A snoggletog carol

Snoggletog Present

There's a joyful spirit

In your heart!

My friend, that spirit's mine!

Dine on the Bread of human kindness,

My fabulous fruit of the fine!

A treat, sir!

A sweet, sir!

A little indulgence and then,

Abundance! Charity!

Good will toward men!

Stoick stood up from hiccup's bed to the window, overlooking the village. He must admit, he missed the view when this was his room. The sky was dark; the only light were from the lanterns and candles. Every house was dark. The only places with light were the forge and the great hall. He heard loud noises coming from there, and realized the party had already started. He rushed downstairs; only to stop at the marvel he found waiting.

In his living room were mountains of food. Everything from pigs, to pies was there. Exotic fruit, big sausages, racks of lamb and yak. Yak milk, salmon, chicken legs, mead and wine. Every food stoick ever known and more was there. The aroma was indescribable, but smelt wonderful. On stoick's chair near the fire place, there was a middle-aged man with a white beard. He has very old blue eyes, but very rosey cheeks. He was wearing a bright red robe with fur linings over a red plaid shirt. He also had a weird fur hat with a reef around it, filled with berries and smelt like evergreens.

He chuckled in a loud Russian voice. "Come in stoick!" He welcomed stoick. "Come and know me better man!"

Stoick was stunned. The intruder's attitude had a strange resemblance to gobbers'. But he is sure they had no relation.

"Who are you?" Stoick asked.

"How rude of me." The man chuckled. "I'm the spirit of snoggletog present." The spirit said bowing to stoick.

"I'm honoured." Stoick said with very little gratitude. He took another look around his living room. "Where did this food come from?"

"Why it's the food of generosity." The spirit told him. "They are from the kindness in people's hearts. Surprisingly, most of this food comes from the kindness in a young boy's heart."

"A young boy?" Stoick asked.

"Yes," the spirit said. "I believe you know him."

Stoick took a while to figure out whom. "Hiccup?"


Stoick was stunned. Surely he was more generous then hiccup. "Hiccup hasn't done anything that doesn't involve himself getting hurt or being a nuisance."

The spirit could not believe what he was hearing. "You really think of your son that way. He was only trying."

"I'm just saying." Stoick said determined to get his point. "While he was off at the corner destroying the village, I do everything to make sure everyone was safe and sound."

"And that kind of thinking is why your food of generosity is only on this plate." The spirit grabbed a plate; the only thing on it was a vine of grapes.

Stoick was stunned and angry. Why should hiccup have this much food, while he only has a little stem of grapes. Stoick decided he had enough of being made the fool. He needed to get out of here and perform his duty at the party.

"Look," he said, trying to make his voice sweetly. "I appreciate what you and the other spirit are trying to do. But I need to be a chief to the people. So if you don't mind, I need to take my leave." With that he ran through the door and to the village.

The village was still bare, and the laughter and happiness was in the great hall. He made his way there, but had to stop at the sound of hammers clanging. He turns to see the forge still light up. He could hear gobber singing away while he was working. Stoick walks to him, wondering why he's not at the party.

"Hello gobber," he said loudly so gobber could hear him. "Nice singing voice. Just practicing for tonight?"

Gobber didn't respond to stoick, he just sang and hammered away.

"Hello?" He tried again with a little force. But gobber still ignored him.

"Gobber!" He yelled at him. He puts his hand on gobber's back, only to have his hand phased through gobber. He looks at his hand in disbelief. He kept trying to get gobber's attention, but nothing was working.

"Not so easy is it?"

Stoick turn to the sound of the voice. The spirit was there leaning beside the stove. He knew at this stage, people can't see or hear him. How is he supposed to run a village like this?

The spirit chuckled, "you didn't think you were going to get off that easily, did you?"

Stoick and the spirit turn to observe the scene before them. Gobble hammering and singing a carol.

"It's begging to look like snoggletog,

Everywhere you go,

There is a tree in the grand square

Tall, magnificent and fair.

