Finding You.


Lucas chased Brooke down the hallway, she was trying to dodge him but he was fast. Brooke quickly ran into a room and slammed the door behind her; hoping that she didn't crush his fingers. Lucas hit the red door because he was running right behind her, he pressed his forehead on the door. He just saw Brooke Davis, real life Brooke Davis. He thought that this was just all dream and he would wake up. She looked so beautiful and calm, Lucas calmly knocked on the door but he didn't hear any movement. He started to laugh a little at the thought of how this turned out.

"This is bad, this is very bad." She whispered to herself, Lucas contuined to knock and shout her name. It was music to her ears when he said her name but she didn't want to listen. "GO away." Brooke said to him, holding her hand up against her ears. Lucas turned around, leaning against the door. He smiled, her voice was so beautiful. Lucas slightly knocked on the door on the door. He looked down at the hallway, the house was huge but it was full of pictures. He would stand out her all day if he had too, she must have moved back with Jamie and Mouth. He wondered how long she was going to keep this a secret before she told him.

"Come on, Brooke." Lucas begged her.

"Please, stop talking." Brooke asked nicely, she was tempted to open the door. No, she couldn't because he was getting married with someone else. "Lucas, you have to go." Brooke walked up to the door, leaning on it. She was going to have everything planned out.

"I should really be mad at you, Brooke." He informed her, he still had a smile on his face. "I've waited all my life for this day. What do you think was going to happen when you moved into town? Mouth and Haley knew each other, I was bound to run into you." Lucas whispered against the door. Brooke opened the door, almost making Lucas fall to the floor. This is the moment, the moment that they have all been waiting for. It was breathtaking for Lucas but a little weird for Brooke. Lucas held up his right hand, putting it on her cheek. She was real, he wasn't dreaming. Lucas let out a laugh. Brooke closed her eyes when he touched her, she could feel him. Brooke slowly started to touch his left arm, going up to his chest. Brooke let out a slight laugh that brought tears to her eyes. They collided. "Your real." Brooke smiled at him.

"I am." Lucas smiled at her. This was better than any phone call or face time. They were together, they could touch each other and talk while looking into each others eyes and getting lost within them.

As they walked to the coffee shop, they were stuck in their own heads. Lucas was thinking about Peyton and how he would explain that Brooke was here, Brooke knew about the pregnancy, it was going to come up. He didn't want to have a baby with Peyton, he had a son...with Brooke. When he looks at Brooke and Jamie, it feels like home. That feeling wasn't with Peyton anymore, he knew that but he was scared to admit it. It was wrong for him to be confused with who he loves but when he looks a Brooke. Oh, how he knows who he loves. Her soft hair blowing in the wind, she could feel him staring at her and so she smiled. Her dimples showed and her eyes lightened. In a flash he could see his life with her and Jamie but he said nothing because nothing would change. No words. No look. Brooke looked at him when he turned away, his blue eyes were shinning in the sun. She never seen his eyes shine so bright when she had memories of him. It was always black and white but now she could see colors. Her life had opened up flowers and life when she touched Lucas, everything became bright and focused. She would love for him to be hers but she didn't want to be someone's other. She wanted to be someone only. Lucas didn't know it but he was her only, the only one that she could see in her dreams. She would hate if someone took her husband, all the work that they had put in the relationship, the dreams that they would have about their future; Brooke didn't want to take that away from Peyton. She loves Lucas and she knows that Lucas loves her as well. They could never hide that and they could never lie to each other. Lucas saw the wide building, in red letters it said 'Karen's Cafe'. Brooke has seen the sign before, she used to come here all the time. Lucas touched the doorknob, the memories would run into her head. He slowly opened the door and the memories flashed in her head.

