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Star of the Lands and Seas

Chapter One

It had been nine years since May had told her daughter, Mariann Avalon Maple or just Maria for short, the story. Maria over the years had grown to be a sweet and seemingly innocent girl. But with a hasty short-temper and quite the stubborn and rebellious nature.

May worried awfully a bunch for her daughter, mainly because of her descent. She feared she would be taken or worse, if the truth was revealed. So, ever since Maria was born May moved from Hoenn and to Olivine City in Johto, her old hometown. She stepped down from her champion position and gave Wallace the role. She also cut off almost all her ties from Hoenn. Well, expect for her parents and a few close friends.

May raised her child by herself. Though it wasn’t easy in the start it definitely got simpler as Maria grew older. But those simple times didn’t last long. When Maria turned ten she longed to go a Pokemon journey and in addition she wanted to know more of her father. May struggled to keep her daughter in check and from the discovering the truth. Awhile Maria tried to gain more freedom and independence.

Years after all of Mays hard work of staying hidden broke down when she was called back to become champion again. May refused the duty several times before finally giving in and submitting. She and Maria moved from their safe haven within Johto and to Hoenn.

Even if May was all troubled to move back to Hoenn her daughter on the other, Maria couldn’t be happier. The girl had been coped up mostly all her life in one city and at long last she was going to experience more of the world firsthand.

May brought a small house in Littleroot town to avoid large groups of people. Littleroot was a small town and very few people lived there. Though some folk were bound to notice her. Littleroot was the finest choice out of all her other options. May was slightly pleased with her decision despite her being terribly worried, but nevertheless Maria was quite disappointed by her mother’s choice.

The two family members traveled in private due to May's paranioa of perhaps being discovered. They took an airplane from Olivine City to Petalburg City, where May parents were to pick them up and drive the two to Littleroot. Once their flight ended they arrived in Petalburg. Maria was surprised to see how this region seemed to be so different compared to Johto, too her at least. And for the time first ever the girl saw her grandparents in person. She was utterly stunned by the fact that her grandfather was Petalburgs gym leader. But that only encouraged her more to go on a journey and one day she would battle Norman when she was strong enough.

Fortunately, mother and daughter were driven to their new home without any trouble. Maria quickly became open to her new home and unexpectedly was granted more liberty. Due to her mother being champion and all she wasn’t home often, only so and so. Therefore Marias grandmother watched over her.

For May moving back to Hoenn was a little haunting. Forgotten memories came swirling back, blanked out faces were pieced together and the press was bothering her nonstop like usual. Though she got to see her parents and closet friends again. She desperately wanted to go back to Johto where she was hidden away with Maria, where she was able to protect her pride and joy. She rather didn’t care if she were to rot away. Her daughter was utmost the most important to her. Although she did save this region twice and loved it to death. Her worry for Maria blinded her. But after sometime she started to settle down and the public eye was still unaware of her having a child. Plus there were no sighs of Team Magma anywhere.

So, maybe it wouldn’t be too bad living in Hoenn yet again.

Maybe. Just maybe.

Maybe… not…

“Today is the day! The day where you get your very own pokemon!” The day where you start your own journey! Now go out there and come back as Pokemon League champion of Hoenn!” A fifteen year old Mariann stood in front of her mirror and spoke to herself in encouragement as she fixed her bobbed red-brown hair. Both her two separate colored eyes, blue and brown blinked several times whilst her hair flew against her face.

“Mariann! Someone’s here to see you!” Mariann’s grandmother called out to her granddaughter. Her voice was high-pitched and seemed to be more cheerful than normal.

Mariann became tense by the sound of her grandmother saying her full name. Oh, how she despised her full name! “For the last time grandma it’s Maria not Mariann!” The red-brown haired girl whined out in complaint.

“Mariann, dear! It’s me your mother!”

“…Mom…” Maria suddenly ran out her room, across the halls, down the staircase and stopped herself in the middle of the stairway.

To her surprise, she was all real and not a part of some fantasy. She stood there calm and collected looking alike a true champion. A sad smile was on her face and her eyes were glancing directly towards Maria, all her attention was upon the young girl. After some seconds of pure silence she finally broke the quietness. “It has been a long time hasn’t it.” It was more of a clueless statement than a pleasant question.

“Four months, basically.” Maria muttered under her breath. “I don’t mean to be rude but exactly why are you here?”

“Maria you’re being impolite. Your mother came all this way to say hello and you gave her an ill-mannered reply. Do apologize.” Marias grandmother ordered her granddaughter.

“Mother, it is okay.” May couldn’t help but laugh. “And well, Maria I came to say that I wish you the best of luck and to stay safe on your Pokemon journey. If you happen to run into any trouble… Please, come home where no one will harm you.”

“Mom, I’ll be fine. It’s like no one’s after me anyhow.” The young red-brown haired girl grinned.

“No, one’s after me anyhow.” Her daughter’s words ran though her mind, back and forth. “It’ll stay that way if he doesn’t know of your existence, dear daughter.” “Of course…” May faked a smile.

