Hetalia of the Dead


When the multicultural school of Hetalia Gakuen is taken over by the walkingdead, it's up to the surviving students to put theirs (and others) lives on the line as they struggle to get to a safe place

Horror / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Hetalia of the Dead

For this, I'm taking inspiration from a lot of zombie things. E.G. Resident Evil (games and books), High School of the Dead and other horror films/anime.

Expect the unexpected.

P.S. I'm not familiar with the 'Grade System' so just go along with it :)

Chapter One

Alfred F. Jones yawned as the history teacher rambled on about the Second World War and how it had all come to an end in 1945. Usually this sort of thing interested the plucky American with tales of heroes and soldiers and damsels in distress, that sort of stuff. But today he just wasn't listening.

Call it sixth sense or not, but something just didn't set well with him today. It felt like something was about to go wrong. It had started that morning when the School Council President had once again – like every morning – told him off over his 'lack of disrespect for school uniform'. The sixteen year old Junior (was boosted up a grade) had berated his brown bomber jacket and then shared his distaste over Alfred's red converse footwear. Alfred had waved away the older boy old as usual and went to his first lesson.

It wasn't like they were not friends. In fact they were what Alfred liked to call 'Bromies'. Arthur hated the term but he went along with it anyway. Usually Arthur Kirkland could be found in his office, but when he wasn't there he was on the school roof smoking cigarettes stolen from either his father or one of his older brothers. Alfred was the only one who knew about this habit and sometimes used it to blackmail the elder.

His other thought about why this was not a good day was with his stomach. Usually when it churned it meant that he was hungry but today it wasn't the same feeling. It felt hollow and empty but yet bubbling at the same time. The feeling was making him feel sick. Speaking of sick, his ill stomach wasn't helped by the fact that before his second lesson, when he entered the bathroom to answer natures call, he had come across a few boys who were not fit to be at school. They were all as white as ghosts and using up of the stalls to heave their guts out. He had left the bathroom as the smell of vomit and urine hit his nostrils.

As the bell rang to signify a break, Alfred was the first one to pack his bag and leave the classroom, dodging students and going straight to Arthur's office. When he got there, there was a note stuck on the inside of the window saying 'back in fifteen minutes'. Alfred smirked, he knew where to find his British friend.

Leaving the rest of the students, he went up the steps usually only used by the janitor. Even to this day, Alfred couldn't work out how Arthur had managed to get a set of keys for the school roof but he wasn't arguing. Arthur had a way with words so it wasn't a surprise. As he got to the top, he peeked out through the cracked door and saw his friend leaning against the wire mesh, a half smoked cigarette peeking out from between his lips.

"Dude, how did I know to find you here?" Alfred grinned, walking over to Arthur.

Arthur jumped when the American had begun talking, thinking that he was being found out by a teacher. But he soon recognised the loud voice and didn't even turn to look at him.

"You know me too well" he said dully, taking a drag from the cigarette and holding it expertly between his fingers. "Weren't you supposed to do extra 'football' practice today?"

Alfred smirked when Arthur used his fingers to add quotations around the word football. Even though he had been living in the States for the past three years, Arthur still refused to use American English. 'No such thing' he would say.

"Coach cancelled" Alfred replied, "Something about the other guys not wanting their eating time shortened"

"I'm guessing you were the first to protest?" Arthur chuckled, taking a last drag of the cigarette and flicking it over the edge. "You and food have a relationship that I'll never understand"

Alfred chuckled and joined his friend by the edge of the wall. The wire mesh was easy to see through and just as easy to bend and break. Alfred amused himself for a moment by grabbing it and seeing how far it could stretch. He only stopped when he heard voices from down below.

They both tensed, thinking that someone had seen them in what was obviously a no students allowed zone. But as they both looked down, they saw that the commotion was coming from the school grounds, on the football field where the girl's hockey team were currently playing.

