Finding You.

Comes and Goes

Brooke was filled with anger and confusion, mostly her hands were numb. The only thing that she could do right now, was work. She was working her ass off, she was making designs, firing people, hiring new people, having interviews. She was doing whatever she could to get her mind off of the guy, Lucas. He was more realistic when she saw him on the television. She walked into her office and quickly shut the door behind her. She slammed her notebook on the ground, slowly walking to her huge window looking outside. A drift came to her shoulder, she rubbed it; trying to make herself feel warm again. She looked down at the small people, power walking to their jobs or trying to find their love that they let go. Brooke has seen marriage proposals, people reuniting with each other. She even saw a man pour his heart out to a girl that has already moved on. She always wondered why she hasn't fallen in love, it was hard too when your as famous as her. Everyone wants to be with you and they already love you but they really don't know who you are. She couldn't trust anyone that she hasn't already known. Brooke walked over to her desk, sitting on it. She looked over at the remote, the interview with E! News was having a re-run with their conversation. She was tempted to see what this boy was all about, she wanted to know who he is and if he sees her in his dreams as well. She turned on her television without thinking about the consequences and tuned into his voice. His voice made her smile, she was actually smiling and she could laugh if she wanted to. She noticed that he was talking about how he was getting married in a few weeks but he really talked about his fiance. Brooke stood up, walking closer to the television. She must know him, he had the same accident as she did when she was in high school. The door opened to her office, her mother came stomping in. Victoria quickly grabbed the remote from Brooke and turned the television off, she didn't have a reaction.

"Do you want to explain mother?" Brooke questioned her, raising her eyebrow. Victoria wasn't going to say anything about this boy or what he has to do with her life. She was trying to keep Brooke safe and if they meet each other, they wouldn't be.

"Explain what, Brooke? That you've been having dreams about a celebrity?" Victoria sat down in a brown leather chair that Brooke bought with the company's money. Brooke walked over to her seat, crossing her legs. "This boy is nothing, he means nothing. You have just been having dreams about him, its normal for a girl." Victoria sat her purse down next to her.

"I haven't been fangirling over him, I didn't even know his name!" Brooke yelled at her, leaning against her desk.

"You have too, it's okay if you have the hots for a...nobody." Victoria shrugged her shoulders, Brooke and Victoria stood up at the same time. Brooke walked over to Victoria.

"What are you keeping from me?" Brooke asked. Victoria looked at Brooke up and down, she cupped her hands around Brooke's face.

"Nothing, Dear. This boy is everywhere, you must have seen him and started to dreaming about him." Victoria pulled away from Brooke.

"I'm going to find his number and I'll call him." Brooke walked over to her phone, she was going to ask Millicent to find his number.

"And do what?" Victoria walked over towards Brooke, grabbing the phone. "Ask if he's been dreaming about you as well?" Victoria hung up the phone before anyone could pick up. Brooke didn't belive any of it, it wasn't just some girl crush. She could feel something with him, even though she can't really touch him. Victoria picked up her black purse from the chair and looked back over at Brooke. "Mouth is taking you to lunch, he's waiting down stairs." Victoria opened the door.

"and maybe he can give me an explanation." Brooke quickly said before her mother left. Victoria stopped before leaving, she didn't even look at Brooke.

"I doubt it." Victoria had a hold on Mouth and everyone that was involved with Brooke and Lucas. Victoria walked down stairs where Mouth was waiting, random people were sitting with him. Victoria walked up to him. "You were supposed to keep her away from him." Victoria grinned her teeth, Mouth rolled his eyes. The people felt awkward while they were yelling at each other. "They weren't supposed to see each other." Victoria yelled at him. Mouth stood up seeing Brooke come down the stairs, she didn't see Victoria talking to him.

"I don't care anymore." Mouth whispered in her ear.

