Finding You.


She closed her eyes, slowly drifting into the back of her mind. She was hurting and confused but still she kept her eyes closed. Hoping that when she opened her eyes, everyone and everything would go away. That when her mother told her that she had a son, it wasn't true. She wanted to go back a few months before she saw Lucas at the interview. She couldn't go back but she wished that she could. She had to live in the now, she had to forgive the people that wronged her. Brooke quickly opened her eyes back up, looking up at the white ceiling with designs on the walls.

"What's his name?" Brooke leaned back in her chair, still looking at the ceiling. Millicent came into her office with two cups of coffee in her hand. Millicent handed Victoria a coffee and stood by a corner, making sure that Brooke was going to be okay. Victoria blew into her coffee, making it warm. Brooke turned her chair, not moving her neck.

"Jamie." Victoria took a sip of the coffee, it was terrible. Victoria made a 'yuck' look and handed Millicent the coffee.

"How old is he?" Brooke asked another question, she wanted to know more about the boy.

"He's birthday is this weekend, he's turning four." Victoria looked at her nails, Brooke rose up from her chair. "He's a very smart boy." Victoria looked up at her.

"You've seen him?" Brooke questioned her.

"I've meant him," Victoria stood up, standing in front of Brooke. "You should meet him." Victoria implied. Brooke backed away from her, holding onto her thumbs.

"I can't...I'm not ready to be a mother." Brooke shook her head. Victoria rolled her eyes, grabbing her purse.

"Brooke-" Millicent tried to say.

"No, do you understand what I'm going through?" Brooke looked directly at her mother. "Just two months ago, I found out that guy that I've been dreaming about is real. My whole life is a lie, my mother has been lying to me...and I have son. Does he know he has a son?" Brooke walked over to her desk, pulling Lucas' number out.

"Peyton called, she told him." Millicent chimed in.

"Peyton." Brooke squinted.

"His fiance." Victoria slowed her talking. Brooke walked over to her door, trying to figure out what she is going to do next. It was only Monday and she was already done for the week.

"I have to go to my next meeting." Brooke said to her mother, the conversation had to end. Brooke was afraid if her mother said another word, everything would turn into a lie. Lucas had a fiance, she couldn't bare seeing him with another woman. There was a part of her that wanted him to stay away from Peyton. Brooke could only remember a little of Peyton and their friendship.

"He's your son." Victoria rose her voice a little.

"I am not ready to be a mother! I couldn't bring myself to call Lucas. Everything is overwhelming." Brooke turned around, not looking at her mother's face anymore. It just made her sick to her stomach.

"He's staying with the pastor that married me and your father...he said that you can take him when your ready." Victoria told Brooke before she stormed out.

Haley called Lucas more than he could count, he stopped at five. His head was going in circles but he shouldn't punish his friends for this action of what his fiance did. They were only trying to help figure things out, understand what there is too talk about. There was a soft knock at his door, Peyton was already gone to sign new artist. Lucas opening the door, he thought it was going to be Haley but it turned out being Lindsey...his publisher. She helped him get his first book out there, Lindsey let herself in before Lucas could even blink. She sat down at the kitchen table and her purse close to her chest. He sat down in front of her, he looked like a mess.

"Where's your next book, Luke?" Lindsey held out her hand, she was tempted by Lucas. She felt like that they could have something more than just business.

"I have some ideas but there's been some things going on." Lucas rubbed his forehead, Lindsey leaned in.

"Your fans are waiting for the next chapter of your magical love story." Lindsey grabbed his hand, looking deeply into his eyes. Lucas had no feelings for her, he saw nothing but friendship between them. The thought of them together, didn't cross his mind. He was waiting for that one girl that could bring him home and wished that was Peyton.

"How do you know it's my story?" Lucas kinked his eyebrow, she loved when he did that.

