Finding You.

Series Finale

She closed her tight little eyes, the wind hit her face but the cold air felt good. She was afraid to open her mouth because she though a fly will choke her. She was jerked up and down, side by side. Slowly, everything was soft and quiet. She could do that, shut everyone and everything thing out. It was a magical gift that she had, her mother taught her. There were a lot of things going on in her small little world, larger than her. She was on 5'3 and her heels only make her a inch taller. Her hair brushed against the side of her face but kept her eyes closed. All she could think about was Lucas, Peyton and Jamie. Brooke slowly opened her eyes, when she felt someone small hands touch her. She looked down, his hand nearly didn't match up to her; they were so small. She looked over at Jamie, he was smiling; his small strands hitting his face like hers. She missed her first words, first few steps, his first smile. She missed everything but she wouldn't miss anymore first. Her mother took those away from her but she wasn't going to take anything else. Jamie's blue and white collared, plaided shirt made waves from the pushed air that he was hitting. They finally stopped and they were leaning back, Brooke looked up at the stars and the distant clouds. She could see the tiny people below her, cheering them on. She looked over back at Jamie, he was holding onto her hand tightly. They were finally on top, there was this long pause.

"Smile." Jamie said to her, they finally went down. Brooke laughed, closing her eyes again. She was saying some words that were meant for Jamie to hear. Brooke opened her eyes as it felt like they were free falling. She had to live in the now, that's what she realized. Her son would grow up any second and she had to take that in. She wanted to be there for him, very close. Brooke finally opened her mouth, her shinning white teeth was bright. Everyone put their hands up, not afraid of being injured or having the roller coaster messing up. The roller coaster finally ended, Jamie was dizzy from the ride going upside down a thousand times. More people were waiting to get on the ride, Brooke's hair was a mess and so was Jamie's. They walked down the dark stairs to go outside where the rest of the rides were. A handsome man was waiting for her outside, he was wearing a leather jacket with a blue shirt and blue jeans. He was holding a huge teddy bear. Jamie ran up to him, giving him a huge hug.

"Is that for me?" Brooke asked him, Julian held out the teddy bear.

"Yes, I won it for you." Julian handed Brooke the teddy bear. Jamie grabbed Julian's hand and Brooke grabbed his other. They looked like perfect family, at least they tried to be. She was feeling something for Julian, something more than she could ever say that she felt with Lucas. Lucas didn't even try to contact her anymore, she thinks that Peyton might have something to do with it. Julian stopped looking in front of him, speaking of Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer. Brooke held onto Julian tighter than she did. Lucas eyeballed them, staring hard. He held back his jealousy and his remarks. Peyton looked at Jamie and back at Brooke. "Hello Lucas." Julian smiled like nothing was wrong.

"Hey." Lucas nodded, he looked back at Brooke. Brooke felt like she was doing something wrong, like she was cheating on him. "Hi, Jamie." Lucas finally smiled, he was ready to be Jamie's father. It was time for him to grow up and take action of his life.

"The wedding is in two weeks, coming?" Peyton asked Brooke.

"I don't know. I have a lot to do with the cafe, clothing line, with the studio and record label." Brooke went on with the list.

"I would like it if you were there." Lucas finally said something to Brooke.

"We'll think about it." Julian answered for Brooke, Lucas gave him a dirty look. They didn't invite Julian. "and the movie is going great." Julian in formed him.

"Good, I'll swing by." Lucas smiled, he grabbed Peyton's hand.

"Julian, can we go get ice cream?" Jamie tugged on Julian's arm. Julian laughed at his impatientness.

"Yea, buddy. Anything you want." Julian winked at him, it made Lucas burn inside when he looked at them. Julian wasn't his father. "We have to go." Julian grabbed Jamie and Brooke's hand and walked off without saying goodbye. Brooke couldn't look Lucas in his face because he always had those puppy dog eyes. Jamie walked over to a stand that ice cream, picking out the one that he wanted. Julian and Brooke stood behind. "Vinalla and strawberry for me and Brooke, Jamie!" Julian told Jamie as he was ordering.

