alright, Mrs. DiNozzo?”

“No” She sobs

“Should I call your husband?”

“No Stand thank you, the next few weeks are going to be hard for everyone.”

“Ok, well here are their things; I don’t know who is picking them up?”

“It’s ok, I will call Gibbs later.”

“Ok, well goodbye Mrs. DiNozzo”

“Bye Stan” The driver leaves, Ziva just looks at the four children, their lives are changing and they don’t even know it right now. Neaveh had walked over to her tugging on her shirt.

“What is it Neaveh?”

“Where momma go?”

“Um not sure, honey. Why don’t you go play with your brother” The little red head looks at her then turns walking back to her brother.

The team had just got back from following some leads, Gibbs walks to his desk, but stops short when he sees a folder on his desk cocking his head to the side he slowly walks over to it picking it up, it is heavy like it’s full of papers. Walking to the other side of his desk he sits down opening the folder, it was papers; on the top were to his surprise divorce papers looking through them he saw that Jenny signed where she was supposed to and all he had to do is sign. The next pile was custody papers Jenny signed all her legal right to the kids over to him. Gibbs was shocked why would she do this? He thought things were going ok, she had been a little distance in the last few weeks but just put it to her job, and having 4 kids under 2 years old. Under the last pile of papers was a note in Jenny’s hand writing


I know what you are thinking, what happen? It was nothing you did it’s me. I can’t handle being a mother to 4 small children and the director of NCIS. I am sorry I am doing this again to you, leaving without saying goodbye face to face. But I need to leave this life behind me, all my life I have had one goal and I have reached it but along the way I have left behind some people I wish I hadn’t and I am glade that we got another chance and we had 4 wonderful children, but there was someone before you Jethro way before you. I loved him and a part of me still does and yes I love you and always will you gave me some wonderful times and married me even after I broke your heart. And I know I am doing it again, you will find someone else I know you will. You are a kind caring man under the gruffness. Take care of the kids, I know they will not remember me but it’s up to you if you want to tell them about me. Jethro I know it will be hard but you have a whole team that will help you with the kids, be the father they need. Please don’t try and find me, I don’t want to be found just take care of the kids. I love you and I love them very much. Goodbye forever, Jethro



Gibbs couldn’t believe it, Jenny left him again but this time with 4 small children two of which are going to be wondering where she is. How could she do this to them, he can handle it but the kids they don’t understand.

“Gibbs!” Abby cry’s running into the room holding a paper, McGee was right behind her. Quickly Gibbs turns the papers over.

“What is it Abs?”

“Jenny! She left Timmy and me this note down in my lab. She left!”

“I know Abs; I just got a note and some papers”

“Where are your kids?” Gibbs sat up straight. He had no idea where his kids were. Picking up his phone he calls the day care center, they never came in today.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Tony asks walking in.

“Jenny left”

“Left? As in went home?”

“No, she left Gibbs and the kids.”

“What! When did this happen?”

“This morning it looks like.”

“Where are the kids?”

“They are not at the day care center.”

“Where could they be?” Gibbs phone then rings


Gibbs Jenny’s driver dropped the kids off at my house”

“What do you mean he dropped them off? How long ago?”

He just knocked on my door, with kids gave me a note from Jenny and left them along with some of their things here. But Gibbs we have a problem”

Yes, I know she left with another man”

“Well, yes there is that but Gibbs I’m in labor”

“Labor! Why didn’t you say that to start, we will be right there” Gibbs hung up the phone

“That was Ziva, she has my kids and she is in labor so Tony you leave now, I have to talk to the Assent Director. Abby and McGee follow him and watch my kids and Talia till I get there. Tony we will see you at the hospital.”

“Ok” The team leaves, Gibbs runs up to talk to the new director

Tony drives as fast as he can, skidding to a stop in front of his house running up the sidewalk flinging open the door, Ziva is on the sofa trying not to show how much pain she is in. Talia, Neaveh and Jr play on the while Molly and Bree are playing the play pen.

“Zi, are you ok?”

“Tony, does it look like I’m ok”

“That’s not…..never mind. Abby and Tim are on their way to watch the kid and then Gibbs is coming to get his and then they all are coming to the hospital.”


“How long have you been in labor?”

“About 3 hours since my water broke.”

“Are they close together?”

“Not too bad right now.”


“We are here?” Abby yells as Tim and her walk in.

“Ok, good you guys are here, let’s go Zi. Talia baby be a good girl for Abby and Tim” Both parents kiss their daughter and leave.

“Bye mommy and daddy.”

Tony and Ziva get to the hospital check in. Ziva is in the bed waiting for the doctor to check her.

“Ok Mrs. DiNozzo, let’s see how much your dilated.” After being checked out,

“You are about 5 cm, are you getting a Epidural?”

“No, not right now.”

“Ok, well I will be back in a few hours to check you again. You can have visitors till you’re ready to give birth.”

“Ok, thank you” The doctor leaves the couple alone.

“How are you doing sweet checks?”

“I’m ok for now.”

“How’s the baby?”

“It’s fine too. Kicking, come here and feel” Grabbing his hand pulling it to her belly to feel their baby kick. Both smiling.

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