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Frozen II: A Fire Fueled by Rage


Elsa isn't the only one with powers, there is another with power over fire, but what will this new face bring? But that isn't the only worry. Someone is set to obtain the throne one way... or another.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1: Not Alone

(? P.O.V.)

It all started when the sorcerer came to my parents.

I guess I could blame my parents for why I'm the way I am, but that wasn't the way I saw it. My parents weren't think things through and I guess I paid the price. Some are born, others are cursed; me, I was both.

The sorcerer came to my parents while my mother was still pregnant with me. I never knew why, my parents never told me. My father thought that the sorcerer's work was wrong. Apparently my father was a real hothead because whenever my parents told me what happened the sorcerer said this, "I real hothead aren't you?" then he would smirk, "I wonder what would happen if that were in the literal sense?" And as a result; I was made the way I was.

I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Zander; and I'm a pyrokinetic. Meaning I have the ability to control heat and flames. When people say I have a fiery temper, they have no idea how right they are. I usually do a pretty good job of keeping my power back, but anger causes me to lose control. To put it simply is this; anger is my enemy.

Growing up in a family of blacksmiths put good use to my abilities, heat never seemed to affect me and I never got burned, but I still got angry all too often. The thing is I hate conflict. Whether it by a simple argument to an all-out war; I hate it. It always got me riled up and eventually gets me angry.

My parents found a way to help me; leather. Blacksmiths use leather to protect their hands and bodies from the fire. So by dressing me up in leather; I was able to block my fire even if I got angry.

My parents would constantly try to get the sorcerer to lift my curse, but he wouldn't budge. Personally I always thought they did for their sake rather than mine. This power is a curse to me; therefore I'm a curse to my parents.

When I was 19 a week before my 20th birthday I thought I could handle myself; so I took off the heavy leather gloves that covered my hands. My parents saw what I had done…they didn't approve. I tried to reason with them but they contradicted. The more they went against me… the angrier I became. Once my anger reached its capacity; I lost it.

Flames erupted out of my fingers like water coming out of a pump and before I knew it. My own home, along with my parents was consumed by the flames of my anger.

The town saw the smoke and came to examine what was wrong and you can imagine what they found. Me standing in the burned ruins of my home with the charred remains of my parents. So naturally they blamed me for what happened. They were right, but it was an accident.

I should have been executed, but I wasn't. "He's just a boy." Some said, "boy or not, he murdered his family and deserves to be punished." So the answer was obvious; banishment and exile. They had the decency to leave me with enough food and water to last me a little while, but it was just stalling my death in their eyes. After I was cast out I left to see the one person I needed to talk to; the sorcerer that cursed me. And after weeks of traveling I found his tower.

"No." he stated when I asked him what I wanted.

"What's the point in me keeping this curse now?" I stated more than asked, "Because of this curse my parents are dead. You got back at them, so what's the point?"

The sorcerer stared at me with a hard gaze, "Your father needed to pay the price for his actions and so he will." He lowered his voice, "Now it seems you'll have to pay it now."

I could feel my blood boil, whether it was literally boiling or not I could never really be sure, "So you won't take back the curse?" then I asked in a hate filled tone, "Or you just can't?"

The sorcerer abruptly stood up, "Watch your tongue boy!" his voice almost dripping with venom, "I thought you're father would've taught you better. It was his loud mouth that got you into this mess."

I started to breathe a lot more slowly in order to calm myself down, "I want you to take back my curse." I began to take off my gloves, "And I'm not asking."

The sorcerer began to chuckle which grew to a laugh, "You think you scare me boy?" he asked. "I'm not just some frightened villager you can threaten. Those people were people like your parents."

Anger flooded my mind and my vision became rimmed with red, "Not afraid of me, but afraid of this." Then as soon as those words left my mouth; all hell broke loose.

I don't really remember what happened after that, it's all a little blurry. All I remember was burning everything. The sorcerer's books, projects, his tower, and the sorcerer himself. When I was finished I felt a sense of déjà vu, because I was standing in the ruins of a burnt building, and I was alone…or so I thought.

