Love Unknown

Chapter 29

Love Unknown

Chapter 29

Gibbs looks over from his spot in the bull pen at Hollis and the baby, she is very good with her and Charlie seems to like her too, but then again Charlie all most always like everyone. All of a sudden a flash goes through his head it’s real quick Gibbs not really seeing what it was but his body reacted his heart sped up, his breathing got quick. He knew he was attracted to her he felt it the first time he looked at her but this was new, it was almost like his body was trying to tell him something, what that was he didn’t know. Hollis bounching Charlie a little while talking to the little girl, she has always wanted kids but has never found the right time or the right guy that she would want to have kids with, she has always spoiled her sisters kids.

“Alright guys down time is over, Abby wants us down in her lab. Ziva get some more background, DiNozzo, McGee and Hollis with me.” The two men jump following Gibbs to the elevator, Hollis hands Charlie back to her mother smiling at them before following the guys. Ziva looks down at the little girl.

“You have her wrapped around your finger already don’t you.” Charlie smiles at her mother.


“Yes, Talia?”

“Can I go back, please?”

“Talia, baby I know you are board but there is someone trying to kidnap you again, mommy and daddy don’t want that to happen again so you have to stay up here with me.” Her eyes get wide

“I no want that to happen” Talia gets up in her mothers lap cuddling close to her

“I know baby, me too” Kissing the top of her head, pulling Charlie closer, the three of them have some cuddle time.

“Well Ziva I never thought I would see the day where you had a child let alone two” Ziva and Talia freezze at the sound of the voice, Charlie knows something is wrong and start to wimmper. Turning her head Ziva looks at the man in front of her. It was one of Eli’s top men, the one that hurt Talia

“How did you get in here?” The man laughs

“It’s not as hard as one would think it would be.”

“What do you want?”

“You know what I want, I am here to take your children back to your father, to be raised how they should be raised.”

“You are not taking my children, I will be dead before you take them from me” The man smiles an evil smile

“I figured you would say that” Ziva felt a stinging in her shoulder before she couldn’t move at all, she knew what was going on but was helpless. Talia starts screaming which makes her sister scream with her. Two more men come out of nowhere taking Charlie from the man, Talia on the other hand was putting up a fight biting screaming at the top of her lungs. Biting him hard he lets her go, the little girl runs out of the room.

“Go get her!”

The other two men go running after the little girl

“Well that one is a fighter just like her mother was, before she came to America and got soft. I will have lots of fun helping your father teach that girl how to act” The man has a wicked smile on his face, and all Ziva can do is sit there helpless. A few mintues later one of the other men comes back carrying a screaming and crying Talia, he had found rope somewhere tying her hands and feet together, Charlie not really know what was going on but knew she didn’t like this man was screaming.

“Let’s go, Eli is waiting for us. Good bye Ziva, oh and don’t worry we will take good care of your children.” They leave, Ziva sits in the bull pen all alone crying waiting until someone finds her or the meds wear off.

“No! I no want to go, put me down!” Talia screams trying to get away from the man, but he has a strong hold on her, throwing her in the back of a car putting Charlie next to her the men get in the front driving away from the Navy Yard. Talia try’s to get her sister to stop screaming but being tied up she can’t do anything other than wish for her mommy and daddy to be there

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