Finding You.

Finding You.

Some people always wondered what life is going to be like when they die. Would they be reborn? Is there a place in haven for them? No one knows, no one has seen the god that they have been hearing about but only praise and the others... they don't care or they don't want to know because they are so afraid. They just live their life, have fun, screw up and do it all over again. Lucas Scott was neither of those people, he wanted to believe...he did but something in his head was telling him to screw up his life. Go out there, sleep with a girl that you have never seen in your life, break shit, do anything you can to ruin your life. There was another voice in his head telling him that he was making the right choices, following his dreams, go find the girl that he was so in love with but there was no time. What happened...happened. He couldn't go back but he still wondered. He had two children or just one. Jamie wasn't legally his until he wanted him back but how could he? Peyton was pregnant, right now they hated each other. They wanted nothing to do, they could barely look into each other faces. He had too shake everything off, focus on what was really important. He grabbed his phone, calling Brooke. He's been trying to call Brooke a few days now but she hasn't been answering. He was beginning to get worried, she seemed afraid the last time they talked. It went straight to voice mail, Lucas battled with himself if he should leave another message for her.

"It's me...Lucas. I just wanted to talk to you. Things are...complicated." Lucas quickly hung up the phone when he heard a knock at the door. He was hoping that it was Peyton, so that they could talk about this baby thing. Lucas walked into his living room, some of Peyton's things were packed. He opened the door and to his surprise Mouth was at the door. Mouth just came from the airport, he stood there; motionless. Lucas opened his arms to Mouth, his friend that he slightly remembered was back. They tapped each other on the back while they hugged, Lucas let out a slight laugh. "Are you here to visit?" Lucas asked when he pulled away. Mouth looked around the home, Peyton wasn't there and neither was Brooke. Mouth was hoping that Brooke was here but she wasn't.

"I guess I am." Mouth smiled at Lucas and walked in. Lucas talked to Mouth, he wanted to talk about Brooke mostly. Mouth didn't say anything about Brooke leaving with Jamie. It was kind of reckless for her to do that. Her mother was going to find and drag her back to New York. This town was the most dangerous place where a new mother can be.

"So, she's okay?" Lucas was worried, she always returned his calls.

"She just needed a break." Mouth said, his phone started to ring. Brooke was calling him, he looked down at his phone. He picked up the phone with a worried smile on his face.

"Hello, Victoria." Mouth lied, it was really Brooke on the other line.

"Come to the river court." Brooke said to him and hung up. Mouth slowly put down the phone and nervously smiled at Lucas. Mouth noticed that their were bags packed up and some of things were wrapped.

"I have to go." Mouth collected his things.

"Tell me if Brooke calls you." Lucas said to him before Mouth left. Mouth turned around, not sure what to say to him.

"I'll try." Mouth shut the door behind him, it wasn't the biggest lie that he told Lucas. Mouth drove to the river court to find Jamie playing basketball with Brooke. She was running around, trying to get the ball from Jamie. They seemed so happy like one of the families on the commercial or in the photos. Brooke saw Mouth drive up, the sun was shining bright; it was a good day for a picnic. Brooke brought over the basket of food to the middle of the river court. Mouth walked over to the shinning bright people that were dancing all over the place. Brooke sat down next to Jamie and mouth, she handed them sandwiches.

"For my two special boys." She smiled at the both of them. Mouth was oddly uncomfortable.

"You called me...telling me that you were in Tree Hill with your son." Mouth took a bite of the sandwich, this time it wasn't terrible. "What are you doing, Brooke Davis?" Mouth asked with a smile.

"My mom is opening up a shop here." Jamie informed her, Brooke nodded at Jamie.

"In Tree Hill?" Mouth questioned the both of them. Brooke kinked her eyebrow.

"Yes, in Tree Hill. This is our home." Brooke said to Mouth and Jamie.

"So, you and Jamie are going to get a home here?" Mouth was confused by the whole situation.

"I was hoping we all can live together." Brooke shrugged her shoulders, Jamie was excited. The sun beamed against their backs, making them feel like there was a warm blanket wrapped around them.

"I still don't understand why you want to move back here." Mouth took a grape from Brooke's hand and ate it.

"Because all my life I felt like something was missing and I have these memories that fool around in my memories of Lucas and...this place." Brooke started to pack up the lunch. Everything was happening so fast.

"Where are we going?" Jamie and Mouth said while standing up.

