Frozen II: A Fire Fueled by Rage

Chapter 16: War

(Elsa's P.O.V.)

I woke up to someone nudging me, I slowly opened my eyes to see Emma next to my and Zander's bed, "Mama," she whispered, "I can't sleep." She said.

I smiled, "Well maybe I can help," I said slipping out from the sheets, I was glad Zander was a heavy sleeper or else I probably would've woke him up. "C'mon," I told her picking her up and I carried her towards her room.

I laid her down on the bed and sat next to her, "So why can't you sleep?" I asked her. Emma looked down at her hands.

"You're going to fight in the war aren't you," she said slightly surprising me, "I heard you training with Grandpa Xant. Are you really going to fight?" she asked again.

I hesitated before answering, "Yes, I am." I admitted and she looked up at me briefly before looking back down.

"Why?" she asked, she sounded a little sad.

I sighed, "I almost lost my kingdom twice to the Southern Isles, I'm not going to stand by and watch as people go to defend my home."

Emma looked at me with sad eyes, "But what if you don't make it, what if Papa doesn't make it either?" I put an arm around Emma and pulled her close to me. "I can't handle losing my family again." She said before burying her head into my side and she started to shake with silent sobs.

"Hey," I said, she looked at me with tears streaming down her cheeks, "I'm making a promise to you, I will come back, and Zander would never let himself lose knowing he still has a daughter to look after."

Emma smiled slightly, "And you as well." She said hugging me again, when her head was turned away my smile fell a little. I felt guilty, I made her a promise… a promise I wasn't sure if I could keep.

"C'mon let's get you to bed," I said pulling Emma's covers back.

"But Mama," Emma said pouting, "I'm not tired." She said, "Why should I go to sleep if the sky's awake?" She said pointing towards the window where the northern lights could be seen. I laughed at how familiar that sounded. Emma didn't want to go to sleep, but perhaps I could convince her. I pulled Emma close to me and hugged her, and then I started to sing softly.

Snowflakes fill the air
Slowly drifting, without any care
Peaceful as bliss, gentle as a kiss

I was singing the lullaby Mama would always sing to me whenever I had trouble sleeping. I kissed the top of Emma's forehead and felt her relaxing in my arms.

Making very little sound,
There are snowflakes,
Falling to the ground

Emma's eyes were starting to close and she was fighting to stay awake, but she still had a small tired smile. I put her on her bed and pulled the covers over her.

Sleep now, little princess of ice
Sweet dreams, all calm and nice
Forget the storm all around
instead dream of snowflakes
snowflakes falling to the ground.

Emma's eyes began to close and she didn't fight it anymore. I smiled and slowly sang the last line in a song tone.

Falling to…. the ground.

When the lullaby was finished I saw Emma was sleeping softly snoring as she nestled into her bed, "Sleep peacefully Emma." I said with a smile walking to the door and closing it, then I walked back to my room where Zander was still sleeping.

(Zander's P.O.V.)

I wiped the sweat off my forehead as I worked the metal with the fire. I was immune to flame sure, but my body still needs to cool off every once in a while. Using the heat I picked up the plate and put it against my skin. I shaped it bending it to my will as it wrapped around me forming the peace of armor, when the shape was done I removed it and brought it to a set of amour shapes.

I was building a suit of armor for myself, but seeing that I'm unable to take my own measurements and the fact that I don't think I can trust anyone to take and give me my measurements. I build a manikin that was as close as I could get to my body shape, build and sizes using metal molds like I just made.

"Making some gear?" I heard a voice say behind me, I didn't have to turn around to know who it was.

"Yes I am Xant," I said kneeling down onto one knee and dragging out a sack and where I kept my titanium stored, "Do you know what happened to my titanium? I was sure my stores weren't this low when I last checked." I still had plenty, but I wasn't sure how this was happening.

(Xant's P.O.V.)

"Oh yeah, I meant to take to you about that. I borrowed some titanium to make a suit of armor," I didn't want to mention that the armor was for Elsa.

"Why would you need to make a suit of armor?" Zander asked as he pulled ingots and bars out of the bag. Then he pulled a couple items out of a different bag.

"I don't it's- did you those from my hoard?" I asked seeing him bring out scales and a few bones from the bag.

"Yeah I did, figured I would find a way to put them to good use." He said.

"I was making good use of those things," I said causing Zander to look at me.