"It's not...It's a love story that you wished you had." Lindsey but her hand back into her pockets. "or that already happened and you want back...You wrote a whole book about a girl that only exists in your dreams." Lindsey smiled. "She must be real because the things that you don't feel with Peyton...Peyton isn't that girl." She kept a brave smile on her face, she wondered how he didn't get this before. "I believe that this girl is out there somewhere, waiting for you...she just needs a little push." Lindsey pushed his shoulder, playfully.

"I don't know, I'm stuck." Lucas shrugged his shoulders. He grabbed his laptop and walked back over to Lindsey, he showed her all that he wrote. It was the beginning of his love story but it wasn't the ending that she hoped for.

"The problem is," She shut the laptop and looked back over at Lucas. "It's not finished...the real one of course." Lindsey pointed to Lucas and winked. "You need to finish your love story, find the girl, get the happily." Lindsey shrugged her shoulders.

"I already found my girl." Lucas stood up.

"Maybe but I know there is part of you that is still waiting...still hoping for something different." Lindsey grabbed her things and walked out. She had nothing else to say to him but Lucas knew that she was right. He was feeling empty when he was around Peyton but not sad or depressed. She made him feel happy but not as what Brooke made him feel. While the door closed, another one opened. Haley came through the door, dropping her hand bag on the couch and sat next to him. Lucas was going to sit through another conversation that he wasn't ready for.

"I just saw Lindsey leave." She pointed her thumb to the door and focused her attention on Lucas. "What happened?" Haley asked curiously. Lucas chuckled, leaning back in his chair; placing his hands behind his head. "Brooke used to do that." Haley pointed out. "I guess she gets that from you." Haley smirked a little, remembering the small things they did together. Lucas didn't want to talk about the girl that he was so in love with...that he is still probably in love with. He didn't want to think about that because the more he did...the deeper he was getting into his own confused mind.

"I don't want to talk about this, I have so many things going on." Lucas tried to walk away but Haley continued to talk.

"I know your son," She said before he walked away, Lucas turned around and sat back into his soft chair. He would like to know who his son is, he would want to know what his son is about and who he looked like more. He wanted to be a better father to his child than his father was to him. "He's a very smart, boy. Smarter than you think." Haley rose her eyebrow. Lucas closed his eyes and huffed, he was smart. He has a life.

"What's his name?" Lucas asked her.

"Jamie Lucas Scott," Haley smiled at him. "You guys gave him that name, together." Haley pointed out.

"Why can't I call her? I need to speak to her." Lucas said impatiently.

"because she's not ready, her mother has been trying to keep you away from her. You have to give her time to cope." Haley rubbed Lucas' head.

"Victoria can't keep her away from me." Lucas warned Haley. "She is the mother of my child, my whole life is based off her - She- They can't keep me from knowing her." Lucas looked down at his big feet, wondering if his son has them. The door opened and Peyton came in, she looked tired and sad. Haley tapped Lucas on the shoulder.

"You know what you want, Luke. It's your choice." She walked out, letting Peyton talk to Lucas. Lucas already knew what the conversation was going to be about. It was going to be about his son Jamie and the life that he used to have.

"Do you love me, the way that you love her?" Peyton asked him with no tears in her eyes. She wanted to know the answer to questions that have been floating around in her head. Peyton leaned onto the counter, intertwining her fingers together. Lucas knew the answer to this question, Peyton might have lied to her but he loved her. She was there for him when he had no where to go or wanted to know where he was. When his head started to hurt, she was there to take care of him. He grew closer to her when he was done and didn't know his own mother was married and had a sister. He still thought his Uncle Keith was still alive. Things changed for him and Peyton put him back to place.

"Of course I do." Lucas whispered.

"It doesn't feel like it-Lucas" She paused " wrote a book for her. Reaching out to her." Peyton yelled at him.

"She was in my life before you. I feel like she knows me more-"

"No! I know you more. She doesn't know you like how I know you." Peyton yelled at him. Peyton rose up from the counter walking over to him, talking with her hands.

"She is going to be in our lives... no matter what." Lucas tightened his mouth with anger.