"To our new home." Brooke skipped to her car. "Come on Jamie!" She yelled happily, He looked over at Mouth. They were still confused but he didn't care because he was happy. Really happy. Jamie ran up to his mother, waiting for Mouth to come. Mouth knew that hanging out with these two would become dangerous.

"Come on Mouth." Brooke said to him with excitement. Mouth shrugged his shoulders and followed them. Brooke drove up to his huge house with a red door. The grass cut perfectly, there was a swimming pool in the back and large land behind that. Brooke had the owners cut down the trees that were just crowding around their house. Brooke parked the car in the driveway, hoping that this house would be okay for Jamie. Jamie walked to the house, he was excited for the pool but excited to start his new life with his mother. He ran inside before Brooke could say anything. Mouth finally stepped out of the car, he was surprised at all of the memories that were flashing into his head. He walked up next to Brooke. "This is the only thing that really reminded of home, I see this house in my dreams." Brooke wrapped her arms around mouth, hugging him. Brooke started to walk backwards inside the house, looking at Mouth. He was unsure about this. "There is only One Tree Hill, Mouth and this is our home." Brooke winked at him and walked in to find Jamie running around.

"It super big!" Jamie yelled, running in circles. Brooke ran into the back with him, Mouth slowly followed them. "but I can't swim." He said looking down at the deep pool.

"That's alright, I'll teach you." Brooke wrapped her arms around him. They sat down beside the pool, looking at the huge backyard that they had. The whole place a wish come true, Brooke didn't have to tell her mother what she was doing. She really didn't care what her mother was going to have to say. Mouth grabbed a football the was on the ground, he tapped it making a loud sound.

"Wanna play a little football?" Mouth said going to the yard. Jamie looked at his mother, Brooke couldn't say no to him.

"Sure, of course." Brooke said obviously.

"Alright." Mouth said to him, Jamie ran up to him. They started to play ball, throwing and catching it. Her heart was finally filled with love and family. Everything was going to be alright, now. She was going to have the people that she deserved but she wondered what was Lucas doing. What he was feeling. She missed him but didn't want him to know she was in town. She looked up at the bright sun, blocking her eye sight from everyone else. She has never seen the sun so bright, it calmed her down. She was whole again.

Start over, began from beginning. Do you know what kind of person you were then? You can remember, you were different. A angel and might sill be that person but it can't be possible because you've seen things and you know things. You want what you see and want to feel what everyone eles's feels. Nothing knew but you've changed. You are not the person from yesterday or the day before that because you have new thoughts and have new challenges. People change everyday, you change everyday. Lucas Scott was changing everday, getting more confused with his life. He should have more to his life, he wanted more. Lucas knocked on Haley's door and waited until someone opened it up. He looked behind him, the houses; they were all empty. No one was living anymore, it was like everything was paused. I was a few minutes before Nathan opened the door. He had this surprised look on his face, Lucas couldn't be here right now. They just found out that Brooke was in town, someone saw her at the airport and called Haley and Nathan. Nathan slowly let Lucas in the house, Haley was on the phone with someone. Haley looked up, noticing that Lucas was standing next to Nathan.

"Oh, I have to call you back." Haley quickly hung up the phone; she walked over to Lucas with open arms. Haley glanced at Nathan, Nathan walked away from them; giving them time for themselves. Haley didn't know how to start. "Are you okay?" Haley asked Lucas, they both sat down in the living room. Lucas started to rub his legs, Haley stood there for a moment. For a moment, of course he was going to say yes but no more lies apon this point.

"Peyton told me that she's pregnant." Lucas swallowed, the harsh words tasted like iron. Haley huffed, sitting back into her coffy chair. She had to think of something to say, how could you tell your best friend that his fiance is not the one for him.

"Don't marry Peyton." Haley leaned in close to him.

"I can't...she's pregnant." Lucas narrowed his eyebrows with a sadness.

"You have two woman in your life and two children. You need to figure out what you want to do next." Haley demanded. Lucas looked down at his phone and saw the messages that Peyton left for him.

"She's been calling me all day." Lucas put his phone back inside his pocket.

"and Brooke?" Haley asked about the mystery girl inside his head. It was hard for him to talk about her, he had these feelings for that he was hiding over the years. Now that he knows that this girl is real, he understands what everything means to him now. Her eyes, her lips and the way she speaks. He wanted to meet her in person or try to start over and make the right choices and none of them include Peyton.

