When AVALANCHE Agent Tifa Lockhart finds herself on the receiving end of a failed, secret mission, she doesn't realise how much the fanged 'criminal' will affect her whole life and what possible dange

Age Rating:

Train Seige


Fic based in the normal Final Fantasy world, but street names are all named by me.

Reason rated M: Swearing and for scenes in later chapters.

Genres: Supernatural, romance, action and I'll have a go at humour. Also some scenes that may make you go 'Ewwww'.

Disclaimer: Do not own any of these characters, just the story idea.

I also don't claim to be able to write good action or romance scenes but I'll do my best :D

Anyway, now that's done with, let's carry on with the main feature. Reviews are also greatly appreciated, thank you. Enjoy x


The room was dark, there were no lights turned on throughout the building. The area was eerily and spookily quiet. Two figures were highlighted slightly by the streetlamps outside. One figure was tall and stood with his back straight and head held high, the other was hunched over and twisting his shaking hands together in a nervous fashion.

"One week Mr. Stenners" the taller of the two said, his voice husky and calm, taking a drag out of his cigarette and eyeing his accomplice dangerously as he slowly released the smoke from his lungs "You think you'll be able to do that?""Y-yes" came the reply, low and timid "Thank you kindly sir. You – you won't regret it sir"

"I should hope not" the other breathed, skilfully flicking his cigarette butt out of the open window and pulling the sleeves of his jacket further down his arms "You know the consequences if you fail to be true to your own words"

The smaller man could only nod his head as words were clogged deep down his throat. The other checked his watch and patted the scared man on the cheek in a non-affectionate way and left the building and proudly got into his expensive black car and drove away. Back in the room, the terrified man dabbed his sweating brow with a dirty handkerchief and slid down the wall he was resting against and drew his knees close to his chest and wept. The once silent room was now filled with his moans and uncontrollable sobs.

Chapter One

My name is Tifa Lockhart. I am AVALANCE's number one top secret agent. I never used to believe in the unnatural or things that were not scientifically explained. But that was until I met him . . .

"Would you like anything else madam?" a young woman smiled, placing a cup and saucer on the tray in front of the chairs occupant.

"No thank you" the other woman replied, removing her dark shades to reveal warm, mahogany coloured eyes. The dark haired hostess nodded politely as she took hold of the handlebar of her trolley and wheeled it towards the people in front, asking if they wanted any refreshments. Tifa gently took the cup into her hands and sipped at her coffee slightly then sighed in content, placing it back down. She looked around the rest of the high class compartment filled with posh and greatly dressed passengers and smiled nicely at a young red haired boy from across the floor. The boy visually blushed red and hid his face behind his superhero comic book. She took another slight sip of her coffee and gazed outside the window and watched the world speed past her eyes. She stretched her legs as far as the space could let her and rested her heavy feeling head on the headrest, willing herself not to fall to sleep. She had had the most wonderful time in Costa del Sol the past week, and was really regretting leaving and going back to her hectic life back in Midgar. Closing her eyes, she could still hear the crashing of the waves as the water gently hit the golden sand, the seagulls flying overhead, cawing at people and begging for food scraps, children happily playing together as they built sandcastles, angry men telling people to put their hands over their heads and to shut the hell up . . . huh?

She snapped her eyes open as screams of terror filled the compartment and a warning gun shot was fired and hit the far wall, only gaining more shouts of hysteria.

"I said shut it!" roared a man from the front of the carriage. Quickly glancing, Tifa could only make out that his face was covered in a black balaclava with holes for the eyes and mouth and in his hand he held a handgun, most likely fully loaded. Three other men, dressed in complete black and carrying identical weapons passed down the compartment and through the door and yelled threats to the people in Second Class as another shot was taken. The man at the front of them slowly began walking his way up to people, yelling at them to empty their bags and to remove their jewellery and other valuables. No one moved their hands, they only did so to either comfort their children or do as the man told them. Unfortunately, the train was sailing its way through the countryside, where phone reception was non-existent, so no emergency calls to the police could be made.

Keeping her head low, she knew that if she got up now, it would lead to her being shot, so she decided to wait till the man came to her before she acted. She traced where his footsteps were and knew he had about a few minutes until he got to her, so she racked her head, thinking how she could overpower him.

"I said remove your jewellery!" the violator yelled at an innocent passenger "Unless you want your brain splatted across the fucking room"

"But this is my wedding ring" the brave yet stupid man replied "You can have everything else, but this"

Tifa heard the gun cock again and yelled in her head 'Give him the ring, give him what he wants, don't argue with him. For the love of God, just give him the ring'.

