A snoggletog carol

Snoggletog Day

It is the season of the heart

A special time of caring

The ways of love made clear

It is the season of the spirit

The message, if we hear it

Is make it last all year

It's in the singing of a street corner choir

It's going home and getting warm by the fire

It's true, wherever you find love

It feels like Christmas

It's true, wherever you find loveIt feels like Christmas

Stoick opens his eyes in surprise as he sat up with a start. It took a while for his eyes to adjust themselves. But soon, he found himself back in his bare room, with the small roaring fire.

"What happened?" He asked out loud. To answer his own question, he raced to the window.

"Please don't make it too late." He said as he rushes through his house. When he made to the window, he opened it with one push. Outside was dark, but the lanterns were lite. There was a strong light coming from the great hall, with music and laughter reaching stoick's ears.

"It's still snoggletog eve." He said with excitement. He soon jumped and turn with glee. "It hasn't happened yet! I can still change things! I can still make that future not happen! I'll be good to hiccup. I can still celebrate with my son! And his dragon, I can't forget his dragon. Ooh I'll make this the best snoggletog yet!"

In all his excitement, he forgot that his house is not ready for celebration. There was no tree, decorations or presents ready.

"I have to get everything ready; ooh isn't hiccup going to be surprised." He said as he gathered everything he'll need to go. But before he left the house, he crept up to hiccup's room. Gotta make sure he's not in the village to ruin the surprise. But sure enough, he found hiccup, sound asleep. He looks so peaceful and safe. Not that derange man he saw in the future, but his son today. Stoick prays he'll be just as happy tomorrow. He quietly went back down stairs and exited his house.

The streets were bare and empty. But the decorations were absolutely delightful. He made his way to the forge. Sure enough, gobber was there, working and singing away.

"Gobber!" He called out to his friend.

Gobber turned around, surprised and confused to see his friend. "Stoick? What are you doing here?"

'Good, he can see me.' Stoick thought to himself. He approach the forge with a smile.

"I need to talk to you gobber," he said, "It's about hiccup."

Gobber turned his full attention to stoick, with a guilty look. "Please don't be angry with the lad. It was my idea for him to attend the party, and-"

"It's not that at all gobber." Stoick said cutting him off. "I need gifts for him."

Gobber almost wasn't too sure what stoick just said. "Sorry, what?"

Stoick took a breath before continuing. "I've been thinking about what you said, and you're right. I was not being fair to hiccup; I haven't done that for years. I need to make it up to him, but I need your help. Please, can you help me?"

Gobber wasn't too sure what was happening in front of him. This morning, stoick didn't want anything to do with hiccup, now he wants to spend the holiday with him. It surprised gobber, but then thinks his secret wish came true. Hiccup will spend the holidays with his father.

"Because it's for hiccup and you, I'll help in anyway I can." Gobber said with a smile. "In fact, we kinda went overboard with the gifts this year. I can put I couple aside for him, and make a few more, suitable for hiccup."

"Oh thank you gobber." Stoick said giving gobber a huge pat on the back. He then leaves to get everything else prepare. Gobber was still a little stunned on how much stoick has changed, but is happy all the same.

Stoick then turned all his attention to the great hall. Everyone was starting to leave. Stoick hid behind a pole as he watches his people. Everyone happy and smiling as they went to their homes. It looked like everyone had a great time. He then noticed the louts leaving. Stoick had a thing or two to tell them. When they were away from the crowd, stoick approach them with much anger.

Spitelout notices his brother coming up. "Stoick?" He said in confusion. "Where were you? You missed the party? But don't you worry. My son and I have-"

"You think me blind brother?" He said trying to hold back the urge to punch him. "Do you think me death?"

"I don't understand?" Spitelout said, almost stuttering.

"Nothing happens on this island with me hearing about it." Stoick said with much bitterness. "So let's talk about your son taking my son's birthright."