"Come with me to his small party?" Haley asked him.

"I'm not in a partying mood." Lucas pouted.

"Is it because of Brooke?" Haley asked about Brooke again.

"She hasn't returned any of my calls." Lucas huffed, his phone started to ring. He immediately picked up without seeing who was calling. "Hello." Lucas shut up from his seat, there was a long pause.

"We need to talk." Peyton said over the phone, Lucas sighed. He rubbed his forehead, Haley could tell by his reaction; it wasn't Brooke.

"I don't know, Peyton. I just need more time." Lucas said to her, more time for Brooke to call him back. More time to see where Brooke was. He didn't want to talk to anyone but her, she always knew what to say and what to do.

"Lucas, please. I know this hard for you." Peyton cried.

"I'm sorry, Peyton but I have concerns that..." Lucas looked over at Haley. "Me and Haley have something to do, today." He quickly said and hung up on Peyton. Haley smiled at him, she was going to ask him later but decided that today was the right time.

"There's these people that have finally came into town and they have a son..." Haley tried to make since of everything. "They are having a get together, mostly everyone you know is going to be there but its a kids birthday party as well. So, there is going to be a lot of kids." Haley played with her fingers.

"Okay..." Lucas nodded. He didn't know what he was getting himself into things.

"Good, we have to go get something for him." Haley winked at him, getting up from the chair.

Brooke walked down the white marble steps that brought her to the large field in the back of her house, she loved at the open space. She had toys in her hand that she was putting a large bucket that the children would dig in and play with. Brooke bent over and slowly putt the toys in the red bucket and looked up. She looked at the masterpiece that she created, she drained the pool and put balls in there. She thought it would be a little small ball pit for the children, of course she would have someone on stand by. She had workers that she paid that could help her with the chores around the house. There was a re, orange and blue colored bouncy house near a huge tree. The tree reminded her of Lucas as she stared at it but everything reminded her of Lucas. She looked down at her buzzing phone and it was Lucas...again. He would call her in the morning, in the evening and just late at night. She would love to answer him but she wasn't the best lair, Lucas knew her well and she couldn't hide her voice. Lucas knew when she was mad, sad or even really excited. She had to figure out what she was going to do next and she had to get Jamie together, today was only going to be about Jamie. She had missede the first steps and the first word, but she knew that she could only be for him now. Brooke saw a shadow behind her, she turned around to see one of her workers; holding up flowers.

"Mrs. Davis." The man said, his name was Charilie. He was only doing this job, so he could pay back his student loans. He had never seen someone pay this much for a little job like this. If Brooke Davis asked if he could clean her house for a week, he would be a millionaire. His curly, bouncy hair fell against his one eye. He blew his hair, showing his dark brown eyes that seemed lighter as the sun hit it. Brooke thought he was cute but he was too young for her, he had just got out of high school and rushed into college.

"Ms. Davis." Brooke said flirty like, she wasn't married. She just has a kid and was with her best in the same house.

"Uh, where do you want me to put the flowers?" He said polietly, Brooke looked across the yard and every small table was filled. There was nowhere she could put it, she had to think of place where she needed some brightness of flowes. She turned back to him, holding onto her tiny fingers.

"Put them in my room." She smiled, Charilie nodded and walked up the marble stairs into the house; passing the pool along the way. Brooke placed her hands on her hips, taking in the warm air. She slowly closed her eyes and took in the things around her. This is what she was waiting for, what she was wishing that she had when she was alone. She had a home, someone to care about but she admitted that there was something else that had to be done. Jamie walked down the marble stairs with the sun hiting his face. He was a little nervous of who the people that might come but very excited that gets to spend more time with his mother. She had been working on her clothing line and the store that she was opening. Jamie looked up at his tall mother, she was looking up at the hanging tree. Brooke was wearing a black, laced dress that came down to her knees and the sleeves came down to her elbows. Jamie grabbed her fingers to tell her that he was beside her. Brooke looked down at her handsome boy, he was wearing a plaided covered shirt with blue jeans, his hair was spiked up just the way he liked it. They both looked like the perfect family. "Are you excited?" Brooke said smiling. Jamie huffed, looking down at the freshly cut grass.

"A little." Jamie sat down in the grass, with his legs crossed and so did Brooke. She didn't care about her expensive dress, she had to take care of her son.