"By doing what? Letting them collect dust in your lair?" I opened my mouth to answer, but I couldn't find anything I could use to retaliate.

I sighed, "Very well, "If you're going to use dragon materials, might as well have a dragon help you craft it." I said walking up next to the table.

I directed him on what bones to use and wear to most effectively use the scales, he picked up things rather quickly. Which didn't surprise me considering how long he's been a blacksmith. Soon he had what he needed in order to forge his new armor, "It will be armor worthy of the King of Arendelle." I commented, "well if you excuse me I have something to take care of." I said leaving the forge.

Zander wasn't the only one that could catch on to things quickly, that or I was losing my touch. I was training else in weapons combat and she was holding her own surprisingly well, even after I made her wear the armor I made for her she moved with agility and precision. I swung my sword and she would only redirect it before trying to strike. After a few more swings I found the tip of Elsa's sword at my throat, "I must be losing my touch." I said taking a step back from a proud looking Elsa, "You'll definitely handle yourself on the battlefield, I never really took you for a fighter. I always thought you were a diplomat." I said and Elsa only giggled.

(Zander's P.O.V.)

I admired the piece of armor in front of me, it was truly one of my greatest works and there were only a few things missing for it to be complete. I picked up the scabbard containing the sword Elsa gave me for Christmas and attached it to the side of the suit of armor. Then I took the white cape and wrapped it around the shoulders of the armor. Then I looked at the center of the chest of the armor where there was a small opening, then I took Ithilagar's essence out of the pocket of my pants and then placed it inside while at the same time melting the edges of the opening so it would be fused with the armor. Now it was complete.

As I walked through the halls of the castle I was stopped by Kai, "King Zander, the Royal Council needs to speak to you about the approaching war." He told me and I nodded before following him to the council room.

"Ah King Zander, so glad you could make it," one of the councilmembers said as I came in through the doors. I took my seat, "Well for once we aren't going to beat around the bush so we'll just give it straight to you." he said sliding a letter across the table to me, "Our scouts received this when a courier falcon arrived at their posts ." he explain as I unfolded the letter.

Royals of Arendelle,

I hope you and any army you have are prepared, I have enough decency to send you this warning before my armies destroy your home. The armies will arrive two weeks after the last day of summer near the ruins of Castle Elaina. Summon your troops and get them ready for battle, and what a short one it will be.

The future King of Arendelle,
Prince Hans Westerguard

I snarled and clenched my hand around the note and with one touch of fire I turned it into ash, "I really hate that bastard," I growled, I looked at my council members, "We need to gather the forces, they gave us until two weeks after the last day of summer. Unless I am incorrect that is only three days away." I looked at one of the councilmembers, "Arrange a letter to be sent to Corona telling them when and where we need their forces and fast." They nodded and got to work.

"Three days?" Elsa said, I just explained the news to her, "I thought we'd be given more time than that." She said and I sighed.

"I need to get the men into position as soon as I can if we're going to win this war." I explained and she nodded not saying anything.

I couldn't sleep that night, all I could do was stare at the ceiling and think about all that was about to happen. I got out of bed thinking some meditation would clear my head. I sat on the ground and focused. I could feel the heat signatures of everything in the castle, most everyone was asleep, and those who weren't were patrolling or climbing up the walls.

Wait a minute, climbing up the walls? I focused my gaze, people were scaling up the walls of the castle trying to break in from the outside, when I focused further could sense their emotions. Determination, an emotion I could only feel if their intent was to do something I would consider to be horrible, if I remember correct the window they were heading for was the window closest to the room where Anna and Kristoff were in. I wasted no time.

(No P.O.V.)

The window opened and two figures sneaked in making very little sound, "You sure this is going to work?" one said to him partner.

"Whether or not it does we have to obey order and what they've seen what we've done they'll be too devastated to fight this war." The other said. Behind him the other nodded, but when they walked by a dark opening a hand shot out and grabbed one of them pulling him into the shadows.

After a bright flash of fire, there was darkness accompanied by silence, the remaining intruder looked around in fear drawing his sword, "I wouldn't do that if I were you." a voice said and Zander leaped from the shadows, grapping his opponent and slamming him against the wall, "What are you doing here?" he asked in a harsh whisper.

The soldier looked afraid, but then a soft whistle was heard and then he started chuckling, "Being a distraction," he said still chuckling.