"Okay." Jamie looked back. Julian and Brooke took short steps, not walking far away from Jamie. The whole fair was surrownded by people and strangers, she had a fear of leaving him alone.

"You need to tell Jamie that Lucas is his father." Julian kissed her forehead.

"Lucas isn't ready and I'm scared that Jamie would react differently." Brooke bent her had down.

"Look at me," Julian said putting his hands around her face. Brooke took a deep breath.

"I'll tell him...soon." Brooke promised.

"Lucas shouldn't mess any of his first's either." Julian said to her, Brooke looked over at the ice cream stand and Jamie wasn't there anymore. There was no one near the icecream stand, just a young man begging people to buy his icecream. She panicked, immeditally. Her face fell, her smile was gone.

"Where's Jamie?" Brooke asked Julian. Julian looked over, there was no sign of Jame Julian parted from Brooke.

"I don't know, he was right there." Julian looked around with his eyes. She walked away from Julian, looking around at the crowd. "Jamie!" Brooke screamed. Lucas could hear her scream. "Jamie!" Brooke yelled again. Lucas ran over to her, putting his arms on her shoulders. She couldn't breathe, she was worried and confused. Lucas looked and he noticed that Jamie wasn't with Brooke.

"What happened?" Lucas tried to ask, Brooke kept looking around.

"Jamie!" Brooke yelled.

"Brooke, look at me. What happened?" Lucas forced Brooke to look at him.

"Someone took Jamie, I can't find him..." Brooke tried to say but that's all needed to hear. He started to run all over the place, screaming his name. Brooke couldn't scream anymore, she dropped to her knees and cried. Her stomach was tight and it felt like she was going to throw up. She couldn't find Jamie, he was gone.

"Where the hell is my son?" Brooke asked the officers, they were crowding her. Some of them where off asking questions and the others were looking around for him. Brooke had a blanket that was keeping her warm but she took it off. "I just want my Jamie." her voice was cracking, she contuined to panic. One of the officer tried to calm her down but she couldn't. Brooke threw the cup on the ground and tried to stand up again but the officer made her sit down again. "I just need to find my son." Brooke cried.

"Do you know who would have taken him?" The officer asked her.

"No." Brooke said impatiently and annoyed.

"Who is his father?" The officer was asking a lot of questions. Lucas walked up to them on time, to answer the question.

"Me." Lucas said to the officer, Brooke didn't look up at him.

"And what is your name, sir?" the officer stood up, writing on his pad.

"Lucas Scott." Lucas smiled, the officer went off the information. Brooke couldn't feel anything, the tips of her fingers or the bridge of her nose. She just wanted to do something, go out there and look for him herself. Lucas walked over and sat beside her in the ambulance. Lucas placed his arms behind her back, making her feel like she wasn't alone. Brooke covered her face with her hands and cried.

"How could I be so stupid?" She asked herself.

"It wasn't your fault." Lucas said softly.

"I looked away for one second, Luke." Brooke closed her eyes. "He was just beside me...our son is out there with some stranger...probably scared to death." Brooke was ready to go home, she grabbed her keys from her purse. The sheriff walked up to her.

"There will be an officer helping you to your home, watching you until your son comes home." The sheriff nodded and walked away.

"They'll find him." Lucas followed her to her car.

"What is he going to think, Lucas? He's going to be afraid to be in this town." Brooke was angry. She knew that the cops couldnt be trusted. She looked back at the fair, people were wondering where the strange boy was. Some of them just went home and held their child. Brooke was afraid the worst was going to happen to Jamie. This was her son, the only thing that made her feel whole again. A police officer walked up to Lucas, he slowy touched his shoulder. Brooke thought that was the right time to leave. Lucas turned around, still could Brooke in the corner of his eye. He touched her car, telling her the coversation wasn't over.

"Lucas Scott," The officer said to him.

"Yes?" Lucas didn't know why they wanted him, he was the Jamie's father.

"We would like you to come with us, we have a few questions to ask you." The officer looked at him and back at Brooke. Brooke's face was covered with her hands, she contuined to cry. Lucas looked back at Brooke who was already in her car. Brooke looked up at him, she had a thought in her mind that Peyton was the one who did this. Brooke turned on her car, waiting for Lucas to say anything to her.