"What do you mean 'a little'?" Brooke smiled at him, Jamie looked up at her.

"I just- What if they don't like me?" Jamie asked her, Brooke didn't want her son to be the shy kid but he was only four. He had these doubts and that was okay.

"You are Jamie Lucas Scott!" She said, bringing him in for a hug. "You are a very loveable kid, you are perfect." Brooke touched his spikey hair. "Just be yourself and they will love you for who you are." Brooke winked. Brooke looked up at the sun, putting her hands between her legs, Jamie followed his mother and put his hands between her legs. They stared up at the hanging tree, the sun beaming through the gapes of the leaves.

"Where is the Lucas from?" Jamie looked up at her, Brooke's face froze. He was a curious boy, this was soon to come. "In my middle name." Jamie asked wondering where it was from.

"Your father." Brooke looked at him, the sun shinned behind him; making him look like an angel.

"Will I ever get to meet my father?" Jamie asked.

"I dont know." Brooke answered.

"Where is he?"

"I don't know." Brooke hoped that it was the last question.

"I know about the car accident." Jamie's little voice was raspy but strong. Brooke smiled a little and started to laugh, how could a four year old boy know this much?

"Your only four years old! How do you know these things?" Brooke chuckled.

"I'm five." He said referring to the fake birthday party.

"Techinaclly your four." Brooke corrected him. "Maybe one day we'll find him." Brooke shrugged her shoulders.

"Maybe all this time...he's been trying to find you- like in the book." Jamie said to her.


Lucas leaned against the book shelf, waiting for Haley to pick something out. He crossed his arms, wanting to leave but if he left; he would have to deal with Peyton. They haven't had sex for a while, how could she pregnant? He turned around and saw a section of her books, most of them were gone. He walked over to his books where he just published, they were already sold out but there was one left. He looked at the front page of the book and looked at the back of it. Haley walked up to him with a bunch of books in her hand. She was wearing blue jeans and a blouse that was tucked in. Lucas was looking as ever, just a blue and white pladied shirt and blue jeans. He didn't care of what he was going to wear.

"Who is this kid anyway?" Lucas looked down at his book, talking to Haley. Haley put down of the books down and just grabbed a bunch of toys. Lucas grabbed one of his books, he thought that he should just get him a book. Haley looked over at Lucas.

"Lucas, he's four." Haley said to him.

"I'll give him my high school jersey." Lucas shrugged her shoulders.

"Really?" Haley placed her hands on her hips.

"Alright, fine...I'll sign it." Lucas shrugged his shoulders.

"Maybe he'll sell it." Haley placed the toys on the counter, the cashier took the toys and started to ring them up. Haley turned back at Lucas, remembering his question. "Where going to this get together." Haley shrugged her shoulders, she couldn't tell him a lot.

"I thought it was a birthday party?" Lucas said walking out of the store, the cashier told him that he could just keep the book.

"It is- They are new to town and they wanted to meet...people." Haley said to him.

"Are you going to tell me his name?" Lucas opened his eyes wide. Haley looked down at her phone and saw what time it was.

"Maybe we should get to the party." Haley said walking to the car. Lucas didn't care anymore, Haley hurried up and changed the subject before he could ask anything else. "What are you going to do when you talk to Peyton?" Haley asked, starting up the car. Lucas thought about it for a second, he wasn't thinking that far.

"I don't know." Lucas looked down at his phone and Brooke still hasn't called.

"The day is going to be over and you have to go back to your life." Haley glanced at Lucas.

"I know."

Brooke was sat back in her lunge chair, glasses covering her eyes from the sun. She had an ice tea in her hand, she was enjoying the sunny weather and the time with Jamie but right now, she was by herself. She watched the cute workers work, they moved things around and answered her questions and did everything that she told them to do. BRooke didn't tutore them but wanted everything to be perfect. Mouth saw Brooke in the yard with her large hat on, she looked like she was tanning. Mouth grabbed a chair and had his beer in his right hand. He sat his chair right next to Brooke, they stared up at the hanging tree.

"Your throwing a birthday party." Mouth took sip of his cool beer. Brooke crossed her legs, looking in charge.

"Yes, I wasn't there for Jamies birthday's. I want to make up for that." Brooke said happily.