As I gathered myself I noticed a single form of life coming out of a pile of burnt wood and partially melted metal; a wolf, but this wolf was unlike any I had ever seen. The wolves' native to this land ranged from grey to white. This wolf was black as the night, and he was covered in blood red stripes. The stripes that marked his body resembled bloody gashes and wounds one receives in battle. His golden yellow eyes studied me as he walked forward paying no heed to the burning embers he was walking on.

As he got closer I saw he looked unharmed by all the destruction around him. Not knowing whether this was a real wolf and not a shape shifted sorcerer I asked, "What are you?"

The wolf looked me in the eye and answered in a clear voice, "I result of the sorcerer's magic; just like you." Started I took a few spaces back hoping to find a weapon, "There's no need to be afraid, I won't attack unless I have to. Who are you?"

Still cautious of this wolf I said, "My name is Zander. Who are you?"

"Well Zander,I don't really have a name, but I guess you can call me Ithilagar." The wolf responded.

"Well Ithlagar, it seems that we seem to have one or two things in common. Why don't you come with me?" I offered.

Ithilagar's expression showed annoyance, "My name is Ithilagar, not Ithlagar, but I don't see why not. It could be fun to do some traveling." And that was when I made friends with a magical wolf.

Turns out Ithilagar's company was quite enjoyable. I never really could get his name right until I had traveled with him for a couple weeks. The two of us were in a tavern enjoying a good meal when Ithilagar gave me an idea, "Maybe we should think of finding a place to stay for a while. I'm getting tired of not staying in one place for more than one night."

I finished of my drink and put the empty mug on the table, "Hmm, good idea, but it will have to be somewhere far away. I don't want to raise suspicion. There are too many people here that throw us out and the slightest rumor about what we are, and what we can do." Ithilagar nodded and I signaled a waitress to our table.

"Do you need another refill Mr.…" she trailed off.

"Just Zander is fine." I reassured, "Actually I was wondering if you had a map I could see."

The waitress nodded, "Sure thing, any kind of map you prefer?"

"One that show a very large area. Large cities, neighboring kingdoms, anything on a large scale." I explained.

The waitress nodded, "I know just the thing, stay right here and I'll be right back."

"Thank you." I heard a whining at my feet and immediately knew what he wanted, "Also can you get me some meat on a plate from my furry friend here?" she nodded and walked off.

"I make a pretty good actor don't I?" the wolf said.

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah the only problem is you look like a demon that emerged from the fiery abyss. Do you have any idea on what I had to do to allow you to come in here?"

Ithilagar chuckled, "Of course I do, I mean after all I came up with that plan."

I slumped in my seat, "Shut up." I grumbled.

Pretty soon the waitress came back with a folded piece of paper and a plate with some leftover meat piled on it. "Here's your map." She said while handing the parchment to me, "And here's your dinner boy." She said putting the plate on the ground and rubbed the top of his head before walking away.

I moved my plate to the side and unfolded the map to show a large land mass split up into several kingdoms with other countries across a vast sea with a few clusters of islands in the south. "Okay let's see. Some of the farthest kingdoms are Corona, the Southern Isles, Arendelle, and We-," I stopped, "Weaseltown?" I asked and looked at the name more closely, "Oh Weselton, I wonder how many people make that mistake? Though in my opinion from what I've heard about it, Weaseltown would be a more fitting name don't you think so?" Ithilagar grunted in agreement. "So Weselton is out of the question, the Duke is very serious about ridding the world of sorcery." I looked at the next one, "The Southern Isles, I know I want to go far, but I don't I want to live in a kingdom that's a bunch of islands." Ithilagar growled, "Yeah you don't care much for sea travel either." I looked at the last two choices, "That leaves Corona and Arendelle, what do you think?" I put the map down next to the black wolf.

Ithilagar looked at the two kingdoms, "Well both look very promising, the city of Arendelle is right next to a fjord so I assume there's good trade, Corona seems to have more land, but…"

"But?" I asked wanting him to continue.

"For some reason Arendelle seems to stand out to me." Ithilagar explained.

"Isn't Arendelle the kingdom that locked up their castle without giving any reason?" I asked trying to remember. "There was something else too."