"I know she is the mother of your child but you barely know her." Peyton said slowly. He was done with all the lies and people trying to hide his other life without him knowing. He loved Peyton, he would always love Peyton because he thinks that she's the one for him. He wouldn't want to try to fix anything in this relationship if she was just going to lie to him again. He thought that all this fighting was the best for the both of them, she might say something that she wasn't supposed too about Brooke and Jamie.

"Peyton...I feel like I've known her my whole life and you told me...that she was crazy...that she was insane." Lucas stood up, wanting to break everything in the room. He sharply turned to her. "You were the person that I was supposed to trust the most." He grinned his teeth.

"You shouldn't worry about her." Peyton cried.

"What am I supposed to feel about the child, huh?" He asked her, she looked around the room; trying to think of a reason.

"It's nothing." She shrugged her sad shoulders. He walked up closer to her.

"This isn't nothing." He rose his voice a little.

"Maybe it is." She slowly looked up at him from staring at his long gray shirt. She put a slight smile on her face until it slowly faded.

"wha- Your really selfish, you know that?" Lucas walked away from her. He grabbed his jacket and opened the door.

"If you walk out that door!" Peyton yelled at him, Lucas turned around. "Then I am done." Peyton calmed down, her voice was lower. Lucas stared at her for a moment, the whole relationship was done. He walked back over to her.

"I looked at your phone records," he said sadly. "You have been calling Victoria for the past four years...You have been lying to me." He tried to turn back around to leave.

"I did that because...I was afraid I was going to lose you." Peyton tightened her grip on her arms. Lucas turned around, holding his jacket by his fingers.

"See, you lied to me, build a fake relationship, hid my child from me- I missed those days where he was developing. I can't take it back, he probably feels abandoned... He's alone, probably wondering why his parents hate him so much," Lucas moved closer to Peyton. "You took almost everything from me but...I still love you and that's sucks. You already lost me." He finally walked out. There was nothing between them. He quickly walked out the house before he saw her break down and cry. He kept moving on, he couldn't turn around.

It was the weekend, March 12. It was his birthday, it seemed like a long time for her to take the courage to find something for her son. Millicent was with her, trying to find a present for him. Brooke didn't know what he would be like. Brooke bit her fingers, trying to figure out what the best gift would possibly be for him. She looked around the entire store, Millicent came up to her with a fake power ranger toy. Brooke looked at the toy and back up at Millicent.

"He's five, not two." Brooke said to her, Millicent slammed the toy on the ground with a pout.

"What do you think he wants?" Millicent whined.

"I don't know," Brooke walked over to a collection of baseball cards. She looked through them but nothing seemed his style. "What would a five year old want?" Brooke picked up one of the baseball card and showed them to Millicent. Millicent shook her head and continued to look for something. Brooke walked to the far back where they had books and all the creative things. She found a collection of Lucas' book, it was the same as he left it. She saw an unfamiliar book of his, she never seen before. She looked at it, up and down. This must have been new, fresh off of the printer. She opened the book and saw the credits on the first page. In black letter it said All the time in the world could not pull us apart. I remember you, I will find you and I will love you all over again. She opened to the first chapter in a hurry, she read the first few sentences and fell in love. You see me in your dreams and I see you in mine. I wonder if were having the same dreams, that we are seeing each other...that we could feel each other. Brooke finally shut the book, she looked around for Millicent. She was no where to be found. Brooke looked back down at the book, she couldn't do this to herself but opened it back up. She went to the last page and read. You are the love of my life and you gave me something that I could never return, hope, direction...a child. I see you when I close my eyes and I hope when you close your eyes when a day is too hard to swallow, your memories come alive again...your memories of me. Brooke grabbed two of them, she knew what she was getting her son for his birthday. Millicent ran up to her with a bunch of toys in her hand. Brooke hurried and bought the books and looked over at Millicent.

"Come on, we have to go or we are going to be late. I hope he knows how to read." Brooke walked out of the shop, Millicent huffed and dropped the toys down on the floor.