Zander raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

"Prince Hans sent us here to do one thing, make sure you stayed unaware of what he best troops were really up to." He said before smirking, "You should learn to be a better father Zander." Realization sunk in and he searched the castle.

He couldn't sense Emma.

Zander snarled and his eyes became draconic and the hand grabbing the intruder flashed and within seconds he was nothing but a pile of ash. Hans had kidnapped Emma, he had crossed the line.

(Zander's P.O.V.)

I walked into my room and I was angry beyond compare, if I released the anger I was feeling in one blast of fire it would make hell seem like a winter wonderland. I must've been loud when I came in because Elsa stirred before sitting up, "Zander?" she asked puzzled, "What's wrong?" she asked.

"I can't believe I let this happen," I said to myself as I walked around the room.

"What? What happened?" Elsa said now sounding a little more awake.

I looked over at Elsa, "Someone broke into the castle, it was some of Hans' men, and they kidnapped Emma." I said making her gasp, her eyes widening, "For what Hans did to you alone would be enough for me to burn him and everyone he may care about, but this is just crossing the line." I wanted to turn the entire Southern Isle into a desolate wasteland. I felt a hand on my shoulder I looked at Elsa, she looked concerned, and I could sense that she was afraid.

"Zander, I know what you're feeling, but I don't want you to think about revenge." she said before hugging me.

"I'm not talking about revenge," I said pulling away and looking into her eyes, "I'm talking about getting our daughter back." I said.

The next morning I was in my forge staring at the Dark Dragon Armor I made for myself. I focused on the magic inside the armor and forced it to separate into pieces, "Remember what they fight for," I said as I called the armor to me, "They fight to conquer," I said as I stepped into the boots, then the legs of the armor started to clamp on and tighten, "They conquer to expand," the belt and waist of the armor wrapped around me completing the lower half of the armor, "They expand to prove their strength." I closed my eyes and focused on the upper half of the armor, "Remember what we fight for. We fight to defend." The chest of the armor clung to my body as it fastened itself, the essence of Ithilagar pulsing with a slight glow, "We defend to protect the things and the people we love." The pauldrons and the arms of the arm slid themselves up my arms, "And it's those things we love that give us the will to continue." The gauntlets went onto my hands and I clenched my fists, "And now that will is leading us to win this war." I fastened the cape around my shoulders and tried the scabbard to my belt.

"Sir, the armies are ready to march." Serana said behind me. I nodded without turning around, I picked up a helmet made from the same stuff as my armor. It was fashioned to have a resemblance to a dark feathered phoenix. I pulled it onto my head. Then I turned around to follow Serena.

While on my way to the army I was stopped by Kristoff, "So you're off?" he asked and I nodded and clapped him on the shoulder.

"Whether or not I come back from this, promise me you'll protect them from anything that may come to this palace, Anna is due any day now so you might want to keep a close eye on her." I told him and he nodded. Then we shared a hug and I couldn't help but think of the possibility that this might be the last time I see him. I pulled away, "Take care Kristoff, hopefully I'll come back soon."

Kristoff gave me a smile, "And when you do you'll be an uncle." I returned the smile before walking away.

(Xant's P.O.V.)

Elsa looked nervous as she stood beside me among the army's ranks, "Remember what you're defending, and keep in mind what they did and almost took from you." I whispered to her, I felt her become more determined. Zander mounted Shadowmere and gave the order of march. The army marched forward, their footsteps moving with a perfect rhythm that echoed through the air.

(Anna's P.O.V.)

With Kristoff, Olaf and Mama beside me. We all watched the army march away, I looked and saw everyone's faces, "Don't worry, we'll see the rest of our family again- OW!" I said my hands flying to my baby bump.

"Anna!" Kristoff said, "Are you okay?" she asked.

"I'm fine, the baby's just kicking really hard." I said, "A hyper little one this is going to be." I said causing everyone to smile, I was glad I was able to. Not really knowing if the future had anything to smile about.

(Zander's P.O.V.)

We arrived at the field of battle not too long ago and I was now scouting the area through Ashara's eyes. I got a good look at the approaching armies of Weselton and the Southern Isles. When I got a clear image I summoned Ashara back and closed the vision. "They are coming," I said to my elites, "in numbers and with weapons greater than our own."

Agdar walked up beside me on his horse, "Numbers don't win a battle Zander." He said.

