Love Unknown

Chapter 28

Love Unknown

Chapter 28

Four hours later Charlotte Bina DiNozzo was born, she looks more like Tony lighter hair but with a little curl to it. Skin not as fair as her mothers, they would have to wait to see whose eyes she would have. Ziva smiles lovely down at their new daughter, Tony sitting next her with his arm around her shoulders stroking Charlotte’s check.

“She is beautiful, Zi”

“I know we make some beautiful children” Tony laughs, kissing her check

“That we do, you think we should call Abby and McGee to bring Talia over to meet her?”

“Maybe text them and see is she is awake first”

“Ok, I’ll text McGee he will not freak out as much as Abby would” Ziva laughs softly

“Yeah” Tony texts McGee, when he looks up again Ziva is feeding the baby. The couple hears some noses coming from the hall before there is a knock on the door. Gibbs peaks his head in

“You up for some company, Ziver?”

“Sure, let me just finish feeding the baby”

“Ok” Once she is done Ziva burps her

“Tell Gibbs they can come in now”

“Ok” Kissing both his girls on the head he opens the door to find Gibbs trying to hold back two little red heads and the other two from getting down

“You can come in now Gibbs”

“Thank you, they were not going to hold back much longer” Tony laughs, opening the door wide for the family, Neaveh and Jr who had finally broke free from their father run into the room stopping at the foot of the bed staring at Ziva and the bundle she was holding, Bree and Molly stop behind them.

“Hey guys”

“Baby?” Neaveh asks

“Yes, this is the baby, you want to see her?”

“Another girl Ziver?” Looking up at the man she thought of as her father and smiled

“Yes, Charlotte Bina DiNozzo”

“She is beautiful Ziver”

“Thanks Gibbs”

“I see” Gibbs left up his kids setting them around her

“Now be careful guys” After all four node their heads, lifting the baby so the four children can see her, they all have wide eyes, Gibbs stands back watching his family with a smile on his face. He was sad that Jenny was not here to see this new family member being born and watching their children with wide eyes looking at her. Gibbs sighs it was Jenny’s choice to leave her family behind Gibbs hopes she is at least happy with her new life. His thoughts are interrupted when Abby carrying Andy and McGee carrying Talia come into the room.

“Let me see it, it is a girl or a boy”

“Abby, slow down, it’s a girl Charlotte Bina” McGee gives Talia to Tony, who sits her down next to her mother.

“Mommy, baby here?”

“Yes, Talia, meet your sister Charlotte”


“Oh that is a pretty name, what does Bina mean?”

“It means…”

“Congrats Anthony and Ziva” Ducky says walking into the room followed by Jimmy and a blonde

“Thanks Ducky, Jimmy”

“Who is the blonde?” Tony asks

“Everyone this is my girlfriend Breena, Breena these are Ziva, Tony, Talia and as you heard baby Charlotte, Abby and Tim their son Andy and Gibbs and his children Jr, Neaveh, Molly and Bree.”

Nice to meet you are said around the room.

“Ziva, what does her middle name mean?”

“It means understanding, intelligence, and wisdom”

“That’s very pretty” For the rest of the night the team sits in the room talking in laughing.

As the months fly by Gibbs and the team are adjusting to not having Jenny there. Neaveh and Jr are really the only ones who ask for their mother, Gibbs has told them she went away and that is the end of it, but he knows that when they are older they are going to ask where she is and what happen, he is dredging that talk. Today is Ziva’s first day back to work after having Charlotte, who is down in the daycare along with her sister Talia who has been a great big sister. There still has been no word on Eli’s where about but Gibbs is still looking. The team was waiting for a call out so they were catching up on some paperwork.

“Agent David” A voice calls, the whole team looks over to see a short skinny guy holding some flowers

“That’s me” Ziva answers, the guy walks over to her handing her the flowers

“You have to sign this.” After she signs the paper the guy leaves.

“Who sent you flowers, Zi?” Tony asks

“It wasn’t you?”

“No.” Confused she picks up the card, reading it


Congratulations on your new daughter, she is beautiful, enjoy what time you have left with them because they will be mine soon and you will never see either of them again

Your father

For the rest of the team it’s like slow motion, Ziva reads the card, than let’s go of the flowers letting them drop to the floor, while they drop she runs out of the room. The three men look at each other.

“DiNozzo, what’s wrong with your wife?”

“I don’t know Gibbs, let’s see what the card says” Walking over to the mess on the floor, he picks up the card while reading it his eyes get wide.

“The girls”

“What about the girls?” Gibbs asks, Tony says nothing


“Ziva’s father knows about Charlotte.”

“What! How does he know about her?”

“Someone must be following Ziva” Before anything else is said Tony runs out of the room following his wife.

“McGee, get someone up here to clean this up. Save the card we have got to find out where they came from, maybe we can finally find Eli.” McGee nodes.

“But daddy! I want to stay there” The two men hear Talia say. Father and daughter come walking around into the bull pen, the little girl looking mad, a few minutes later Ziva comes in behind them carrying Charlie, as they like to call her; cradled in her arms. She is looking more and more like Tony every day, her hair is curly but a little darker in color. Her eyes are starting to change, from blue to green; her smile is all DiNozzo.