"Brooke's he's five, I don't think he knows how to write yet." Millicent smirked.

"Then I can read it to him."

Brooke walked up the driveway, they had a huge house. Kids were running all over the place, she couldn't find a place to sit down. Brooke walked in with Millicent behind her; holding the wrapped gift. Brooke looked around for Jamie, just to see his eyes. Brooke started to walk into the back, the field was full of children and their parents. A clown ran right past Brooke, almost knocking her down. Brooke let out a slight scream but held her posture. A woman came up to her with two glass cups of punch, she handed one to Brooke and the other one to Millicent.

"Which ones yours?" the woman asked them. Brooke looked around, squinting her eyes from the sun. She looked closely until she found him. He was running around, playing basketball with his friends. He was a little short for a five year old but he had this amazing smile. His short hair flowed in this wind, his teeth were a little crooked but she thought it was cute. Jamie grabbed the ball from one of the boys and gripped it until he could get everyone's attention. He started to pick teams again because he thought that his team was losing. Jamie looked up, he saw a woman that he had never seen his life. Brooke caught his eyes, she couldn't breathe. Brooke's stomach started to turn into knots, she felt like she was going to throw up. Jamie turned back around and continued to play the game. She pointed over at Jamie with a wide smile, Millicent looked over and smiled also. Brooke could see herself in him, he has her dimples. The woman nodded and looked at the both of them, she thought that they were a coupl

"So, you two" The woman hesitated. Brooke looked over a Millicent and shook her head.

"No, we are not. That's just my son." Brooke said to him, the pastor walked over to Brooke and moved her aside. He looked normal, he had curly brown hair, light blue eyes, and a tan to his complexion. His lips were full and had a deep voice. They walked over to corner where they could get a good look at Jamie but Jamie couldn't see them. The pastor crossed his arms, he looked like a normal guy without a robe.

"Jamie...doesn't know who you are yet." Pastor pointed out. Brooke looked back over at her son with a slight smile across her left face.

"It's okay." Brooke said to him. She thought about it for a second, He had a lot of friends and seemed to have a good life. She barely knew how to take care of herself, she doesn't have everything in order. She wouldn't know what to do with a five year old. She had to focus on herself right now, see what she is going to do with company. She needed to know more about Lucas before she takes Jamie in.

Hours have went past and time was becoming slow. Everyone was starting to leave but Jamie stood outside. Jamie walked over to a table, sitting there sadly. The sun was beaming on the side of his face until a shadow walked in front of it. He looked up at the strange woman and frowned. Brooke sat down next to him, having the present behind her back.

"So, your the birthday boy?" Brooke said playfully. She could see the small expression on his face.

"Yea." He said sadly. Brooke looked up at the sun and back down at him.

"Why so sad, buddy?" She placed the present on the table and focused on his small voice.

"I want my parents to come." He turned to face her. Brooke's heart dropped into her stomach. Brooke could say it that she was his mother, tell him that she loved him since he was born but she couldn't because she doesn't remember the first time they hugged or the last time.

"Do you remember your mother?" Brooke crossed her legs.

"Nope, I have these memories but there blurry." Jamie huffed, looking down at the wrapped red present on the table. Brooke noticed that he was looking at it.

"I saved the best for last." Brooke pushed the present his way. Jamie looked up at her and back down at the present, he quickly opened it up and a check fell out. His eyes became wide and his mouth was open.

"Whoa! That's a lot of zero's." Jamie said excitedly. He continued to unravel the present to find a dark book under the red wrapped paper. It was picture of woman and man playing in the rain or just their shadows. He opened the book but didn't say a word.

"I heard that your a smart kid. I thought you would like to read a book from the most selling Author." Brooke winked at him, he looked up at her and realized who she was.

"I know who you are!" Jamie proudly yelled. Brooke swallowed, hard. "Your the designer for clothes over have that huge building." Jamie said to her, leaning in closer. Brooke blushed with a crazy smile on her face.

