Finding You.


At the hour, Brooke could see bad weather ahead. Dark, smoky clouds threatened rain. Brooke thought she would be safe if she got into a taxi. Brooke entered the taxi and it started raining and it rained the way it has never rained. Within a few minutes everyone was drenched to the skin. No one got the time to get a shelter. In a very short time the roads were flooded. The traffic came to a standstill. Visibility was reduced to a few meters. It poured so heavily that even the headlight of the taxi could not pierce the thick sheet of water pouring from the sky. Water collected more speedily than it went down the drains. The taxi pulled up to her building, Victoria was standing out in the rain waiting for Brooke. Brooke couldn't even feel her fingers, she was feeling so depressed and betrayed. Brooke walked out of the taxi and faced her mother. They stared at each other for a moment before Victoria started to say how sorry she was but she lied. She wasn't sorry for Brooke, she never cared for Lucas. She had the chance to keep Lucas away and she took it.

"Your fired." Brooke held onto her small purse and looked away from her mother. Brooke walked past her mother and into the building, she didn't want her mother around her. There was more to story than she could figure out. People welcomed her into her office, she slammed the door behind her. The glass walls tuned the voices out, Brooke walked over to the window looking down at the street. People were running away from rain, fearing that their suits might be tightening up against their body. Her mother wasn't there anymore, she must have left. Millicent walked in with a towel in her hand, Mouth called her last night talking about what happened. Brooke didn't answer the door for her mother, she just waited until she left. Millicent shut the door behind, slowly thinking about what she should say first. "Did you know?" Brooke stopped herself from crying or have her voice shake. Millicent placed the towel on a chair, she was so nervous and scared. Millicent looked down at her arms, the rain drops were still on her small hairs.

"Just a little." Millicent started to say, Brooke moved around a little. Millicent quickly continued. "Your mother threatened us." Millicent tried to make Brooke trust her again but that friendship was ruined.

"They're memories, inside my head... I see them every time I close my eyes and I'm sure that he's seeing me in my dreams as well." Brooke walked over behind her desk, she looked through her things; trying to find something that she wasn't looking for.

"Yes, yes he is." Millicent said unstable. Brooke looked up at her.

"He dreams about me too?" Brooke whispered, Millicent patted herself down. She walked over to Brooke's desk, looking for a pen and paper. Millicent started to write a number down on Brooke's paper.

"That's his number...he has yours." Millicent was cut off by the door opening. She turned around with the fear of Victoria standing in the way. Brooke slowly took the paper into her hands.

"Get out." Victoria sniffed. Millicent looked at Brooke for a moment and walked out. Victoria didn't know what to do now, she looked around the room for inspiration. She had been hiding this secret for a long time, she just wanted it to last until Brooke had a husband and a child. If Victoria told her everything, Brooke would never speak to her again.

"I thought I fired you." Brooke folded up the sheet of paper that Millicent put Lucas' number down.

"Don't call him and don't be mad at me Brooke." Victoria begged her.

"You lied to me, mother. All these people that I've practically known my whole life, is in a different state...That Peyton girl?" Brooke rose her eyebrow.

"You've known her since you were a little girl." Victoria sat down in the chair across from Brooke's desk.

"Are you going to tell me, what's going on?" Brooke obviously stated. Victoria stood up.

"I'm not telling you anything else, it's for your own good." Victoria walked out of her office with her chin held high. Millicent watched as Victoria left the building without giving her a glance.

"I am a grown woman...I need to know who he is." Brooke pouted as her mother walked out. She thought she could trust her mother but she grew to know that Victoria was build with nothing but lies.

Everything was getting better, his mind was finally right and complete. He didn't know much about this girl but he had a feeling that he known her his whole life. He looked up at the ceiling, his flashbacks were getting more clear and focused. He could feel Brooke more in his dreams, he control his movements and hers. Lucas came back into his real life to the smell of waffles. Lucas felt apart from Brooke, waiting for her to come back to him. If he had a choice, he would be with her but things seem to be different now. He walked out of his small bedroom and into the kitchen, Peyton was dancing with tea in her hand. She sat her cup down near Lucas as he sat in one of the chairs. Peyton didn't know how to start off, when do you tell your future husband that your the reason this all started. Peyton had to make up a lie, she couldn't tell him the other secret...this was enough.

"You and Brooke were madly in love," Peyton looked down at her cup as she started. Lucas started to listen, he knew that was true. He could feel something inside of him for Brooke, more than what he has for Peyton. "Nothing could get between you guys- I mean..." Peyton slightly laughed at the end of her sentence, it more sadness than a happy laugh. "You couldn't keep your eyes off her, you never look at me like they way you looked at her." Peyton sadly smiled and looked up at him. "but things started to change, you changed and so did she..." Peyton grabbed Lucas' arm. "She's dangerous Luke, she tried to hurt you." Peyton lied.