"Yes, but that was years ago I'm sure things have changed." Ithilagar explained, "But Corona isn't any better, their princess was kidnapped by an old lady and they still haven't found her, but the king and queen refuse to give up."

"The king and queen?" My eyes widened as I remembered, "Oh yeah, now I remember. The king and queen of Arendelle died I think a little more than a year ago." I looked down at the wolf, "You want to go to a kingdom with no king or queen?"

Ithilagar nodded, "Good point, but my instincts tell me Arendelle is the place to go." Finishing the last of his meat he stood up and stretched, "Besides, Arendelle is still a long ways away so maybe by the time we get there will be a new king and/or queen."

I leaned down and picked up the map, "Okay that settles it, tomorrow we set of for Arendelle."

2 years later

I was 20 when we first set off for Arendelle. Turns out Arendelle was a lot farther than it looked, it was also hard to get to. Now two years later at the age of 22, Ithilagar and I were finally getting close to seeing the city of Arendelle. "We're almost there Ithilagar; once we get out of this forest we should be able to see our new home."

The black and red wolf walked up beside me, "Are you sure? Because that's what you said the last time, and the time before that, and the time before."

Chuckling I shook my head, "Not this time Ithilagar, not this time." I walked forward and cleared my way through the underbrush before coming onto a road. Following the road with my eyes I beheld the majestic city, "You really need to see this." I said breathlessly.

Ithilagar came up beside me, "Well wonders never cease." I nodded in agreement.

"Come on let's go find an inn to stay in until we find a permanent home." I started to walk down the road with Ithilagar padding behind me.

We both came to the city borders when a guard stopped me, "State your business sir."

I nodded, "Simple I've to make a new living for myself. I've come hoping to start a shop and live in the great city of Arendelle."

The guards look at Ithilagar, "And the wolf?"

I leaned down and scratched the fur on his neck, "He's my companion, as scary as he looks I assure you he's quite tame." I stood up, "Now could you please let me in?"

The guard looked at me suspiciously, "Strange outfit for a simple merchant."

I looked down at my outfit. As usual I was completely dressed in leather, black colored leather with crimson trimming for a more fashionable outlook. "Well with winter on its way I need to keep warm, plus gives me a little protection."

"From what exactly," One of the guards asked.

These guards were getting on my nerves, "The usual, that's all you need to know."

The guard nodded, "Very well, I'll let you pass. Don't go causing trouble, we've had enough for one year."

"Is Arendelle at war?" I asked curiously.

The guards looked at me like I was some sort of freak, "You don't know?"

I shrugged, "Seeing as I have no idea what you're talking about; yes. I unfortunately don't have time to hear about it. We're very tired from traveling. Could you point us towards the nearest inn?"

"Very well, be on your way. The nearest inn is just outside the market place. 'Snowflake Falls Inn' you can't miss it." I nodded my thanks and walked past the guards and into the city.

When I walked into the room I had rented, I put my pack on the bed and slumped into a nearby chair, "I was starting to think those guards wouldn't leave us alone." Ithilagar said as he lay down.

"I know I was starting to lose my patience." I grumbled before sighing, "Well I should probably go into town and see about buying a house."

I got up and walked toward the door when Ithilagar stopped me, "Before you do I suggest you freshen up a bit."

I looked in a nearby mirror to see what he meant. I had a bit of scruff on my face so I needed a shave, my messy mop of black hair looked wet with sweat and that it hadn't been washed for weeks, my hazel eyes were a little bloodshot almost brought out the yellow and brown colors; almost. "Okay I guess I could use a small washing." I admitted and I found the washroom and went inside and started to clean myself up.

I came out looking and feeling fresh, shaved, and clean, "Okay now I'm going out, don't cause too much trouble while I'm gone."

Ithilagar rolled his eyes, "Zander, you do realize how big of a hypocrite you seem to become after you tell me that?"

Now it was my turn to roll my eyes, "I'll be careful don't worry." And with that, I left the room.

As I walked through town I got a few stares from the townspeople, some of them gave me a welcoming glance, others were suspicious of me, and I think a small group of girls were swooning over me. I looked around trying to find someone who didn't look like they were doing anything important. I walk to a guy that was reading a book on a stone bench, "Excuse me you have a minute?"