"Harold" the man's wife piped up "He has a damned gun pointed at your head. Give him your ring"

"Denise" Harold argued "I-"

"Do not argue with me, give him it! I don't want you dead"

'Listen to your wife' Tifa's brain muttered 'She's right; if I succeed you'll escape with it and your life'.

Harold huffed as he finally gave in and placed the small golden band into the robber's empty gloved hand and faced away. After taking everything he wanted from the woman in front of her, the man finally got to Tifa who kept her eyes to the floor. She felt the barrel of the gun touch her head and before the man could say or do anything, she grabbed his wrist and turned the weapon upwards where a shot went through the roof. Still holding onto the yelling man, Tifa jumped to her feet, twisted his armed arm around his back and shoved his face into her now empty seat. Putting bone crunching pressure onto the limb she had held of, the man's fingers released themselves from around the gun and she snatched it up immediately. Keeping the man down she connected the butt of the gun with his head and she felt him go limp and fall unconscious. She grabbed the black bag that was tied around his waist and threw it into the middle of the floor.

"Everyone get your valuables and remain quiet" she told them "Can someone keep an eye on their phone signal? As soon as you get even a little bit, call the police ok? Also, keep an eye on him, yell if he wakes up"

Everyone nodded but no one moved, not even for the bag as Tifa peeped through the glass door leading into the next compartment. A similar dressed man was inside, doing the same as his fallen comrade.

People screamed as she entered the room and she watched as the robber jumped, dropped his bag and aimed his gun at her. It was soon shot out of his hand as she fired and he fell to one knee as he clutched his broken wrist. Before he could move anymore, Tifa ran over to him and kicked him in the face and picked up his gun. She aimed them both at him as he looked up at her with blood running down his chin from a busted lip and broken nose.

"Goodnight" she said as she kneed him in the jaw and his head fell backwards and he fell to the floor, no longer moving. Without telling them, everyone remained quiet, not quite sure whether to scream or cheer so they decided to do neither and watch.

Tifa took off the man's leather belt and tired it around his wrists behind his back and threw him onto an empty chair. She was about to grab his bag when she heard the door from the far end open. Snapping her head up, she barely had time to dodge the shotgun bullet fired at her. The gun was cocked and aimed at the chair she had retreated onto. Using the reflection of her watch, she used it to see where her attacker was stood. He hadn't moved so she took that moment to fire half blindly at him. By the sound he made, it had been a hit. She looked over her seat and saw that everyone had crouched down and had their hands covering over their heads.

She watched the man clutch his blooded knee and drop his shotgun for a different weapon light and deadly enough to hold and fire in one hand. Before he could properly handle the pistol, she shot at his hand and he screamed in anguish as his now mutilated hand dropped the gun. She shot at his other kneecap, and watched as he fell into an untidy heap.

Feeling it safe, she jumped from her hiding place and quickly ran over to him and kicked his two guns away from his reach. But he shot his hand out and grabbed her ankle and dragged her to the floor. She tried to kick his hand away but he only held on tighter and dug his nails into her black boot. Using her other foot, she aimed it at his face and winced as the heel connected with his left eye. He let go of her and banged on the floor in pain.

Still seated on the floor, she flicked her foot into the side of his head and he fell onto his back, still howling in pain and yelling for the other men. The last man came running inside, armed with a baseball bat covered in nails. Upon seeing the commotion, he swung the bat at Tifa and she grit her teeth together as the bat hit her leg and the nails dug deep into she flesh and ripped it away as he brought it up for another swing. Doing the only thing she could do, she aimed one of the guns and fired it at him and saw the bat fall from his hands and clutch at his bloody crotch. She swung her wounded leg and swept it under his, and he fell heavily onto his still complaining partner in crime. She got up and aimed both guns at them as someone from the first carriage ran in whist yelling down her phone.

"They said to meet them at the first stop from here" the young blonde girl said to Tifa "That's Midgar right?"

"Yeah" Tifa replied, her eyes not moving away from the men "Sector one, the first station".

The young girl repeated that down the phone and nodded as she listened to what the person on the other side of the phone was saying.

"Four yeah . . . yeah they were armed . . . yes, a woman took them all out . . . you want to talk to her? Ok" she held out the phone to Tifa and she took it and held it to her ear.

"Yeah?" she said down it.

