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Finding You.


They tried to tried to keep them away, stop thinking about each other. Stop wondering what could have been but Brooke and Lucas would always try to find each other.

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

Have you ever heard of the red string of fate? The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. This myth is similar to the Western concept of soul mate or a destined flame. That myth is similar to Brooke and Lucas, about how their love was eternal. They were at different places but loved each other at the same time, they could never be far. Brooke Davis is a fashion designer, she had the world at her finger tips but something was holding her back to move on with her life. Lucas Scott is a book writer, he writes about his undying love for Peyton Sawyer but he always felt that it wasn't meant for her, that his heart belonged to someone else. They don't know each other, they don't know each others names or even if they both exist in the world but fate would bring them together.

Brooke always wanted to be someone, she wanted people to know her name and wanted people to remember who she was when she died but she never grew up from high school. She was still the same Brooke but she can't remember. She walked up to the mirror, her reflection was UN easy. Her skin was so soft and toned, her beauty could make the sun shine if she wanted to. She touched her lips, feeling a tingle like someone has just kissed her. She moved down to her arm, softly touching them. She could feel his hand rubbing down on them, it made her shiver as he touched her but he wasn't there. He was never there, it was just a thought in her mind but she felt like she could feel this stranger. She could feel him down her thighs and up to her waist. Who was she feeling? She would always feel this when she woke up, every time and made her guess who she had been with. She hasn't had sex for a while now. Brooke closed her eyes, trying to concentrate on her body. She could see him, she could finally see him. He was tall, taller than her. He had this amazing smile and his laugh, he never really laughed; he just chuckled. She could feel him, his arm reaching out for her waist; pulling her closer to his body. He went down to her neck, soft kissing her lips. Brooke placed her hands in his hair, his hair was dirty blonde. His glassy blue eyes stared down at her. Brooke quickly opened her eyes, breathless. Was it just a dream? It must have been because she has never seen that man in her life. She rose up a part of hair near her ear, there was a large scar. Her mother told her that she was in car accident, Brooke looked at it for some reason. She felt like a part of her life was missing, a part that was really important to her. She always wondered who that boy was that she has been seeing but she blocked him off. There was a sudden knock at her hotel door, she walked over to answer it. Mouth busted through the door before she could even ask who it was. Brooke moved back so she wouldn't get hit in the face. Mouth looked around the hotel room, it looked like an apartment. Mouth and Brooke have been friends ever since he moved here, her mother showed her to him; hoping that they would become more than friends but that never happened. Brooke crossed her arm when she shut the door behind him. Mouth walked over into the living room, everything seemed so dark. He looked over behind him at Brooke.

"When are you ever going to come to your senses and move in with me?" Mouth questioned her, he has been forever trying to get her to come live with him. He thinks that Victoria is a bad mother for Brooke.

"Why? So I can see you and Millicent kiss all day?" Brooke kinked her eyebrow, opening the refrigerator door. She looked at the clock near her big screen television on her glass stand. The leather couch goes perfectly with the television. She didn't have much in her apartment, she usually didn't stay here that much. Her clothing line was always her home, she'll come to it every night. Brooke quickly grabbed a banana and her coffee, Mouth quickly stood up. Brooke looked up at him, he was wearing a tux. Brooke stopped moving around, she narrowed her eyebrows. "Why are you all dressed up?" Brooke struggled to put her high heels on.

"Brooke, it's your big night." Mouth said excitedly, Brooke looked outside. It was night, she had been asleep all day but getting ready at the same time. She was getting distracted with dreams that she has been having about this boy.

"Right." Brooke huffed, she ran to her hallway closet; looking for her fur coat. It was outside in New York, no one could survive the night. She couldn't help but think about the strange man again, Mouth could see it on her face.

"Thinking about the strange guy again?" Mouth asked her, he walked over to her.

"Yea, he's always there. I can't even remember my high school experience...Did I fall in love?" Brooke shrugged her shoulder. Mouth didn't want to speak, he was keeping secrets from her. He wanted to tell her everything but her mother would have his head.

"Your like the sky and his the satellite." Mouth quoted from a song. Brooke stopped what she was doing.

"Mouth, this is serious...and weird. Why am I dreaming about a guy? I see his face, I can feel him but I don't know his name." Brooke opened the door with her purse and keys in her hand.

"Maybe you should ask your mother." Mouth walked out of the apartment, Brooke followed him to the limo. She had to find out who this guy was and what he was doing inside her head but a part of her didn't mind. Mouth looked up at the stars, wishing that he was in sky about right now. He knew that all night, Brooke was going to have questionable look on her face and memories that she was having on his was getting worse. Mouth waited until Brooke was fully inside the car until he was beside her. Her mother was already in the limo, her legs were crossed and she looked pissed off but that's always how she looked.