Both boys watched in silence as the teacher blew her whistle and called for the girls to take a time out. The reason for the early break was due to a few people walking across school property when they were not either students or teachers of the school. In fact, even from a far distance, anyone could tell that these three people- two men and one woman- were drunk.

"Which do you think is the hottest?" Alfred mused, watching the hockey girls gulp their water and do stretches. "Maddie has a cute face but Amelia had a great body. Alice is good too but she's too stuck up for my liking"

"I've found that she's a rather nice girl" Arthur retorted, craning his neck to get a better look at the drunken trio. "She nice when she's not hitting you with a book. But yeah, Amelia is kinda hot" then said nonchalantly, "Thought you weren't into girls?"

Alfred pouted, "So? Even if I was, I'm pretty sure I could have anyone I want"

Arthur snorted as the P.E teacher walked over to the inebriated trio, "Sure you could Alfred, sure you could"

As Alfred was watching the girls, he missed what Arthur saw and that was when one of the trio attacked the P.E teacher. From far away, Arthur couldn't see how she had been attacked but one moment the drunks were swaying in front of her and the next, one had launched himself at her. He could hear the screaming of the teacher and soon, most of the girls were running over to help, hockey sticks in the air. Some paused as they ran over but some of the braver ones ran ahead and began hitting the offender.

Alfred gasped as his eyes finally trailed to the attack. They both watched as the drunks began attacking the girls. All they could hear was screaming and Alfred –hero complex kicking in-, ran back to the door and down the steps, needing to help them.

"Alfred wait!" Arthur cried after him, trying to keep up with the youngers fast pace. "Wait!"

But Alfred wasn't listening as he dodged students coming in and out of the cafeteria. As soon as he got outside he was too late. The unharmed girls were carrying in the injured. The teacher looked the worst, covered in scratches and bloody bite marks. The girls weren't much better with their dishevelled hair and also covered in blood covered marks, some of them so deep that bone could be seen.

Arthur joined Alfred's side as the girls pushed passed them and wandered to the infirmary. "Bloody hell" Arthur gasped watching as one girl took out her phone and dialled the police. "What happened out there?"

Alfred didn't answer, just looked out to the field where the three drunks were slumped on the floor either passed out or knocked out. The coach was watching over them, waiting with a gore covered hockey stick just in case one of them roused.

"I don't know" Alfred whispered, the silence of the school feeling rather uncomfortable. Suddenly the principle's voice was coming out of the intercom.

"Students are required to remain calm. Miss Winter has been taken to the infirmary where her wounds are being professionally taken care of. There is no need for alarm as lessons will proceed as normal. Anyone taking physically education later today, for that period please report to the library where a substitute teacher will take over your lesson. Thank you and carry on"

The silence continued and then muttered conversation broke out. The girl who had tried to phone the police, angrily shut her phone and said to herself, "No one is answering. Shit. When we have a real emergency they don't answer!"

"Hey Amelia" Alfred said, walking over to the girl who was covered in blood and with a few scratches on her cheeks and arms, "What happened out there?"

The blonde girl faced him and frowned, "Those fuckers attacked Miss Winter and then us when we intervened. They were biting and scratching us like they wanted us dead. It was so damn freaky; it was like they were zombies or something. Sure smelt like death"

"Zombies?!" Alfred yelped fearfully, leaping behind Arthur and hiding. His hands were on the Brit's shoulders so Arthur could feel his friend quivering. "So scary"

"Not real ones" Arthur sighed, looking at Amelia who cocked a brow at Alfred's reaction. "Probably too drunk to-"

"Yeah, I'd love to stay and chat but I need to go see the nurse. One of the bastards grabbed my leg after I floored it and it bit me. I think I'll need a rabies shot or something. See ya"

Arthur waved none committedly and then turned to Alfred who was still shivering. "Oh get a hold of yourself will you? They've been taken care of, the girls have seen to that. I need to go back to my office so why don't you get something to eat or drink?"