"I'll come over, later." Lucas said to her, the officer over heard what he said to her. He didn't think that it was a good idea. The officer wanted until Brooke pulled off , he had questions to ask Lucas. He really thought he did something to Jamie, had someone to kidnapp him. Lucas walked along the sidewalk with the officer, he could feel everyone staring at hm. Lucas stood beside the cop car, he saw Peyton in the parking lot of the fair. She had her hand on her chest with a surprised and sorry look on her face. The officer was taking notes while she was talking to him, Lucas slowly entered the back of the cop car. His knees touched his stomach because it was so tight. He was lucky they didn't put coffs on him because he would have been extremely uncomfortable.

The room was quiet but moble, the whispers of the officers made Lucas think that he did something wrong. Some of the officers were giving him a dirty was placed in a room with two dark windows and a table in the middle. There were two dark gray chairs that were seperated by the table. Lucas sat in one of them, he waited for the questions. He knew they were going to be hard and it might drive him insane. He looked up at the dark windows, he could slowly see shadows moving. He knew that there was cops on the other side, talking about him. The gray door opened to a man with folders in his hand. It was the same person that told him that they'd needed to talk, he be the sheriff of this town. The man slammed the folder on the ground, he stared at Lucas. The man was tall but young, really young. He seemed like he was just practicing to be an officer or they were traning him. He didn't have muscle but he could pack a heaavy punch. His hair was brushed back, his eyes were solid green. He had after shave that made him look a year older than he really is. Lucas looked at his tag, it said Tyler Calmen. Lucas felt more relaxed when Tyler sat down in front of him. There was two cups of water in front of the two man but they weren't touching it or notcing that it was there. Tyler opened the tan folders, pictures started to fall out. Lucas caught a glamspe at one, it was one of Brooke and Jamie. Tyler picked up the pictures and laid them on the table.

"You and Brooke have a history." Tyler started with, Tyler knew all about the car accident that almost killed them. "You were in love, getting married and you have your son...Jamie." Tyler handed a picture to Lucas. It was a smiling picture of Jamie at his birthday party that Brooke had for him. Lucas swallowed. "He's only...five." Tyler thought for a second, he didn't know how old the boy was; just that he was missing. The thought of a five year old boy was missing made the offices sick to their stomach. "Tell us where Jamie is." Tyler finally said to Lucas. Lucas looked up at the young man, Lucas seemed like he was older than him.

"I don't know where he is, I was with my finace." Lucas quickly said to him.

"Brooke?" The man raised his left eyebrow, Lucas began to get stiff and he still didn't say anything to the the officer. "Oh, that's right. After the accident, you just left Brooke and contuined your relationship with Peyton." The officer guessed, he already knew the whole story.

"No, I and Brooke were seperated. Peyton told me that Brooke wasn't real and-" Lucas tried to explain the man but it was just confusing himself.

"Peyton lied to you, saying that there was no Brooke, there was no son. That was just you and her." The officer took a drink of the water, watching the sweat pour from Lucas' head. Lucas put his hand on the table, the officer touched the tip of his gun.

"Yes." Lucas just answered the statement.

"So, why are still with Peyton Sawyer?" The officer opened another folder. Lucas tried to think of an answer, he was in love with Peyton. He could see his future with Peyton. "Peyton is pregnant right?" The officer asked, to make sure. Lucas looked up at the man, wondering where he resieved this information from.

"Yes." Lucas frowned, Tyler didn't congratulation Lucas on the baby because he also knew that it was a lie.

"So, how is your relationship with Brooke?" Tyler placed the pictures back in the folder exept for one, the picture was faced down so Lucas couldn't see who it was.

"Building." Lucas was telling the truth.

"And what about Jamie? I know that you didn't tell him that you were his father. Do you spend time with him?" Tyler cleared his throat.

"No really, Peyton- Peyton keeps me from seeing them." Lucas realized what Peyton was doing, she was trying to keep him away from Brooke and Jamie. Peyton wanted Lucas all to herself.