"No," I said, "but I bet they help." I could see the armies coming into view. It was a sea of armor and uniforms marching with thunderous steps. I could feel the intimidation they struck into the army behind me. I turned my horse around and looked at the army behind me. "Do not be afraid, we may be outnumbered, but we are fighters. Every last one of us will fight to our last breath. Arendelle will fall and burn one day, but I am sure that it will not be today, but if it is and we are meant to die this day, then I am proud to die as one of you; a soldier of Arendelle. Are you ready to defend your homeland?" I asked and cheers sounded. I turned to Agdar and my elites, "Are you with me?"

Agdar looked at me, "To the death," he said and I nodded and turned around and I heard a war horn and the enemy soldiers started to charge.

I unsheathed my sword, "For Arendelle!" I shouted and whipped my reigns urging Shadowmere into a gallop.

"FOR ARENDELLE!" the soldiers shouted behind me and they charged behind me. and very soon the two armies met in the middle of the field.

The battle was a bloodbath from the beginning. I was alternating between using my sword and my fire while on Shadowmere's back. My troops were doing an effective job on the offensive and were actually close to pushing them back, but that was when I saw that they had catapults. The large and heavy stone were beating down on our forces and I knew that they needed to be stopped. I sheathed my sword and got off of Shadowmere by launching myself into the air before shooting forward using my flames to fly towards the large devices.

When I landed there was an explosion of flames that knocked everyone around me to the side, then I set my armored hands ablaze and shot large amounts of fires at the catapults and destroying their ammunition in a fiery inferno. I unsheathed my sword just in time to block someone from stabbing me in the back. I engaged him in a sword fight, whoever I was facing must've been skilled because he was actually fighting pretty well against me.

While bodies fell all around me and more blood drenched my sword. I was starting to get surrounded, I needed back up and quickly. But before I could use my fire someone beat be to it. Ice rained all over my opponents forcing them back, wait ice? I looked at was shocked to see a soldier riding a wave of ice towards me fighting off enemies that came close to her. "Need a hand my king?" it was Elsa.

"What are you doing here?" I said as I continued to fight the soldiers coming at me.

"Defending my kingdom." She said as she drew her own sword and we were soon fighting back to back.

"I'm guessing Xant taught you how to fight," I said and I already knew the answer. I was caught in a blade lock. I looked at the person holding the sword, "Can you believe I'm actually married to this blizzard of a woman?" I asked before breaking out of the blade lock and using my sword to slice through the armor at one of its weak points almost cutting him in half.

I turned around and Elsa did to, "Look Emma is our daughter, and that means we're going to get her back together." She said, "So good luck convincing me out of this one."

(Anna's P.O.V.)

I was worried, not just because of the war, but also because the baby's kicks used to be getting stronger and stronger with each hour. Now it was almost every minute, "Anna are you sure you're okay?" Kristoff asked me, before I could ask I felt the strongest kick yet and this time I felt a much different after effect.

"Kristoff, get Mama and Lydia," I said to him, "my water just broke."

(Zander's P.O.V.)

I multi-tasking with fighting opponents and scanning the area for Emma and after some searching I found her, she was in the ruins of Castle Elaina, she was being guarded, by who I wasn't sure yet, "I found her," I said turning toward Elsa.

She nodded, "Then let's go." She said before we ran to the ruins clearing everyone that got in our way.

We ran through the ruins and found Emma. Like I sensed, she was guarded by three guards and there was the most hated of them all there; Hans. All of them were clad in expensive and strong looking armor. "Mama! Papa!" Emma said excitedly.

Hans looked over at us, "It was about time you showed up," he said, "your little brat here just couldn't keep quiet." He said in annoyance. It made my blood boil.

"Let her go Hans." Elsa said glaring at him, it only caused Hans to laugh.

"My my, that isn't a proper way for a queen to act now is it?" Hans said, "Don't worry I have every intention to release her, but first you must hear my fair and simple demands." He said.

I narrowed my eyes, "What kind of demands?" I asked not believing a single word he was saying.

"All you have to do is give the order of surrender and give Arendelle to me and I'll let her go. It's simple as that." Hans said.

"Are there alternatives?" I asked not wanting to give Hans Arendelle, but not wanting Emma with him for any longer. He shook his head, "Fine, then we'll just take back what is ours." I said assuming a combat position.