The sturdy kind that doesn't mind the snow

It's begging to look like snoggletog

Soon the bells will start.

But the thing that'll make them ring

Is the love that will be

Right Within your heart."

There was a small clap coming from the behind the curtain. Within seconds, hiccup came through and continues clapping.

"Very festive gobber," he said with a smile. "Very well done."

"Thank you." Gobber said taking a bow before hiccup. Then he played as if he was addressing a crowd. "I'll be here every day of the week. For more songs, I'll take them on request!"

Both boys laugh. Stoick couldn't help but smile.

"How are the swords and the gifts?" Gobber said while pulling hiccup back behind the curtain with him. Stoick and the spirit followed. Stoick was amazed at the big piles of axes, shields and helmets were there.

"All well and good," hiccup answered, they just need the final touches."

"Quite the talent your son has." The spirit commented.

"He did make all of those?" Stoick asked. The spirit nods. Stoick was impressed that hiccup had this kind of skill.

"The final touches will make these gifts perfect." He said lifting a helmet and examining it. "It'll take a few hours but soon-"

Gobber grabbed the helmet out of hiccup's hands. "Why don't I take care of this. You look like you need some food. I heard the food this year is spectacular."

Hiccup shook his head. "No! I can't!" He protest.

"Aww sure you can." Gobber said while slapping hiccup on the back, which made hiccup fall over. "You will have a great time."

Hiccup got up and brushed all the dirt off. "No, I'm pretty sure I won't."

"Aww come on hiccup seriously. You shouldn't be alone at this time of year." Gobber said brushing of the remaining dirt on hiccup. "You should be in there, celebrating with the others."

"I'm pretty sure people don't want to celebrate with me." Hiccup said. "Dad especially-"

"At least go and get yourself some food. Cause, no offence, but you can't use some more food." He said gesturing to hiccup.

Hiccup look at himself, still a string bean. "Oh come on goober, if it weren't for this figure, you won't get back your favourite torch from the corner."

Both boys laugh again. Stoick never realized how strong their bond was. It was like an uncle and nephew.

"At least you can give your present to your friend." Gobber said pointing to a corner of the room.

"A friend?" Stoick whispers.

"Yes he has a friend." The spirit said. "Does that really surprise you?"

In truth, yes it did surprise stoick

"And maybe give your father his gift." Gobber added.

That really stunned stoick. Hiccup had got him a gift. Why? He never celebrated with hiccup. So why would hiccup think to give him a gift.

"Alright!" Hiccup yells with his hands in the air. "I'll go for you. I'll give my friend his present. But I can't for dad."

Stoick wondered why hiccup say that.

But it seems hiccup answers the question. "If dad sees me, he would never let me near that place again. But I'll still go."

"Thata boy." Gobber said giving him another hard pat on the back.

Stoick couldn't believe what he heard; hiccup is really going to the party. "What are you thinking gobber!" He shouts to a friend who can't hear him. "Hiccup can't go!"

"And why not?" The spirit asked.

Stoick took a while to come up the answer. "Well... There is more to do at the forge."

"Gobber seems to got everything handle."

"But gobber needs to sing with the choir."

"They played good songs before gobber sang."

"Well... Umm..." He eventually ran out of excuses.

"Do you want hiccup there?" The spirit asked with force.

"No!" Stoick yelled at the spirit. "Call it cruel if you want, but I don't want hiccup to ruin it for everyone."

"Ruin?" The spirit said stunned and puzzled, "how would hiccup ruin it?"

"You don't know what he's like." Stoick said. "He's causes destruction where ever he goes. He doesn't listen to anyone and has the attention of a sparrow."

"That's not what it look like to me." The spirit said pointing at hiccup and gobber. "He listens to gobber with great attention. And if you don't want him to spread distraction, why did you put him where the weapons are?"

That was a good question. Before stoick could answer, hiccup ran through him with a package in hand. Stoick turned back to gobber, assuming his work and smiling at hiccup.