"Yes." Brooke nodded.

"Man, I always wanted to know what it felt like to be in there...feeling like a business man." Jamie smiled at her, he looked back down at the book and up at Brooke. "You know...I researched my mother and father or tried to ask around who they are." Jamie put the book on the table. "My father is an author and my mother is designer just like you." He narrowed his eyebrows with frustration. "I wonder why they left me?" he said sadly.

"You are a special boy. They are the stupidest people I have ever heard of, who wouldn't want a man like you?" Brooke stood up happily. Jamie stood up with her, slumping down.

"I'm not a man." he pouted.

"Your five now! You are a man!" Brooke smiled walked over to him, she fixed his shirt for him. "One day, maybe. I can go get you a suit and take you to that big, tall building that I work at and you can act like the boss." Brooke walked away from but not without giving a hug. She wanted him to feel wanted or cared for. The pastor meet her outside, to discuss of taking Jamie into her care. Brooke looked back at Jamie, he was starting to read the book.

"Today? I have nothing else to do?" Jamie begged.

"I'll see." Brooke winked, Jamie ran to his room.

"So?" The pastor asked her.

"I'm sorry," Brooke bit her lip. "I'm just not ready." Brooke walked away from the pastor. She barely knew herself and about her past life. She wanted to know more about Lucas and how he felt about her. She wanted to know what she was going to do with rest of life, she couldn't have a kid on her shoulders right now.

2 Weeks later...

Brooke and Lucas finally contacted each other, they thought it was time to talk but wasn't ready to see each other in person. Lucas was still in love with Peyton, hoping that she would come home. Brooke Davis was with Jamie more; being his best friend. Brooke was spending more time with him, knowing what his favorite color was and what he wanted to be when he grew. She tells Lucas everything that they do everyday, he never misses a moment.

Brooke answers the phone for Lucas, she loved hearing his voice at night. It made her feel comfortable and more sure about herself. Lucas laid in his bed, looking up at the ceiling.

"How was today?" Lucas asked her, sleeping in a bed, alone.

"Fine but I'm still not ready." Brooke shrugged her shoulders.

"Brooke, you are never ready for a child and that's okay-"

"Oh and what about you? I'm not sure that you have everything planned out." Brooke laughed over the phone.

"Oh no. I am ready, I have been waiting for a kid my whole life. I was born ready." Lucas squinted his eyes, lying through his teeth. He was only trying to make Brooke feel better. Lucas laid there, in his plaided underwear and a white T-Shirt.

"Ha, you are lying." Brooke smiled through the phone. It surprised him how she knew so much of him, when he's lying and when he's sad. Lucas turned over on his stomach, he took in a deep breathe; imaging her face as she talks through the phone.

"Brooke, you are going to be a good mother...a great mother." Lucas whispered through the phone, Brooke huffed.

"Can we talk about something else? How about your next book?" Brooke rose up from her bed, wanting to know more about the girl behind his books.

"It's just some silly love story." Lucas shrugged his shoulders the same way Brooke did.

"Your calling our love story...silly?" Brooke kinked her eyebrow.

"How do you know that it's ours?" Lucas challenged. Brooke opened up the book and tried to read a sentence to him.

"Oh, I hope I so reside behind your eyes..." Brooke tried to act dramatically. She could hear Lucas laugh through the phone, she stopped messing around. She pressed the phone to her mouth, hoping that he could hear her more. "It's amazing, Luke." Brooke said sincerely.

"Really?" Lucas stood up from his bed, walking to his lamp. He turned it off and looked at his small reflection on his window. He could kind of see Brooke but only if he really tried. He walked back over to his bed and laid back down.

"It's an epic love story, Luke." Brooke turned off her lamp, she could only see the moon shine through her window. They both placed their hand on their stomach, looking up at the plain ceiling that they called home. Brooke could stay on the phone with Lucas all day if she wanted to. They know what they felt for each other but they were so afraid to show it. Lucas couldn't have these feelings, he was getting married and few weeks or maybe even a month.

