A snoggletog carol

Snoggletog Future

Listen to the rhythm Of the hammer on the coffin

And the murmur of The people drawing near.

Listen to the music of the future.

You future lies here!

Listen to the echoes of the voices of the future

As they curse you For the little That you gave!

Listen to the footsteps Of the people Who'll be dancing on your Grave!

Stoick turned at the sound of the roar. It was almost not of this earth, almost of a demon. Stoick was born a fighter, but with no weapons at his disposal, his chances were slim. He just prayed that whatever was out there was unarmed. Though he doubts it.

Out of the fog, another roar cried out. Still as agonizing as the last. It made stoick covers his ears cause of how loud it was.

There was an odour of smog in the air, almost too much to make a person sick to their stomach. If he wasn't so terrified, stoick would probably throw up.

But soon enough of the fog cleared away so he could see. But what he saw was not pleasant. He saw a giant pair of glowing eyes. The only scarier than those a eyes are what they are attached to. It was a long fiery body with razor sharp teeth. Stoick backed up at the sight of the dragon. It roared at stoick, clearly angry. Not like the way the dragons are in the raids, but clearly angry at stoick personally.

Stoick steps backwards at the sight of the dragon. Only to bump into another dragon. Soon enough he was surrounded by dragons. All of them were furious at him. Stoick was scared for his life. More scared then he has ever been. He closed his eyes to meet his end. But it didn't come. Instead he heard a different kind of roar. More of a warning roars. It came from the biggest dragon of all, with an owl like head, and four wings. The dragon became familiar to stoick, as the one that took valka away all those years ago. Now it's come for stoick. But instead of the dragon moving, someone on top of the dragon came down to meet stoick.

He could tell by the figure was a women. He could not see her face because of her mask, with horns and tusks. Her hair was tucked in three braids tied into one. Her outfit was chest armour with a streak of blue on one side. Her arms were in wraps with talons along her fingers. Her belt held straps of fabric to make a makeshift skirt. Though there was a tear for her to legs to move around. She also had a torn red cape that moved when she walked. She held a long stick with a weird hook at the end.

She approached stoick with a strong posture. She then waved her stick into the air, making a rattle sound. Soon all the dragons back away from the two of them, and made a fire in their mouths.

Stoick stood in front of the woman as she circles around him. "Are you the spirit of snoggletog days to come?" He asks her. She does not reply, but stands there, looking at him, and nods.

"I fear you more than any spirit or dragon I have ever encountered." He said with his words shaking. "I know you purpose is to help me." He went down on his knees to with the spirit looking at him. "I will follow you to that realm, to listen and to learn. I know I will not like this journey, but I must take it, to see my son again."

The spirit held out her hand for stoick to take. Though a little hesitated, he took it. She pulled him up to meet her eye to eye.

"Lead me to the future." He said scared and quite. She waved her stick again and a bust of smoke engulfs them both.

The fog cleared, they were standing in a village. But instead of a prosperous place full of life, and fun. It was a village of ruin and wreak. It was very cold and the only fire were small pits that didn't give off too much heat. Almost every building burned. The clouds block any light in the sky. Not a blade of grass anywhere. There was still the forest on the edge of the village. But the trees were burnt to bare branches.

Stoick couldn't believe his eyes. He knew this village. He walked the streets many times before; he would know where he was.

This was berk. This was his home.

"What happened here?" Stoick asks the spirit. She said nothing, but points to the great hall. Well, what remains of the great hall. There was only one door there. They walk through the village; stoick became horrified at what had befallen it. Were all his people safe? Was his son safe?

They did stop at one place before they reached the great hall. The forge was a total wreck. Everything burned and all the metal melted into one disgusting pile of rubble. Stoick took a closer look into the mess. Hiccup's room was totally trashed. The stove crumbled away to cover the fire. Then stoick saw something that truly made him sick. On the floor, there was gobber's hook with a bit of arm still attached. But that was it, there was just an arm, the body was nowhere in sight. Stoick saw the spirit again, and she pointed to pile of melted metal. On the ground near there was a giant pool of blood.

That was it! Stoick had to get out of there. He ran away from the forge as fast as he could. He made it to the the stairs of the great hall. He sank down and fell into depression and almost sick to his stomach. His best friend, gobber, gone, just like that. He lost all feeling in the world. And he knows it was only going to get worse as this night will go. But he'll see hiccup again soon, he has to hold on to that hope.

Stoick felt a hand on his back; he turned to see the spirit. If only he could tell what she was feeling, hard to say with a mask on? She points her staff at the great hall. There was a small light coming through the doors. Stoick bravely steps up the stairs to the doorway with only one door.