The spirit grabbed stoick, "let's see how this plays out." He chuckled as he leads stoick to follow hiccup.

Hiccup made his way to the stairs that leads to the great hall. The light felt warm in the cold. He seems nervous, but he will still go in. Before he went in, he slip to the side of the stairs, and his the package in the snow. Stoick wonders why he has to hide it. His 'friend' should be at the party. But after hiccup hid his present, he bravely walked the steps to the door.

His tiny body fits through the door without moving it, while stoick and the spirit just phased through it. The hall was magnificent. The decorations were still up and the band played the best tunes. All of stoick's hard work was all worthwhile. Everyone was dancing, talking and having a good time. Stoick seemed pretty please with himself. He wanted to take his place on the throne and assumed his duty, but then remembered that no one can see him. Hiccup on the other hand, is trying to make sure he doesn't get caught. He rushes to every hiding place imagine. Ducking behind poles and under tables.

He eventually made it to the buffet of food. As he grabbed a plate, he took one look to throne. He expected his father to sit there, but there was no one there.

"I wonder where dad is." He asked himself. Stoick was right behind him, but hiccup can't see him. That brought a thought to stoick. Did anyone else notice that he's not there? Did any care?

Hiccup gathered his food, but then put it down and got an old sack from the corner of the room. He filled it with a lot of fish from the table.

'What is he doing?" He asked the spirit.

The spirit didn't answer the question. Instead he said, "Why don't you watch and see. Your son is full of surprises."

As soon as hiccup was done, he grabbed the bag and his plate and sat at a table in a dark corner. From there, he feast and observe the room. He sees everybody having a great time. He kept looking for his father, but he was nowhere in sight. The people that did stick out were the teens in his class. The twins try to dance with each other, but argue on who should lead. Fishlegs sat at a table, reading a big book. Most likely a history of the holiday or the book of dragons. Astrid was a surprise to hiccup. Normally she's really stubborn and moody, but tonight, she was as light as a feather and happy as a child. She wished everyone a happy holiday and tries to get people to try a new invention of hers, yak nog. People were trying to be nice, but they ended up throwing it out. Noticing everyone's having a good time, hiccup continued to eat in his little corner. Stoick couldn't help but feel bad for hiccup. But knew his friend will come and sit by him. But where is he? Maybe this friend is someone hiccup made up so people won't feel bad for him.

Hiccup and stoick then heard a chuckle, coming from the throne. They turn to see snotlout and his father there. Snotlout sitting on the throne with spitlout leaning on its side. The boiled stoick, only he is supposed to sit there.

"This is comfy." Snotlout admired.

"It is indeed." Spitlout said while touching the arm of the chair. "And soon it will be yours, my son."

'Snotlout's? How absurd.' Stoick thought.

"I can hardly wait." Snotlout said with a squeal. "But what if stoick interferes."

"Don't worry," spitlout said. "He will allow it. I'm sure of that."

Stoick couldn't believe his ears. Why would spitlout, his own brother, say such things.

"I mean," spitlout continued, "there is no way he'll let that weak boy sit on this mighty throne. He knows that berk wants a strong leader, not a fish bone like him."

Stoick became still, still not believing what he was hearing. While both louts laugh with a wicked smile, hiccup turned away in shame.

"Yeah, I'll give useless a week before he burns the village." Snotlout said.

Stoick saw hiccups face, full of sadness. Before he could hear anything else, he grabbed his bag and left without finishing his plate. But stoick continued to hear until snotlout and spitlout left the throne.

"Did you hear that?" He said to the spirit, "they are going behind my authority. Saying that snotlout is going to be chief."

"Isn't hiccup supposed to be chief?" The spirit said.

"Yes, he is." Stoick said without hesitation. "Why would people say such things about him?"

"Why were you?" The spirit asked.

Stoick cursed himself. It was only not too long ago he thought the same. One look at snotlout and he is everything a Viking should be. Strong, tough, and great fighter. Yet, when you look at hiccup, he's weak, kind and, well, the opposite of snotlout. But being chief is his birthright. So why were people being mean to him? Why was stoick mean to him?

