Undertale the new timeline


Join Lola, Imo, Luna, and Twan on a journey alongside two ded humans. *you see me crying. *you dont care. *i cry more. *you care even less No blurb

Adventure / Fantasy
Mable Pines
Age Rating:

The fall

"Come on you guys! Snails are faster than you!" Lola yelled playfully.

"We're coming dice pants!" Luna hissed rudely. "So don't make it a race!"

"Well at least she's faster than us." Twan pointed out.

"Let's go already guys! My legs hurt!" Screamed Luna.

I wanted to say that my life hurts but as usual I kept my mouth shut. Why where we climbing the mountain? We wanted to see whats at the top. But i heard that there was a hole at the top going down 100 miles. So i could die. Like frisk did. Falling for days. Not looking down and dead. Frisk was my coz and she never stoped talking and I, well I just listened.

Soon I was so lost in though i couldn't see and Twan had to pull me the rest of the way up!Only Lunas punch snapped me out of it and i fell right into the hole.

As i was falling I heard Luna saying "That's one less idiot to deal with." My sister, Luna, happy that i was about to die!!!!!!!!!!! My own sister HAPPY about that!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine yourself falling to your deathand your sibling is happy!?!?!?!?!

Sudenly i could see everyone falling with me! Lola laughing happily, Luna with her hands crossed, and Imo praying for a soft landing. The whole gang was here! I felt happy to be dieing with my siblings but then I felt i stab of sadness and relised that we were all going to die!

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