Lucas moved aside as Brooke entered the Cafe', no one was there; completely empty but open to Lucas and Brooke. Brooke held onto her purse, her stomach was getting bigger and it was almost time to have the baby. Brooke wasn't nervous but she was terrified of the future that they would have together. She would always want to be with Lucas but she doesn't know how he would feel. They had been through a lot together, they were thinking about moving away from Tree Hill. It wasn't safe in Tree Hill, Brooke has been two disasters while she's pregnant and Lucas has been in five his whole life. They didn't know want their child to question the people around him. Brooke saw a table that was next to an open window, the people on the streets could see the smile on her face. The table was lit up with candles and flowers, there were two pieces of cake on the table beside a glass of water. Brooke was trying to eat healthy while she was pregnant with her son, she didn't even make up a name. She has a million names but nothing stayed with her, it had stick. Lucas helped Brooke sit down in her chair, he could see the look on her face that she didn't know what was going on. It made him even more excited to surprise her with a gift. Lucas wasn't worried about his future with Brooke and the baby, he was just happy that he's in it. He didn't care about nothing else, he would live poor and grow old with Brooke Davis. Lucas sat in front of Brooke, the table separating them. They stared at each other for a moment with a slight smile but they were glowing. Brooke bit her lip, she was so nervous of what Lucas was going to say. Lucas opened his mouth, what his first words had to be important.

"Jamie Lucas Scott." Brooke quickly said to him, Lucas confused for a moment. "Jamie Lucas Scott, that's going to be our sons name."

"Jamie?" Lucas smiled, he couldn't cry. He had to hold himself together but the look on her face brought small tears to his eyes.


"I love you," He said with sorority. Brooke smiled, she was going to say she loves him but he continued with his small speech. "But I don't think...I love you is enough because what I feel for something more. I love you more than I love myself... and... I'm not sorry for that. Somehow you became my best friend, my girlfriend and maybe something more." Lucas stood up, he reached his pockets and pulled out a ring. Brooke's eyes became wide but she didn't move. Lucas walked over to her, staring at the ring; hoping that this would be for her. It was a silver ring that had a huge diamond to represent their love. "I will be with you, I will love you, I will cherish you till death." Lucas slowly put the ring on her finger. Brooke looked into his blue eyes, her soft fingers touching his. He had filled the space that she has been missing all these years.

"Till death" Brooke repeated.

Brooke was flushed with memories when Lucas opened the door for her, the most romantic moments was here in the cafe. Brooke touched her stomach, Jamie was once in there and she could barely remember the first kick. Lucas walked in front of her, there was no here but them. It seemed so quiet and empty. The counter separated the back to the front, there was a small door between the counter so that the workers could go back there. Lucas looked around the cafe, this was the place that triggered his memories of Brooke. She looked back at her, she seemed a little nervous and shy. He was a little nervous himself, when she looked at him; he became weak in the knees. Lucas put his hands in his pockets, Brooke noticed that about him.

"It started with the dreams," Lucas spoke up, his voice was deep but smooth. Brooke looked outside of the cafe, she could see similar faces. Lucas waited until she reacted from what he said to her. Brooke's memories happened the same, it was one dream on her 21st birthday. Everything in New York reminded her of Lucas. Brooke turned around, placing her arms behind her back. She put on an innocent smile, blushing with excitement by the looks that Lucas was giving her.

"Me too but I guess it was harder for you- I mean, We feel in love here." Brooke smirked, she walked over to a circle table. She sat in front of Lucas and Lucas sat in front of her. They stared at each other for a moment and continued they're conversation. Brooke placed her small hands on the table, the table was so cold that it sent chills in her body. Karen must own this cafe, she wondered where his mother was. She looked around the cafe and it was a nice place to own. She looked across the street and saw people decorating a space, she put a smile on her olive face. Brooke quickly pointed to the store behind Lucas, Lucas turned around. A man was peeling off words on the class door, the whole store was filled with clothes and workers that were walking around inside. Lucas squinted his eyes, trying to get a closer look at the words. He turned back around at Brooke, he just put an obvious look on his face; he had no clue that it was her store.

"Seems like someone is opening a clothing store." Lucas crossed his fingers and placed on the table, he was axcious to get to know more about Brooke and how her life was like. He had a lot of questions about the dreams that she has of them.

"That's mine." Brooke smirked, Lucas had a surprise look. He thought that he was being rude.

"Oh," the first words came out of his mouth. "That's great- When- When did you open it?" Lucas put an excited look, it gave him confirmation that she was going to stay in town.

"I opened it a couple of weeks ago, I just thought if I was staying...I could open a store here." Brooke clapped her hands together and leaned back in the chair. She was feeling more comfortable by the second.

"So, your staying?" Lucas leaned closer towards Brooke.

"Yea, Jamie wants to stay." Brooke shrugged her shoulders. "This is his home." Brooke looked around the cafe. "What is your mother going to do with this place?" Brooke asked, it seemed so empty but had food cooked. Lucas took a deep breath in, it was hard for him to talk about because Brooke and Lucas had some thing shared here. Brooke waited until he told her what was going.