"Well stoick," spitelout began

But stoick cuts him off. "Get this straight spitelout! My son is the one who will be chief, so you better get used to it."

"No offence chief." Spitelout puffed up to be bigger. "But your son is not exactly chief material. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. But my son is..."

"An idiotic, egotistical, selfish dullard."

Both louts took a shock at that offence. Snotlout looks at his father not knowing what to do.

"He cares only about himself, not the Welfare of his Vikings." Stoick said not holding anything back. "There is more being a chief then power. Something you know nothing about spitelout."

The look on spitelout was almost defeat. He couldn't utter a word.

"Get this through your thick skull spitelout. My son will be your future chief. I suggest you..." Stoick looks at snotlout. "Both of you, give him some respect."

Both louts seem frozen for some time, until spitelout grabbed his son and took him home with a cursed word or too.

Stoick nods at his deed, and went into the hall. Before entering though, he spots astrid a little disappointed. Her drink didn't turn out like she hoped. She notices stoick and gives him a respected bow.

"There's no need for that my dear." He said sincere. She looked up at him. "I just want to say thank you."

Her face became a little confused. "For what, sir?" She asked.

"For being there for my son." He answered. "He really needed the attention you gave, thank you."

He walked past her into the great hall, leaving her still a confused. But she'll take gratitude where she could get it.

"You're welcome sir." She said before heading home.

The hall that was full of people was now deserted. The decorations were still there with all their glitter. The tables and chairs were tumbled over on their sides. And almost all the buffet was cleared away. There was still some food there, though not much. But stoick didn't care; he had more than enough of what he needed. He took down the holly, shields, ornaments, crystal and ivy. He gathered as much as he could in his arms and carried them to his house. He only went back to get a small tree to use.

Once he got everything there, he went to find an old box he had that held all the decorations he put up with the whole family. All the crafts valka made, the drawings hiccup drew, and even the old mugs he used. He did stop a couple of times to remember all the precious times he had with each item. Two of them really brought to his mind.

One was an old tree topper. It was a little angel with golden curls. Her face was of a child and she was carrying and wooden wand. He smiled and thank the angel of the past as he puts her on the tree.

The second was a wooden sleigh figurine with 8 reindeer. It was bright red with a brown finishing. he remembered the ride he had on it with the spirit of the present. The size of it was perfect to put over the fireplace mantel. He smiles as he places it near an old portrait of himself, hiccup and valka.

"Thank you," he said his finger touches his wife's face.

Soon the room was ready. Everything seemed to be in order. Except for two things. The gifts, (well they will be delivered in the morning,) and hiccup's friend. He should be here. So he went out again, with the moon beginning to descend. If he remembers correctly, the dragon likes fish. So he went to a nearby fish barrel and got a couple of cod. He then set out to do something he never thought he would do.

He set off to find a dragon, and not kill it.

His journey through the woods was a little rough, with all the branches to move and the rocks to go over. But his determination pushed him onward. Eventually he made to the outside of the cove. He peered inside to find the dragon. It took some hard looking, but manage to see it sleeping in the small cave.

Stoick's heart began to race; sweat began to form on his brow. He swiped it off and tries to gather himself.

"This is for hiccup," he kept telling himself, "this will make him happy."

Then he did something he would never consider doing in front of a dragon. He left his axe behind and went down into the cove.

It didn't take toothless long to smell the fish. He perks up expecting hiccup. Instead, he saw someone he never met. It growled a warning to stoick, who kept his distance.

"Easy," stoick whispers. "I am not here to hurt you."

Toothless was still feeling uneasy about stoick, and continues to growl. He then smells something funny about stoick. It wasn't a normal smell, but like a connection to someone he knows. Stoick then took one of the fish and threw it near toothless. He smelled it before determine it was safe to eat. After a couple of curious notions he ate the cod with one gulp.

Stoick grabbed another fish and held it in front is him. Toothless began to creep to stoick, still a little unsure of the man.