"I'm not doing another book." Lucas whispered. Brooke gasped, sitting up from her bed.

"What?!" She yelled.

"I'm not doing another book," Lucas chuckled.

"You can't." Brooke begged.

"And why not?" He asked her. Brooke really thought of a reason, there were so many.

"Because, you didn't find the girl...the man didn't have his happy ending- he never found her...there are so many unanswered questions." Brooke ran on.

"He doesn't find her, he dies." Lucas shrugs his shoulders, making up a terrible ending.

"He doesn't die," Brooke said, telling his own story to him. "Do for for Jamie-"

"Jamie?" Lucas asked confused.

"Yea, I'm reading him the book every night. Were almost done, he loves your books Lucas. Even though he doesn't know what love is." Brooke laughed at herself.

"Maybe he believes that's his parents." Lucas said curious. "Maybe he imaging that's how his parents meet." Lucas whispered.

"If he believes that than he wants to know what happens at the end." Brooke swallowed. There was silence in her home, no on was making a sound. She hated to be alone but she had to face her fears. She always talked to Lucas, to make the pain less. Lucas waited until she began to speak. "So, your holding off the wedding?" Brooke turned over to her side.

"I had too, she lied to me." Lucas moved over to his side as well. "She told me that you tried to kill me." Lucas laughed at the thought.

"My mother said the same thing but you never know, maybe I was physio." Brooke laughed with him.

"I guess the only people that we could really trust is us." Lucas whispered.

"You trust me? You haven't even meet me yet." Brooke smirked.

"Yes, I have. Remember? our epic love story, there are two books about us." Lucas chuckled. Brooke turned over on her back, couldn't get a good spot on the bed.

"Do you think we'll dream about each other?" Brooke whispered to him. Lucas thought for a moment, he wanted too because he wanted to match the voice with the beautiful face.

"I call you in the morning and tell you if I do." He waited for her to say something to him, anything.

"You promise?" Brooke made him promise.

"I promise."

You could never explain love but you could try. You would be stuck on words for the rest of your life, trying to figure how that special someone makes you feel. You might think that you know what love is but you are shown into something else and it seems like everything else is a lie. There are many reasons to say how Lucas feels about Brooke but he couldn't explain it. When he wakes up, he talks to her and when he sleeps, he talks to her. He wanted to know what her life might seem like or what they're life could be together. They wouldn't be away from each other and they helped with troubles that they have been doing. They started to do a new thing instead of just calling, face timing. So they could see each others face. Brooke always checked on him, giving him inspiration about basketball.

"So, I used to be a cheerleader?" Brooke asked him with a smile. The screen was getting a little scratchy and unnoticeable.

"Yup." Lucas placed his bowl of fruit on top of his table when he continued to fix him a smoothy. He tried to put a whole batch of strawberries in the container but Brooke stopped him.

"Are you writing your next book?" Brooke sat her iPhone on her table, making sure that Lucas could see her. She started to make pancakes or at least she was trying. Lucas looked over at her, making sure that she was doing it right.

"I can't believe you don't know how to cook." Lucas chuckled.

"I can't believe you don't know how to make a descent smoothie." Brooke flipped the pancake but it dropped onto the ground. Lucas showed her how to do it but she could never try. "You are a basketball coach slash famous author, you need to get into shape." Brooke warned him.

"Hey! I am in shape." Lucas showed off his body. Brooke rolled her eyes.

"What?" Brooke stopped everything. "What were we talking about?" Brooke squinted her eyes.

"Me, getting into shape?" Lucas narrowed his eyebrows.

"ugh, no." Brooke rolled her eyes again. "before that." Brooke rolled her hand. Lucas looked up, trying to think.

"about how you are a terrible cook?" Lucas guessed. Brooke tried to not focus on his rude comments.

"Oh, the book." they said at the same time, Brooke continued to cook the pancakes.

"So, what are you going to do?" Brooke asked him, Lucas didn't want to talk about his book; it wasn't finished.