Before he could ponder the thought, he heard a crash behind him. Sure enough, he saw hiccup with a girl, and a tray that was carrying mugs on the floor.

"I'm sorry." Hiccup said as he bends down to pick up the girl's tray. "I didn't see where I was going."

Stoick recognizes the girl as Astrid. He expected her to be cross and maybe punch hiccup. But instead, she bends down to help him.

"It's alright," she said with a little irritation, "I wasn't looking where I was going ether." At one point, their hands touched the same mug. Stoick had a sense of déjà vu. It was like when he met valka for the first time.

They look at each other for a moment; there was a tiny spark between them. But not enough to make a wonderful moment out of an awkward situation. They got up off the floor and adjusted themselves.

"Are you enjoying the party?" Hiccup asked her.

"Yes," she said as she puts her tray on a nearby table. "You?"

"Yeah," he said nervously, "but I'm getting outta here before I mess it up for anyone else."

Astrid looked confused. "You didn't mess it up for me, just the floor." She said look at him.

He looks at her with sad eyes. "It's ok, it's not like I'm wanted here anyway."

She now feels bad for him. "Don't say that. It's snoggletog. You should be with friends and family."

"Well, I don't have any friends, and my dad's not here. So there is no point in me staying."

"I'm sorry to hear that," she said trying to catch his eyes. She ultimately puts her hand on his face to turn him to her. "If there's any consolation, I wish you happy snoggletog." And with she gave him a sympathy hug.

He awkwardly returns the hug. "Thanks."

Stoick look at those two, they share a pretty good bond. He never knew astrid had such sympathy. Note, he only seen her in the arena. There she was a fierce fighter.

The spirit gestures to the two. "Sigh," he said. "Young love."

Love? That wouldn't be the word stoick would choose. But then the teens said their goodbyes and hiccup left the party with a bag over his shoulder. Stoick and the spirit followed, despite stoick's desire to stay. They see hiccup walk down the stairs and get the gift he hid. Then he went to the forest edge before looking back. He had to make sure no one will follow. Little did he know that stoick and the spirit were behind him? Assure with himself, he walked in the forest.

"Where in thor's name is he going?" Stoick wonders. But soon he and spirit follows him into the woods. The path was long and wavy. Luckily stoick phased through the branches, otherwise, he would hit his head a number of times.

During the journey through the snow, stoick would predict who his son was meeting. Surly not mildew, he and the old man had nothing in common. Gobber was back in the forge and everyone else was at the party. Maybe it was someone living in solitude that the village doesn't even know about them. Maybe hiccup accidentally found them and now they're friends.

Soon they found themselves in a small cove on the outskirts of town. It was a beautiful view from afar. Snow covered area with an ice covered lake, but there was a hole near the shore line. The foot prints were all around, meaning there was activity here. There was also a small cave. Stoick expects hiccup's friend is there.

Hiccup climbed down to the cove and made his way to the cave. The spirit and stoick followed.

"Toothless!" Hiccup called out. "Where are you bud?"

"Toothless?" Stoick said in confusing. "What kind of name is that? Unless it's a nickname. Yeah that must be it-"

Before stoick ranted on, the spirit stopped him. "Just watch. Seriously, Jack Frost had more patients then you."

Before stoick asked him what that means, they heard a roar. Stoick became terrified. Not for his sake, but for hiccup's. He can't protect his son from the dragon coming.

Sure enough a dragon came from the cave of the cove. It was big and black with bright green eyes. It bares its teeth and unfurled its wings. Stoick couldn't believe what he was seeing, a night fury.

It began to run to hiccup.

"Hiccup! Run!" Stoick called out. But hiccup didn't budge. "What are you doing boy? Run away!"

Hiccup didn't run away but drop all his things and held his arms out. The night fury jumped on him and reared its head. Stoick had to close his eyes; he didn't want to see his son tear to shreds. He expects to hear more roars and his son screaming in agony.