"Your ex-finace came back in town with your son...I would blam her, would you?" Tyler asked, writing something down in his notes. Believe it or not, he was trying to help Lucas. Lucas didn't answer the question because he didn't have to. "Lucas, I purshed some of your books. There all about finding a mysterious girl that's been popping up in your head...Who was that girl, it wasn't Peyton."

"It was Brooke, the whole series is about Brooke." Lucas confessed, it was an obvious answer to the both of them.

"How did Peyton feel about that?" Tyler took another sip of his water, it was almost gone.

"I don't know." Lucas shrugged his shoulders.

"She didn't tell you how she felt about you writing another book, about a girl that you love that wasn't her?" Tyler seemed a little surpised.

"No." Lucas said getting annoyed.

"Well, a woman like that...all her anger probably build up and she tried to do something that would hurt you and Brooke." Tyler guessed on the situation.

"Peyton wouldn't do anything like that. She would't hurt Jamie." Lucas raised his voice.

"How do you know that?"Tyler asked him.


"She lied about everything, Lucas. She is angry! Why wouldn't she try to harm your family?!" Tyler stood up, slamming his hand on the table.

"She promised me that she wouldn't lie. She wouldn't keep anything from me." Lucas stood his ground, trying to stay calm. Tyler grabbed the phot an turned it over, he slammed the photo in front of Lucas. Lucas stared at the photo, hoping that it was photoshopped. There was picture of Peyton drinking, Tyler walked to the files and grabbed stacks of paper. He placed the papers next to the picture of Peyton. "We have a witness saying that Peyton was drinking last week. This," Tyler pointed to the stack of papers with numbers on it. "This, is Peyton's phone log. Seems like she's been keeping in touch with Victoria." Tyler stared down at Lucas. Lucas kept his eyes on the papers, trying to think of something else. Trying to think of reasons why she would do something like this. Tyler walked back to his seat, he digged his pockets and pulled out a recording machine. It was small, almost the size of an iphone. "Luckly, we contacted Victoria. She sent this down an hour after Jamie was taken." Tyler presed play, he waited until he heard voices. Lucas could hear Peyton's voice. They were talking about Lucas and Brooke, it scared him almost to kknow that Peyton was capable of this. "but I'm not pregnant." He heard Peyton say, Tyler stopped the tape. The whole room was silenced, his glass of water was gone. Lucas slolwy looked up at Tyler, seeing his young sorry look on his face.

"Can I go, now?" Lucas asked. Tyler wasn't done with him, yet. He still had major questions about Peyton and their relationship.

Lucas walked out of the police station, he saw Peyton parked outside. She was looking down, she must be on her phone. Lucas walked over to the car and sat in the passenger side. Peyton didn't look up but could only feel him enter the car. She turned on the car and started to back out the parking lot. Lucas kept his eyes outside of his window, he couldn't look her in the eyes. Peyton turned off her phone, she glanced at Lucas and back at the road.

"Did it go well?" Peyton asked Lucas, wondering what they told him.

"It went fine, they said they might have a lead. Did they question you?" Lucas' voice was deep and sad. Peyton could tell that something was wrong with him. Lucas had a feeling that Peyton took Jamie and hid him. She must have hired someone, Peyton was right next to him when Jamie went missing. Lucas had to keep Peyton close, she might know where he is.

"No, they told me that I wasn't suspect and there was no need." Peyton shrugged her shoulders.

"That's wierd." Lucas said.

"Well, I saw Brooke and Julian walk into the police station when I pulled up." Peyton quickly pulled into the driveway. The lights in their house was still on, Peyton must have left them on while they were gone. Peyton and Lucas stepped out of the car but Lucas kept his distnace. Peyton walked into her home with Lucas packing his clothes and toothbrush. She could only imagine what he was doing, he didn't know how to talk about, she just stood there. Lucas took off his shirt, showing his faded abs. He put on another shirt, making sure that his clothes were comfortable.

"Where are you going?" Peyton softly asked. Lucas looked up, seeing her shadow in the corner of his eye. I doesn't know what to do with himself, he didn't build a bond that he should have with Jamie. If Jamie doesn't come back or something worse, Lucas would feel guilty for the rest of his life.