Hans growled, "So you're eager to die? Very well." He said walking to the guards surrounding Emma, "Kill them, I'll guard the girl." He said. The guards walked forward, one was wielding a battleax, one was wielding a large mace, and the third was double wielding swords.

I looked at Elsa, "Go get Emma, I'll handle these clowns." I told her, she nodded. Then I rushed the guards.

I figured from the beginning that they were Hans' top troops, but I was still surprised by the amount of skill they had. I was mainly focused on the dual wielder while avoiding being smashed or chopped in half. I dodged another swing and retaliated by slicing of that arm. There was a sickening sound and the sword and his arm fell from the rest of his body. At first I was proud, but it was cut short when I was hit in the back by the mace.

The armor prevented the strike from breaking my back, but the impact still sent me stumbling forward. I regained my footing and looked up to see Elsa sword fighting with Hans, she looked like she could use some help, but I was too busy fighting these bastards. I looked down at my chest to see that Ithilagar's essence was gone, the mace must've knocked it out. I dodged a swing from the battleax and it got lodged into the ground. I knocked the man grabbing the axe aside before he could pull it out. I pulled out the battleax and used it to slice off the both their heads with one sweep of the axe.

After their headless bodies fell to the floor I heard Emma cry out, I turned around and saw Hans knocking Elsa to the ground, she wasn't dead, but looked like she was dizzy and could barely concentrate. Hans smirked and raised his sword up. Reacting quickly, I charged toward my family.

(Elsa's P.O.V.)

My vision was fuzzy and I couldn't find the strength to stand, Hans was a very good swordsman. I looked up to see him raise his sword. I put myself in front of Emma to shield her from any attack, I raised my hand to summon my ice, but he brought the sword down too quickly and black entered my vision and I heard the sword strike.

"PAPA!" Emma cried out in horror and my vision was no longer fuzzy, Zander was between Han and me, he took the sword for us.

(Anna's P.O.V.)

I really hate Kristoff for doing this to me. Not only to he get me pregnant and make me suffer through this hell, the second I went into labor he fainted leaving me to suffer through this alone. "Okay Anna you're doing great," Lydia said taking my hand, "Now when I tell you I want you to squeeze my hand and push." She said and I nodded "Okay, push." I squeezed her hand tightly and pushed, the pain was almost unbearable, "Okay Anna push again. You can do it."

I pushed, "I can't do it." I grunted out.

"Come on just one more big push." She said and I glared at her.


"Anna it'll be over soon, just one more push." She said, wanting this to me over I pushed with all my strength.

The pain dimmed and I suddenly felt weak, my breathing slowed and I felt my eyes close. The last thing I heard before blacking out was the sound of a baby crying.

(No P.O.V.)

Both Hans and Zander looked down at the sword going through the opening in Zander's armor the absence of the essence left. Zander punched Hans causing him to pull the sword, drenched with Zander's blood, out and fly back a few feet onto his back and Zander fell back with Elsa catching him.

"Zander," Elsa cried out and Emma ran to his side, Zander's wound was losing a lot of blood.

"I t-told you… n-no one would harm you… as long as I'm alive," Zander's breathing was shaky, "Th-the essence," he said making a gesture to the orange crystal not too far from him. Emma quickly grabbed it and brought it to him. Zander coughed out blood, "I… feel cold… and it's dark."

"No don't say that," Elsa said, "you're going to be alright." she said trying to ice his would over to stop the bleeding, but it just kept melting, "Why isn't this working?" she said softly. Zander reached up a hand and caressed her cheek.

"At least I got to save both of you." he said before turning to Emma, "I-I tried… to be… the best dad… w-was I?" he said looking at the crystal in her hand. "I'll be with you soon Ithilagar… goodbye." He breathed out before his eyes closed and he let out one last breath.

Xant felt it, he could feel his tie to Zander get suddenly cut off. He was dead, he growled at the army in front of him, "Admiral Xant," he turned to see Antonio, "look!" Xant looked to where he was pointing and he saw another army come over the hills. I could see the golden sun on their banners and knew what it was the Army of Corona, "We're close to victory." He told him.

Xant considered it, "I can make it come even faster." He said, "You might want to take a few steps back." He said, when he did so Xant jumped inhumanly high into the air an shed his human farm becoming the immense black dragon he truly was. Roaring he dove back into the war using his claws and massive jaws to literally tear the enemy apart.

"Papa? No," Emma said, "No no no no no!" she said tears coming to her eyes. She closed them hoping this was all just a bad dream.

