Love Unknown

Chapter 7

Love Unknown

Chapter 7

At Ducky’s House…..

The guys order a couple of pizzas and drink some beer. They had a game on in the background. They were laughing and having a good time, even Gibbs. The more beer they had, the crazier things got.

“Jethro, the other day when I walked in on Jennifer and you, I have to say she still looks good.”

Tony and Tim choke on their beer.

“You saw what?” Tony asks.

“Anthony, I saw Jennifer half naked sitting on a shirtless Jethro’s lap in her office.”

“Why to go boss man!” Tony cheers.

Tim still can’t say anything. He had thought that the two were together but to know is another thing. Gibbs head slaps Tony.

“Ow” Gibbs just smirks.

“Tony, why don’t you tell the others what Jenny and I saw last week. You and Ziva in the bull pen, behind your desk.”


“You tell them or I will.”


“Tony, this is what we are here for. Friends tell friends about the women in their lives. You know about Jenny and I, now it is your turn.”

Tony sighed.

“Ziva and I had sex in my chair in the bull pen when no one was there”

“You what! Abby and I…..” The others looked at Tim, who’s eyes got wide and put his hands over his mouth. Gibbs glares at him.

“You and Abs what!”

“Umm, nothing. Back to Tony and Ziva having sex in the bull pen.”

Tony was laughing.

“McLoving and Abs! Nice.” Tony slaps him on the back. Gibbs head slaps both of them.

“Ow” “Ow”

Duck was just sitting there watching them. Gibbs was mad, Ducky knew his team was his family.

“Now Tim, what is this about Abby and You?” Gibbs asks again

“Well….um.. Abby and I have been kind of sleeping together on and off for about 3 years now.”

Tony gives him a thumbs up behind Gibbs back. Gibbs just stairs at Tim.

“Jethro, give Anthony and Timothy a break. Ziva and Abagail are both very beautiful women. And wouldn’t you rather these two be dating them, that way you can keep an eye on them?”

“Duck, good point. Didn’t think about it that way. If either of you hurt them you will have me to deal with. Understand?”

Both of the node.

“Alright now lets get back to the game.” Ducky says to lighten the mood. Gibbs gives both younger men a pointed glare then smiles, walking over to Ducky. Tony and Tim look at each other, then sit down to watch the game.

At Jenny’s…..

The three women had just got done with dinner, cleaned up and are sitting in the living room. In the background music is playing. The wine and beer is staring to have effect them. They are load and everything is making them laugh.

“So Jenny, how long have you and the boss man been doing the nasty?”

“What!” Ziva shouts

“I saw them, in her office she was half naked and he had no shirt on. And may I say he is looking good. The others laugh.

“Oh Abby, yes he is still good looking.”

“So how long?” Ziva asks

“About a year now.”


“Now Ziva do you have anything to tell us about Tony and You?” Ziva looks anywhere but a Jenny.”


“Ziva, Jethro and I saw you two in the bull pen. Ziva’s cheeks got red

“Come on Ziva, we are friends here. You can tell us.”

“Fine, Tony and I had sex in his desk chair in the bull pen last week.”

“Oh my god Ziva! This is great. So how is he in bed? A good as he makes it seem?” Ziva smiles

“Better! He is so loving and gives me what I need.”

Abby squealed, Jenny smiled.

“What about you Abby, do you have a man in your life?” Jenny asks

“Well, yes”

“Tell us who, Abby.”


“McGee! Abby, I knew there was something between you two.”

“How long?” Ziva asks

“On and off for about 3 years.”

“3 years. And you have not told me!”

Ziva is outranged.

“We are friends Abs.”

“I know. But you never told me about Tony.”

“True, I’m sorry. Tony and wanted to keep it to ourselves.”

“As with Tim.”

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