"I'm staying over Brooke's, I'll come back for the rest of my things." Lucas tried to leave but Peyton stopped him.

"You can't just leave me here, by myself." Peyton tried to act terrfied.

"My son is missing!" Lucas yelled at her, the anger was building up in him. Peyton couldn't understand, at least she tried too.

"Just stay with me." Peyton leaned closed to him, rubbing his shoulders.

"I have heard a lot of things in that room. I need to be alone."

"How are you going to alone...when your with Brooke?" Peyton put her hands on her hips.

"Alright," He sharply turned around. "I need to be away from you. Just for a second." Lucas tried not to yell but he raised his voice.

"Brooke, isn't home. She might still be at the station." Peyton tried to make him stay, this isn't what she wanted.

"I have a key."

"Lucas, please." Peyton begged, holding onto him.

"I need to be with Brooke." Lucas walked past her, leaving her alone. The words meant more to her than it did to him, she felt like he was actually leaving her. She had to do something, she didn't want to be alone anymore. She walked to the window and watched him leave, he looked unsure of what he was doing.

Brooke held onto her coffee, she was sitting a waiting room but all the cops officers were near her. The officers had people coming in, most of them Brooke knew. She was thankful that they were putting her needs first. Julian was on the otherside of the room, they were keeping them seperated. Brooke came to the police station with Julian, she never knew that she would leave without him. A officer walked up to her, she looked pass his handsome face and looked driectly as the person that might bring her son back. Tyler held out his hand, waiting for Brooke to take it.

"Ms. Davis. Come with me, please." Brooke quickly took his hand, Tyler led her to a empty gray room. There were folders on the table that were spred out, what caught Brooke's eyes were Peyton drinking. It was a close up picture of her, high def. Brooke contuined to walk in, the dark windows made her feel uncomfortable and seemed like someone is watching. Brooke held her cup of coffee even tighter as Tyler started to talk. Tears came down on her cheeks, she was so confused but nor surpised.

"Lucas had nothing to do with this?" Brooke asked him, Tyler cleared his throat.

"He was honest." Tyler nodded. Brooke looked down at the picture of Peyton, she was completely sick to her stomach. "Brooke this is now a highly investigation, we need you to keep your contact to yourself. The people that kept Lucas away from you, need to keep your distance." Tyler made sure that she understood. Brooke wasn't listeing, the only person she would let in her life right now was Lucas. Her mother wasn't to be trusted, she could see that in the packet of phone calls she had with Peyton. Brooke rubbed her forhead, she kept staring at the picture. Brooke sat up, stretching her back.

"Peyton, might know where Jamie is?" Brooke swallowed.

"She might have taken him." Tyler whispered, Brooke swallowed her pride.

"Oh, god." Brooke cried, covering her face with her hands. "I let that woman in my house, I let her touch my son." Brooke cried, wondering how she could be so fooled. She wanted to show up at Lucas' house but she has to cat like she didn't know anything. She knew that Lucas already knows about Peyton not being pregnant. She needed him and he needed each other. "This makes complete sense." Brooke whispered to herself.

"We have eyes on Peyton and Victoria." Tyler had a question on his mind. His father was on Brooke and Lucas' case when they were high school, his father didn't know much about it but he knew enough. His father was trying to understand why the car was tipped over but Victoria wouldn't let him exzamine the car. That lost him is job, tyler never forgave Brooke's mother but now wasn't the time to ask questions. He pulled out his paper and pen, he was going to ask her borning questions.

"When did you meet Peyton?" Tyler asked her, the answers were burning Brooke.

"I knew her when I was young but I don't remember much." Brooke quickly answered. Tyler looked at her contacts, there was a lot of people that she knew. Some were from high school.

"And your friend, Marvin Mcfadden? He used to live with you?" Tyler asked, Brooke knew that Mouth had nothing to do with Jamie being missing. Millicent would have known something was going with him. She hasn't seen much of Mouth in a while, he hasn't been calling or texting her. She did miss her friend.