Behind Emma Hans stood up and retrieved his sword, "Well that certainly takes far of one problem." He said sounding satisfied and something inside Emma darkened. He did this, he kidnapped her, he started this war, and he killed Zander.

Emma turned around and pointed a hand at hand and a cold flame shot out of her hand and into his chest, right over where his heart would be, Hans grunted in pain as a hand flew to his chest,"You did this!" Emma said her voice different as he opened her eyes, which were now replaced by ice cold flames burning in her eyes sockets. "You attacked my home, you made my parents go to war, and now you've killed Papa!" Emma screamed at him and a wind started to howl through the ruins. Hans was lifted into the air and the cracks in his armor stared to glow.

Elsa watched in shock, but also with a bit of fear as horror as Han's body started to thrash, his hair was set ablaze with the frosty flames. Hans opened his mouth to scream, but all that came out was more flame. His skin frosted over and turned grey and his form stiffed until it was completely frozen. Emma put her hands together and created a cold fireball and launched it at Hans, when it made contact his armor and his body shattered turning him into a bunch of icy ashes.

Emma breathed heavily as the flames in her eyes faded and she realized what she had done. She turned around to look at Elsa before she walked over to her before falling to her knees and breaking down in tears. Elsa pulled her into a hug telling her small words of comfort as while stroking her hair as her daughter cried into her chest.

(Xant's P.O.V.)

I felt much more powerful and satisfied fighting in this form, when Corona joined the fight our armies started doing significantly better and pushing the enemy back. I flew over the armies slashing and taking down large numbers with my tail and turning people to ash with my dragon breath. I found the leader of the army and landed in front of him spreading my wings casting an enormous shadow over all of them, "This war is finished! Surrender now and I might consider not flying to the Southern Isles and laying waste to it." I roared sending fear into everyone that heard my voice. They must've been frozen with fear because no one moved. I almost rolled my eyes. I roared releasing a small jet of flames blasting more troops and buring them alive. That was enough to break them out of it and they turned and started running. Satisfied I shrunk back into my human form.

"Victory is ours!" a voice said and cheers sounded from all around. I turned to the armies behind me, then I turned my gaze to the castle ruins.

(Emma's P.O.V.)

No, this couldn't be happening. I looked over at Papa, he couldn't be dead. He just couldn't, I broke myself out of Mama's grip and went to Papa's side, "C'mon Papa wake up, please don't die." I said, he didn't move. I closed my eyes, but then I got an idea. "Papa?" I asked slightly shaking him, then I started to sing.

Do you want to build a snowman?
C'mon open your eyes.

I felt Mama come up behind me, but I continued to sing hoping he would come back.

I finally have a family
We can be one now
and now I realize.

Mama hugged me from behind and I held the orange crystal in my hands close to my chest.

Mama really loves you
And so do I
And we cannot just say goodbye

I was having a hard time holding my tears back.

Do you want to build a snowman?
It doesn't have to be a snowman.

I started to cry again.

Just don't die.

I couldn't hold it back anymore and I turned around hugging Mama tightly, her armor was cold and hard, but at the moment I didn't care.

(Xant's P.O.V.)

I ran into the ruins and found Elsa and Emma next to Zander's body. I looked around for Hans not seeing his body, all I saw was his guards and frozen ashes that had Emma's magic in them- wait a minute… was that Hans? I looked at Emma, her power must come from the same emotions Zander's did. I walked up to them.

Elsa looked at me, "The war is over, we've won." I told her.

Elsa only looked at Zander's body, "The cost was too great." She said sadly and a tear rolled down her cheek. My eyes followed the tear as it fell onto the orange crystal in Emma's hands. The crystal strangely began to pulse, when Emma's tears fell onto it, it pulsed louder and the crystal absorbed the tears. The fire orange color shifted to an ice blue and glowed so brightly I had to shield my eyes.

Emma dropped the crystal and when it hit the ground it shattered releasing a ice blue magic that swirled all around us. The magic formed a shape, it was a spirit of a wolf with white fur and ice blue markings; it was Ithilagar's soul. Ithilagar glanced at Elsa and Emma before turning his gaze at Zander. Then a soft wind blew and Ithilagar became one with the wind and the magic flowed into the wound in Zander's chest. Then there was silence.

After a few minutes, my heart nearly stopped when Zander began to stir.