"What is she doing here?" Brooke looked over at Mouth.

"She wouldn't leave." Mouth shrugged his shoulders, he put headphones in his ears; he knew that they were about to argue. Brooke focused her conversation with her mother, Victoria looked extremely confident in herself.

"This is my fashion show, a lot of people are going to be here and I don't want you in the limo with me." Brooke growled at Victoria.

"You can't just kick me out on the street, Brooke." Victoria rose her shoulders a little.

"We can make arrangements." Brooke rose her eyebrow, dangerously. Victoria sat back in the seat, she wished that her daughter was more loving and was more like her. She thought that Brooke wasn't ready for this big screen access.

"Having dreams about that boy again?" Victoria smacked her lips. Brooke already told her mother before, she didn't think that she was listening. Brooke looked down at the drinks that were in the limo, she grabbed a peach Amsterdam and started to drink. "Oh, Brooke. It's your fashion show like you said." Victoria smirked, she wanted to get under Brooke's skin. Victoria pulled out her red, hot Victoria secret lip stick and rubbed it against her lips.

"I didn't want you here mother," Brooke said quickly. "I didn't invite you." Brooke grinned her teeth.

"I know, Darling. I invited myself." Victoria looked at herself in the mirror, she could tell that she was aging. Brooke leaned in towards her mother, staring at her face but near her chin.

"Is that..." Brooke squinted her eyes, looking closely at her mother. "A wrinkle?" Brooke asked her mother, Victoria pushed Brooke away from her face. Victoria rushed the mirror to her chin, looking around her thin chin. There was no wrinkle, no mark, not even a pimple. Victoria slammed her mirror on the seat, pulling her hair back.

"Alright, Brooke. Since you want to play this little game." Victoria smacked her lips, leaning closer to Brooke.

"What game?" Brooke rolled her eyes, all she wanted was her mother to leave but Victoria is in her life now, and this is the only chance that Brooke could get to feel what its like to have a mother.

"This silly game," Victoria raised her hands in the air. "With you and this BOY in your dreams-" Victoria was cut off by the car door opening. The crowd cheered from the outside, flashes were blocking Brooke from seeing anything. Brooke looked at her mother before she cold take Mouth's hand.

"He's not just some boy." Brooke's was deeper and strong than usually was when she was talking to her mother. Brooke grabbed Mouth's hand and shut the door behind her, she always liked having the last word. Victoria sat back in her seat, Brooke was getting curious and worse with questioning. They would have to tell her at some point, the secret that they have been keeping from her all these years.

The wind blew against the window, the rain hitting people like gun shots: with those are the people that stay up at night. Have you ever stayed up because you couldn't sleep, well...there is a myth said stated that if you can't sleep at night then someone is thinking about you, wondering how your day has been. Lucas had problems sleeping but then those are the days that he sleeps like a baby. This night was one of those days, he walked into his empty kitchen. The floor was cold from the cracked window above the sink where their was a pile of dishes. He placed his hands on his hips, wondering what he was going to do with this old house but this is what Peyton wanted. He felt like he loved her, that he loved her all his life but something was missing and he could feel it. He leaned against the counter, watching the rain pour down the window and as the trees danced around in his back yard. It calmed him down, he closed his eyes. Her smooth skin brushed against his shoulder, making him look at her. He could see her very clearly, the color of her eyes, the dimple in her cheek. Suddenly, he could hear the rain drop down on their heads: Brooke screamed with excitement.

"Don't you think we should get out of here?" He asked her, blocking the hard rain from his hitting his face. Brooke ran up to him, holding Lucas by his arms.

"We were supposed to see the comet together, you promised." Brooke frowned at him, Lucas thought for a second. She was so beautiful, he couldn't say no to that face. He wanted to have children and grow old together, he could still feel the pain as if she was gone. Brooke backed away from Lucas, as she started to dance in the rain. "Oh, C'mon..." Brooke pouted as Lucas looked unsatisfied. "Come on Broody." Brooke teased, Lucas leaned a little closer to Brooke's direction. He chuckled, he crossed his arms so that he could contain his warmth.

"You haven't called me that in years." Lucas smiled, Brooke stopped dancing.

"We..." Brooke cleared her throat. "We are finally happy, right?" Brooke asked, taking his hand and holding it against her chest. Lucas looked down and back up at Brooke. He was so in love with her that he could barely explain it, he just wanted to giggle and scream "I love Brooke Davis!" out loud. Lucas took Brooke's hand, she waited for the answer. He could tell that she was waiting for him to pick her up off of her feet.

"Right." Lucas smiled, "I love you...Brooke." He wanted the words to be slow and sweet, that she would know that he actually meant it.