"Yeah" Alfred nodded, his eyes shifting from side to side nervously, "But I saw this show once where zombies came out of nowhere and took over the world!"

Arthur rolled his eyes and ran his fingers through his light blond hair, "Stop sounding like a child. Zombies, monsters, vampires, mummies and other things like that don't exist. And even if they did, what are the chances that they'd attack here, of all places? Go on, go and get something to eat and I'll see you later, alright?"

Alfred nodded and watched as Arthur walked away. Ever since his father had made Alfred and his twin brother watch a horror movie when they were seven (mans' them up he had said), Alfred had been terrified of horror clichés like monsters, ghosts and most of all zombies. It didn't help that he used to watch his father play zombie games too. Their father was horrified when both sons said that they were homosexual, (you mean we did all those manly things for nothing?). But no matter, both parents accepted them for what they were – even if Mr. Jones had been a little disappointed.

As he was thinking about the time he had been kept awake all night when Matthew had his French boyfriend over and their activities could be heard through the walls, his stomach gave another moan of unease. Before he went to eat anything, he decided that he was going to face the puking boys and demand to be let into a cubicle so he could release the tension of his bladder.

Thankfully when he got there, there was only one guy inside. He was slumped against the sink, his skin pale and clammy looking and his mouth and front smeared with vomit. Alfred wasn't sure whether to approach the boy or not so he entered the cubicle, undone his zipper and emptied his bladder. He let out a satisfying sigh as the pain from his abdomen disappeared. He soon pushed himself back into his blue and white checked school trousers and flushed the toilet. As he went to wash his hands, he frowned when realising that there was only two sinks. One with the guy slumped over it and one that looked worn out. As he went over to the sink and let the water run, he side glanced at the boy who had his eyes shut but mouth wide open. His yellowing teeth were crooked and when Alfred leaned closer he had to quickly recoil from the guy's seriously bad breath.

"Hey . . . dude. You okay?" he said to him. The boy didn't even stir. He dried his hands on some paper towels and then shook the guys arm lightly. "Seriously man, are you okay?"

Once again the boy didn't stir. Alfred frowned and said, "Don't worry, I'll get a teacher in here"

He quickly left the room and wandered the halls looking for the first male teacher. He came across the English teacher telling off a girl and boy for kissing in the hallway. He sent them off in different directions and turned to Alfred.

"Yes Jones?" he sighed, rubbing his temples.

"Sir, there's a boy passed out in the toilets. I really think he needs some help" Alfred answered.

"Oh really?" the teacher said wearily, "Just something else I need! OK Jones, thank you for letting me know. I'll go and see him"

Alfred left the teacher muttering and cursing and went to see if there was any food he could eat. Usually he could wait until lunchtime but today he felt like he needed something to calm his stomach down. He came to the first vending machine he came across and got a chocolate bar, eating it in three quick bites.


"Urgh, do you have to bring that in with you?"

Alfred raised the brown bag in his hand and looked at it questioningly. "Why? Is it offending you your highness?"

Arthur glared from behind his desk, closing the lid of his laptop and putting it back into his bag. When he finished packing his computer, he used his hand to cover his nose and mouth when Alfred produced a fat greasy burger from the bag and shoved half of it into his awaiting mouth. "Gross" Arthur muttered under his breath. Suddenly, something was thrown at him and landed with a squelch on his desk in front of him. This bag was also sporting the famous golden arch and the brown bag was covered in dark stains. Arthur would be lying if he said that he didn't just throw up a little in his mouth.

"I was nice enough to get you some food since what you bring in to eat would poison everyone. How are you not sick from it?"

Arthur brushed the brown bag to the end of his table and brought out his lunch box. He hadn't had time to make anything this morning so his mother had made him a lunch worthy of a five year old. There was two ham sandwiches, a packet of ready salted crisps, a carton of orange juice and an apple. He would have thought that he had accidently picked up his little brothers lunch if the sticky note on the top didn't have his name written on it.