“Talia, stop winning. It’s for your own good. Go color.”

“But Mommy!” Ziva gives her a look; Talia bows her head grabbing her back pack walking over to Gibbs desk sitting on the floor starting to color. Every once in a while giving her mother a dirty look, Gibbs has to try hard not to laugh.

“Ziver, what are we going to do about Eli?” Ziva sighs

“I don’t know Gibbs, I want him found and caught.”

“Ziver” Gibbs says softly, she sighs

“I know Gibbs.” Ziva says not looking up from her youngest daughter, smiling and making faces at her.

“Are you guys thinking what I think you are thinking?”

“Yes, Tony we have to use our children as a trap to get Eli”

“No! How can you even think about doing this?”

“Tony, do you think I want to use them as bait! No, I am tired of having to look over my shoulder all the time; I want to live a normal life! I want our children to have a normal life and if this is the only way then it is what we have to do!” Ziva yells. Everyone in the room looks between Ziva and Tony, no one says a thing. Charlie opens her mouth screaming

“Shh, baby mommy and daddy are sorry for yelling” Ziva bounces her, Talia looks up at Gibbs

“Why are mommy and daddy fighting?” Talia asks in a small voice, kneeling down to her

“It’s nothing for you to worry about honey, it’s nothing you did.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, Talia. Now get back to your coloring” Messing her hair up before walking over to the couple.

“You two knock it off” He head slaps Tony Twice

“Hey, why did I get two?”

“Because I can’t head slap your wife because she is holding your daughter.”


“Now you two are scaring Talia, so no more fighting. We have to figure out a way to get Eli before he kidnaps both of your daughters, if we don’t use your children than how do we trap him?” The couple looks at each other than back at Gibbs. Before either can answer Gibbs phone rings, after hanging up he yells

“Gear up, Ziva you stay here, someone will call you when we have a name or something for you to look up. Let’s go DiNozzo, McGee” The two men follow him out of the room.

A couple hours later McGee and Tony walk into the bull pen put down their bags. McGee gets to work; Tony on the other hand walks over to his wife kissing her on the check.

“Sorry about before” He whispers

“It’s ok Tony, I understand.”

“How are the girls?”

“They are both asleep.” Looking behind her he sees Talia asleep covered with a blanket, with Charlie next to her.

“Will you two knock it off” McGee said from across the room, the couple look over at him.

“What’s wrong Mcjeouse?”

“I am not jealous, it’s just not very nice to flaunt that you can kiss or have little moments with you wife when I can’t.”

“We are sorry McGee. Tony go back to work” Ziva pushes him away from her, Tony gets sad

“Thanks McGee.”

“Whatever Tony, have you told Ziva about what happen at the scene?”

“Oh, thanks for reminding me; McGoo. Zi, I think Gibbs found his next ex-wife”

“Tony, come on Gibbs is still not over Jenny. It’s only been a couple of months.”

“But Zi, you had to be there. There was a spark between them.”

“Really? McGee is that really what happen?” She looks at the other man

“Yes, Ziva. There is something between them and the best thing is she is a blonde”

“Blonde! There is no way he would get with a blonde. All his other wives have been red heads”

“I know, that’s what makes it great.”

“Tony, there is no way”

“I’ll make a bet with you”

“Ok, what are the terms?”

“If we win you have to do all our paperwork for a month”

“Now wait a minute I don’t want to be a part of this” McGee says

“McGee, if we win she has to do all our paperwork” McGee puts his hands up letting the couple work things out.

“Alright fine, and if I win you have to do McGee and I’s paper work for a month” The couple stair at each other, walking around their desk to the middle of the room shaking hands.

“It’s a bet then.”

“Yes, it is”

The couple gets back to work, sometime later Gibbs comes down the stairs from the director’s office, but what’s more interesting is that he is following a blonde. Ziva’s eyes get wide but quickly ties to hide it. It seems Tony was right and now she is never going to live it down.

“Team this is Army Lt. Col. Hollis Mann. She is going to be working with us on the case.” Gibbs says gruffly. The others just looked at him, getting to work after Gibbs glares at them. About two hours later Charlie wakes up wanting to be feed, Talia sleeps through it; pulling a blanket out of the bag Ziva covers herself while feeding Charlie. Through the whole thing Hollis watched the interaction between mother and daughter, she has always wanted kids just never had the chance to or found the right guy. Walking over to them she leans down to look the baby.

“She is beautiful Agent David, what’s her name?”

“Thank you, her name is Charlotte but we call her Charlie.”

“Hey what about me? I had a hand in making her” Both women turn and look at Tony, who looks mad. Ziva laughs.

“Charlie, I think your daddy is jealous that mommy is getting all the congratulations.” Ziva kisses the baby on the side of her head.

“You’re her father Agent DiNozzo?” Hollis asks

“Yes” Tony says proudly with love in his eyes.

“Well then she is beautiful Agent DiNozzo” A smile breaks out on his face

“Thanks” Ziva rolls her eyes; he can be such a little kid sometimes.

“Can I hold her?” Ziva looks up at Hollis

“Sure, have you held a baby before?”

“Yeah, my sister has a few kids.”

“Ok” Standing up Ziva hands Charlie to her. Hollis had a small smile on her face, the baby smiles back.

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