"And what about Lucas?" Mouth asked and there it was. The question that was rolling in her head, coming from Mouth's mouth. What about him? She hasn't talked to him for a moment, they never really looked at each other. She didn't want Lucas to find out right now that she was here, she realized that he had so much on his plate. "Brooke, he's fiance is pregnant." Mouth said to her. Brooke sharply turned towards him.

"She's pregnant?" Brooke said surprised. That was the reason why Lucas was calling her, he needed her and she had been dodging him because she was so afraid.

"Yea, Lucas found out last night." Mouth said to her.

"Right when I came to town. This is too much for him." Brooke quickly stood up. "beside Lucas wouldn't come to a birthday party for a kid that he didn't know." Brooke walked away from Mouth, calling Lucas on her phone. She waited until she answered, she went into one of her guest rooms. It wasn't long before he answered the phone with an hello.

"Hey." Brooke replied biting her nail.

"I've been calling you," Lucas said to her. "Where have you been?" Lucas said to her.

"Everywhere, it feels like. I'm sorry I haven't been returning your calls." Brooke apologized. Lucas paused for a moment. "I heard." Brooke said softly.

"I don't know what to do." Lucas whispered into the phone.

"You can't leave her, Luke." Brooke shook her head.

"But you-" he tried to say.

"No, Lucas. I'm in New York and you are in Tree Hill. We figured everything out. It's time to say goodbye." Brooke said to him.

"I don't want to." Lucas begged her. "Because I feel something for you and I can't stop thinking about you." Lucas quickly said to her.

"Me too and that's why we have to say goodbye." Brooke closed her eyes, not wanting to cry.

"Brooke, please...I love you." Lucas told her.

"I love you too but your with Peyton." Brooke cried.

"I'll-" Lucas tried to say but Brooke already knew what he was going to say. Brooke chuckled.

"You can't Luke. It's not right, she's pregnant." Brooke smiled at the thought of them together.

"but you and Jamie." Lucas said curiously.

"We'll be fine," Brooke looked outside, the kids were coming. Jamie started to play with them, running around and smiling. She was just going to be just fine, they were all going to be fine. She was going to see Lucas one day but today wasn't the day. She might meet him in a parking lot, surprise him in his car or something. "I promise." She hung up the phone, joining Jamie and Mouth outside.

Lucas came with a present wrapped up, Haley was behind him. He didn't feel like going to a birthday party. He was heart broken, he couldn't think straight. He didn't want to cry because he knew that Peyton was here. This was his house but he was going to take what Brooke told him. Peyton came from their room, Haley went to the back so that they could talk. Peyton held her stomach.

"How long are you?" Lucas asked Peyton.

"three weeks." Peyton smiled a little. "I've been having morining sickness like crazy." Peyton fornwed.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Lucas asked her.

"Because I was afriad- You always talked to Brooke and never to me." Peyton covered her face with her hands.

"You can't be mad at me and..." Lucas struggled, everyone was wrong in this situation. Brooke didn't want to speak to him, he knew that that might be their last phone call together he just had to move on but not now. "I can't be mad at you."

"Are you willing to make this work?" Peyton asked, she wanted a second chance.

"I will do anything to make this work." Lucas grabbed Peyton's hand. "Your pregnant with my child. We should get back on track with the wedding." Lucas didn't look that happy, he couldn't leave this child without a father...not again. He's going to do this time right and not forget about anything. He had to move on from Brooke, they might not see each other but that was okay for him because he will find her one day. Maybe when he's on his dying bed or maybe even next year but he will not go without thinking about Brooke Davis.

"Good but what about Brooke?" Peyton wondered.

"You won't have a problem with that, we decided to stop talking to each other." Lucas said sadly.

"Did she decided that or did you?" Peyton frowned.

"she did." Lucas slowly said to her. Peyton backed away from him.

"If she wouldn't have said that, would you have been talking to her?" Peyton yelled at him, Lucas stood up from the chair.

"probably! I dont know!" Lucas yelled at her back. Haley came in from the back, Peyton quickly grabbed her keys and walked out of the house. Lucas shouldn't have never said anything, right now he just wanted to mop and stay in his room.

"It's time to go." Haley softly said to him. Lucas turned to look at her.

"I don't think I'm going...I just need time to myself." He walked into his room and shut the door. He could finish his story, about how both of the people left him. It wasn't a epic love story, it was a damaged story.

Mouth was in the kitchen, mixing the sugar to the juice. He had to get away from the childern, he wanted for himself to think for a moment.