"Don't let her think about him, by the end of the day she shouldn't know his name." Victoria warned and quickly walked away before Brooke could see her. Her hair was perfectly straight and down to her shoulders, she looked older than she did yesterday. He hadn't seen her since she kicked him out of her house a few weeks ago. He wanted to tell her everything, it was so bundled up in his system that he could barely breathe. Mouth held out his hand, walking down the main street of New York. He wanted a day with just him and her, having the time of their lives like they used to and they loved it. He watched as the sun shined in her eyes and the wind blowing into her hair. She looked like a run away model, he liked her new hair cut. They walked into a private coffee shop, it looked similar to her but she couldn't put her finger on it. They sat down at an empty table near the window, paparazzi took pictures of them until Mouth had enough and pulled the curtains down. They were still yelling her name and asking if they were dating, her fans were screaming her name. Brooke stared at him as he poured a lot of sugar in his coffee. Brooke moved her coffee around, thinking about Lucas Scott. She would mix their names together, thinking about their past lives together.

"I know that me and Lucas knew each other." Brooke blurted it out, Mouth couldn't look up at her. He couldn't look into her eyes and tell her that she was wrong. He focused on mixing his coffee and making it perfect to where he could finally drink it.

"Oh, yea?" Mouth rose his eyebrows, trying to look confused.

"How did you know his name?" Brooke leaned in towards him, he had to think fast. There were so many things flying through his head and he only had to say one thing.

"I saw his name on the sheet, the time sheet. Where we had to figure out...what time you should be there...I saw him name." Mouth chocked on his words, Brooke could tell that he was lying but wasn't going to get answers from him. Brooke leaned back against the chair and looked around the cafe. She was more afraid to know this person, I know who he truly is. What if he is a bad guy?

"I'm not hurting myself, if that's what your thinking." Brooke tried to think of reasons of why he would lie to her. The person that has been there for him.

"I know that but...that's the truth. I don't know him." Mouth shrugged his shoulders, he quickly looked away from her.

"Why are you lying to me?" Brooke stood up, she was ready to go. She could still hear her fans screaming her name, they thought that she had the perfect life. The perfect family and the perfect home but she had none of that. She was so broken inside and confused.

"You need to let go, Brooke. It's just a crush." Mouth shrugged his shoulders, Brooke was sick of people saying that. She was slowly catching up, Mouth must have talked to her mother before he talked to her. Mouth was supposed to be her best friend and he was saying the same things that her mother was telling her. Mouth didn't look into her eyes anymore, her face was burning with anger and betrayal. He wanted to say that he was sorry but she would ask 'for what?'. For a lot of things.

"It's not a crush!" Brooke stood up, grabbing her jacket. Brooke put her designed glasses on and looked out the window. Flashes started to burn her small little eyes but the glasses helped. She looked back at Mouth, they didn't understand her and what she was feeling. They didn't understand anything, they couldn't feel what she felt. It was more than just a crush and she knew that. It was more than just a dream, they were keeping something from her. "You don't understand...I-I can see him- I can feel him." Brooke tried to explain, she talked to her hands when tried. She thought if she moved with her body more that they would understand how she was feeling and that she was telling the truth. Brooke walked away from him, she didn't want to listen to what he had to say because he would just be another lie. She wasn't going to get anything from him or her mother, she had to go public and look for someone that knows him. The cameras flashed in her face, people were lining up to get an autograph.

"Are you and your friend, dating?" A reporter ran up to her to ask.

"No..." Brooke walked over to her car. "We broke up." Brooke stated, talking about her relationship with Mouth and her mother.

Nathan walked over trying to look for Haley. Haley and Nathan saw the interview and they knew what Lucas wanted but they couldn't tell him anything. They were trying to keep him and themselves safe. They knew everything about Lucas and Brooke, more than his mother or Brooke's mother. They were there, they were at the accident. Nathan walked into the living room with a cup of water in his hand, Haley finally walked in behind him. Nathan stared at Lucas, he didn't take a sip of the water or even look at it. Nathan tightened his hands together, leaning closer to Lucas.

"What can we do you for?" Nathan said awkwardly, he never said anything like that. He finally sat back, feeling more relaxed.

