Love Unknown

Chapter 6

Love Unknown

Chapter 6

At Jenny’s house….

Jenny gave her house keeper the night off. She decided she would make dinner, she loved to cook. She just never got the chance most of the time. Tonight she was making chicken with green beans, a salad and red wine to drink. While the chicken was cooking she setup the kitchen island to eat at. Once that was done, she changes into something more comfortable. On her way back downstairs the doorbell rings.

“Jethro, what are you doing here?”

“I came over to see you quick, before heading over to Ducky’s”

“Oh well come in.”

He smiles as she closes the door, pushing her against it, kissing her passionately. She kisses him back sliding her hands down his chest to his waist. His mouth travels to her neck.

“Jethro, we can’t. The girls are going to be here any minute.”

“I know.”

He continues to kiss her. This goes on till there is a knock on the door. Gibbs pulls away from her. They are both breathing heavy.

Man, they have the worst timing.”

There is another knock on the door. Jenny smiles at him kissing him one more time.

“Coming” She says towards the door.

“Go Jethro, I will see you later. You can last one day without me.”

I don’t know about that.”

He makes sure his clothes are right before opening the door. Ziva and Abby are the other side with a case of beer.

“Oh come on! Gibbs what are you doing here?”

Gibbs smiles at the two girls.

“I just came over to see Jenny.”

“It looks like you two did more than just see each other.” Ziva puts in.

Jenny’s cheeks get red.

“Gibbs this is a girls only party, stop being a horny teenager and go be with the other men.”

Jenny and Gibbs mouths drop open. They could not believe Abby just said that.

“ Abs, I am far from being a teenager.”

“Could have fooled me. Every time we come to find you, you are always with Jenny having sex! Control yourself. No go!”

Abby pushes Gibbs out the door and shuts it in his face.

“Abby!” Jenny yells. She was mad but then she just starts to laugh.

“Abby that was good. But Jethro is going to be pissed.”

“Oh well. Let’s get this party started.

The other two laugh.

“ Yes, come on you two. I am making dinner.”

“We brought beer.” Ziva says as they enter the kitchen.

“Ok put it in the frig. I have red wine for dinner. Please sit, it is almost done.”

Ziva and Abby sit at the island, watching Jenny. She looks so relaxed in sweat pants and a tank top. While they are waiting they make small talk.



All three look at their phones, Ziva smiles.


“Hey.” Tony answered

“What do you need Tony?”

Jenny and Abby pretend to be busy but listen at the same time.

“I miss you.” Ziva smiles.

Lowering her voice. “Tony we saw each other before I came to Jenny’s.”

“I know.”

“Tony is that the only reason you called?”

“No…” He told her what he wished they were doing together in bed naked. Ziva’s cheeks get red.

“Tony! When we get home we can but for now I am going, dinner is ready.” Lowering her voice again. “I love you my little harry butt.”

“Love you too sweet cheeks.” She laughs then hangs up. She has a smile on her face as she turns towards the others.

“What did Tony want?” Abby asks

“Nothing really, just that he missed me.”


Before she could say anything, Jenny puts a full plate in front of each of them, filling their wine glasses before she sat down across of them.

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