"How?" Lucas' voice was deep, he wanted to know more about this girl and what happened to them.

"She tried to kill you." Peyton studied his face, the words hit him like a gun shot. The person that he has been dreaming about wouldn't have done that to him, they were so in love.

"Wait-" Lucas closed his eyes.

"I know, you might see something different but she tried to hurt me." Peyton begged him, Lucas looked up at her. Her green eyes looked so innocent, she was the only one that he could trust or so he thought.

"This doesn't sound like the girl that I've been seeing in my dreams. She's warm." Lucas said confused.

"It's not...Brooke is bad for you."

"If she tried to hurt me, Why isn't she in Jail?" Lucas let go of her hand. Peyton hesitated again, not sure of what to tell him.

"Her mother. She didn't want Brooke's life to be ruined." Peyton quickly lied.

"Okay but is there anything else?" Lucas questioned her, he waited for an answer.

"No." Peyton hesitated. "Are you still mad at me?" Peyton asked, changing the subject. Lucas was still thinking about Brooke but looking at Peyton, he wondered what his life could have been. Would it be better? His future wife was telling him that girl that he adored so much, was crazy.

"No, everything is perfect. Are you mad at me?" Lucas smiled at her.

"I just want to be your wife." Peyton leaned to kiss. Lucas closed his eyes, wanting to shut the world off but Peyton had her eyes wide open. She didn't feel the spark that she felt before. Lucas parted away when he heard a knock at his door. Peyton looked over at the window to see Skills, he wanted to apologize. Lucas stood up, opening the door for him. Peyton didn't say another word, she had to keep her mouth shut. Skills made a short eye contact with Peyton, warning her that he would tell Lucas everything that he needed to know. Peyton grabbed her tea and walked into the backroom, Skills sat down on the couch watching the day go by. Lucas walked over to him with a slight smile on his face.

"Are you alright, man?" Skills huffed with all the drama going down.

"Do you mean with my best friend lying to me about the girl that I've been dreaming about but it wasn't a was actually memories." Lucas rose both of eyebrows, waiting for Skills to answer.

"Listen, man-" Skills tried to explain but he would come up with more lies.

"No, It's fine. Peyton explained everything." Lucas slightly smiled at him, he didn't know if it was the truth.

"Really?" Skills was unsure that what Peyton told him was true.

"You were only trying to protect me." Lucas walked into his room for a minute, gathering his clothes. He looked at himself int he mirror, wondering where the years have went by. Skills came to the back, he noticed that Peyton was looking directly at him. Lucas ran past him without looking at him. "I'm going to see my mother." Lucas walked out of the house. Skills turned looking at Peyton, she was sitting in a guest room bed. Peyton stood up, walking towards him and stared for a minute until she finally shut the door. Lucas knocked on the brown door surrounded by trees and flowers, his mother was the only one that he could trust. Karen opened the door, she looked younger than the last time he saw her. Her hair was placed in a messy bun and she was still in her pajamas. He looked around inside the house, wondering where his step dad and his little sister could have gone.

"They went to spend the day me a break." Karen answered his question, she moved aside to let Lucas come in. The house was bigger than the old one and more beautiful, she wanted to start all over and begin a knew life. Lucas sat down on the leather couch that he bought for her, he was getting a lot of money but was hiding it from Peyton. Karen sat down next to him, bushing his hair back.

"Things have been changing, mom. People that I've used to trust, I can't trust them anymore." Lucas said sadly, he wanted to believe every word that they said but something inside of him blocked the voices out. He wondered what they were keeping from that was so terrifying.

"Peyton?" Karen asked him, Lucas nodded. Karen turned over, looking at the plain wall. She battling with herself from telling him who this girl is. If she tells him, everything would change even more. There is no going back from this. Karen thought about for a second, Victoria couldn't control her anymore. She was happy, she would try to kill her happiness but it would be worth it. Karen looked over back at Lucas with a smile. "What me to tell you about her?" Karen had a glorious smile upon her face, the story that she was going to tell kept her smiling. Lucas leaned in closer to his mother, wanting to know every detail. His palms started to sweat, he could barely breathe. "She was beautiful, when she could brighten up your day-" Karen tried to explain Brooke but it was hard. "She was just this high ball of energy, you never see her down...she doesn't show it. Her voice...oh, it was something special. She was an amazing girl." Karen nodded, Lucas swallowed hard. The way that Karen described her, made him think why she would try to kill him. Lucas didn't say anymore, that's all he wanted to know. Karen continued to talk about Brooke, how she was in high school. Karen's story was more detailed than anyone Else's. She couldn't hide anymore or needed to lie to him. Lucas had to know the truth, that's all he needed. That's what he's living for.

