A snoggletog carol

Snoggletog Past

Christmas Pipes,

Christmas Pipes

Calling us home on Christmas night

Call us from far, call us from near

Oh play me your Christmas pipes

Stoick lay in bed, thinking of what happened. So sure it was all a hallucination. But the chains felt real though, or were he just stress from all the work. Yes, that must be it. Besides, He and hiccup have a good relationship, so there will be nothing to worry about. All that matters is making everyone's snoggletog a good one. Now, he needs to sleep to be awake for the party. After a few minutes in bed, he was at rest.




Stoick woke the sound of a bell. He sat up off his bed and looked around. There was no one here but him.

"Must've been the wind." He convinced himself. Despite all the windows are still shut. He lay back down and close his eyes. "I'm in no mood for surprises."

"What a shame!"

He opens his eyes to see a face of a young girl a few inches away from him.

"I just love surprises!" She said jolly

She scared stoick so much he fall out of the bed and on the floor.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. that always happens."

He rose up and got a good look at his intruder. It was a small blonde girl with wings. She wore a pearl white dress with matching slippers. She's holding a wand made of branches, with a light crystal at the end. Her hair was all in curls and sparkled like starlight. She floated gently over his bed before sitting on it, with one leg over the other.

Stoick looks at her, almost recognizing her. But he can't remember where. "Who, what are you." He asks.

Her giggles were like jingle bells. "Well, I'm the spirit of snoggletog past." She said with a smile. "Can't you see my wings?" She turns her back to stoick to show him her wings.

He shook his head as he stood up. "This can't be happening, it just can't" he said.

"Aww isn't it." She said "didn't Oswald tell you I was coming?"

"Oswald." He whispers to himself, realizing that wasn't a dream. But he is sure this was. "Ok, this isn't happening. It's just a dream."

The spirit flew over to him and pulled on his beard.

"Ouch" he said pushing her hand away from his beard.

"Is that proof enough you're not dreaming."

Alright, he'll admit that this isn't a dream. "So what do you want from me?" He asks.

"Only for you to take a journey with me." She said gleefully.

"At this hour?" He said with tiredness.

"Yes!" She said all excited. "Come on or we'll miss everything." She grabbed his hand and led him to his front door.

"Wait!" Stoick said with much anger. He forced his hand out of hers. "I'm not going outside like this."

The spirit plundered. "Hmmm." Then she had an idea. "You're right. We should start upstairs." She then flew upstairs, to hiccup's room.

"Hey! Don't go up there!" He yells, chasing after her. When he reached the room, there was a flash of light that blinded him.

When he adjusted his eyes, hiccup's room looked very different. Instead of drawings all over the wall, the room was bare. All the papers were gone, and were replaced with a shield and sword. In the bed was a large, something, covered in covers.

Stoick look around, almost awestruck. "This isn't hiccup's room. Is this..."

Before he could finish his sentence, he heard a cry from downstairs. "Stoick! Come on down!"

The figure on the bed moved. The covers were pulled off the figure. It was a young man with auburn hair. He shown signs of facial hair among his small freckles and green eyes define. He had built muscles on his arms.

Stoick looks at the young man, strangely. It was almost looking at a mirror. The young man yawns and stretched in his bed.

Stoick looks at the spirit. "Is this...is he?"

"Yep," she nods with a smile. "It's you. But a you from a long time ago. Giving the appearance, you should be around 18 to 20."

"Stoick!" The voice boomed again from downstairs.

"Coming father." The young stoick yell. He then ran towards the older stoick. But instead of bumping into each other, the young passed through the old.

Stoick touches his chest, breathing heavy by what just happened. "What? How?" He stuttered trying to find the words.

"Well, get used to that." The spirit said with a child attitude. "We are in the past now. Just observing all that transpire here. So no one can hear us, see us or feel us. Understand?"

He nodded his head, but still in shock.

"Good! Now come on." She said grabbing his hand. "Let's go see what the fuss is about." She waved her wand to open the bedroom window. Golden dust surrounded her and stoick. They began to float off the ground. At first stoick was terrified, but he soon studied himself. They flew pass the window to the town below.

It was dark outside, but candles were lite and decorations were hung on every house. It must be snoggletog eve right now. Stoick marvelled at the view. Everyone happy and well. He and spirit land near the front door of his house. He turns to see his younger self and an older man walking out the door. Stoick recognizes the old man as his father.

"Are you ready stoick." The father spoke to the young stoick.

"I suppose so." The young stoick said nervously.

"You should be." The father said slapping his son I the back, almost knocking him over. "It's the annual snoggletog ball."