The man looked up from his book, "Can I help you with something?"

"Actually you can." I said while smiling at him, "I'm planning on buying a home and setting up a small shop here in Arendelle and I was wondering where I would go to buy a house or land to build a house on."

The man nodded, "My best guess would be for you to see the land lord at the castle. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out something with him." I nodded my thanks and started walking towards the castle.

After walking for a bit I was getting pretty hungry. I looked around and saw a food cart, there was a line, but it was the only food I could see. So I went over there and started to wait in line. I'm guessing I was a popular place because people started lining up behind me. I was getting bored so I decided to listen to what was around when I heard something quite irritating.

"I told you I didn't do it!" a voice said

"If you didn't who did?" a second asked in an angry tone.

I turned around and saw two teenaged boys fighting about who knows what. I tried to push them out of my head, but they just kept coming back, and I could feel my blood begin to boil. I looked around and saw a well next to a building, maybe a shop or small house. I turned to the guy behind me, "Would you mind saving my spot for just a minute?" he said he would save it and a walked to the well.

When I got there I took off my black leather gloves and put them on the edge of the well exposing the tanned skin on my hands. I dipped my hands into the cold water and took a small sip. It calmed me down a little to feel the cool liquid slide down my throat. My I could still feel the argument in my head, I dipped my hands and this time slashed water on my face. I put my hands in the water and just kept them there hoping that would, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get it out of my head.

Why were they arguing? What were they arguing about? Who's right and who's wrong? These and similar question kept going through my head making me angrier and angrier. Not feeling the cold water anymore I looked down to see the water was beginning to steam and boil. I immediately took my hands out of the water and started to shake them out, but when I wasn't looking. A small flame left one of my fingers and landed on a small pile of hay nestled against the house.

On my way back I was still getting angrier by the second. And when I got back in line I heard the arguing again even louder than before. I covered my ears, "Hey buddy you alright?" somebody said next to me.

"I'm fine." I grumbled, "It's just that I hate arguing and those kids are getting on my nerves." It looked like he was about to say something when I heard screaming and saw several guards run in the direction of the well. I looked and horror came onto my face.

The building next to the well was being consumed by a large inferno. "Oh no." I said and I backed away from the burning building. It seemed that everybody was distracted by the burning build so I turned and ran away and into one of the alleys. Trying not to be seen I turned around to see what was happening, and what I saw amazed me. Standing by the fire was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

She had platinum blonde hair styled in a loose braid over her shoulder and the pale skin unlike anything I had ever seen. She was wearing a light blue dress that fitted her form perfectly with the blouse of it seeming to sparkle with a transparent cape with several designs etched onto it. I couldn't see her face since she was turned away from me.

She rushed up to some of the guards and started talking to them. They bowed slightly and told her that the fire wasn't going out. I looked over at the building and saw that even though they were using a lot of water, the fire didn't seem close to going out, in fact the water seemed to evaporate when it hit the fire. "Of course, it's not going out. It's my fire." I said to myself. As I continued to watch, I saw the woman walk forward and put her hands together and started to rub them. Light blue magic began to swirl around her fingers and when she shot her hands out a wave of ice flowed out of her hands and put out the fire in almost no time at all. "What?" I asked myself as I watched the display of ice. I took me a few seconds to realize what just happened, "I'm not alone, not entirely at least." With this thought in my head I ran deeper into the alley to get away from the scene, and to get back to Ithilagar.

(Elsa's P.O.V.)

When they told me there was a fire in the market I didn't hesitate to run to where it was happening. When I got there I saw just how powerful the fire was. Out of the corner of my eye I could have sworn I saw someone run into one of the nearby alleyways. I walked to the guard in charge, "What's going on?"

The guards looked surprised to see me here, "Queen Elsa," the bowed slightly and I gestured them to continue, "The fire seemed to come out of nowhere. One minute all was well, and then in seconds the building was completely covered in flames." He pointed to the fire and the guards trying to put it out, "We've tried, but no amount of water seems to be even fazing it."