She hoped that her dreams would come true, that she would drift off into space and be with the person that she thought she loved. There was more to him, more to his life, more to them. She could actually feel him around a ghost trying to communicate. She wondered if those were signals, telling her to listen to that voice in her head; telling her that he is the one for her. She would never understand what she was starting to feel, what she was trying to feel for him. She would tell herself over and over again that it was dream but it was more than that. She was just too scared to admit it. As she feel deep into her sleep, his face became clear and it was only her and him. In this moment, she was in love with him. He held out his hand and swung her under his arms, moving slowly with her feet. He started to talk but she couldn't hear his voice, it was mumbled. A part of her mind was keeping him away from her, a part that was afraid to feel anything. Brooke started to hear this loud noise in the back of her head, it became louder and louder until she finally opened her eyes. Someone was knocking at the door, she collected her thoughts for a moment. For a moment, she was in love with someone. A love that couldn't be describe into words. She finally stood up when she heard a familiar voice through her front door. She wrapped a robe around her and walked in front of the door. Mouth was on the other side, she didn't want to speak to him or even see him for that matter. She slid down against the door onto the cold wooden floor that she had replaced from the old ones. Mouth did the same, he looked down the hallway; making sure no one was staring at him.

"Brooke, I'm your best friend..." He began with those words, reminding her what they have been through. "I know that I lied about your past and I'm sorry...I just didn't want you to get hurt." Mouth turned his head, pushing his face against the door; hoping that she would hear every word. "Your mother wanted it to be in the past, we were afraid of her." Mouth stood up from the ground, he touched the doorknob. It was unlocked but he didn't open it.

"You lied to me," Brooke said breathless. "I have a lot on my shoulders." Brooke heart caved into her chest, she couldn't breathe.

"I know," Mouth immediately said to her. "And I'm sorry...I never wanted to hurt you...I never wanted to let you down and all I can do is...apologize. I can tell you about him." Mouth guessed, he wanted to continued to talk to her. Brooke leaned against the door, waiting for him to say something.

"Okay." She whispered, Mouth could hear her perfectly.

"You two are different in the most strangulation ways. He was more...demanding and considered but you brought out the best in him. He was a basketball player for the ravens and now hes selling book. He joked a lot but had fun...mostly with you. You brought a side of him that I never got the chance to see...He was daring, intimidating. He was courageous and caring." Mouth finished, he didn't hear another word that came out of Brooke's mouth. He slightly opened the door, not seeing anything in front of him. "Brooke?" He looked down and could see her bare feet on the floor. He slightly opened the door without hitting her, she was laying there. She looked pale, he could barely hear her heartbeat when she collapsed. Mouth panicked, he called 911 but they couldn't get there any faster. Brooke was slowly dying and they didn't know why.

Brooke finally opened her eyes from the voice of her mother, she was in a hospital bed. She looked over the boring, pale room and over at Mouth. He was watching television, a black and white movie that caught her eye. Brooke didn't make a sound, she just remembered her memories of Lucas. The way that he smiled around her and touched her, she could still feel his hands. Victoria came back into the room from speaking with nurse, Brooke couldn't look away from her. Brooke was yelled at her mother and she felt bad. Victoria came over and sat next to Brooke, noticing that her eyes were open. It was night, when Brooke woke up from hearing a knock at the door; it was day time. Victoria grabbed her hand, Mouth slowly fell asleep.

"I dreamed of him," Brooke swallowed but her mouth was dry. Victoria closed her eyes, she didn't want to hear anymore. "I think it was a memory seems like a dream's so wonderful." Brooke slowly smiled at her, showing how happy she was in her dreams. Victoria held onto Brooke, she could remember the last time what happened with her when she was in the hospital.

"You passed out because your heart was wasn't good for your head. You have to be careful Brooke." Victoria brushed Brooke's hair back with her hands, making sure that she felt okay.

"Mother." Brooke begged. Victoria looked down at her, she knew what Brooke wanted. She wanted to know more about Lucas and what their love was like. She could remember every second like it was yesterday.

"You guys were madly in love, Lucas was a very smart kid but when he was around you. He was...different. More himself and sarcastic, challenging, caring. You were slowly changing him into a better man and he was changing you into a better woman. No one could get between you two but..." Victoria looked down to make up a distant lie, something that Brooke would understand. This was enough for her, only if she could know about the other thing. "He cheated on you, I guess he didn't like the way that he was changing. He tried to kill you, teach you a lesson." Victoria sat back in the soft chair and looked up at the television, that was all she was going to say. Brooke looked away from her mother, disappointed from what she was hearing. She hoped that there was something else but there wasn't. Just him and her. Victoria went to sleep, Brooke slowly arose from her bed and walked around the halls. A nurse ran up to her, trying to keep her balance. Brooke tried to push her away but the nurse wouldn't let go.

"Brooke, what are you doing up?" She began, Brooke studied her red hair and sparky attitude.