"My mother is going to close it down." Lucas said sadly, Brooke leaned against the table.

"Why?" Brooke was worried. She didn't want this place to go, she was going to show Jamie this place and have him grow in here. Lucas could think of a million reasons why his mother didn't want to keep the cafe, Lucas shrugged his shoulders.

"She doesn't have enough money." Lucas said doubtfully.

"Well, your a best-selling author and a couch." Brooke tried to help.

"She doesn't want my money."

"Well, she'll take mine." Brooke quickly said to him without a second thought. Lucas leaned back in his chair, he chuckled. "I'm serious, I would love to own the cafe...keep the name." Brooke smirked. Lucas couldn't think of a reason why she couldn't ask his mother for the cafe.

"Why not." He leaned closer to the table.

"Haley said this was our first official date." Brooke laughed, putting her jacket behind her chair. Lucas smirked, he stood up from his chair. Lucas focused back on Brooke, he didn't want to be so forced.

"Do you like it here so far?" Lucas walked into the back of the kitchen. "Tea or coffee?" He asked before Brooke could ask the other question.

"Tea." Brooke became comfortable around him like she was before. She sat on top of the counter while Lucas was moving around her to fix the tea. "I like it, a lot of people here but it's quiet." Brooke smiled, Lucas handed her the hot tea. Brooke blew into it, she didn't want to burn her tongue.

"Good, because I need you." Lucas sat next to her on the counter with his coffee in his hand. Brooke took sip of her tea, it was still a little warm.

"You need me?" Brooke smiled with a worried look.

"Yes, because I have a problem." Lucas rose his eyebrows. Brooke grabbed a brownie from a Christmas decorated plate. "Peyton is pregnant, she called off the engagement." Lucas had a lot of things running through in his head. He only could focus on one thing. He was hoping that she would say that she loved him or don't be with her but he knew Brooke. He knew Brooke wouldn't do anything to hurt Peyton or him, she would always look out for him and her son.

"Don't leave her, Luke." Brooke said to him.

"and why not?" Lucas smirked, leaning close to her.

"because..." Brooke blushed. "She is the one for you." Brooke shrugged her shoulders, trying to find an explanation. Lucas stared at her, the conversation was over. He huffed, looking at the windows that showed the world. He didn't have a normal life anymore because Brooke was in it and that was okay. Brooke stood up from sitting on the rough counter. She grabbed her purse, trying to find her keys. "Well," Brooke sighed. "I have to go." She quickly found her keys before giving Lucas a smile. "I'm going to pick up Jamie at Skills' house...Do you want to meet him?" Brooke slowly asked the million dollar question.

"No." Lucas quickly answered, he wasn't ready. He wanted to deal with Peyton and the baby and then wanted to talk to Jamie.

"Okay," Brooke nodded, slowly backing out. "I'll...see you later." She turned around and left the cafe.

Brooke didn't know how dangerous Tree Hill was or what happened here. There might be more to her story in the crash, more to what they told her. Her mother practically lied about her past life, maybe she was lying about the car crash. There was a small knock on the door, she wanted to have someone close to her at this moment; she didn't want to be alone. Brooke walked over to the door with a cup of tea in her hand, she opened the door to find a smiling Haley. Brooke chuckled, she never seen anyone so happy in her life. Haley entered the home, still amazed by the space even though she was here yesterday. She put her handbag on the coat racket. Brooke invited Haley here to talk, get more answers from her. It felt like she was the only person that she could trust besides from Lucas.

"So, have you talked to Lucas?" Haley said walking over to Brooke. She sat on the chair near the counter that was happily placed in the kitchen.

"Yes." Brooke started to fix herself a sandwich, trying slowly get into the conversation.

"How was it?" Haley bit her lip, wanting to know more about her best friend and the girl he was dreaming of.

"It was okay, like any normal day but..." Brooke turned around, licking the mayo off her thumb. "It was nice to feel him." She mumbled.

"Good, I'm glad." Haley felt more relaxed than just being a stranger in someone's home. "So, what are you going to do now?" Haley leaned back into the red, soft chair.

"I'm going to run my clothing line and my own store." Brooke walked over to Haley and sat next to her. "I'm going to ask Karen if I could take over the cafe." Brooke shrugged her shoulders like it wasn't a big deal but she couldn't hide the excited smile on her face. Inside, she was so happy that she was having her own company and opening a shop in her home town.

