A snoggletog carol

A Snoggletog Warning

It is required of every man

That his spirit travel far,

Lending help to those he can

No matter who they are.

But if you don't go forth in life,

Spreading joy and easing pain, Y

our spirit will go forth in death,

And you shall wear a chain!

Stoick rushed through all the things to do on the list. Making sure the food was good, the decorations were secured, and the musicians knew what to play for the dance. Everything seems to be in order. The sun began to set on snoggletog night. Everyone would either be still shopping or preparing the dinner for the kids. Stoick took this time to go home and take a bit of the nap before the party tonight.

He reached his home, and opens the door. His house was bare, no decorations or tree up for the holiday. Not even a shred of holly anywhere. Even the stockings weren't put up. Well, what's the point of putting anything up if no one is celebrating. Hiccup would just be up in his room or in the forge anyway.

Stoick closed all the doors and windows, and made his way to his bed. He removes his helmet and lay there until his eyes will close. But it was tough, because he wasn't tired. He was too excited for tonight. So he lay in bed still, trying to relax his mind. He tries to make himself sleepy by listening to the crackling fire in the fire place.

Which was odd, because he had never lite a fire. His guess hiccup did that before he left for the forge. 'Lucky he didn't burn the house down.' Stoick thought to himself.

But the the heat of the fire reached his face. He turns to see the fire has gotten bigger. Stoick jumped out of the bed, and grabbed a bucket of water. He threw the water on the fire to extinguish it. But instead it made the fire grew bigger, and changed its colour to blue instead of red.

Stoick was surprised at this. How was this happening? Stoick ran for the door, but it was stuck. The windows weren't opening either. Stoick was stuck in a room on fire. He was never so scared before. He tries to go to hiccup's room to escape, but the fire blocks his way.

Stoick looks at the centre of the fire; there was something solid in its mists. It looks like a strange figure emerging. It screamed in agony. The figure became a person inside the flames. Stoick backed up to the wall to avoid the flames. Soon he starts to see the figure more clearly.

The body was translucent as air, yet visible in a blue aura. It was an old man with a long beard. He was dressed in armour and dragon skin. His was in chains that surrounded his body. The only thing that was red was a big scar in his neck. Upon a closer inspection, stoick was sure he knew this man. But where?

The old man then used his hands to control the fire, and made it spread away from him and stoick.

Stoick was beyond terrified, "who are you creature!" He screamed with a commanding voice, but still a bit of terror in it. "What do you want!?"

"You no longer recognize me?!" The old man said with a hollow voice. He words shook the entire house. Stoick look closer, trying to recognize the figure. But an image never came to his mind. The old man spoke again. "In life, I was your old friend, Oswald the Agreeable."

"Oswald? No it couldn't be." Stoick shook his head at the figure. This spirit can't be Oswald, he's on another island. How can he possibly be him?

"You doubt me." The old man said. "You doubt your senses."

"Anything could upset the senses. A lack of sleep or some bad sheep soup. Yes, that had to be it." Stoick spoke.

Oswald screamed at stoick, making the house move. Objects falling off of shelves, chairs falling to their sides.

Stoick hugs the wall again. "What do you want?!"

Oswald stopped his yelling and floated to stoick. "Have you ever heard the saying stoick. That it is required of every men that his spirit will travel and help all he can." Stoick nods his head. "Well, I have done that too, except for the one who needed me more."

"Who?" Stoick asks his friend.

Oswald hung his head in shame. "My son."

"Daguar?" Stoick pondered.

"Yes." Oswald said. He raised his hand to make fire figures of himself and a little crying boy. "Like you, I've put the need of my people before myself. What I didn't realize is that in the process, I've been distancing myself from daguar. Because of that, his heart grew dark and his mind went mad. I might've been a great chief, but I wasn't a good father." The flames of the little boy changed to an older man, attacking the Oswald figure with an axe.

"If I had been there for him, this wouldn't have happen." He continue. "Now as my punishment, for my foolishness and neglect, I'm forced to carry these chains while my son is alive."

"But I don't understand Oswald." Stoick spoke after witnessing the event. "What does this have to do with me?"

Oswald points to stoick. "You are falling in the same trap stoick. Your chain is already in the making." Flame like chains surround stoick. They weren't burning him, but he could still feel the heat. "If you continue down the path, your future will be the same."

"No! Please Oswald you can't!" Stoick pleads.

"It is not up to me." Oswald spoke softly, "it's really up to you and your son."

"My son and I have a good relationship, I can ensure you." Stoick said with determination.

"Really, you think so." Oswald said in a commanding voice that shook the house again. "Your son will become like daguar if you don't listen to me."

Stoick had a horrifying vision. Instead of daguar chopping his father's head, it was hiccup doing it to stoick. It couldn't happen. Would it? Oswald was a dear friend to stoick, what was the harm of listening to him. If it would help him and his son.

"What do I have to do?" Stoick asks the spirit.

"Tonight, I'll send you three spirits." he said with a hint of kindness. "Learn from them, do what they say, or your fate will be the same as mine."

"But what about the party? I need to-" before stoick could finish the sentence, the chains tightening around him.

"It's your call stoick." Oswald warns him. "Your status or your soul." With that the chains let stoick go. He collapses on the floor looking at his friend. The flames surround him and began to engulf him. Stoick only look in horror as the Oswald and the flames began to shrink back to the fire place.

"Change before it's too late." We're the last words stoick heard from Oswald, before he disappeared into the fire. The fire's colour change back to red, and it made its rest on the fireplace.

Stoick stood up from the floor, still in shock of what occurred. Could that ghost really Oswald? Could what he said is true? Could he and hiccup really be in danger?

Stoick shook his head in disbelief. "Spirits, Oswald, and fire. It must've been from the exhaustion. This whole this is a ba-humbugged."

Soon he will know how wrong he is.

Link by link, You're on the brink

It's written here In blood red ink.

Unlock your heart It's not too late!

Or you'll be dragging something More than twice this weight

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