"Can I stay here for a few day?" Lucas asked. Nathan and Haley looked at each other for a moment, they were confused. Lucas yelled at Peyton and Skills last night, he couldn't face them without seeing lairs. He didn't want to see neither of them or even talk to them. They both lied to him, telling him that they didn't know who he was talking about. Lucas described her perfectly, every curve, every dimple and every smile that he has seen his dreams. He couldn't believe that he hasn't seen this woman before. She seemed so famous and everyone knew her name but it was like this town was blinded by her gift. It was like no one knew anyone outside of this town.

"Yes, of course." Haley laughed, she thought it was silly for him to even ask that. He was always welcomed to their house, they had enough room in the house for him too stay as long as he liked. "Can I ask why?" Haley asked him, Nathan sharply looked over at her. They both know why he was here, Nathan didn't know why she wanted to continue the conversation with Lucas. Haley didn't care about Brooke's mother or what she has on them. She wanted Lucas to have a happy ending, Peyton wasn't meant for Lucas and she believed that. Lucas was ready to tell Haley everything but decided to keep the story telling to a minimum. Haley knew about the strange girl in his dreams, he guessed that Haley told Nathan. If asked anything about this girl, they would probably lie to him or tell him to go to the doctor.

"The girl that I've been seeing in my dreams...she's real." Lucas slowly said to them but he never cared. Haley and Nathan tried to look shocked but it wasn't working. They were stiff, uncomfortable in their own home. "I don't remember half of my teenage years and that's weird because I tried to ask my mother what happened and she wouldn't tell me anything." Lucas looked down at his hands, he was still stuck on the girls name. Brooke Davis, it ringed in her head and he would never forget the way she talks and the way she moved. "I need to know her, I need to know if she sees the things that I see." Lucas stood up. There were many places where he could go to find who she is. It was hard, he could just catch a plane ride to New York.

"I think that you've seen her before've been dreaming about her." Nathan shrugged his shoulder. Lucas looked around the house for a moment and back at Nathan, he could tell that he was uneasy.

"Is there something that your not telling me?" He asked Nathan, Nathan couldn't say anything. He was trying to keep his mouth shut but soon he was going to break. Lucas walked over back to the suspicious couple and sat in front of them. "I don't remember you...I don't remember- calling you my brother." Lucas told him, Nathan huffed with the words sinking into his chest. The things that they have build in high school, made them the people they are today. Lucas was different, really different. If Brooke was here, with him: he wouldn't be like this. Nathan looked over at Haley, Haley changed his life. If he forgot Haley, he wouldn't know the type of person he was.

"No, I'm just saying that your dreaming about a million dollar designer. You probably seen her in magazines, billboards." Nathan wanted to keep his mind of this girl, another question from Lucas and he's going to explode.

"Like a crush?" Lucas questioned him. He stood up again, wanting to leave.

"Yea, it might be a possibility. She has her own store here-"

"What is it called?" Lucas interrupted Nathan.

"Clothes over bros." he quickly responded. Lucas grabbed his jacket and ran out, he said thank you to Haley and Nathan. If they weren't going to tell him about what's going on, he was just going to find out himself. He parked near his mother's cafe, Haley kept it open for all these years but he doesn't remember ever going there until now. There were all types of small business buildings in this street, this is where people come to shop and have fun with their friends. Lucas walked a few steps until he was finally there. The building was a little taller than the rest of them, it had a huge blue sign that said "Clothes Over Bros." Lucas quickly walked in before anyone could see him. It was like the whole town was trying to keep him away from this girl and finding out who she is. It was a big open space, there were clothes on shelf's, rackets. A young woman was behind the desk, he couldn't really see her well. She was writing on paper, her hair hiding her face as she focused on her writing.

"Brooke?" He slowly asked, the girl looked up and it wasn't Brooke. The girl smiled and walked over to Lucas with her hand out.

"Close enough, Iris." The girl winked at him, Lucas immediately shook her hand from embarrassment. "Do you need help with anything?" The woman asked him, Lucas looked around the clothing store. The designs were amazing, this girl is really smart. Iris looked at him strangely until she realized who he was. "Your that book writer." Iris pointed at him, she was excited that she recognized him. Lucas took his eyes off of the clothes and back at her.