"Should have known" smirked a gruff voice from the other end which made her smile "So much for a peaceful holiday eh?"

"I know" Tifa chuckled as she stomped on the hand of the fourth man as he tried to stretch for the nailed bat. He released a howl of pain and rested his face on the floor; Tifa continued "No one is hurt other than the pathetic men who are all unarmed now. We should reach Midgar in about an hour, I'm sure I can keep them under wraps till then"

"I don't doubt you can" the voice replied, and she heard him tapping away at a keyboard "I'll get most of my men down there and an ambulance. I'll try and keep the place clear and keep the press out of the way"

"Ok, thanks Barret. See you soon"

"Later Teef" the line went dead, she handed the phone back to the girl who pocketed it and gave her a forced smile.

"You did great" Tifa told her "What's your name?"

"Annette" the girl replied "I've got the latest technology so only my phone was able to pick up the signal. Can I just say that you are awesome, I'll have to get a picture of you before we leave and get you to sign it"

Tifa laughed as Annette made her way back to the first compartment. She struck both men with her foot and once they fell unconscious, she bound them by their wrists with their belts and hauled them into an empty restroom. She grabbed the other two, bound the first one and shoved them into the toilet too. She gathered up their guns and kept them near her just in case something else unexpected happened. Remembering that the men had come from the drivers section, she wandered down the First Class compartment and through to the driver's area. He jumped as she closed the door behind her.

"I'm doing as you said" he squeaked "Please, I don't want anyone harmed"

"Don't worry" she said "They've been taken care of and the police have been informed. Just, get us to Midgar as soon as you can"

The driver, in his sweated white uniform turned relieved hazel eyes towards her and sighed once he saw that she was not a threat.

"Man" he gasped, wiping his brow "I thought . . . I thought it was one of them. So, what's happened? It's all been taken care of?"

"Yeah" Tifa answered "There shouldn't be any more disruptions from now on. Keep doing your job and we'll all be fine. Think your nerves can hold?"

"Well they're gunna have to" he said, turning back to the tracks "I doubt anyone else on here can drive this train, do you?"

She smiled and shook her head, her lose dark hair swaying with the motion of side to side. She clasped him on the shoulder and re-entered the First Class room to people thanking her, and congratulating her and the hostess shoving a full bottle of wine into her hands. Tifa tried to give it back but the hostess insisted and said she'd be offended if Tifa didn't take it. People tried to shove money into her pockets and woman grabbed her into bone crunching hugs and men kissed her cheeks. Even the children ran up to her to hug her. She just smiled and thanked them all and eventually managed to get to her seat and resume the position she had before the disruption. She really needed a nap, but knew she'd have to keep on full alert in case something else did happen. Well, if something did occur, she had two handguns, a shotgun, a pistol and a baseball bat with nails in it on her side, not a lot of people would argue with that. Only the mentally insane ones would.

After an hour, the train rolled to a halt and as soon as she got to her feet, policemen and women ran inside, holding guns close to their chests. Tifa nodded to one of them and took them down towards the toilet she had stored the men. They opened the door cautiously and aimed their weapons inside. The now conscious men instantly gave up and tried to raise their belt-bound hands above their heads but were unable to do so. The officers went into the restroom, replaced the belts with steel cuffs and dragged them outside and into squad cars.

Tifa got out of the train and instantly spotted the person she was after (well, it's not hard to spot a large black man in the middle of a lot of short white people), and tapped him on the shoulder. Barret turned around and his face instantly lit up as his brown eyes locked with hers.

"Agent Lockhart" he grinned, giving her a little bow out of humour "I'm sure congratulations are in store"

"Oh don't" she said, rolling her eyes "Think you can get me to Sector Five quicker than that train?"

"Sure" he said, his smile suddenly faded once he noticed her wounded leg "What happened"

She looked where he nodded and smiled crookedly "Oh that" she said "Got wacked by one of those bastards. May need a plaster on it or something"

"Women" Barret growled, grabbing her arm and half-heartedly dragged her towards the paramedics. It took five minutes to clean the little puncture wounds in her thigh and have it bandaged up, but once they were done, she threw her one suitcase into the trunk, gave him the wine to keep and got into the passenger seat of Barret's cop car and they drove off.