“Anyway, Maria I got you a gift.” The champion shook off her worry and admitted to the happy reunion.

Maria burst out in glee and ran over to mother clawing at her jacket to get ahold of the gift. “Oh, mother have I ever told how much I loved you.” She sarcastically said.

“Every. Single. Visit.” Maria’s mother chuckled in amusement and handed her the present.

The gift was small and round. Maria thought it was a bit odd nonetheless she swiftly torn off the wrapping paper and the present was revealed to be a Pokeball. The red-brown haired girl was founded speechless. “Mom, thank you!” She cried in excitement and embraced May.

May wrapped her daughter around in her arms and embraced her. They stood there for merely some seconds before pulling away from each other.

“B-but what of Mr. Birch! If he notices that I already have a Pokemon already I won’t-”

“Tsk, tsk Mariann calm yourself.”

Maria puffed her cheeks up alike a Jigglypuff and her body stiffened by the bare mention of her real name. May chuckled in delight. “Than hide the Pokemon within your bag. Don’t worry you’ll get your starter similarly to me when I was your age, Maria.”

The new beginner exhaled, in and out. "I look forward to when my Pokemon team might face yours in battle. Until that day…"

“I look forward to when my Pokemon team might face yours in battle, again. Until that day…” May suddenly stopped and turned from her daughter’s line of sight and looked towards her mother. Caroline looked to the thirty-three year old and quickly understood what was happening. She took grip of Maria and gingerly told her to go back upstairs. Confused yet obediently Maria listened to the elder woman and quietly left the two so they could talk. However, that didn’t mean the curious girl wouldn’t at least eavesdrop a bit by hearing through the floor.

As the elder woman saw her granddaughter leave she stared at May in concern. “My dear, tell me. Are you alright?”

May sighed. “No, mother I’m not alright. It’s been fifteen years. Fifteen! And he’s still off… Who knows where with all his admins and grunts!”

“May, you know that-”

“Yes, yes I’m highly aware mother!” May growled in anger.

The elder woman frowned in slight annoyance. “The man most likely has his reasons.”

“Of course he does!” May’s anger grew even more. “But did you know what I had to go through!?”


“Don’t you dare, May, me!” The champion threated. “I was only eighteen when I had Mariann! I had to almost give up everything for my daughter’s sake! I give up my position as champion, moved to Johto, started anew, almost cut off all my ties to Hoenn and tried to forget about my past! All to keep her safe!” May shouted out. “And what did he do? He left me! And worse Maxie doesn’t even know that she exists!”

The elder woman was astounded. No word came from her. She trembled in fear by May’s sudden outburst. A look of pure shock was spread across her from head to tie. The atmosphere around them became both cold and chilling.

Equally, like a raging fire May was calmed after it turned cold. She didn’t dare look her mother in the eye. “I-I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have taken my anger out on you alike that…” She apologized, “I’m just frustrated.”

May’s mother sighed and finally replied after everything started to settle down. “Yes, but it is okay to let your anger out. Keep it all coped up and it’ll become worse.”

“I presume you’re right. But it really doesn’t change anything. I know that he’s out there somewhere… I don’t know what he plans for the future are. As long as Maria isn’t involved… than it’ll be just fine.”

“However, you seem to forget that you’ll have to at least tell her the truth one day.”

“And if I don’t?” May questioned.

“I’m exceedingly certain she’ll find out somehow.”

A silence fell upon May and she groaned in disgust. She glanced off to the distance and looked out the window. She saw big puffy white clouds drifting off southwards. She muttered a quiet goodbye to Caroline and walked out the door.

Maria heard every single word of her family’s conversation. From her mother’s break down and to the dead silence. The girl immediately regretted overhearing the discussion. She wasn’t supposed to know the truth of some secret. She didn’t know there was even a secret to start with.

Maria rolled over to her side and rose herself onto her feet. She brushed off all the dust on her clothes and refitted everything back into place. She walked over to her desk and grabbed her backpack from her seat, then began to walk out of the room. Suddenly out of the blue, the young girl stopped. She glanced over her shoulder and looked to a shelf full of framed pictures.

Maria looked over all the images and ended at the last one. She took grip of its frame and pulled it closer so she could see the picture more clearly. The photo was taken during Mays last visit and it was a portrait of the family and Pokemon. Everybody was there grandfather, grandmother, mother and daughter. But there was one thing that was missing to Maria. Though she didn’t dare say it. Thus she placed the picture back to its ordinary space and walked out of the room.

When she reached the first floor there was her grandmother awaiting for her with a red ribbon in her hands. Maria eyes widen in surprise and ventured not to wander from the woman. She stayed still pending for her grandmother to say something.

The brunette had a sweet smile planted on her face and asked for Maria to come towards her. Maria dependently obeyed and shyly came towards her. The elder womans smile grew bigger and she took the ribbon within her hands and wrapped it around Marias head.

The red-brown haired girl was uninformed of what was happening. She jumped in slight surprise. Once her grandmother was done setting up the red ribbon she felt as though something was different. Maria scratched her head in confusion.

“There you look precisely like your mother when she left for her journey.” The brown haired woman beamed.