"Yes, he was like a father to Jamie." Brooke answered, her throat was dry.

"And Lucas came in the picture." Tyler stated.

"Mouth wasn't jealous, he understood Lucas." Brooke placed her ands on her lap, she was calming down.

"How do you know?" Tyler questioned her.

"Because Mouth is my best friend, he would never heart Jamie." Brooke explained.

"Yes, but he was working with your mother."

"What do you mean working?" Brooke narrowed her eyebrows.

"I mean, he was trying to keep you away from Lucas." Tyler closed his notebook, he was done writing things down. He was getting closer to the answer, he was going to find this young boy. Brooke stopped defending Mouth, Tyler didn't know about Mouth. He was just a guy on his mind, he knew his record. He seemed to be around Brooke a lot, had a small high scholl crush. He wasn't saying that he helped Peyton kidnap Jamie but he was saying he might have done something. Tyler stood up, they walked out of the room. There was cop, waiting to take Brooke home. "He is going to take you home, be careful." Tyler made sure that she was okay. Brooke entered the black jeep, she could tell that it was oing to rain by the smell in the air. The officer pulled up at her house, she told him that she could enter her house without him. Brooke didn't feel the same when she walked into the house. Her son wasn't with her, the whole house was pitched black. She walked down the hallway, she stood utside Jamie's room. She turned on the light, basketball and boks were all over his room. They both decorated because he didn't like the boring greeen and boring bed. He seemed to make evrything come to life, he invtied things. Brooke worried tht she was going miss that, she was never going to see Jamie again. She walked into her room, she didn't turn on her light. She saw Lucas laying her bed, she saw his car parked up the street. She cralwed up in her bed, she laid next to him. She looked at his blue eyes, they didn't say a word to eachother. they both were in pain and it was best not to talk about it.

Lucas woke up to Brooke not next to him, he could hear a little noise in the kitchen. He walked down the dark hallway, he was hoping that Jaie being gone was just a dream but it wasn't. The first thing he saw was a big bear and Brooke Davis in it. She was up all night trying to think where places where in Tree Hill that someone could hide a five year old boy. Brooke tried not to break herself, she needed to stay positive for herself. She looked up at Lucas, he was standing over top of her. Brooke grabbed the bottle of whiskey that she had been drinking. Half of the bottle was already gone but she was only tispy. She wasn't all the way drunk.

"I'm going to stay with you...until Jamie comes back." Lucas sat down in one of the chairs.

"and then what? Go back to your pregnant wife?" Brooke rolled her eyes when said pregnant and made quotions mark from her fingers. Lucas laughed, she was kind of cute when she was drunk. Lucas tried to take the bottle away from her but she snatched it back. It was so dark in her house, the only light that was showing was the fireplace. She walked over to the couch that was in front of the fireplace and just sat. She through the bottle at the fire, it blazed up. Lucas walked over to her and sat down beside her. "This is all my fault." Brooke leaned up against Lucas, Lucas put his hand around her.

"No, it's not. You were the best mother that he could have ever had." Lucas said to her. "Me? I'm his father and I don't even know his middle name...I should have been there for him. I'm sure he doesn't even know who I am. I should have been with him." Luas doubted himself. Brooke blamed herself and Lucas blamed himself as well, it wasn;t good for them to act like this. The damge was already done, Brooke looked up at him. She finally understand what he was going through.

"It's not our fault...we have to face that. Right now, we just need Jamie back." Brooke huffed.

"I think I'm ready now, when he comes back...we have to tell him everything." Lucas said to Brooke.

"He probably already knows." Brooke shrugged her shoulders. "He's a smart kid, Luke. He catches on quick." Brooke finally stood up, turning on all the lights. She pulled out the pancaking mix, she had to do something; get her mind off of her child. She knew that she couldn't sleep or keep her eyes closed. She just kept thinking about him. She poured the pancake patter on a hot pan and contuined to flip.

"Where did you know how to flip a pancake like that?" Lucas teased.

"An amazing teacher taught me, you might know him...his name is Lucas Scott." Brooke played the little game with him.

"Don't burn the pancakes." Lucas in formed her.