She took this time to properly look at her friend. Barret Wallace was a middle aged man who looked big and scary but inside; he was a kitten with a heart of gold. His right hand had been blown off by a car bomb a few years back and had been replaced with a fully working electronic one; he had joked plenty of times about grafting a gun or sword onto it rather than just a hand. His black hair was tightly braided (probably by his young daughter) and his right cheek had a two clawed scar running across it, something a rabid, out of control dog had given him when he was a child. He also had a tattoo of a skull on his left forearm, but that was hidden by the blue sleeve of his officer's uniform.

She had met him on her first day in the police force, she had aided him with taking down a bank robber and from then on, they had formed a close, unbreakable friendship, one that had strengthened as she rose through the ranks up to agent status. She practically loved his six year old daughter Marlene like a little sister. Barret wasn't her biological father, she had been the daughter of one of his close friends and Barret, who was once named godfather to Marlene, took over as her father once his friend died of an incurable illness when she was a few months old. Her mother had died giving birth to her. Barret himself had been married once, but his wife had been murdered cruelly and the help from the police to bring her killer to justice had inspired him to join the force.

"How was your holiday then?" Barret suddenly asked, snapping her out of her musings.

"Amazing" she answered "I'm gunna officially move there one day. A place with plenty of rooms so you and Marlene can visit as much as you want"

"That'll be good" he laughed "Marlene would love that"

"So, how have you two been? Same old?" she asked

"Pretty much" he agreed "Nothing new to report. She'll be thrilled to hear that you saved a train full of people from some bad guys. You know, the whole girl power thing you two have going on"

She laughed and nodded but told Barret she'd have to tell Marlene about her days antics another time because all she wanted to do was go home. He nodded and after a while of silence they soon got to Sector Five, Hollander Road.

"Thank you Barret" she grinned getting out of the car and grabbing her bag "I'll try and drop around yours tomorrow if you're in"

"It's a date" he beamed, giving her a swift kiss on the cheek, getting back behind the wheel and driving back to the station. She sighed contently and looked up at the house she was living in. It was a tall but narrow red brick building, squeezed between an abandoned shop and another identical house. It was three levels high, the second and third floor having one bedroom and a bathroom and the first floor having a kitchen and living area. She put her suitcase onto its wheels and dragged it up the five steps to the greying front door and testing the door handle to check if it was open, which it turned out; it was, since she really didn't fancy trying to fish out her door keys.

Opening the door, she went inside and placed her suitcase inside the dark narrow corridor and yelled "I'm home"

A second later, a door banged open, followed by a high pitched squeal as Tifa's housemate ran down the stairs and flung herself into her arms.

"Welcome back" the auburn haired female grinned, her emerald coloured eyes staring into Tifa's. "I've missed you so much; it's been sooooooo boring without you around. I went to church and prayed for your safe return and here you are"

"You know I'm not religious Aerith" Tifa laughed, deciding not to tell her best friend about the attack on her on the train ""But thanks anyway"

Aerith untangled her arms from around her friend and just stood there grinning at her. She, like always, was wearing pink. This time it was a cute little pink strap top with a loose white knee length skirt and pink platform shoes. Tifa was the opposite, wearing complete black. It was like the good and evil angels had just met in the same place and were facing each other.

Despite being a little smaller, Aerith was actually two years older at the age of twenty-four. After a little bit of awkward silence where neither woman spoke a word, Aerith jumped out of her daydream and grabbed the handle of Tifas' suitcase.

"Let me take this up for you" she smiled, tugging the light load up the first few steps, but physically struggling. Tifa smiled, shook her head and went over and grabbed the bottom of the red bag and together, they took it up to the third floor which was Tifas room. They unceremoniously flung it onto the bed where it bounced a little then dropped still. Aerith wiped her brow which wasn't sweating and led the way down the stairs and into the kitchen where she was currently in the middle of cooking spaghetti Bolognese, her speciality.

"Smells good" Tifa said, taking a good whiff. Aerith giggled and dipped a small spoon into the sauce and held it out. Tifa took the spoon into her mouth and let her tongue explore the magic which was Aerith's cooking.

"That's amazing" Tifa said swallowing "You're gunna have to let me in on your secret"

Aerith just smiled sweetly and cleaned the spoon "I've tried to teach you how to cook lots of times" she said "You always seem to burn down things. Usually either yourself or me. I know it was an accident but people don't normally wear long, flowing sleeves whilst bending over a lit stove"

Both of them laughed over the memory, so Tifa decided to do what so could do which was set the table out. Once they were sat down with their meals and Tifa had finished telling her friend what she got up to on the beach, their conversation got onto the church in the Slums that Aerith and the vicar were trying to restore.