"Awh, Brooke that's great." Haley cheered happily.

"What about you, Haley James Scott. What do you have in store for us?" Brooke leaned closer, playfully. She was talking about the music, Haley had a great voice and she was talented.

"Nothing." Haley chuckled, shrugging her shoulders. Brooke put her hand on Haley's shoulder.

"Oh come on, you must have something that you always wanted to do." Brooke challenged her. Haley thought for a second and laughed. The insane thought that she had inside her head was crazy to even speak out loud. It was only meant for inside her nervous head.

"Well, I always wanted to have my own studio." Haley blushed, looking away from Brooke.

"Let's make it happen." Brooke said immediately without thinking about consequences. Haley lost her train of thought, she couldn't be serious. Haley started to laugh in Brooke's face.

"We can't..." Haley looked up at her, she suddenly stopped and laughed as Brooke wasn't laughing with her. She had a straight face. "Can we?" Haley guessed.

"We can, if we wanted to. look at us," Brooke smirked, Haley stared at Brooke. "We can do this." Brooke whispered.

"I wonder what Lucas is going to say." Haley thought for a second. "And my husband." Haley covered her face, trying not to think of the doubts.

"Speaking of Mr. Scott," Brooke came closer to her. "Do you know anything about the car accident." Brooke finished, Haley looked up sharply; frightened. She didn't know much but she knew enough for her to be afraid.

"Jamie wasn't hurt, he was with me and Nathan." Haley put her drink down on the counter. "It was weeks after graduation and we were leaving the hospital but it was stormy but you wanted to go home. You gave me Jamie and let me drive him to my house. You seem uneasy and frightened but I still let you go without asking any questions...were right behind you...and..." Haley froze, remembering everything. In the back of her mind, the memory was dark but she could see clearly. "The car just- it just tipped over." Haley blinked and she was back into the real world. Brooke bit her lip, there was more to this story. She wasn't going to ask anymore questions, Brooke could see how it terrorized Haley. Why was she was so frightened in the car? Brooke could only imagine what she was afraid of.

Lucas opened his door to find Peyton on the couch, looking at the turned off television. Her bags were packed near the door, he could guess that she was waiting on him to come home. Lucas hung his keys up on the rack. Peyton quickly walked towards him, wanting to say a last few words to him. She had been in the house, waiting for hours for his return. She had enough to think about, the plan that she had for the both of them were gone. The dreams that they had for each other were gone because of Brooke and Jamie showing up. They were going to find more to the story and they were going to point fingers at her. She wasn't the only that had a plan for the accident, she never wanted to do it but she was so clouded with jealousy that she would have done anything to get Lucas back. She stared at him for a moment, replaying the words in her head so she wouldn't stumble on them. He smelled like a fruity perfume, he must have been with a girl and she hoped that it wasn't Brooke. Lucas couldn't only imagine what Peyton was thinking, she had this worried and scared look in her eyes. She was going to leave him and raise the child on her own. Lucas had a long talk with Brooke, it seemed that she didn't want to be more than friends with him; no matter how much he would beg her. Lucas had to start over, only think about his family that he was starting. Everything was coming so fast that he had to catch up.

"I'm sorry Peyton." Lucas apologized, grabbing her soft hand. "I want things to go back to where we first started but a lot has changed...I have a son now." Lucas tried to explain, he wanted her to understand that it wouldn't be just her anymore.

"You have Brooke as well." Peyton chuckled, sadly. she wasn't happy.

"Me and her just friends, we talked." Lucas slid a strand of hair behind Peyton's head.

"Are you sure because-"

"I'm sure," Lucas looked deeply in her eyes. She had to trust him again. "I love you...not her." Lucas chocked on his words, he had feelings for Brooke but he wouldn't dare to show them. Peyton went in for a hug and held him tightly.

"Were having a baby." Peyton said excitedly.

"Were getting married." Lucas smiled widely, this was the life that he wanted. He had to keep it. Peyton was pregnant now, everything would have to change. Brooke was going to be in his life and Peyton had to deal with that. Know Brooke a little more. "I think you should meet her." Lucas whispered into her ear. Peyton pulled away from him, looking into his eyes. Lucas squinted them, showing that he was sure about what he said.