But then he heard a different sound. Instead of screaming, he heard laughing. He open his eyes to see the night fury licking his son in the face.

"It's good to see you too bud," hiccup said with a smile.

A mix of emotions ran through stoick's head. He was relief that hiccup was alright, but apauld that he is with a dragon. Hiccup surly would know that they are monsters that killed his mother. They attack and raid his fellow Vikings. Yet here he is, smiling with an enemy. As far as stoick was concern, hiccup is siding with the enemy. He would lecture hiccup right then and there, if hiccup could hear him.

The night fury got off of hiccup, but nudges at him. "Thanks bud." Hiccup said trying to push the dragon's head away from him. The dragon then went right for the bag, smelling its contents.

Hiccup laughs, "I guess you smell your snoggletog dinner, huh toothless." The dragon looks at hiccup with a gummy smile.

Stoick was still in shock. "So this is toothless, I swear I saw-"

"Retractable teeth." The spirit remarked. "Your son is lucky he has friend like that."

"A friend!" Stoick said with anger. "It's a dragon for Thor sake! It will sooner eat him then be his friend."

"He hasn't yet." The spirit said while surveying the scene, the dragon and the boy digging into the bag and taking out the fish. "And they have been together for a couple of months now."

"That long?" Stoick said making sure he heard that right.

The spirit thought about it, "yep. Ever since hiccup shot him down, they became the best of friends."

"Hiccup shot him down?" Stoick said. "Why didn't he tell me?! I could've been proud of him."

"He did tell you." The spirit said, he then reached into a pocket and got out a snow globe. He threw it to the ground. It smashed and created a whirl hole. It created a picture in the middle of stoick dragging hiccup through a burnt village.

"It's not like the last few times dad," the projection hiccup said to the dad. "I really actually got it. You guys were busy and I had clear shot. It went down, just off raven point. Let's get a search party and-"

"Stop!" The stoick said with irritation. "Just stop. Every time you step outside disaster falls."

The projection faded away, and stoick felt stupid. Hiccup did tell the truth. If only stoick would believe him, he wouldn't be seeing his son with a dragon. But here he is, watching his son sharing dinner with a dragon. But then he noticed something he hasn't seen for a long time. Hiccup's smile. A genuine smile.

After their little feast, the dragon began to jump around with excitement. Hiccup got up off the snow and chuckled. "I know you want to go, but I have something for you."

That just got toothless even more excited. Hiccup grabs the package and began to unwrap it. Inside was a big fin, decorated in black with a silver streak on it. Toothless came closer and smelled the fin.

"What do you think?" Hiccup asked. Toothless responded with a gummy smile. "Yeah, this will make you fly faster, and turn tighter."

Toothless swings his tail to hiccup and he bend down to put it on. Stoick turned to see what hiccup was doing. He then noticed the dragon's tail was missing a fin.

"Spirit," stoick asked, "what happened to its tail?"

"Hiccup happened," the spirit answered. "When he shot the dragon down, he accidentally cut off the fin. If hiccup didn't come to find him, who knows what would happen."

Stoick was asking that question. After all that, and what happened, the dragon forgave him. Befriend him. The look of those two shared a stronger connection. Almost brotherly. It was amazing to look at. Stoick couldn't stop smiling at these two. Even though it breaks every tradition he holds dear. But he'll rip every one, just to see hiccup smile like this.

Soon the new tail was set, hiccup seemed happy with his work. He then got on toothless back and look to the sky.

"Tonight will be the best night to fly." He said.

"Wait, did he say fly!?" Stoick said concerned.

"Maybe we'll see Odin up there." Hiccup said while rubbing toothless's head. Then toothless squats down to prepare to take off.

"Oh, we don't want to miss this." The spirit said. He then made a big whistle that blew stoick's ear drums. Then a flash of light came out of nowhere. And from the light, came a giant sleigh, and 8 reindeer. The spirit jumped on at the front, and offers a hand to stoick.