(Zander's Spirit P.O.V.)

It was dark and I didn't know where I was. One was for sure, I already missed Elsa and Emma. I just didn't get it, I died didn't I? So why wasn't I in heaven or hell? "Well you're not completely alone." I turned around and saw Ithilagar with his trademark smirk.

"Ithilagar?" I asked in surprise. He nodded his wolf-like form being replaced with a human one.

"In the flesh, but as much as I'd want to catch up. I'm here to tell you that your time here is limited, I'm here to offer you a choice." He said. "It's an easy one don't worry."

"What?" I asked.

"The man upstairs is giving you the option of returning to Elsa and Emma," He explained, "but you feel like it's your time I can bring you to wherever it is you belong in the afterlife."

I didn't really give it much thought, "I want to go back," I wasn't going to leave Elsa and Emma behind. Ithilagar smiled.

"I knew you would say that," he said at the blackness began to lighten up, "I'll be checking on you from time to time just to make sure you don't go berserk again." He said before white clouded my vision.

(Zander's P.O.V.)

I couldn't move and my eyes were closed. I summoned whatever strength I could muster, then it all came back to me in a flood and I exhaled as my eyes slowly opened. I was in the ruins with Emma, Elsa and Xant looking at me in shock. Elsa came over to my side with Elsa next to her, "Elsa?" I said my voice a little weak.

Elsa gasped slightly tears of hope - or were they joy? – pooling in her eyes, "Zander?"

I did my best to give a light smile, "Still surprised at what I can do?" Both girls tackled me in a tight hug, no seriously it was really tight, "Can't breathe," I wheezed and Xant came to my rescue.

"C'mon girls we don't want to kill him again." He said with a chuckle. He walked to my side and grabbed my arm when the girls let go, "On your feet," he pulled my up so quickly I couldn't get a god foot on the ground, but he kept me stable, "We won. The Southern Isles and Weselton have surrendered. Arendelle is safe." I smiled, hearing him say that made my entire body warm up with a flame that seemed to restore my strength.

I picked Emma up and hugged her, then I pulled Elsa in too, "I love you both," I whispered, I pulled away looking at my family, "Come on let's go home."

The march home was a glorious one, well most of it was. We still had to count and collect our dead, but I was going to make sure that they were given a high honored burial. Arendelle was in view, I smiled at looked at the army, "Soldiers, we're home." I said with them giving cheers as a result.

We were well received when we walked through the palace gates. Kristoff, Sven and Olaf came out to greet us, "Guys you're back!" he said excitedly.

I smiled, "And thus we have a victorious return," I said with a laugh, then I looked around confused. "So why isn't Anna tackling us right now?" I asked and they three in front of us shared smiles.

"Anna's this way, she's going to want to see you." Olaf said running off. We followed after, even though I didn't fully understand what was going on.

Olaf and Kristoff lead us to a room, "You know how I said how you would be an uncle when you got back?" Kristoff said as he opened the door.

My eyes widened, "No way," I said.

Anna looked over at us and gave a smile before looking down at the bundle in her arms, "Sweetie, your Aunt Elsa and Uncle Zander are here." Anna was holding a sleeping baby girl with blonde hair wrapped in a blanket in her arms. Elsa walked over to the side of the bed, "Do you want to hold her?" she asked and Elsa nodded. Anna handed the little girl to her sister.

I walked next to Elsa and looked at the little girl, the girl shifted and opened her eyes to reveal the light blue irises that matched her mother's. "What's her name?" I asked.

Anna smiled, "Her name is Ziva," she said causing me to look at Anna, the name filled me with a warmth I didn't think was possible, and the smile I gave her after that perfectly reflected that.

That night I couldn't sleep, but this time it was for different reasons. I was looking out the window at the clear autumn night, there wasn't a single cloud in the sky, the moon was full and the stars twinkled like diamonds. I gave a content smile and looked up at the sky, "I never would've thought my life would've turned into this. More than a year ago I was just a blacksmith with a secret; a fire fueled by rage." I said looked at Elsa and Emma, Emma had wanted to sleep with us tonight and we just couldn't say no. they looked so peaceful, "And now I'm a blacksmith with no secrets, and also a husband, a father, and admiral." I light one of my hands on faire and held it close to my face. "The fire is still fueled, by something much more powerful, but something far more precious." I said quenching the flame and leaving the room dark once again.

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