Brooke licked her finger from the icing, they were making cupcakes. It was a family thing, she wanted Jamie to feel welcome and happy being here. Brooke was looking over at Jamie and didn't notice that her cupcake was slipping from her fingertips. The cupcake started to fall, she caught it before it hit the ground. Some of the white icing had spilled on her finger, she walked over to Jamie and whipped it on his nose. She licked the rest off of her finger and put an innocent look on her face. Mouth looked up from designing his cupcake into a smiley face. Jamie tried to lick it off but couldn't succeed from doing so. Mouth stood up, slowing walking towards Brooke. He acted like he was laughing at Jamie because he was trying to get the icing off his nose. Mouth and Jamie shared a common look. Mouth put his whole hand on the cupcake, making his palm filled with icing. He slid it across Brooke's face, she closed her eyes with her mouth wide open. She could have seen that coming. Brooke grabbed a cupcake and threw it at Mouth's face. Jamie stood up and grabbed a few cupcakes that had icing on them and hide behind the couch. Mouth and Brooke grabbed icing, so that they could squirt it on Jamie. Brooke and Mouth stood behind the counter in the kitchen. Brooke waited until she heard movement, she stood up from the counter and saw nothing but a cupcake landing on her face. Jamie hide back under the couch and waited for Mouth. Brooke turned back around, whipping the icing off with her fingers.

"How did it go with Lucas?" Mouth whispered.

"Nothing." Brooke shrugged her shoulders.

"Nothing?!" Mouth angrily whispered. "You spent the whole day with him." Mouth wanted to talk about the situations. Brooke stood up and walked over to the couch, she was trying to ignore the annoying questions. She would take more about it when she had everything under control. Brooke tipped toed to the couch but Jamie wasn't there anymore. Mouth was right behind her, they froze up and their hearts dropped. They turned around and Jamie squeezed the icing packet, Icing went all over Mouth and Brooke's face and clothes. Brooke threw a cupcake at him that landed on his chest but Mouth threw one it hit his right eye. There was a knock at the door, she couldn't help but laugh. Brooke walked over to the door, Mouth and Jamie started to pick up the icing that was on the floor. She was happy, this was the happiest place she could be in. She opened the door to a rear blonde. She stood there, shocked. She had only seen her in pictures and from people describing her. Brooke had a small issue with her for lying to Lucas, Brooke honestly didn't belive that she's pregnant. Peyton invited herself in. She took a gaze at the huge house until she noticed Jamie and Mouth.

"You must be Jamie." Peyton smiled at the little boy. He looked just like Lucas, it made Peyton fill with jealously. Mouth glanced at Brooke, Brooke shrugged her shoulders. She didn't know what Peyton was doing here or what she wanted. Peyton turned to Brooke, holding onto her purse with a fake smile. "Brooke, could I talk to you for a moment?" Peyton rose an eyebrow at her. Brooke slapped her hands together, intertwining them; and she put on a tight smile.

"Sure." Brooke huffed. Mouth tapped Jamie on the shoulder, Jamie and Mouth walked to the back and started to look at the birds and hanging apples. Brooke waited until Mouth shut the door behind him before she could start talking. Brooke pointed to a chair. "Would you like to sit?" Brooke stopped acting nice, she wasn't dumb.

"No," Peyton quickly said to her. Brooke rolled her eyes, she walked over to the kitchen.

"Would you like something to drink?" Brooke opened the refrigerator to get her a bottle of water.

"No." Peyton continued to look at the home, making it obvious that she thought it was a little too much.

"Would you like a tour?" Brooke smirked. Peyton looked back over at Brooke, she had a serious look on her face.

"I would like to talk about my husband and the relationship that you have with him...including Jamie." Peyton finally sat down in a chair.

"Me and Lucas are just friends." Brooke huffed.

"That's what you told me last time." Peyton cleared her throat.

"Last time?" Brooke walked over to her but didn't sit down.

"Before you and Lucas dated...we were having a fling and you guys meet and the next thing I know, you guys have a baby." Peyton closed her eyes, remembering that embarrassment that she had felt.

"Well, I'm sure that I'm different from High School." Brooke chuckled from her small joke.

"Not really." Peyton shook her head. Brooke started to feel uncomfortable in her own home.

"I heard your pregnant," Brooke smiled. "Congratulations."

"Thank you," Peyton swallowed hard. "The wedding is back on." Peyton thought it was a good thing.