"Aren't you coming?" He said with a smile.

Stoick instead took a couple of steps back. "No thank you, I've had enough flying for one evening."

The spirit groans and flocked some golden dust. Stoick was lifted off the ground and into the sleigh. He grumbled at the sprit while hiccup prepared to fly.

"Ready bud?" He asked. Toothless roared with glee. "Then let's fly." Toothless jumped off the ground and high into the air.

"Buckle up!" The spirit called out to stoick.

"Where the seat belts?" Stoick asked a little nervous.

"That's just expression." The spirit chuckled. Then with a crack of a whip, the reindeer gallop into the air. Soon the sleigh was airborne. Stoick clanged on to the sleigh for dear life. But soon it they caught up to the night fury.

The sky was a clear night. All the stars were out and the big moon shined. Toothless and hiccup flew over the mountain and out onto the open sea. The water almost a clear as ice. They flew high a number of times and did some dives to the water. Hiccup even did a flip off of toothless, and the dragon caught him with ease.

After the initial fear was gone, stoick began to enjoy the sky. The wind rushing its way past you. He didn't even feel cold. Though he would not admit it out loud, the feeling was incredible. Not the part that he was touching the sky, but his son was beyond anything a Viking could do. He did things anyone else wouldn't even dream of, befriending an enemy, helping it to stay alive and flying in the sky, being in the realm of the gods. Stoick couldn't help but feel proud of hiccup.

'Never thought I would be like this,' stoick thought to himself.

After about an hour of flying, hiccup and toothless landed on an island not too far from berk. In fact, they could see berk in the distance. All the lights glowed through the darkness and the music was so loud, they could hear it. The sleigh carrying the spirit and stoick landed nearby. Toothless made a small fire to keep hiccup warm. Hiccup leaned closer to toothless as he marvelled the view. Almost on cue, aurvandil's fire spread across the sky. It was a marvel. Not only were the citizens celebrating the day, but the whole world was celebrating too.

Toothless nudges his head closer to hiccup, showing him his affection. Hiccup rubs his snot the same way.

"I'm glad you're here bud." He said softly. "This has been the best snoggletog ever. I just wish mom, and dad could see this."

Stoick wanted to hug his son right there and tell him he was here. He was watching hiccup the whole time. But that will never happen. But he is glad that someone was there for hiccup, even if it was a dragon.

The dragon became stoick's concern. Can he be with hiccup for a long time? Can their friendship last? Just because half its tail is gone, doesn't mean he still can't fly.

Curiosity got to stoick again. "Spirit," He said with softness. "Will hiccup and... His friend, will they be together for a long time?"

"It's tough to say." The spirit said with his voice becoming weaker. Stoick turns to see him becoming weaker and whiter. "That is the realm of the future. But if I have to guess, if these events don't change, I see a dissembled tail fin."

"What do you mean by that?" Stoick asked going to the spirit, who was struggling to stand up. With stoick's help, the spirit sat on the sleigh. All of a sudden a giant wave of fog made it way around the area. Covering everything in sight. Hiccup and toothless disappeared in an instant. The only thing stoick could see were the sleigh and the spirit.

"What's happening?" Stoick asked.

"The present is ending." The spirit said, sounding more like an old man. "My time is ending."

Stoick held the old man's hands in plead. "You can't go yet! I still have much to learn. With all you have taught me, I need to know more, about my son and that dragon!"

"That lies not with me to teach." The spirit's voice became hollow and his body began to vanish. "That lies in the future."

With his final words the spirit vanishes before stoick's eyes. Soon the fog grew thick and dark. Everything became cold. Stoick scans his surroundings to see anything that can give him hope. gobber, His son or even that dragon. But noting came...

But a giant roar!

Bless this family.

Bless this feast.

And Cheers! To the joy of your company!

Bless us all From first to least

Yes, Here;s how the world ought to be

Sharing Christmas together!

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