He peered inside, and it was a horror sight. The hall was decorated with the usual snoggletog decorations. Except they were all torn and flung lazily. There were only a few people there. Like one fourths of the village was here. They were all had sad and depressed faces. They all look older and more tired. The spirit looks at stoick, opening her palm expanding all fingers and thumb.

As stoick wonders what she means, he heard a noise coming from the direction of the throne. The sat a young man with greasy black hair. His outfit consists of dark dragon scales with a big black fur cape. It took a second for stoick to recognize the man sitting in his throne. It was snotlout, only older. Stoick understands what the spirit meant with she held out her hand.

This is berk 5 years from now.

So many things went through stoick's head. How could this happen? Why are his people suffering? Why is snotlout on the throne? Where was his son?

Snotlout cleared his throat before he spoke to the people below him. "Listen to me everyone!" He said with as much optimism as he could. "I know we all had some trouble in the past. With all the raids and the attacks. A number of lives lost and a lot of supplies stolen. Some will say our luck is downright dreadful."

Stoick had to put his palm into his face. Who made this guy in charge?

"But now it's not the time to grieve and having frowns. It's a time of celebration! It's snoggletog everyone!"

He didn't get a roar from the crowd. Only respectable yays came from certain people.

"We need music, we need a feast, we need-"

"We need a reason to celebrate!" Someone cried out.

Stoick turned to the sound of a voice. It was a woman with a thin body, and braids in her hair. Stoick recognizes her as Ruffnut. She turned away from the throne to a helmet in her hands. She even let loose a tear or two on to her cheeks. A big, bulky man, stoick could guess fishlegs, cuddle her close to comfort her.

"Everything gone," she said quietly, "everything's gone."

Stoick looked around to see ruff's brother nowhere in sight. stoick wonders what happened to him, but assumes the worst.

"Pay no attention to that!" Snotlout yell. "This is the year of celebration. If we can't celebrate the way we used to, we'll find something else to celebrate."

"Like what?" Fishlegs argued.

It took a while before snotlout thought of an answer. "Well, how about me!"

'That was the best he could come up with?!' Stoick thought with dismay. 'His people are miserable, and all he could think of is himself.'

"It's been years since I've been your chief. So everyone will go and celebrate your great leader. So go get your decorations and presents, and let's celebrate snot-tog!"

Everyone mumbled grim thoughts, but didn't say a word out loud. Slowly everyone turned and left the great hall. snotlout returned to his throne, eagerly waiting for everyone to return with the presents.

"This is horrible!" Stoick proclaim. "Why would anyone let this dullard be chief? Hiccup should be chief. Why isn't he?"

The spirit said nothing, but pointed her stick at a woman in a dark corner, oddly enough, at the table where hiccup was sitting.

"Snot-tog!" She yelled at snotlout. "Was that really the best you could come up with!?"

"What did you expect?" Snotlout said a little cross. "What was I supposed to say?"

"How about that you feel their pain. That you sympathize with them." The woman got up and faced the throne. Stoick recognizes her as Astrid. Her face and blonde hair gave her away.

"Don't make me a fool!" Snotlout shouted angry at her.

"You're already a fool!" She shouted back. "We're in ruined. Everyone has either left or is dead. We don't have anything anymore. And you're sitting up high and mighty, saying we should give up more. "

"I am the chief here!" He stood, mustering all the anger and command in him. "And your husband."

"Because your father forced-"

"It doesn't matter how. But my word is law here! Those who argue with it will suffer more than in hell!"

"We're already in hell!"

"Enough! Now do your duty and get everything ready for the party." With that he returns to his seat, while Astrid walks towards the doors.

"This wouldn't have happened if we didn't banish him." She mumbled enough for stoick to hear.

Banished? He was curious about what she meant. Who did they banish that made berk the way it is now.

"What did she mean?" He asked the spirit. "Who did they banish?"

The spirit waved her stick again, and made a blanket of fog around them. It made the area around them disappear.

When the fog settles, they were in a different place. It looks just as depressing as the village. But there still some green in the grass and a giant lake with a bit of ice on the surface.

It took a while for stoick to see that they are in the cove. He sees the cave that toothless was in. But the dragon and the boy were nowhere to be found.

What he did find was what remains of a battlefield. Clearly, there was a fight here. alot of footprints were around, and a big puddle of blood near the lake. He surveyed the field to figure out what happened. Then his foot kicked something. He looked down to see a weird rod and wire hanging off it. Stoick bents down to look at it closely, connecting the dots that this was part of the fin that hiccup made. Stoick looked around to find the dragon. But it was nowhere in sight.