"Do you promise?" Brooke asked him, that's the only hold that she had on him...the promises. The promises that could keep them safe, she believed that it could keep them safe and be alive again in each others hearts. She would always believe that a promise that would bring them together, in hope of an unbelievable love. Lucas shot up from his sleep, Peyton was hovering over him. She placed her small fingers on her hips, she would always see him like this and about him dreaming about a girl that wasn't her. Lucas was caught, he didn't realize that he dropped to the ground and fell asleep.

"It was her...again...wasn't it." Peyton asked slowly but it was more of an statement, she knew the answer to that already. Peyton walked away from him, holding on tight to the ring that he gave her. Lucas quickly stood up, trying to think of apologizes that he could say to her. Something that he could say that would change her mind about this girl in the back of his head. He followed her in the living room, Peyton sharply turned around with her arms crossed. The house was so empty and cold, they had just moved in to their house. "We are getting married in a few days." Peyton didn't want to yell at him, she knew it would never get anywhere.

"I know that Peyton but I can't control what's in my dreams...not anymore." Lucas whispered, Peyton laughed at his excuse. He had an excuse for everything, she was trying so hard to get this girl out his mind. He could never find out what her name is, it wasn't healthy for him. He had to move on for what seemed like forever ago. Lucas looked at the clock, he was running late to his interview. Peyton noticed that he was watching the time and not at her.

"When are you ever going to love me?" Peyton shrugged her shoulders, Lucas shot back his eyes at her. He loved her but he didn't know if he was in love with her. He didn't know what the girl meant in the back in his head but he believed that it was sign. A sign that told him that Peyton wasn't the one for him, there was someone out there for him.

"Maybe we should...cancel the wedding." Lucas mumbled under his breath. Peyton was taken back by the words that came out his mouth, cancel the wedding. That was the bed solution that he could come up with. Peyton had words coming up from her throat but she couldn't speak but her body moved before her mouth did. She slapped him. Hard. Lucas lost his balance for a second but regained control, he looked up at her.

"ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH A GIRL THAT'S IN YOUR DREAMS?!" Peyton yelled at him, she stomped her foot. "Lucas, I have been fighting for you. Why the hell would you do this to me?" Peyton was asking the questions but wouldn't let him speak. She stopped talking, she was getting stressed about nothing. She took a deep breath and looked over at the clock again. "Your going to be late for your interview," Peyton started to walk past him but then stopped. "This isn't over." Peyton pointed at him and walked into the back room, she slammed the door behind her. Lucas quickly gathered himself together, he wanted to look perfect and professional for his interview with E! News. They wanted to hear about his new movie and his new book coming about, the only true thing about that is his movie. He wasn't thinking about writing a book, the first book that he published was when he was in high school but he doesn't remember any of that. His mother told him that he was in a terrible accident but she wouldn't tell him nothing else. He always wanted to know about that part of his life, was in love? Did he play any sport other than basketball? His mother just looked at him and kept her mouth shut. He pulled up to Skills' house, waiting for him to come outside. Lucas focused on the girls face that he could still see in the rain. He didn't even know her name and it was just so weird to him. Skills opened the car door, snapping Lucas from his day dream. Skills carefully slid his way into the car, he noticed the worried look on Lucas' face. Skills pulled his suitcase between his legs, holding onto papers.

"You were dreaming about the girl?" Skills carefully asked.

"Yup." Lucas started to back out of his driveway, leaving a curious woman outside on the porch. Lucas turned around and started to go to the head-quarters of E! News. Skills knew more about Lucas' past than anyone else ever did, Karen asked Skills to keep everything a secret. Lucas pulled up at the airport.

"Did you tell your wife that your going to New York?" Skills grabbed his suitcase and walked into the airport with Lucas. As they were walking into the plane, Lucas never answered his questions. He didn't want to think about Peyton, he loved her...of course but it seemed like everything time he asked a question, she would lie about it. He wished that there was something more to Peyton, that he could find out her secrets and get to know her better. After the four years they have been together, he doesn't know that he could trust her. Lucas found his seat, Skills quickly sat next to him.

"I keep seeing that girl, Skills." Lucas turned to him, Skills took out his ear pieces. Skills couldn't say anything, he couldn't even talk about it but he knew that Lucas would want to find out someday. It was incredible that he could remember all of these things now.

"Maybe you should talk to a doctor...a doctor might help get her out of your head." Skills slowly put the ear pieces back on before he could answer more questions. Lucas looked out the window as they began to be above the ground.

"That's the problem, I don't want to forget about her." Lucas whispered to himself. Lucas had finally arrived to New York, he was afraid that he was going to rub off with the wrong people. He heard the New yorkers were worse than Russians. Lucas arrived at the E! News head quarters, the place was so big and welcoming. When he walked through the glass- double doors, people already knew his name.