"Oh, your mom made it for you today?" Alfred said happily, "Awesome, you get to survive another day"

"My mum still thinks I'm a little kid" Arthur groaned as his poked the little straw through the top of the drink carton. "She bought me some pyjamas last week-"

"Can't have enough PJ's" Alfred retorted.

Arthur winced, "They had blue teddy bears all over it" he groaned, "And were two sizes too small. I just threw them into Peter's room and hoped for the best"

Alfred let out a loud laugh forcing the Brit to glance tiredly up at him, "Please keep your voice down, Alfred" he said, "I've got a banging headache and you're not helping it go away"

"Eat your burger and you may feel better" Alfred suggested.

"Oh yeah" Arthur said sarcastically, "Even better maybe I should put it on my head! THAT will make it alllllll better"

Alfred pouted, "So, you're in a pissy mood. No need to take it out on me"

Arthur rubbed his face with his hands and groaned, "Sorry. I'm just tired and I still have a shit load to do before the end of the day. I have to write so many forms to get more hockey sticks because the girls team broke so many of theirs fighting those bloody drunks"

"Anyway I can help?" Alfred asked, perching on the edge of Arthur's desk and opening the bag that he had given the other knowing that I would go uneaten.

Arthur shook his head as he took the straw into his mouth and took a sip of his drink. Alfred shrugged –at least he offered his help- and took the now cold burger into his mouth and ripped a large chunk away with his teeth. As he was chewing he was pondering once again like he had all day over the attack that they had witnessed on the playing field. Amelia had said that the 'drunks' were attacking with their teeth and hands. Even drunk, who would attack someone like that? And in the bathroom where he had found that boy unconscious against the sink. To think of it, he hadn't seen that English teacher since that time. He turned to Arthur who was taking his first bite of his apple and was about to open his mouth when a horrified scream shattered the silence. Arthur dropped his apple in shock where it fell to the floor and rolled across the floor whereas Alfred quickly got to his feet, his half eater burger clenched tightly between his hands, sauce dribbling between his fingers.

"What the . . ."

Before Arthur could complain about screaming girls making his drop his food, the door to the office shook as what seemed like a body was slammed into it. The window cracked slightly and dark red liquid was splattered on it.

"Shit" Alfred breathed as another scream was cut short. "What the fuck?"

Worried, Arthur grabbed his chair and used it to secure the door shut. He didn't want anyone coming in. He looked at Alfred who had raised his eyebrow in questioning, "What?" Arthur said, "I have no intention of breaking up any fights and I sure don't want them continuing in here. I'll use the phone to contact the Principle"

Alfred watched as the other wandered over to the desk and picked up the phone, resting it between his cheek and shoulder as he typed in the Principles code. It was automatically cut off. Frowning, Arthur tried again but the same happened.

"Can't get through" he said as he put the phone back down.

"I don't think that's an ordinary fight out there" Alfred said, walking closer to the cracked window and peeking through. The window was ripple designed so it was hard to see what was going on out there. All he could see was blurred shapes attacking other blurred shapes. Growling slightly, he bent and went to look through the keyhole and what he saw horrified him. He stood up quickly and backed up until his back hit Arthur's desk. He was shaking, his mouth open and moving but no words were coming out. His wide blue eyes were glued to the door and he raised his arm and pointed at it, his chest heaving.

Arthur looked between Alfred's face, his pointing hand and the door. Eventually he asked, "What is it, Alfred?"

Alfred let out a strangled cry and then whispered, "Zombies".

Maddie, Amelia and Alice – anyone sense Nyotalia names? Don't worry, there won't be any gender bending in this story. Also, this story will contain other side pairings, I'm not very experimental so it'll just be the typical, classic pairings.

So what do you think so far? Not too bad is it? Please let me know and if you want me to continue this XD

Keza xXx

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