"I feel like I know you but I don't." Brooke frowned, the nurse laughed.

"Of course you do, it's me...Rachel." Rachel laughed, walking her back to Brooke's room. Brooke stopped, this Rachel girl most know more about Lucas than she does. Brooke turned towards Rachel, she had a lot of make up on.

"Oh my gosh!" Brooke went in for a hug, pretending like she knew her.

"How are you and Lucas...and your-" Rachel tried to finished but the sight of Brooke's mother feared her but she put on a brave smile. Victoria placed her hand on Brooke's shoulder, keeping eye contact with Rachel.

"and my?" Brooke wanted her to finished her sentence. Victoria gave Rachel a death stare, Rachel looked down at Brooke; feeling sorry for her. Rachel tapped Brooke on the shoulder and walked off without saying another word. Brooke turned around and didn't give her mother another look. What was Rachel going to say to her? She was going to find out, Victoria couldn't control everything.

Brooke woke up with gasp, her dreams were getting more scarier. She was in her apartment, in her bed; she heard a knock at her door. Brooke looked around the room, for any sign of danger. She could see everything so clearly and perfect. Lucas wasn't the one that was going crazy, it was Peyton and her mother. She didn't know much about Peyton, she could remember them when they were little but some memories were left hidden. She was sick of having things hidden, she wanted to know more about the night and her life with Lucas. The only way she could do that is to give them pressure. The dreams that she has been having, the questions that she has been asking. Those were all lies and she knew it before but didn't want to believe it. She loved her mother and she really loved mouth but somethings weren't meant to be kept a secret.

"It's your mother and mouth." Victoria yelled through the door, Brooke was going to give them hell. Brooke ran in front of the door and opened it, she looked at the people that lied to her. She felt broken and confused, she felt like the only person that she could the person that she barely knew. Victoria walked in, not noticing what was wrong with Brooke. Mouth walked in behind Victoria, they could feel the cold air breathing in. Brooke held onto her robe, holding in all of the anger.

"It was you," Brooke pointed at her mother. "You ruined everything." Brooke rose her voice a little.

"Honey-" Victoria tried to calm her down, everything was happening so fast.

"No!" Brooke yelled at the both of them. "You lied to me! I trusted you! I needed you and the whole relationship that you said we BUILD...WAS A LIE! LUCAS LOVED ME" Brooke yelled, she could feel the air getting thinner.

"He's just a boy." Victoria said.

"He's not just a boy! He was apart of me, and you took that away!" Brooke ran into her room, with tears running down her face. She started to run through her things, pulling old boxes out. She remembered that her mother was hiding something back there. Victoria followed her into the back, she had this fear in her eyes.

"Brooke, don't." Victoria begged her. Brooke pulled out a tan box of old pictures, Brooke pointed them to Victoria. Her mind was completely blank, she walked over to her bed and poured the pictures all over her it. They were pictures of her and Lucas. Brooke's hands became numb, she couldn't feel anything and everything was cold. There were so many memories in one picture, she was smiling in all of them. She picked one of the pictures, it was him and her at a party with a bunch of friends. She remembered that day, it was their sophomore year. The first time they laid eyes on each other, their first date. Brooke looked at a familiar photo, her hand began to shake reaching for it. Victoria was right, everything was going to change.

"Who is this?" Brooke asked her mother, looking up at Victoria.

Lucas knew enough, he asked around and they gave him more details about Brooke. The way they describe her, she didn't seem like she would just go insane. He walked into his house, throwing his jacket on the ground. His neck was aching with pain, his hands were beginning to tighten up. Peyton ran into the living room, hearing the loud noises that Lucas was making. His face was completely red, his eyes were filled with glassy tears.

"Tell me the truth." Lucas demanded, Peyton stood there for a moment. His heart was racing, looking at the whole house. The life that he had with Peyton was a lie, everything that he believed was a lie. He felt like he wasn't the person he was, just the person that they build. He walked into the guest room and opened up the closet. Peyton always kept this door locked for some reason. This was the first place where he could look, she must have photos of him and Brooke. He through clothes on the floor, papers and notebooks. Peyton stood there at the door, afraid of what he was going to do next. She should have told him, everything would be different. Lucas threw a tan box behind him, photos spilled from the small box. Lucas turned around, seeing all of the photos of him and Brooke. He knelled down, covering his mouth. It was like a timeline, from the first day they meet; to the last time they ever saw each other. He picked up one photo of the beautiful girl. He noticed a small boy beside the both of them, Brooke was hugging him tightly with biggest smile she could form. Lucas was standing beside them with the cheesiest smile. Lucas stood up, walking over to Peyton with the photo in his hand.

"Who is this?" Lucas asked her. "Who is this boy?" Lucas demanded.

"That's your son." Peyton choked, she couldn't lie anymore. The truth was out, there was no going back.

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