Love Unknown

Chapter 30

Love Uunknown

Chapter 30

The teams meet up at the building, after splitting up the make their ways in. After each room is cleared they still have not found the girls, Gibbs was scared that Eli already left the state and or country with them. Shaking the bad thoughts away, they make their way farther into the building.

“Gibbs, come in” Comes Fornell’s voice over the mic


“I hear some voices, west end”

“Ok, we will be right over there.” His team moves towards the other before they can get there they hear some gun shots. Gibbs, Tim and Tony run towards it. When they get there it looks like all hell as broken out, men are shooting at each other or fighting hand to hand.

“Gibbs! There are the girls” Tony yells over the noise, looking over he sees Eli trying to get both of them out of the room but he is having a lot of trouble because Taila is putting up quite the fight, you can tell who her mother is.

“Come on boys, let’s get them” The three men run over, Tim grabs grab’s Charlie before Eli knows what is going on. Tony punches him in the face, one of his men grab Tony from behind. Gibbs tries to get Talia away from Eli but he has a better grip on the girl than he can get. Finally Gibbs pulls the girl away, punching Eli sending him to the floor along with the man Tony was fighting. Tim was off to the side trying to get Charlie to stop crying but she is having none of it.

“Daddy!” Talia yells running into his arms crying

“Baby, are you alright?” He asks kissing her head over and over again hugging her tight. By now the rest of Eli’s men have been caught either dead or alive, Tim walks up to Tony handing him his other daughter who had started screaming the second she was in his arms.

“Come on we need to get them to Ducky to have them checked out.” Standing Tony carries both children out to the car, Gibbs having told Fornell that they were leaving and to call him if he needed anything, got in the car driving his team back. Tony sat in the back holding on to his girls who by now were mostly quit except for some sniffling, once they are back Gibbs tells him to take them down to Ducky and that Tim and him will check on the others and to come down to the lab when they are down.

McGee and Gibbs walk into the lab to find Ziva sitting up and drinking some water but she still looks out of it.

“Abs, when did Ziver wake up?” Gibbs asks rushing into the room over to them.

“Hey Gibbs, about 20 minutes ago. Ducky and Palmer figured out what they had given her so they gave her something to counter act it. Did you find the girls?”

“Yes, Tony has them down to Ducky, making sure they are all right. They should be here soon.”

“Tony?” Came a small voice

“Ziver, Tony is getting the girls checked out.” Gibbs tells her sliding his hands up and down her arms

“Ok, I’m tired.” Ziva says before falling back down on the blanket and falling asleep. Standing back up he turns back towards the room.

“How where the kids?” Gibbs asks as the group walking over to the others

“They were great Hollis was a big help. Bree loves her and wouldn’t let her go, it’s very cute.”

“Abs, don’t” Gibbs can see the wheels turning in her head.

“But Gibbs you need to move on, find love again. Holly is single and your kids just love her”

“Abs” Gibbs says again

“Gibbs, ask her on a date. Tim and I will watch your kids for the night.”

“We will?” Tim questions, he was all for Gibbs finding another women he just wished that Abby would talk to him before she made a plan.

“Yes!” Abby says slapping his arm


“I don’t know Abs.” He doesn’t want to put his kids through loosing another mother, not that the younger ones really remember Jenny, but the older two did and they were just getting used to her not being there.

“Gibbs, just one date, if things don’t work out that is fine but if they do then that would be great”

“Fine, Abs”

“Yeah!” She says excitedly jumping up and down while trying to hug him.

“Daddy!” Molly screams running over to him

“Molly, don’t yell. Aunt Ziva is sleeping”

“Ok” His other kids run over to him, except for Bree who is still in Hollis arms. She walks over to the group

“Thanks for helping Abs with the kids” The blonde smiles

“It was nothing they were all very good.”

“Yeah but they can be a handful when they want to be.”

“Just like their father I bet.” Hollis flirts with him, before Gibbs can see anything back Tony rushes in to the room holding Charlie and holding Talia’s hand.

“Ducky said Ziva woke up”

“She was but she had fallen back to sleep but maybe you should try talking to her, she might wake up.” Tony walks over to where his wife is sleeping placing Talia next to her still holding Charlie,

“Girls, let’s see if we can wake mommy up. But don’t yell ok?” Both shake their hands leaning closer to their mother

“Mommy?” Talia says nothing.

“Why don’t you both lie next to her, she would really like that” Talia gets on one side Tony places Charlie on the other. Ziva’s eyes flutter open once she feels little bodies next to her


“Right here honey”

“The girls?”

“Mommy” Both of them says, Ziva’s eyes get wide looking between both of them, before pulling them closer.

“Oh god, are you two alright?” She asks them, kissing each of them over and over much like their father had done. After they cuddle closer, and all three start to cry. Tony leans down kissing Ziva and then each of them.

“I love you Tony”

“I love you too Zi” The couple smile at each other.

“Why don’t we all go home” Gibbs tells the group, Palmer helps Tony get Ziva to the car while carrying Charlie. Ducky hold Talia’s hand, since Bree wouldn’t let go of Hollis she goes home with Gibbs to help him with the kids. After putting them to bed the two adults make their way down to the basement for a drink and end up in a very heated make out session. Tim and Abby head home with Andy who ends up sleeping with them

5 years later………

Two years after the case Hollis and Gibbs had gotten married; a year later much to their surprise Hollis gave birth to their daughter they named Lucy. Jenny came around last year trying to see her children but Gibbs turned her away saying they don’t even know her, Hollis is their mother. She tried a couple more times before giving up and going back to her new life she thought she had wanted. Tim and Abby got married and had two more kids, a little boy they named Jack and a little girl they named Amanda. Jimmy and Breena had two girls they named Sophie and Olivia. Tony and Ziva on the other hand had been very busy, a year later they had a set of twin girls they named Alex and Jem, 2 years later Tony finally got his wish and they had a son they named Zack, two years after that they had another little boy they named Bret. At that point Ziva had put her foot down and told Tony he had to get fixed and he better make sure that it was done. She couldn’t handle any more children at this point. The whole team was at Gibbs and Hollis’s house for a family dinner, everyone was sitting talking at laughing. Ducky’s health had been going downhill and he had been letting Jimmy take the led more often. Everyone knew he wouldn’t be working for much longer, but they were all just happy to spending as much time with him as they could.

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