"The ball," stoick whispered to himself.

"But I don't know what to do? What to say?" The young stoick told his father.

The father just looks full of pride at his son. "It's really simple stoick. You just stand, talk to people, and show them what their heir is capable of."

"I can't wait." Young stoick said with a small depression.

"Why so sad." The spirit asks the older stoick, still looking at the scene before them. "You get to party the night away. The dancing, the feast and the gifts."

"No." Stoick told her. "I wasn't allowed to do it at the time."

"Really?" She looks at him with surprise.

"Yes," he said. "All I was to do is stand and talk."

"Is that what hiccup will have to do too?" The spirit asks.

"I suppose." He answers, unsure.

He then sees himself and his father heading down to the great hall. The spirit grabs stoick again and flies him to the hall. They stood at the door, which was wide open. Stoick was amazed at the sight.

The hall was beautiful. Holly was hung on a statue of a dragon stabbed with a giant sword. A large wooden tree was behind a throne. There was a long table with food. Roasted pigs with apples in their mouths. Bowls of potatoes and berries were spaced between the centre pieces. All of the small tables were placed on the sides to make room for the dance space. And a small stage was off to the side with musicians playing snoggletog carols. People gather around, talking and dancing in the hall. Stoick could see all the happy faces on the people. He secretly hope that tonight's party will be just as great.

He can see his younger self, standing near his father. He looks over the crowd, with a longing look, wishing to join them. Especially, seeing his brother, spitlout, laughing with a group of friends. Instead, he is standing and talk to people.

"You should stand straight." His father whisper to him. The young stoick straighten himself.

Stoick saw that his younger self wasn't happy. He never knew he was so sad this time of his life.

The spirit floated around the young stoick.

"This isn't a party if you aren't having fun."

She said with a sad look. "You really should be out there with the others."

"I couldn't." He said. "I had my duty to perform."

"Your duty is to be bored?" She said.

"No!" He said. "It's to be there for your people. Something I didn't understand at the time."

"Yo! Stoick!"

Both stoick's turn to the sound of the voice. A young man came up with messy black hair. He also a torn clothing that stretched by his muscles.

"Hello Alvin." The young stoick replayed.

Alvin! stoick had forgotten they were good friends at the time.

"What do you want?" Stoick father asks the young boy.

"I was wondering if stoick wants to join us at the bar." Alvin replied with a smile.

Before young stoick could answer, his father interfered. "I'm sorry Alvin, but my son is busy."

"He doesn't look busy to me." Alvin comment.

"I will have to ask you to leave us alone." The father said with a little aggression.

Seeing the defeat in the young stoick, Alvin walks away muttering, "Where is this guy's holiday spirit?" It wasn't loud for the young stoick to hear, but the old one heard perfectly.

"Far away apparently," the spirit replied to stoick. "Not as bad as mildew was, he's still a total Scrooge."

Before stoick could ask what she means, he sees his father talking to his younger self.

"Go get me some food!" he commanded.

The young stoick followed the commands and went to food table. He grabbed a plate, only to drop it when he got slapped on the back.

"About time you got away from him."

Young stoick turns to see Alvin behind him with two mugs in hand. He hands one to young stoick, who drinks most of it in one gulp.

"Thanks." He said in gratitude.

"Why do you let him do this to you?" Alvin asks with concern.

"Well, he is the chief and my father after all." He said with sadness. "His rule is law."

"Until you become chief. Then you will have a good time."

"I guess."

"Ah come on stoick. It's snoggletog! You need to have some fun now. Go out there and dance."

"I don't think so, besides I don't know how to dance."

"Now who would want a chief that doesn't dance?"

The two boys laugh their heads off. Stoick saw the relationship between them strong. After a while though, Alvin left stoick alone. Young stoick looks down, trying to forget about everyone's happiness. He quickly grabs a plate of food for his father.

He turns and walks back to his father, still looking down. Unaware that someone was coming his way. They bumped into each other, making him drop the food.

"I'm so sorry." I women's voice said. The young stoick look up to see her. She was strong, slim and beautiful. She had long brown hair that was pulled back in a braid. She was wearing a plain green dress with brown trimming. But her best features were her eyes, beautiful forest green eyes.

"I'm sorry again. I wasn't paying attention," She spoke again. Her voice sounded wise and angelic.

But young stoick paid no attention; he was taken in by her beauty.

"Oh," he said finally finding his voice. "It's ok...it's alright. I wasn't paying attention either"

She bends down to help pick up the food. When he and she reached for the same food, their hands touched. The look at each other, awestruck at the moment. They both stood up, nervous around each other.