"I won't. Haven't you heard? I'm a pro now." Brooke looked up at him.

"I thought it would be okay with you...if I could stay over until Jamie get's back." Lucas slowly said to her.

"Is Peyton okay with that?" Brooke rose her eyebrow.

"She wasn't at first but you guys are my family now. I have to focus on you guys...and her." Lucas tried to make sense of everything. A loud thunder storm came from the sky, rain started to pour outside. Brooke looked outside the window, it was raining hard.

"You know you don't have to be here." Brooke poured pancake mix in the pan.

"I know...but I want to be. I need to know more about my baby momma." Lucas tried to be funny.

"Okay, You need to stop hanging out with Skills." Brooke finally laughed.

"I have...I've been hanging out with my mother." Lucas chuckled.

"Is she still trying to get down with the kids." Brooke laughed.

"Yea." Lucas laughed with her. "Wait, how'd you know that?" Lucas sat back in his chair. Brooke tried to think, it was like a natural instinct.

"I don't know...I just...It feels like I know her or something...kind of like deju vu." Brooke flipped the pancake.

"How about your mother?" Lucas wanted to learn more about her but he already knew.

"I used to be mad at her, she kept Jamie away from me. I missed everything. His first smile, when his eyes opened." Brooke said to Lucas.

"We were kind of there for those." Lucas said to him.

"I don't remember and it sucks." Brooke said angirly. "Those memories of us, where taken away...just like that." Brooke snapped her fingers.

"That's okay." Brooke smiled at her.

"I don't believe in okays." Brooke said to him, looking down at the flat pancake.

"why?" Lucas never heard Brooke say that to him.

"Because Okays are lies. When someone is saying goodbye, they say Okay or it's okay and then...their just gone. It's not fair." Brooke slid the pancake on the plate and started to make another one.

"I promise...that it's going to be fine." Lucas tried to make her trust him.

"How can losing our memory of our son, fine?" Brooke asked him.

"because we could always make new ones...special ones." Lucas smiled, taking a piece of the pancake. They heard glass breaking outside and the police syron going off. Brooke jumped up, dropping the pancake batter on the ground. She reached down to slowly pick it up. Lucas stood up from his chair.

"I'm going to check it out." Lucas ran outside, hoping that it was Jamie outside. The rain quickly made his hair and clothes wet. He saw the cops car window smashed, Lucas ran to the cop car. The officer was knocked out, blood was streaming down from his head. "What the hell?" Lucas said to himself. Lucas heard glass break from inside the house. He looked around, making sure that Jamie wasn't out here. Lucas ran inside the house, Brooke was nowhere to be found. "Brooke!" Lucas yelled, he ran to the back and she wasn't there. He ran everywhere but she wasn't there. He noticed that the back door was opened, he ran out there. He looked around and no was there, not a sound. "Brooke!" Lucas screamed. Lucas ran back inside, he started to dial 911; he was panicking. The door busted open, a swarm of cops came in with guns in their hands; ready to aim at Lucas. Lucas quickly dropped his phone, putting his hands in the air. Tyler ran over to him, having the gun pointed at his backside. He pinned him to the counter, digging for his handcuffs. "Brooke is missing, they took Brooke. You have to help me, we have to find them." Lucas pleaded. Tyler turned Lucas around, so that he could see his cold face.

"How could you do it?" Tyler asked, grinding his teeth.

"How could I do what? I didn't do anything." Lucas shivered, he wasn't balanced.

"How could you kidnap your own family? Lucas Scott you are under arrest for kidnapping Brooke Davis and Jamie Scott-" Tyler pushed him out the house. He started to read him his rights.

"What?" Lucas tried to look back at him but Tyler had a good hold. Lucas looked up at the sky as it rained. There were cups everywhere, Tyler walked him down the drive way, when he saw Peyton. Lucas and Peyton made direct eye contact, he tried to yell her name but she looked away. Everything made sence now, everything was becoming clear to Lucas. Tyler pushed him back in the tight cop car, Lucas looked out the steamy window and saw a slight smile on Peyton's face, a devious one.

"I get it now." Lucas said to himself. "I get it."

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