"It's such an old and beautiful place" she informed "There's holes in the ceiling and the benches are all broken and scattered around, like there's been a fight in there. So, we're hosting a fair so that we can get the money to get the roof fixed. We would be so grateful if you came and helped us Teef"

"Oh" Tifa spluttered around her spaghetti, sauce splattering the wooden table "I'll have to see if I'm free. You know, I'm busy, busy, busy!"

"Yeah" Aerith sighed, suddenly losing her appetite and began twisting and untwisting her food around her fork "But I had a great idea to put you on the kissing booth, you know lots of men would flock and pay good money to kiss you"

Tifa inhaled her dinner and began violently coughing and began pounding at her chest. After a moment, it had passed and she stared daggers at her friend who just laughed. "Kidding" she said.

Tifa just rolled her eyes, finished her meal and took her empty bowl to the sink to let it soak.

"I'm off" she announced, grabbing her car keys and heading towards the door.

"What?" Aerith yelped, "But you've just got back. Where are you going?"

"Down to the station" Tifa replied, which wasn't a full lie. She had yet to tell her friend she was an agent, so Aerith still believed Tifa was just a normal, on the beat cop. And the agent HQ was in an underground facility near the police station.

"But you've got the day off"

"I know, but I want to go and see everyone. I'll be back later"

She gave Aerith a quick kiss on the cheek and got into her little blue, five door Ford Focus. She had bought it after she refused to get into Aeriths car which was a bright pink Volkswagen Beetle with yellow printed flowers on the side. She strapped herself in, waved, and then drove off. It was only a ten minute drive to where she needed to be but she had missed being behind the wheel of her car, since her trip was all expenses paid. She parked near the back of the car park and secured her car after she had gotten out.

The police station on the outside looked like the one out of a horror game she used to play when she was younger. Luckily the staff were the walking alive rather than the walking dead. Placing her shades onto her head, she made her way down towards the entrance. Once she got in, officers were all running around like headless Chocobo's. People only nodded to acknowledge her as they ran past with arms full of paper work and getting their protective clothing on.

Knowing they wouldn't have any time to talk to her, she made her way past all of the rooms, offices and cells and into an abandoned jail at the back of the station only few had a key to. She locked the door and made her way towards the bottom cell, opening the creaking cell door; she placed a key card into a slot between the bricks and waited a second whilst her card was scanned. She removed it once it beeped and the floor moved aside to reveal a narrow staircase. She walked down them and as she faced another, solid steel door, the secret entrance closed itself.

This steel door was plain and to the side of it was a little keypad with the numbers 0-9 on it. She entered her code '56244278' and placed her hand onto the hand scanner next to it. A blue light shone down her palm then flashed green in acceptance. Removing her hand, she waited as the door slid to the side and let her inside.

The HQ was a like a mad scientist laboratory, with vials and tubes of liquids sitting on shelves, and high tech machines littering the place, a mixture of new and broken machinery. Her boss was never one for tidiness. As she sauntered through the room, her eyes caught sight of something new. She had never been one for cats, but this one was cute. It was sat on a cabinet, looking proud and alert, but motionless. As she made her way towards the black and white feline a male voice stopped her.

"Don't touch that"

"Huh?" she exclaimed in surprise as she stopped in her tracks and looked over she shoulder. A tall, broad shouldered man slowly walked towards her, ReeveTuesti. Reeve was the techno geek of AVALANCE, always preferring to stay behind and build his robots and electronic appliances; he was the one that made Barrets fake hand. He was a man in his late thirties with black hair and brown coloured eyes. She watched as he went over to the cat and picked it up, and it was then that she realised it wasn't a real cat but-

"Yes it's a robot" Reeve said, answering Tifa's unspoken question as he carefully handled that cat in his hands "But it's not done yet, but give me a week or two and it'll be up and running"

"Erm, why have you built a toy cat?" Tifa asked, deeply confused.

"Toy?" he chuckled placing the contraption back onto the cabinet "This is part of AVALANCE's newest spy machinery. I won't tell you what it does now, you'll just have to wait and see it in action"

He grinned cheekily before stalking off somewhere else. With one last glance at the robotic cat, Tifa made her way to the central system of AVALANCE's underground Head Quarters.

As always, sat in the chair in front of the many computers and large screens sat her blond haired boss, puffing away at his cigarette and eyes glued to one of the computer monitors.