"My book isn't finished but I am working on it." Lucas took a sip of his smoothie. It needed a little something more.

"See," Brooke said excitedly. "Just put in a little work and you'll go far." Brooke gave him a wink, she continued to make the pancakes.

"What about line?" Lucas walked away from the camera, going to get something for his smoothie.

"It's going great but I have to figure out what I'm going to do for my spring collection." Brooke flipped the pancake but it fell on the counter. Lucas poured the smoothie into his coach up. It said Best Coach and Father. Brooke looked at the cup and smiled at it. "Like the cup that I got you?" Brooke laughed a little.

"Speaking of being a father, what about you being Jamie's mother?" Lucas took a sip of the smoothie. It had this kiwi taste to it more than it did strawberry, he smacked his lips.

"I'm not ready." Brooke looked at the pancake, she was going to flip this one.

"You will be a good mother, you were born to be one." Lucas inspired her.

"You know he is your son as well?" Brooke smirked, looking back at her phone. The only time they could really communicate is when they could face time.

"I know but it's your choice." Lucas said to her. Brooke flipped the pancake, it didn't drop on the floor this time. It landed back in the pan, she did it.

"Whoa!" Brooke cheered, she turned to her camera. Lucas had this goofy smile.

"You did it!" Lucas said to her. "So, you have to go to a ball?" Lucas asked her.

"Yes, this afternoon." Brooke said to him. "You have a championship?" Brooke smiled at him.

"Yes...this afternoon." Lucas frowned, they couldn't be there for each other. Brooke leaned against her phone, her whole face filled his screen.

"I'm not going to miss your big day." Brooke said to him.

"How do you know that we'll win?" Lucas smiled.

"Because your Lucas Scott, remember? You didn't forget that too, did you?" Brooke said to him.

"No." He answered, laughing.

"Alright, facetime me." Brooke hung up and waited until he called back when he wins.

Brooke had a full, laced white gown on. Her hair was placed in a bun, she had to come to the ball. It was full of business man that wanted to have a part of her company. Millicent was right beside her, making sure that everything was going to be fine. Brooke looked around the room, there were children and parents at the ball. Lovers. She realized that she was all alone, by herself. Millicent tapped her shoulder.

"I'm going to go find your mother." Millicent walked off with Brooke's jacket. She looked around for anyone that she knew but no one; there was no one here. She had no friends but the only friend she had was Mouth and he hasn't been in town for days. It overwhelmed her to know that she was alone in the world, that she might die alone. People had someone to dance with and smile with. She realized what she was missing, a love that would challenge you. Lucas gave her that love or at least he tried. Brooke quickly ran out of the ball and into the street. She kept running, her dress hitting the mud on the ground but she didn't care. This dress didn't mean anything to her, money couldn't give her happiness as she wished it would. Brooke looked down at her phone, she tried to not to cry but place a huge smile on her face.

"Hey." Lucas yelled through the crowd. He had a suit on and a clip board in his hand, Brooke could see the players running around on the court. He ran into a locker room, locking the door behind him. "Why are you out there?" Lucas asked looking past her.

"They were dancing...and I was alone." Brooke shrugged her shoulders.

"You couldn't find any hot guys there?" Lucas smiled, Brooke thought for a second. Looking up at the bright sky. Placed her bag on the ground and had her phone lay on it, she stood up to show her whole body. Lucas looked back at Brooke, he was breathless. Her gown was so beautiful, she looked like Cinderella.

"They weren't my type." Brooke fake smiled. Lucas placed his phone down to where she could see his full body.

"Did you want to dance?" Lucas asked her.

"I don't know, it would have been nice." Brooke said to him. Lucas moved behind the phone and started to play a song on his phone but he was still facetiming Brooke. Brooke could hear the song that he was playing. 'Gabrielle Aplin- Salvation.' She closed her eyes and heard the start of the song.

"Can you hear it?" Lucas asked her.