“Grandma why a red ribbon?”

“Considerably you, Maria look a lot alike your mother and you remind a bunch of people of her. Other than that she also believed somehow that ribbon granted good luck.” She chuckled, “May barely took it off awhile on her adventure. And now it’s yours, dearie.”

Maria had been overshadowed by her mother her whole entire life. It usually annoyed her to pieces when people called her May and not herself. But oddly enough, Maria wasn’t bothered by this somehow. Possibly because she hardy saw her mother anymore and needed a reminder of her.

“Maria I wish you the best. Do please drop by every now and then.” Marias grandmother gave the girl a quick hug and pulled away. “Now, go on before I refuse to let you go.” She said in a happy yet sad tone.

The red-brown girl hesitated to move, overwhelmed by how emotional she was. Speedily, she ran out the door and waved goodbye to her grandmother. “Bye! I love you!” Maria shouted out in excitement.

“Goodbye, dearie. I love you too!”

As soon as Maria sprinted out the front door she stopped for a moment to absorb in her surroundings. The sky was all blue bright and filled with big puffy white clouds. The sun was dazzling and glistening. Wingulls and Talliows soared though the sky with such grace.

The town seemed to be pure green. The trees and grass appeared to be fresh and healthy. All kinds of flowers boomed for the delight of the day. And though there weren’t a lot of people out enjoying the day. Maria could have cared less for she was merely determined to become a pokemon trainer.

A bright big smiled curled upon her round face as she ran towards the pokemon lab. All of sudden, she was halted when an unexpected scream come from route 101. Maria looked around to see if there was anyone else other than her to see what the trouble was. But unluckily for her she was assumed to be the only person nearby. Maria angering whined in irritation. “There seems no one else around. Hey, Maria why don’t you go see what the trouble is about. It isn’t like you have anything important to do too!”

The girl could complain all she wanted but it didn’t help the fact that someone was in danger. Maria took action and dashed to route 101. The screaming became louder and louder. The instant Maria arrived she was already prepared for anything.

“Hallo! You over there! Please, help me!” A roar of a scream cried out to Maria.

Maria turned in a rush and her two different colored eyes widen at what she saw before her. Professor Birch was being chased by a inflamed Poochyena. She heard many stories of the man being chased by her mother. From a wild Pokemon to even his wife. She never really did believe in these silly tales, until now. She had to hold in her laughter, which was rather difficult currently.

“Don’t just stand there! Help me out!” Professor Birch cried out. “There in the briefcase there are three pokemon! Pick one and to battle against this poochyena!” The brown haired man came to halt and was cornered by the bite Pokemon.

Maria wavered to move. She really never had been in a Pokemon battle before. Of course, she did lots of training alongside her mother. But she was under supervision from an experienced trainer. This was the very first time she was alone in this.

“Hurry!” Prof. Birch yelled as the snarling creature drew closer and closer.

“Alright! Alright!” Maria squeaked and swallowed her fear. She quickly opened the briefcase and took the nearest Pokeball close by. Before she threw it she exhaled, in and out. She threw the Pokeball against the grass setting the Pokemon within free.

“Mud! Mudkip!” A blue colored Pokemon popped out the ball.

“Okay, Mudkip! Use watergun!” Maria ordered. But nothing happened. “Mudkip, I said use watergun!” The Pokemon wouldn’t listen to her. Rather it yawned and awaited for its opponent to attack first. And this frustrated Maria to no end.

“You use Tackle! Tail whip! Watergun!” Maria hissed many more commands, yet again the Mudkip didn’t obey. When the dark-type took notice of the unwelcomed challenger. It came charging towards its blue colored opponent.

“Mudkip get up and fight!” Maria roared out. And finally after many refusals to fight Mudkip listened to Maria and shoot a powerful watergun at the Poochyena. Though it didn’t hit the pokemon and the dark-type easily dodged the attack.

Maria stood frozen unmindful on what to do next.

“Tell Mudkip to dodge it.” Prof. Birch cried.

“Uh… Oh, right!” Maria was dumfounded, nevertheless she shook off the feeling and commanded the Pokemon to dodge it. Mudkip fluently obeyed the trainer and stepped sided the Poochyenas tackle. Maria directed for Mudkip to tackle Poochyena. The creature was sent flying back into the grass.

“Yes, we did it!” Maria cheered in joy, although that victory was short-lived. For Poochyena came back charging in full force towards Mudkip. And without a command the water-type Pokemon avoided the assault. By surprise, Mudkip shoot a watergun at its opponent, which made the creature flee back into the tall grass.

Maria breathed out heavily and stared the pokemon with wide eyes. ‘How was Mudkip able to do all of that on its own!?” She thought to herself stunned by the fact. But she was dragged out of her thoughts when Prof. Birch approached her.

"Whew... I was in the tall grass studying wild Pokémon when I was jumped. You saved me. Thanks a lot!” The professor thanked Maria but he was instantly taken aback. “Oh? Hi, you're Maria. Mays daughter. This is not the place to chat, so let’s go to my Pokémon Lab, okay?"
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