Stoick look at the two new lovebirds, moved by the scene.

The spirit loved this scene too. "Awww, someone is in loooove." She said, playing with her words.

Young stoick asks the woman her name. She replied with shyness. "It's knida a long name."It's Valhallarama."

Ok it is a long name. "Mind if I call you valka for short." He asks. She nods with a sweet smile.

He bowed to her, "I'm stoick."

She was shock to see who she was with. "I'm sorry," she said bowing to him.

"Please don't," he said. "I honestly had enough of that tonight."

She smiles in understanding. Older Stoick looks at her, remembering how understanding she was with everything.

All of a sudden they heard music playing from the band. It was a strong melody that was catchy.

"I love this song." Valka said with a smile. She then reached a hand to young stoick. "Care to dance."

"I..." He trailed off to look at his father, talking to people in his chair. "I don't know. I don't know how to dance and."

Not letting him finish, she grabbed his hand. "It's alright, I'll teach you."

She led him to the dance floor. After a few stumbles, they were gliding on the dance floor. Soon everyone stopped what they were doing to watch the couple dance. They received the biggest cheers from Alvin, spitlout and their group of boys.

Stoick look at himself with valka. The smiles on their faces, having a good time. He can't remember a time when that's happen. The spirit goes to the dance floor too and danced a solo dance infront of stoick.

"You remember this?" She asks him.

"Yes," he answers. "It was my first real ball. And the moment I realized that valka was the love of my life. It was a wonderful moment."

"Oh there have been more wonderful moments to follow." The spirit said. She waved her wand to make a blinding light. Stoick covered his eyes to protect them.

When he opened his eyes, he was back in his house. But instead of a bare room, it was covered in candles and decorations. The one thing he noticed was on top of a decorated tree, was a small angel that looked like the spirit. before he could ask her about it, He heard a small laugh in the corner chair. He saw himself and valka, a little older then the party. The stoick was leaning on the chair, while valka was bouncing something on her lap. Upon closer inspection, it was a small baby on her lap.

"Think of it stoick." She said with a smile. "Hiccup's first snoggletog."

Hiccup giggled at his parents.

"Look," stoick said pointing at him, "he's excited."

"All the festivities and presents." She said while tickling hiccups' belly.

"And mom and dad right by his side." Stoick finished.

All three of them laughed together. It was almost too much for stoick, a single tear was felt on his face.

"Look at you three." The spirit comment while watching the scene. "It's an amazing setting. Perfect decorations, perfect tree, and to be with family. It's a perfect picture."

"Yes, it was." He said coldly.

"Was?" She said confused.

The scene changed. The perfect family disappears in thin air. All of the decorations vanished. There was nothing but a bare room, and an older stoick siting in a chair.

"Hey what happened?" The spirit yells into the air with confusion. "I had my wand set for the next year's snoggletog. But I guess I miscalculated."

"No, this is it." He confessed with sadness.

"But what happened to that happy family? The tree and everything?" She asks him.

"They all died." He turned his head with sadness.

"Died?" She asked, but then realized what he means. This was the year after valka was taken by dragons.

"Yes, this was my first snoggletog without valka."

The mood was deeply dropped from sad to almost cruel.

"It was the year I lost everything." He said.

"That's not true." The spirit said trying to comfort him. "You still had hiccup, right."

Almost on cue, there was a little boy coming down the stairs. He was one years old, wearing a simple green tunic.

"Daddy." He whispers.

The stoick on the chair didn't pay any attention to the boy. The little hiccup walked closer to stoick, while passing though the stoick watching. Hiccup hugged stoick on the leg, hoping to get his attention. But it didn't really look like it was working.

"Happy snoggy tog dad." Hiccup said, trying to smile.

But the stoick in the chair brushed it off. He stood up and went for the door.

"Where you going?" Hiccup asked him.

"I need to make sure everyone's having a good time today." He said not looking at hiccup.

"Can i go-"

"No!" The stoick shad sharply. "You need to stay here, and enjoy the holiday." With that, stoick slammed the door, leaving hiccup alone in the house. He ran to the door to try to open it. Unfortunately, he can't reach the door handle. Leaving not much to do, he sank at the bottom of the door, and cried.

Stoick looked at his son, with a burden face. He had no idea his son felt this way. But surly he should've seen this coming.

The spirit look at stoick. "That was horrible stoick. All he wanted was to spend time with you."

"I know." Was all he could say to her. He look down, almost heartbroken at what he was looking at. "But I'm sure it's gotten better throughout the years."

"Really." She said not believing. "Let's find out." She waved her wand and sprinkle gold dust around them.