"It's alright," stoick said softly. "I'm hiccup's father."

With that toothless's attitude changed drastically. From distrusting to joyful. It approaches stoick with a gummy smile, only to use its teeth to grab the fish. After he swallowed it, it looks at stoick. Stoick wasn't too sure how to take in all this. He spent his whole life trying to kill dragons. Now look at him, almost bonding with one. But this is what his son did; he made the impossible, possible. He befriended a dragon and became the first to ride one. Now it was stoick's turn. He carefully puts his hand out if front of him, just like hiccup did. Toothless closed his eyes and completed the bond.

Stoick couldn't lie, the feeling felt strange and wonderful. It was complete trust. could all dragons be like this. Was everything he thought of dragons been wrong?

Before he could think further, he realizes the sun is going to rise soon, and he needs to hurry to get everything ready. He rubs toothless's head.

"I need your help, to make hiccup happy. Can you help?" He asks almost like a plea.

Toothless smiles his gummy smile.

Hiccup adjusts his eyes to the light coming through his window. The sun beating at his eyes. He turns around to avoid the light, but there was no use, he was waking up. He sat up and stretched his arms to the sky. He went to the window and swung it open. Berk was a winter wonderland. Snow covered the land. The streets were bare, mostly because everyone was celebrating snoggletog inside. By now they were giving each other gifts and having breakfast.

Hiccup took a look at the forge. It doesn't look busy, but it will soon. Parents will come to make alterations on the gifts or exchange them for something else.

"Happy snoggletog." He said with low volume. He then got changed to his usual attire, and hurry to go to the forge. But he had to stop when he reached the end of the stairs.

All around him were snoggletog decorations. Holly swing along the walls. Shields featured painted balls and trees were all around. The fireplace mantle features small objects that resemble the holiday. But hiccup's biggest surprise was the tree. It was decorated and had wrapped packages underneath. Curiosity got to hiccup as he approach the tree. He look at the packages and noticed almost all of them have his name on it.

"What is all this?" He asked out loud and awestruck.

"It's snoggletog son."

Hiccup turned around to see his father in a bright green robe. Words could not describe what was happening. Hiccup became surprised and confuse. Why was his dad wearing a celebration robe? Shouldn't he be in the village checking the people? Why was he home on snoggletog?

"Dad I... I..."

"There is no need for that hiccup." He said, "all of this, is for you."

"For...for me?" He said trying to find the right words.

"Yes." Stoick said crouching down to meet his son, eye to eye. "Listen hiccup, when your mother died, I lost myself entirely. I didn't know what to do or where to go. So I followed my father's saying. 'Put your people first, it's your duty'. So I did, and I lost sight of the most important person in my life. You."

Hiccup looked up at his father, seeing the water filling his eyes.

"I keep making excuses to avoid you. Never knowing how you felt all those years. And I just wanted to make it up to you. And to say how sorry I am."

Hiccup never saw this side of his father before. He surely wouldn't be like this in public. But seeing him crying, makes hiccup's eyes water too.

"I am sorry about the way I've been treating you son." He said trying to fight his tears. "Can we start over today? Could you give me another chance?"

Hiccup didn't know what to do or say. His father is breaking his shell around him. Hiccup slowly walked to his father. Nodding his head and fighting his own tears. Stoick took his opportunity and gave hiccup a big hug. It was the biggest, longest hug they've ever had.

The morning was spent with hiccup opening the gifts while stoick sat and drank from his mug. He was quite happy to see hiccup enjoying himself. Hiccup was soon surrounded by a mountain of presents. Sure there were some daggers and a small axe, (the ones he actually made himself), but there were also some tool sets, a new sketch pad, some pencils, and a new blanket. He keeps looking at the only remaining package under the tree, having his father's name.

"Oh gobber..." Hiccup said to himself. He then got up from the floor and presented it to his father. "This is for you, father. From me. I hope you like it."