"That's..." Brooke paused for a moment. "Great." Brooke said confusedly.

"We discussed it and...we thought that we really loved each other and we shouldn't let anyone or anything stop us from being happy." Peyton smiled at her.

"By anyone meaning me." Brooke squinted her eyes, pointing at herself. Peyton looked up at her nervously.

"Yes." Peyton whispered. "And your son."

"Jamie?" Brooke raised her voice.

"Yes, Jamie. I think shouldn't tell Jamie that Lucas is his father." Peyton relaxed her shoulders.

"Did Lucas say that?" Brooke asked her, getting anger by the minute.

"No but I'll tell him but I'm sure he would agree." Peyton said to her.

"You are out of your mind Peyton." Brooke walked over behind the counter, she had to do something.

"Lucas doesn't need this right now-"

"And what do you know what Lucas wants?!" Brooke slammed her hand on the counter. "You lied to him, you made him believe that he was in love with you from the start. You told him that I was crazy and I wanted to kill him."

"I did it for him." Peyton said strongly.

"No, you did it for yourself...because your selfish." Brooke finally calmed down. Peyton realized that talking to her calmly wasn't the voice that she needed, she needed something stronger.

"I'm sick of playing nice." Peyton stood up.

"I didn't think you were." Brooke tilted her head a little.

"I want you and Jamie to stay away from Lucas." Peyton leaned forward.

"Jamie is Lucas' first son and I am the mother of his son. Were going to be in his life's no matter what." Brooke leaned, they were face to face. Peyton stared for a moment and smiled.

"You did change...your even more delusional than you were before." Peyton said walking out

It was late, no one was around. Lucas sat in his bed, looking up at his ceiling. All he could think about was Brooke and how she meant to him. That was enough for him to no look at her because every time he did, he just died inside. It crushed them that they had something and he ruined it all. He was the reason why, he was so scared to face his true feelings. He needed to say goodbye to his feelings, he just had to let all the emotions in. He placed his palms on his bed, letting the night take him in. He slowly closed his eyes, he had to let the memories flush in. He could see the hospital, people running around to help and save people that were injured. He looked around the empty hospital, Brooke or him was nowhere to be found. He started to walk down the hallway into a room, it was completely empty. Lucas took a deep breath, he was calm. Suddenly, the whole place started to unravel. He could see Brooke's smile as she was holding a baby in her hand. Everyone was surrounding her and Lucas, the nurse handed Brooke her child. Lucas stood up with tears in his eyes, looking at his son. He was so beautiful and his lungs were strong. Brooke looked up into Lucas' eyes, he froze because she could see him. Lucas sat down in a chair next to her. Brooke handed Jamie to Lucas, he was so careful and slow until it just felt natural. Lucas saw his son's eyes opened and stared onto him. His blue eyes looked so bright. Lucas heart stopped, he could barely breathe but it felt good. Jamie took his breath away. Lucas placed his one finger in his son's hand, his hands were so small. Lucas opened his eyes and everything was gone, his son and the love of his life. He turned over to his right and saw the time, it was eleven at night. Lucas turned to his left and Peyton wasn't home yet. He heard a slight knock at his door, he groaned as he pushed himself off his bed. He slowly walked to his door, he looked at the window and saw a strange man. Lucas quickly opened the door, the man stood there smiling. He had a buzz cut, light brown eyes. He had crocked smile that made Lucas uncomfortable.

"Who are you?" Lucas leaned against his door.

"I read your books, I would like to turn them into a movie." He smiled. Lucas chuckled, no one would come to his door out of nowhere and say that they wanted to turn his books into a movie.

"Okay but who are you?" Lucas asked again.

"My name is Julian Baker and I am a producer." Julian smiled widely.

Peyton was at the bar, everything was going down hill. She held the cup against her head, the loud music shut her thoughts down. The bartender filled her cup with vodka and swallowed it hole. He filled it up again, she was wasting her life. She wanted to forget what happened tonight, she wanted forget about Brooke. Peyton's phone buzzed, she had knew message from Victoria. It said to call her, Peyton slowly called Victoria and waited for her to answer.

"Nice job, Peyton. I heard that you were pregnant." Victoria said when she picked up the phone. Peyton paused seeing her reflection in her drink.

"I'm not pregnant." Peyton took a gulp of vodka.

"But they don't know that." Victoria whispered.

"I do." Peyton whispered. It was 10:49 p.m.

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