What they saw was a fast version of all the years. Every one of them, stoick leaves the house and hiccup is left alone. There were never any feasts, nor presents, not even a 'happy snoggletog,' anywhere between them.

Stoick was shock at the revelation he was seeing. "Please," he pleaded to the spirit. "Make it stop!"

"You're the one that fashioned these memories." She said with force. "Don't blame me."

The spirit hit pause on the scene, right about when hiccup was a ten. This time he wasn't crying, but he was still sad.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Hiccup got up off the floor and opened it.

Gobber stood in the doorway with a cheerful smile. "Happy snoggletog hiccup."

Hiccup gave him a small smile. "Thanks gobber." He said.

"Finally," the spirit said getting all excited. "We see hiccup happy."

Stoick couldn't help but be curious about what he would see.

Gobber made himself come inside. "Well, this is lovely." He said looking around the room, trying his best to make it sound positive.

"Yeah, real festive." Hiccup said with sarcasm.

"We'll no time like the present ah." Gobber said with a toothless smile. "Speaking of presents." He pulled out a wrapped package from behind he back. "Happy snoggletog hiccup."

The face on hiccup face was priceless. He was shock and surprised.

"What's wrong hiccup?" Gobber asked in confusion. "Don't you know you get presents on snoggletog?"

Hiccup shook his head. He grabbed the package and began to unwrap it. It was a small tool set. Filled with a small hammer, chisel and pockets of nails. Hiccup was awestruck. He could not believe what he was holding.

He look at gobber, with tears in his eyes. "Thank you gobber, thank you!" He said as he gave gobber a big hug.

"You're welcome hiccup." He returned the hug.

Stoick couldn't help but feel jealous. He wished that it was him and hiccup having a hug. The spirit was happy to see the scene before them.

But then a shadow figure came through the door.


Stoick recognizes that voice as his own.

"What are you doing here?!" He said walking through the door.

Gobber turned around, not losing his jolly attitude. "Just wishing hiccup here-"

"You know you have a lot of work to do in the forge." The stoick said angry.

"It was only for a few seconds." Gobber replied.

"Enough!" Stoick commanded. "I need to speak with my son alone."

"Alright then, i leave you two alone to celebrate." Gobber said cheerfully making his way to the door.

Stoick and the spirit looked at hiccup, shaking his head. Clearly not wanting gobber to leave them alone. But sure enough gobber was out the door.

"Happy snogg-"

Stoick saw himself slam the door and made his way to a sad hiccup.

"You know what you did!" He yelled.

"Dad I'm sorry," hiccup said quietly with his head down.

"What this holiday means for us."

"It was only one-"

"We have to be there for our people, not fussing about ourselves. A chiefs first and only duty is for his people!"

Hiccup continues to look down. Stoick is appalled at the scene before him. How could be so cruel to his only son. The spirit didn't like this situation either.

"Go to your room." the stoick said quietly yet threatening to hiccup.

"But dad-"

"Go to your ROOM!"

With that hiccup ran to his room. Leaving both stoicks and the spirit alone. Stoick saw himself sitting down in a chair with Great Depression.

"Well, that was sad." The spirit commented. "Not to mention almost cruel."

Stoick didn't say anything. But looked at himself, ashamed at what he had done.

"I don't know about you," the spirit said. "But I want to see if hiccup's ok."

She floated up the stairs with stoick following her. Together they witness hiccup with his head on a pillow. All sorts of paper made a mess on the floor, and the new tool set had been tossed to the side. He wasn't crying but he was depressed.

Then all three heard a sound coming from outside. As hiccup stood from his bed to take a look, stoick followed behind him. They observe all of the families playing together in the snow. All the kids making snowmen and killing eachother snowball fights. Everyone laughing and having a good time. One little girl noticed hiccup in his room, and waved at him. But he shuts his window in response. He then went to his bed and sulk.

Stoick felt bad, and in the worse way. Did he really have no idea his son was like this. That he felt this way. He turned to the spirit, who looks at his with a disapproved eye.

"Please," he pleaded quietly, "take me back."

"Very well," she said stern. She waved her wand to make more golden dust appear. It filled the entire room. Soon everything disappeared. Stoick found himself still in hiccup's room. But the room was like what hiccup left it this morning. He looks around to see the spirit was gone. He decides to take a few minutes and sat down on hiccup's bed. He saw that tool set on hiccup's desk. It look pretty beat up over the years.

Gobber gave hiccup such a nice gift, why did stoick ruined it.

Where are you Christmas

Why can't I find you

Why have you gone away

Where is the laughter

You used to bring me

Why can't I hear music play

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