Stoick gently took the gift from him. It was the gift he heard about from the present. His curiosity will be put to rest. He opened it with grace. The gift broke stoick to tears.

In his hands was a sword decorated with shinny silver. Engrave in the sword was his name. On the other side had the word brave on it. Words could not describe how he felt. He didn't even want to know how long it took hiccup to make it, to make it very personal.

"You don't like it..." Hiccup said looking at the floor.

"No." Stoick confessed. "I don't like it. I LOVE it!"

Hiccup's eyes grew wide, and a big smile grew.

"In fact," stoick said as he stood from his chair. "I think it's time for your surprise."

"A Surprise?" Hiccup said confused as he follows his father to the back door. They open it, getting a good look at the forest. Stoick pushed hiccup in front of him, with a smile on his face. He then made a big enough whistle to blow anyone's eardrums. Soon a roar came from the trees, almost scaring hiccup in surprise.

Out of the trees was a big black lizard with wings. A familiar they recognize too well.

"Toothless!" Hiccup said with surprise. He is here, with his best friend, and father. He wanted nothing more to run to toothless and hug him. But what of his father? Would he be consider him a traitor. Then why would he summon...how did he know? And why was toothless wearing a reef.

"Dad?" Hiccup said almost speechless. "How?...I don't understand."

"Nothing happens on this island without me knowing about it." Stoick said with a smile. "And you two share a very bond that is too special. Despite this war, I'm glad you two are friends." He then pats hiccup on the back lightly, letting free to go to the dragon.

Hiccup looks at his father with utter happiness. He hugged him with all his might. Stoick got down on his knees and returned the hug. Toothless came behind him and gave them both a nudge with affection.

"Now, you will have to keep him in the cove, for his only safety." Stoick instructed.

"I will," hiccup nodded fighting his new found tears. "I'll keep him secret and safe."

"We both will." Stoick said with a smile. "Now I believe there is still time before you have your business at the forge. Maybe you two can enjoy a short flight."

"Really!" Hiccup said excited with toothless smiling with glee.

"Go on you two." Stoick said.

With a final hug, the father and son separated with warmth in their hearts. Hiccup and toothless prepared themselves as stoick step back through the door. He look at his son with pride as he watches the two fly off into the sky. He could hear his son yelling at the distance.

"This has been the best snoggletog ever!"

Stoick closed the door, and a smile never left his face. He did hear a smile chuckle coming behind him. He turns to an familiar spirit near her portrait.

"Happy snoggletog stoick. And Odin bless you." She said before vanishing in the light of the sun.

He returns the smile to the glorious room around him. "Happy snoggletog everyone."

Stoick: I don't need a fortune, Hidden in a shoe, Many men have fortunes, But they don't have you. When I look at you, I'm richer than a king, Yes, you mean more to me than anything.

Hiccup: I don't need a feast, Dad, All I'd get is fat. I don't need a celebration, what would you do with that? I just want you here with me. You mean more to me,

Stoick: You mean more to me,

Both: You mean more to me than anything


That was the best snoggletog hiccup and stoick ever had. The two almost become closer then ever before. They talked more often, even talked strategy from what hiccup learned from toothless. Toothless and hiccup even help out in the village, secretly of course. Gathering fish and wood at night, and defend berk from the sky.

Toothless even help found the dragon island that been terrorizing berk for years. Though getting there was a little hard with Vikings stubbornness and charging in without thinking. Lucky for them, hiccup and toothless came in to save the day. At the cost of hiccup's leg.

Soon at berk, everyone on berk had become accustom to the dragons. No longer seeing dragons as monsters, but as peaceful creatures. And hiccup and stoick couldn't be happier.

Berk finally felt like home, and he, stoick and toothless felt like a family.

We wish you a Merry Christmas;

We wish you a Merry Christmas;

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Good tidings we bring to you and your kin;

Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thank you everyone and have a happy holiday

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