I stared at the fire and he was right, they were dumping buckets on it, but it wasn't going out. Having an idea I stepped closer to the fire and started to charge my powers. Once I thought they were ready I shot my hands forward and a wave of ice erupted from my hands and swirled around the fire putting it out in seconds. Even after the fire was gone visually I continued until I was sure it was out.

Putting my hands down, I smiled grateful that it was over with, but I was confused. How could a fire this size start with it being this close to winter? Then it hit me, someone started this fire. Which means I need to find out who and why.

I pointed to one of the guards, "Get me some of the witnesses from before and during the fire." They nodded and ran off shouting something to do with the fire. As I waited I felt my eyes go to the alley I thought I saw someone run through.

My thoughts were interrupted by the guards coming back, "Queen Elsa we found some witnesses that saw what happened."

"Thank you," I turned my attention to the people they brought, "I want you to tell me everything you saw." After minutes of listening I noticed that most of the people they brought were just guys that wanted to flirt with me, as it continued I put my hands up, "Look, I'm serious, I want you to tell me anything suspicious or out of the ordinary before and during the fire."

None of the 'witnesses' said anything, "Well…" a man started, but he stopped.

I turned my attention to him, "Do you have something to say?" I asked him.

He looked nervous as he talked, "Well earlier I got in line to get a snack and I was waiting behind a tall guy, after a few minutes he looked at me and asked me to save his spot. I wanted to argue, but he looked like he needed to let off some steam so I didn't argue." I silently agreed, I was never one to argue with people that were in a bad mood, "He went over to the well next to the house, took of what appeared to be gloves and looked like he was cooling himself off, or calming himself down I couldn't be sure. Eventually he just put his hands in the water and waited. Then about a minute later he quickly took out his hands and hurried to dry them off before putting his gloves back of and it seemed to storm back to his spot in line and started mumbling. Eventually he covered his ears and I asked if he was alright. He seemed to calm down a little and explained that he couldn't stand listening to an argument between some teenaged boys nearby. Before I could ask him more I heard screaming and that's when I noticed the fire."

I nodded, "And what happened to the man?" I asked.

"He seemed to disappear as the guards started to work on putting out the fire." The witness replied.

"Then we got him." I said, "Can you tell us what you remember about him?"

He nodded, "Like I said he was fairly tall, he had a messy mop of black hair, whatever skin I could see was tanned-"

"What do mean 'Whatever skin I could see'?" I interrupted.

"He wore nothing but leather, leather boots, gloves, you name it. he was completely garbed in black leather except for his head." I nodded and urged him to continue, "He seemed to be fairly buff, but it was hard to tell, but what surprised me was he didn't look a lot older than you your majesty."

I turned to the guards, "Try to find anybody that fits the description and bring him to the castle when you find him." They nodded and ran off in search for the mysterious man.

(Zander's P.O.V.)

I ran into my room and all but slammed the door shut, "And what has you so frazzled may I ask?" Ithilagar said as I sat down.

"I had an eventful day today you could say." I said with an uneasy voice.

"You started a fire didn't you?" He stated more than asked. "A building this time?"

"You know me all too well." I responded.

"It's been years since your last accident, so it was bound to happen eventually." Ithilagar said.

I groaned, "So much for control."

Ithilagar stood up, stretched, and walk forward so he could stand next to the chair I was in, "Zander I would call 'holding back' control."

I threw up my hands in exasperation, "Well what else am I supposed to do?"

The wolf let out a sigh "I don't know Zander." He admitted, "I don't know." Ithilagar studied me for a second before speaking again, "The fire isn't the only thing on your mind is it?"

I laughed softly, "You really know me too well… It's actually kind of creepy." I finished as I looked at Ithilagar who chuckled in response, "Okay I might as well tell you. I saw someone who's like me."

Ithilagar looked surprised, "What do you mean?"

I looked away from the wolf, "I saw a woman around my age-" I started but stopped, "It's not like that so I suggest you get that grin off your face." Out of the corner of my eye i saw Ithilagar's grin drop, "Anyway she had powers over ice, but unlike me, she seemed to be in total control over it. She has no idea how lucky she is to be like that."

Ithilagar nodded in agreement, " Yes… so it looks like were not as alone as we thought."

I smiled and looked out a nearby window, "No it seems that we aren't."

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