"CID!" she yelled, jumping and wrapping her arms tightly around his neck. Trained in the art of not acting when terrorized, Cid Highwind sat still and didn't move a muscle. He grunted in displeasure and stubbed out his cancer stick as Tifa released herself from around him.

"Lockhart" he acknowledged, running a hand through his short hair "Why the heck are you here?"

"I've come to see you" she answered "I'm sure you've heard about-"

"Shit kid" he grumbled "Everyone's heard about your fucking antics on some blasted train, Barret was telling us before he sped off to meet ya. I'll just say I'm proud of you and wanted to congratulate you. But you've got the rest of the day off so what the hell are you doing here?"

"I need a job" she replied "The whole ordeal on the train, sorta gave me a super adrenaline rush. Reminded me why I love my job here. Sure it's relaxing on the beach but it's so bloody boring! Gimme a job Cid, even just a small one, please"

"No" he replied stubbornly, eyeing her with deep blue eyes "Come back tomorrow; I'll find you something then"

"Tomorrow is ages away" she complained, sitting on the edge of the table and picking up one of Cids' model planes and twirling the propeller. He grabbed it out of her hands and put it the other side of his computer and gave her a stern glare. Tifa knew that glare, it was the look you earned when you pissed him off and nothing you could say could change his mind.

"Fine" she huffed "Well, aren't you going to ask me how my trip went?"

"No" he grunted, turning back towards his laptop and logging off. He stood up, grabbed his empty mug with a picture of a Spitfire on it and stretched his arms over his head. "Gunna get me some more tea. You'd better be gone by the time I come back"

He flashed a brief smile, showing he wasn't a complete hard ass and left the HQ to get the better tea that was served in the station cafeteria. As soon as she heard the steel door open then shut, she slid onto his seat and turned his laptop back on. She waited for it to boot up and she impatiently drummed her red painted fingernails on the wooden table top. As soon as the computer woke up properly, it asked for Cids' input code and password. She entered the number '44449463' and then Shera34, and instantly got onto his page. She searched around his confidential files and looked around the jobs section. She decided to do a minor case, so she took the one that had just been bumped up to AVALANCE from the police. She clicked onto the case file and saw that it was a murder investigation. Eighteen murders had taken place, one a month, meaning there had been a serial killing running around for over a year. She clicked on the murder site map and checked the areas where the bodies were being found and when they were found. Tifa instantly noticed that all bodies had been found on the 23rd of each month and after the autopsies, the bodies were found freshly killed so therefore they were all getting killed on the 22nd. After deeply concentrating on the map, she saw that the five killing spots could be formed into a five pointed star. She checked her watch and saw that it was half eight noon and that today, was in fact the 22nd. She printed off the map and logged off Cid's name and quickly left the building, talking to no one.

Sitting in her car, she saw that if these killing did go in a certain pattern, then the next murder would be made tonight on Lorrin Street.

She thought with herself, asking if she should go there and apprehend the criminals. After a two second dilemma, she brought her car to life, hit the light switch because it was dark now and drove down the road. After following the map, she reached the end of Lorrin Street and parked around the corner. Reaching inside the glove box, she took out her handgun and loaded it up fully with the spare bullets she kept there.

She stealthily reached the run down building where she thought the next killing would be made and hid behind the tall wooden fencing. She ran to the front door and noticed it was locked; she didn't want to let her suspects know she was there by noisily breaking the door down so she left the front lawn and ran up the alley way that was at the side of the house. Here was seated a swanky, black car that had had its licence plates removed. She checked her thigh to make sure she had her communication radio strapped to her, in case things got out of hand and she eventually reached the back door. She checked the handle and turned it and let the door, slowing swing open. Taking a huge deep breath, she slowly entered the pitch black room.

Wow, my head hurts writing all that. Well, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. I know it may have been a bit slow, but the next chapter is when things start heating up. I didn't really take notice of the whole Reeve- Cait Sith relationship in Dirge of Cerberus, so I'm just kinda guessing and making my own things up.

I'm also not entirely sure what Barrets tattoo is but it looks like a skull so . . . yeah.

If you didn't get it, the police station was supposed to look the police station from Resident Evil 2 and 3 (my other PS1 love, which I also don't claim to own).

Anyways, thank you for reading so far and hope you liked. Please leave a review if you did, and if you didn't, well, leave one anyway but please be gentle.

Till next time, Keza x

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kelseyrosa89: Amazon isn’t letting me buy your book 😭😩

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