"Yea, I can but it's a little fuzzy." Brooke said to him. Lucas stood for a moment.

"Brooke Davis," He held out his hand. "Will you dance with me?"

"Yea." Brooke laughed. They held out their hands, imaging they are in front of each other. Moving side to side, gently moving their waist. Brooke closed her eyes and opened them back up, she could see him. Right in front of her but it was only her imagination. He touched her arm and she shivered. Lucas stopped dancing and so did Brooke. Brooke sat back down on the ground, looking down at her phone.

"You look beautiful, Brooke." Lucas said to her, leaving the locker room.

"Your not so bad yourself, Lucas Scott." She said to him, Lucas looked at the score board.

"Two more points and we could win this." Lucas said proudly, Brooke swallowed her sadness.

"Your going to do great." Her voice was sad, Lucas noticed it. He took his eyes off of the game and looked down at his phone.

"Are you okay?" Lucas asked her.

"No, I'm fine." Brooke closed her eyes, so the tears wouldn't drop.

"You made this happen, Brooke." Lucas said to her, he knew that she was lying. She wasn't fine.

"No. This is all you. You build this team." Brooke informed Lucas.

"But you gave me the courage to do so. Thank you." Lucas thanked her.


"Thank you, Brooke Davis!" He yelled through the crowd.

"Your welcome Lucas Scott." Brooke yelled, making sure that he could hear her. Another hour later, the ravens were in the lead. Brooke was so into the game, it gave her an excitement that she couldn't describe. One of the boys on Lucas' team made a shot, Brooke cheered and so did Lucas. It was ten more seconds till the game ends, they could make this one. They could win. Everyone was silent, number three blinked and threw the ball. It just had to go in. Lucas picked up his tablet to make sure Brooke saw the ball go in and it did. Brooke yelled at the top of her lungs, they won the championship. "Oh my god, you won!" Brooke yelled. Lucas looked at his tablet, he could see her cheering. He stood there for a moment, balloons were coming from the ceiling and confetti. It was her, the girl that he was looking for.

"God, I wish you were here." Lucas said to her, Brooke smiled a little. She heard her name being called.

"I have to go. Congratulations Broody." She smiled at him.

"Thanks, cheery." Lucas said, they ended their last call.

Lucas walked into the house with Peyton sitting down at the chair. She was rubbing her head, looking down at the ground.

"What are you doing here?" Lucas asked her, he put the trophies on the table. Peyton looked up at the huge trophies on the table and tried to put on a happy smile. Lucas grabbed a bottle water from the refrigerator.

"You won." Peyton whispered, she seemed like she has been crying.

"Brooke was there...why weren't you?" Lucas took a sip of his water.

"I wanted to but it felt like you didn't want me there." Peyton guessed.

"Of course I wanted you there." Lucas tried to walk away but Peyton followed.

"I am still your fiance." She said to him.

"You lied to me...that was a huge lie. Do you know how you completely messed up my life?" Lucas yelled at her.

"And Brooke makes it better?" Peyton smirked.

"Yes, she does!" Lucas said to her.

"Your leaving me for her?" Peyton asked him.

"Maybe, I don't know." Lucas shrugged his shoulders.

"You can't leave me!" Peyton rose her voice.

"Why not?!" Lucas sharply turned back.

"because I'm pregnant." Peyton whispered.

Brooke looked at thousand of people that were running around. She knew these people, she felt like that she knew them. This was home, this where she was supposed to be. She felt a slight touch on her hand, he tightened his grip around hers. Brooke looked down at him with a bright smile. This is what she was missing all her life, she was making the right choice. She saw this sign that said Brooke Davis, she walked over to man. She handed him his suitcase.

"Welcome to Tree Hill." The man said to her. Brooke looked down at Jamie who was holding onto her hand so tightly.

"Let's go home." Brooke said reforming as Tree Hill their home. Jamie walked with her, everything was coming into colors for them. Brooke looked around as she walked, some of the people stared at her with fear. She was home, she in the place where she grew up. She was complete.

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