The spirit came up behind stoick, looking at him through her mask. He turned his head to face her. "What happened here?" He asked.

She pointed her hook towards stoick, it glowed a faint light. Soon a scene took place. Ghostly figures of appear over the area. A lot of them were Vikings shouting with anger. He saw a couple of them holding a young boy as he struggles to break free. The boy had the same figure of hiccup.

"Dad! Please don't!" He pleaded with fear.

Stoick then heard a roar coming from the lake. There was a ghostly figure of a dragon's body. Lying there, not moving at all. Over the body was the figure of stoick, holding a sword dripping with blood.

Hiccup looked defeated. He sank to the ground, while two Vikings still hold his arms.

"How could you!" He shouted, replacing fear with anger.

"How could you?" The ghostly stoick replied. "You throw your lot with them. Today you are no longer apart of this tribe. You are not my son!"

Before the scene vanished, stoick was shredding a tear from his face. He saw the pain in his son's face. Toothless meant everything to him. The dragon was there for him, while stoick was not. If only stoick would listen, if only he would be there for his son.

"Spirit," he said to her in desperation. "Please tell me, is my son alright? Is he still alive?"

The spirit once again, summons a great blanket of fog. Stoick tries to prepare himself for whatever will happen.

He soon heard cheers though the fog, but none of the voices rang a bell in recognition. But then the fog cleared away. They were in a big hall with a long table full of food and mead. A bunch of men gathered around the table, laughing and cheering. They were not clean and proper, they were the total opposite. They look almost salvage like with messy dark beards and torn clothes.

"Did you see that one little girl?" One said with a rough voice.

"Sir, it's snoggletog." Mimicked another one.

"Yes!" He said, "How hard she cried!" Both men laughed hard.

"What is all this?" Stoick asked the spirit. She did nothing this time, but keeps her eye on the scene.

"Here! Here!" A loud voice caught everyone's attention. Stoick looked at a large man with a big black beard. If it wasn't for his scar on his cheek, stoick wouldn't be able to recognize Alvin.

"Today has been a good pillage gentleman." He said with a booming voice. "We now have everything we need for a nice holiday. Here's to all the villagers that prepare everything for us to steal."

With that he raises a mug, and everyone doing the same. "Here! Here!" They all shouted with an evil glee.

"But aren't we forgetting someone." Everyone paused to think of whom. So did stoick. "Our man of the hour, the outcast everyone fears. The most salvage, salvage of them all."

Then the door open. A light cast over a figure, making his appearance in shadows. Stoick looks at the man, trying to figure out who it is.

"Ah," Alvin said. "We were just talking about you."

The man stepped closer in to the light of the table. Stoick was shock at the sight of this man. He was a thin man but has defined muscles. He was wearing straps of leather and a cape made of dragon scales. He had a peg leg made of metal. He also wore spiked amour plates on his shoulders and arms. His auburn hair was icky and had blood sprinkle in it. If it wasn't for the forest green eye, stoick wouldn't have recognized the man.

This salvage, insane looking man, was his son, hiccup.

"What?" Stoick whispers in disbelief.

Hiccup picked up a mead from the table and stood beside Alvin. "You were." He said with an evil smile.

"Yes." Alvin returned the smile. "You were fabulous at the pillage of orlot."

"It was a good pillage," hiccup comment with a small chuckle. "But it wasn't as satisfying as berk's pillage was."

"The looks on people's faces!" One outcast shouted. "Priceless!"

"The best part is when we blew up the forge!" Another one shouted. "The metal went everywhere!"

"No! It was when we took that plump woman's food." One laughs. "I never thought she would break the floor."

"How about when we broke the dragons out. They were the best at making destruction." another one comments.

"Naw!" Hiccup said with a derange look on his face. "When we burned the chief's house. That was the winner. The scared look on his face, on everyone's face, it was worth it."

Alvin chuckled. "None of which would have happen, if it wasn't for our young villain here." He patted hiccup pretty hard on the back. The raised the mug again. "To hiccup! And to a great snoggletog!"

"Happy snoggletog!" The outcasts cheered and laugh. They all clang their mugs and pat each other on the back. Hiccup was getting the most affection, and he was gloating in it.

Stoick however was not in a cheering mood. This man beside Alvin look and sound like his son. But he was not the caring kind boy stoick discovered tonight.