"Hey, Mr. Scott." They said to him as they walked past. A woman came up to him with a clip board and a pencil, her hair was tied up in a bun and she had this amazing smile. She looked over at Skills with a nervous look on her face.

"Hello, Mr. Scott." She welcomed him, she held out her hand for him shake. Lucas paused for a moment and shook her hand, the woman walked over to Skills side and started to whisper in his ear. Lucas continued to walk around the building, looking outside at the thousand of fans waiting for him. They were holding up neon signs that said "Marry Me" and other crazy things. Millicent leaned into Skills' ear, so that he could hear her whisper to him.

"Brooke is going to be here in five minutes." She said quickly watching Lucas' every move. Skills stopped for a moment, his heart started to race out of control. If Brooke and Lucas ever faced each other, they would all be dead.

"We just have to keep them away from each other." Skills walked up to Lucas as he looked outside. Millicent finally walked away from staring at them for a few minutes. Millicent walked out of the big office and into the main hallway, people were running around trying to get things together. They looked like they'd had everything in control but Millicent didn't. She had to keep Brooke away from Lucas, she could figure out a plan before she could get here. Millicent looked at her watch, she had ten minutes to spare until she gets here. Millicent heard the ding to the elevator, signaling her to look up. The silver doors slowly opened and Brooke came out with Mouth behind her. They seemed to be arguing about something, Millicent breathing became faster and not steady.

"Your early?" Millicent questioned her. Brooke stopped talking, handing Mouth her things.

"You should always be early to an interview," Brooke started to walk up the stairs to the main office where Lucas was. "This is big, Millicent. Really big." Brooke smiled with excitement. Brooke immeditaley walked into the huge office, Mouth stayed beside her making sure that she doesn't run into Lucas. Brooke walked over to the big glass window, that mostly covered the whole office. She looked down at the screaming fans, some of them had signs about her and signs about Lucas. Brooke narrowed her eyebrows with confusion.

"Who's Lucas?" Brooke pointed at the signs outside. Mouth swallowed his bottom lip to keep him from saying anything. Sweat climbed down his back and from his forehead to his mouth.

"Brooke ." A woman said her name. Brooke turned around without getting her answer first. "Come to the studio with me, they're ready for you." She smiled.

Lucas focused on his remote for a moment, he had a strange feeling when he was at the New York. It was weird for him. The girl in his dreams, she showed him more than just love. He could feel something with her, he only dreamed of her and if he wasn't dreaming; he was thinking about her. There was a slight knock at the door, Skills walked in without waiting for Lucas to tell him to come in. Peyton walked into the kitchen, fixing her a glass of water. She finally walked over to Lucas with him wrapping his arm around her.

"How was it?" Peyton asked him. Lucas paused for a moment, he turned on the television and waited for his interview to come on.

"It was okay, it was very...strange. I like it here...New York isn't for me." Lucas chuckled, the interview started to slowly start. Lucas focused on the interview with him and Mrs. Long. He looked at himself, studying his every move. He looked incredibly uncomfortable in the interview, Peyton laughed at that. "I was very uncomfortable." Lucas smiled at Peyton. The woman began talking about his childhood or at least what he could remember. The woman pulled up her chair closer to him, listening to him explain about how he doesn't remember anything when he was in high school. They continued the conversation about his life and what he's going to do with all his money. The interview was over, Lucas walked into the kitchen fix popcorn until he heard a similar voice on the television. He quickly turned around, Peyton and Skills were frozen up in the moment. Lucas walked up to the television in shock of what he was seeing, the girl in his dreams; she was real. Lucas turned to Peyton and Skills, he wanted to know everything. Lucas didn't know what to say, he didn't know if he should yell at them or just have a panic attack. Skills looked up at him.

"Her name is Brooke Davis." Skills informed Lucas.

Mouth ran into Brooke's apartment, wondering what was going on. Brooke texted him talking about it was emergency, he didn't know how to take it. He turned left to see Brooke standing up pacing around the room. He looked over at the paused television, it was Lucas talking about how he doesn't remember anything from his teenage years. Brooke closed her eyes for a second, hoping that she would wake up any minute.

"Brooke-" Mouth tried to say.

"No, listen." Brooke played the interview. Lucas continued to talk about his accident, it was similar to Brooke's. She thought that this was insane but this was only part of it. There were more secrets that she didn't know about. The man that she has been dreaming about is real, it was a dream...it was memories. Mouth put his hands in his pockets, he had to come out. Lucas probably had already seen it and they must be freaking out as well.

"He's name is Lucas Scott." Mouth bit his lip.

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