"Kind of...Do you know the woman who owns this store?" Lucas leaned on the desk that she was working on. Iris felt a type of strange vibe on this guy.

"Brooke Penelope Davis," The woman smirked, guess she was flushed with all the good times they had. "My best friend." Iris cleared the questionable relationship between her and Brooke. Lucas had to learn more about her or what she was doing.

"I'm doing a report...and I wanted to do it on this store." Lucas tried to make up a lie. Iris laughed.

"Okay, seeing that this is the only top selling store in town." Iris was cocky, she knew that this store was the best.

"Could you tell me about Brooke Davis?" Lucas asked her.

"There's a lot. Just one word...mystery girl." Iris looked up from her paper. "You know? You will never know what she would do next. You could never see her frown or be sad...she doesn't show it." Iris shrugged her shoulders.

"Does she ever come to town?" Lucas put his sweaty hands inside his pants pocket. He didn't know what to do with them.

"Ha, no." Iris walked over to Lucas, getting into his bubble. She was comfortable with boys, she liked to pull their strings. "She doesn't" Iris pointed to the ground meaning the town.

"Do you know why?" Lucas paused for a moment, he noticed that he was asking a lot of questions.

"I'm sorry, I didn't get your name?" Iris asked him before saying anything else.

"Lucas Scott." He rose his chin up when he said his name. Iris eyes became wide and her mouth was shut. She couldn't say anything else to him, she quickly ran behind her desk and looked away from him. She was brought into this mess, she couldn't say a word to him or Victoria would have her head. Lucas saw how UN easy she was, she typed on the computer until her hands were bleeding.

"I'm sorry, I can't help you." She croaked, her fingers were shaking with nerves. The girl grabbed her things and quickly walked to the back of the store to where he couldn't see her anymore. Lucas thought it was strange when people kept running away from his questions about one woman. It just made him want to find more about who she was, the door opened to the store. He turned around and Skills was just standing there with a worried look in his eyes. She must have called him when she went to the back. Skills was scared that Lucas would hit him because he had that type of look on his face. Lucas walked up to him, they had to talk.

Brooke touched her smooth fingers, they were numb from the cold winter. She could barely see anything from the snow hitting her face, she finally caught a cab to catch a ride home. She couldn't go back to the office because Victoria and Mouth were waiting there for her. She wanted to get away, away from everyone. She laid her head back and tried to slowly motion the world out. The snow slowly melted on her hair, making it look a little wet. Brooke moved her body to get comfortable but the leather seat made a sound.

"That wasn't me." Brooke said to the cab driver, he laughed. She laid back and closed her eyes, enjoying the ride.

" Davis." The cab drivers voice was high, Brooke opened one of her eyes. She didn't recognize him or even saw him as a cab driver.

"The one and only." Brooke closed her eyes again. The man laughed at little, he had this cheesy smile across his face. Brooke stood up, leaning closer to him. "I'm sorry, Do I know you?" Brooke smiled back at him, green light turned red. He turned around.

"You don't remember me?" the cab driver chuckled.

"No, I'm sorry." Brooke shook her head. Brooke sat back in the cold leather seat and watched the time go by.

"Well, let me remind you..." The guy continued. "You were here, going to a fashion show or leaving from it..." the man smiled and continued up the road. Brooke focused her eyes on his mouth and her ears on his voice. He knew something from her past life, she was probably here before. Maybe this whole time her mother was right about her, it was just an accident. Brooke looked at the cab driver, he had cuts on his arms like he's been in accident. Brooke was thinking a lot of things, mysterious reasons of why he knew about her past life. "You were talking to your boyfriend, I don't remember his name but you guys were so in love. You guys were talking about how you really needed the money to help with what was going to come. You were having a rough time figuring out what to do, I gave you advice. You made the right choice." The cab pulled up to her apartment building, he never seen anything so high up into the sky before. Brooke ran out the cab without saying another word. The cab driver still knows a few things but couldn't tell her about the rest. He had to keep his mouth shut or he would be ruined. Victoria threatened to take all his money, wife and children away before he could even say a word. Brooke leaned against the rolled down, passenger window.