"Oh Thor's hammer." He said quietly and with sadness. "This is all my fault. He wouldn't be like this if I had paid attention." He turns to the spirit. "Please tell me, is this set in stone? Or can it be changed for the better?"

She did nothing, but let him wallow in his misery.

"Please, tell me there is hope." He pleaded.

The spirit said nothing still. But let the fog consume them again. Soon hiccup and the outcasts disappear amongst their cheer.

The fog clears away a beach of an island. defiantly they're not on berk or outcast island anymore. It was a lonely beach with burnt sand. Near the beach, was a forest full of crisp burnt trees, almost bending in defeat. The sky was so dark with the exception of the moon so bright and high.

"Why are we here?" Stoick asked the spirit. But she just points to a spot on the beach. There was a small, old boat lying there. Curiosity got to stoick, and crept closer to the boat. There was nothing unusual about this boat, just a simple wooden boat. But upon closer inspection, it hit stoick hard. Inside the boat was a body covered in cloth, and a helmet on top. The smell coming off the body was horrible. It meant it was there for a long time.

The helmet got stoick's attention. it was old and small. He took off his own helmet out of habit and respect, only to see the similarities between them. They look pretty much the same. That's when the realization hit stoick.

The helmet was stoick's, and this dead body was him.

"It can't be." He said completely defeated. "It's not even lite." He completely broke down in sorrow and tears. Everything he had worked for, everything he has done for his people, all have been a horror story. Especially with his son, how could stoick let this happen to him. He deserved a better life than this. He is not meant to become a salvage like Alvin. He deserves to be in the sky with his dragon.

"Spirit." He try to speak through his tears. "Tell me one thing. If my future is doomed, then why bothering showing me these things. Is it too late for us? For me? Is there a chance to change things? Are these events are things that will be or may be? I have learned so much from tonight. I'm not the man I once was. I will love my son, despite both our faults. But I will love my son, no matter what duty or tradition will say. Please, all I ask is give me a chance to change."

He leaned his head to the boat, and broke the water in his eyes. Nothing matter to him anymore, all he wanted was his son beside him.

"There is always a chance."

An angelic voice came from behind him. He turned to see the spirit pulling her helmet off. The woman was beautiful. Her hair was tied back to reveal her face, and her green eyes.

"Valka?" Stoick whispers.

"Yes stoick," she said with a stern voice. "Tonight I was your ghost. I have seen everything you have done to our son. Now you have seen what will become of him. But that fate rests with what you do. stoick, All he wanted was someone to be there for him. Be there when he cries, when he is angry, when he needs someone the most. Sure, he has his friend to help him if needed. But now, he needs his father."

"I have never been a good father." He said ashamed. "I've never been myself since you were gone. I don't know what to do, how to-"

The spirit, valka, came over to stoick, crunching down to meet him eye to eye. "Don't concentrate on me stoick. Be there for our son."

Tears streamed from stoick. "Yes, I will correct all my errors. All of those days I've wasted, I will love with all my heart. But most of all, I will be there for my son, and his dragon." He broke again in front of her. Not caring if she sees him weak. "Yesterday, tomorrow and today, I will love my son, and be proud of him."

Valka said nothing at first, but let a sincere smile speed on her face. "Then tell him." She whispers.


Stoick turns to a voice of a child. Near the water was a little boy in a simple green tunic. Stoick remembers, this was hiccup the year his mother was taken, and stoick wasn't there for him. Stoick look through the tears.

"Hiccup?" He whispers. He slowly stood, with help from the boat, and look at the young hiccup. So innocent and pure.

"Happy snoggy tog." The boy said quietly.

Stoick slowly made his way to hiccup with an honest look in his eyes.

"Happy snoggletog son." Stoick said as he gave hiccup a big hug. Hiccup returned the hug and the father and son seemed very happy.

"I'm so sorry hiccup," he said through the tears. "So sorry."

He then felt a nudge beside him. There, beside him was the black dragon with bright green eyes. Stoick didn't have to think about who it was. It was toothless. Stoick puts his hand on toothless's snot, and felt a strong connection between the two. Toothless closed his eyes and came closer to the father and son. Stoick puts one arm around the dragon's head, while his son was in the other. Soon all three of them were embracing each other in love and trust.

Valka smiled at her family as she raised her staff. A bright light shown, and soon spread all around everyone.

"Happy snoggletog everyone." She said as she and the scenery disappears.

Should old acquaintance be forgot,

and never brought to mind?

Should old acquaintance be forgot,

for auld lang syne?

For auld lang syne, my dear,

for auld lang syne,

we'll take a cup of kindness yet,

for auld lang syne.

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