"Boo!" Brooke yelled behind him, Mouth jumped up from fear. Mouth quickly turned around, seeing Brooke more beautiful as ever. She wanted to look good for the guest. Brooke leaned on the counter with a slight smile on her face. Mouth noticed it right away.

"You broke it off with Lucas?" Mouth rose one of his eyebrows.

"Yes, It's not like we had something." Brooke shrugged her shoulders.

"Ha, you guys had something." Mouth laughed at her lie. Haley came in the kitchen with presents in her head, Brooke turned her head. She noticed the woman's face but not that well. Haley stood there for a moment, star strucked at Brooke. She grew into her beauty more then she did in high school. Mouth turned around to the surpise that Nathan and Haley are here.

"Um, hi Brooke." Haley said nerviously. Brooke stood up from leaning against the counter.

"Nice to meet you." Brooke squinted her eyes, she didn't know who these people are.

"You might not remember us but...we...we were friends in high school." Nathan said to Brooke, Brooke shook off her stress and put a smile on her face. She grabbed Haley and gave her a huge hug, Haley didn't mind it; it made her feel warm. Nathan went in for a hug as well, she was already feeling at home.

"Oh, you have to meet my son." Brooke blinked she turned around. "Jamie!" she yelled, Jamie walked in with a water gun in his arm. Haley gasped, covering her mouth. Jamie went behind Brooke, holding onto the bottom of her dress. "This is your aunt Haley and Uncle Nathan." Brooke pointed to them.

"Hi, Jamie." Haley said to him with a high voice. She opened up her arms, Jamie walked over to her. Brooke blushed with excitment. She walked out with Nathan and Jamie by her side, Nathan told her all about her high school days. She thought it was healthy for her to know that but it mostly about her and Lucas. Haley looked through the window that lead to their huge back yard, Jamie started to open up presents. Mouth walked up beside her.

"Do you think they would ever fall back in love with each other?" Haley asked, holding onto her jacket.

"Yea, they always do." Mouth smiled.

Love is undefined, people could try but theirs would be different from others. Like love for pizza or for a certain someone, you couldn't describe it but it was love. The love that makes you sick to your stomach, where you just want to hold that person until they burst. Lucas felt that way for only one girl and that was Brooke Davis. She told him to move on but he couldn't, he would always think about her. Wonder what her day has been like, if she ever needed help with something. All he had was a phone call, face time and small letters when they could never do any of those things. The more time they spent, the closer they were to each other. If Brooke wanted him to move, he would try but he wont go without a day hoping that she would call him. He just wanted to see her, her smile and they way that she looks at's magic. The whole room was loud, the voices toned his thoughts out but his thoughts were pushed back in. He turned, looking at the child. He could only see the back of him, couldn't see his face. The kid opened the present and held it up, it was his jersey. He opened up Lucas' present and loved it. Jamie digged into the huge box and took out a book, it was signed by Lucas Scott. Jamie opened the book up, looking at the cursive writing that Lucas wrote, just for him.

"I hope you find your true love one I did mine." Jamie read outloud, slowly. "Mom! Look!" Jamie yelled for her. Brooke ran into the room with a camera in her hand, holding it up to Jamie. She wanted to take a picture. She had a deep smile, showing her dimples.

"Alright, I'm here." Brooke raspy voice made the room silent. She took a picture of Jamie holding up the jersey and there she was. Lucas' true love, standing on the other side of the room. She was the most beautiful woman that he has ever seen. Her hair was a light brunnette color, it was short enough to her collar bone, it reminds of melting chocalte in a factory. The light captures it perfectly. Her beautiful face is demanding of attention. Her high cheeck bones, making it hard to look away. Her soft olive skin. She looked up, noticing him across the room. Lucas placed his hands in his pockets with a chessy crocked smile. She was in a moment of smiling, her perfect teeth from years of braces. Her beautiful hazel eyes, they stared at him. Her lips are full but puckered. She was the center of attention to his eyes. The voices came back into his head, the voice of the children around the room.

"Mom?" Jamie asked as she stared at Lucas. Jamie turned around, looking at the strange man behind everyone. He noticed him before, somwhere but couldn't put his finger on it. Lucas looked down at the kid, named Jamie. His dark blue eyes were just like his. Jamie showed a little of his dimples when he smiled at the man. Lucas looked pale, he swallowed his words. He didn't understand. He looked back up and she was gone. Brooke was gone.

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