"Thanks for the story." Brooke said to him before leaving. The man drove off quickly before anyone could see that he gave Brooke a ride. Brooke ran up to her apartment door, she was finally alone. When she opened the door, her mother didn't come out and surprise her. There was no one in sight and she loved it. She walked over to her bedroom and pulled out a huge book from her purse. The book was covered in black but with white letters it said "Dreams." This was his most selling book, it might tell her about him. Brooke quickly opened the book and was surprised to what she was reading. The whole book was about how he was in love with girl from his dreams, the ways that he described her was amazing. Brooke went back to the first page, to see who he gave credits too. It read...

This part was for her.

Does she remember?

It comes and goes.

This must be a sign or something that was telling her to stay away from him. She could do a million things right now or be thinking about a million things but she is stuck wanting to know more about him. This book was amazing, it was about a love story. He was trying to tell the girl that he loves that...he loved her. He really never knew who she was, she was just a shadow. This was his letter to her. Brooke walked to her computer, which was right in front of her window. She liked to see the city when she thinks about her next collection. She typed in the words that Lucas credited at the beginning of the book. The first link showed her to a song. Greg Laswell "Comes and Goes." Brooke quickly pressed play, hoping that it would show her more to her life. Brooke leaned back in her chair, closing her eyes. The memory of him and her flashed in her head, she hoped that it was more than just a fascination. Mouth barged in her apartment, walking into her room. He needed to talk to her and he could guess that she needed to talk to him. He wasn't going to tell her everything but only the small parts. Brooke walked over to bed, laying down.

"You tell me everything, now." Brooke demanded. Mouth gave up, he flopped his body onto the green chair that was close to her bed. He didn't care what Victoria was going to do to him, Brooke had a right to know what her past life was like. Mouth reached for his phone in his back pocket and dialed Nathans number and whispered something that only he could hear. He looked back up at Brooke, she frowned at him. "I swear to god if-"

"It's not just a dream!" Mouth yelled at her before he could say something else. I guess, when kept it in so long that he sounded a little strong when he was telling Brooke. "Their memories...of you and him." Mouth felt relieved that he was telling her this. Brooke rose up from her bed.

"How come I didn't remember him?" Brooke bite her lip.

"Because the accident, you guys were in really bad accident. It wiped your memory clean." Mouth said to her. "We had to keep you away from him, we had to keep you safe." Mouth closed his eyes and opened them once again.

"From who?" She swallowed.

"Victoria." Mouth whispered, they heard a loud bang at the door. Mouth's heart started to pound, Brooke walked over to the door and could see Victoria outside of the door. Mouth walked over to her, shaking his head to not let her in. She looked angry, Victoria finally leaned against the door; knowing that Brooke was on the other side. Brooke looked down at the top lock, her mother knew more than what anyone else would. She wouldn't know what would happen if she opened the door but she had to find out.

Lucas finally walked away from Brooke's shop, he knew that she couldn't have been there but it would have made it easier for him. She made him nervous, when he heard her name. Lucas started to walk down the street with Skills behind him talking on the phone. He was whispering something to the other person, secrets. Lucas didn't care, he didn't want to listen or talk to anyone. He would shut everyone down if he had to. Skills ran up to him, catching up to the worried man.

"She's a beautiful girl." Lucas bit his lip, he was sure that it was bleeding because he was biting so hard.

"Lucas-" Skills tried to talk to him.

"I don't know half of my life!" Lucas pointed out, he was sick of these short comments that they'd been having. "See is a part of my history! I broken without her!" Lucas yelled at Skills, people started to stare at them.

"I understand." Skills tried to calm him down.

"No! I don't think you do. I don't know who I am! I missed that." Lucas bit his lip again, looking around the room.

"I can't really tell you what you need to know." Skills looked down at the painted ground, the shadows of the both of them. Just yesterday, they were so close.

"Tell me." Lucas begged him.

"She read one of your books, Luke." Skills smiled like it was good thing. Lucas was happy that she read one of them because all of them were about her. "They're not dreams...they are memories."

"Memories of me and Brooke?" Lucas tried to make sense of it.

"Yes." Skills walked off.

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