Frozen II: A Fire Fueled by Rage

Chapter 3: A Reward(Plus a Bonus)

(Zander's P.O.V.)

I'm not sure how long I've been at work. I tend to lose track of time when I'm working in the forge.

"Zander you've been working on this assignment for days," So that's how long I've been working, "You haven't even slept a wink since you were given this bloody assignment. At least stop for a little rest." The black and red wolf pleaded.

I looked over to the magical wolf, "Ithilagar this is a huge assignment and I want to make sure it's my greatest work," I turned to the roaring flames inside the furnace, "I need it to be my best work." I added quietly.

"And why, if I may ask, is the reason why it needs to be your best?" he questioned.

"It's an engagement ring Ithilagar, and for the princess." I replied, "And I want to make sure Kristoff has the perfect ring, you know what my mom used to say about this kind of stuff."

Ithilagar nodded, "Yes you've told me before."

"When you craft, keep in mind who you're crafting for," I started.

"And make sure your work is so special they can ask for no more." Ithilagar finished, he sighed. "Why is it taking you so long to make something as simple as a ring?"

"Because it takes time to prepare and design, then you choose your materials, find how much you need, and then you start to make it." I explained.

There was no noise except for the crackle of the flames, "Why don't you craft the ring without all that?"

I turned to the wolf, "And how you suggest I do that?"

"By taking off the gloves and letting go."

"No!" I shouted, "I can't if I try I'll only lose control."

"If you never try you'll never gain control." Ithilagar argued, "Look we can make this work."

"How? I said incredulously, "How can I possibly do something like this?"

"Just relax," Ithilagar's voice soothed, "Just close your eyes and take off the gloves." Knowing I couldn't win this one I closed my eyes and slowly took off the leather gloves that covered my hands. "Good, now clear your mind of everything except for the ring and what you want it to be."

I did as he asked and after a few minutes of concentrating I had emptied my mind. "Now what do I do?"

"Look," I started to open my eyes, "Not with your eyes, but try to see what around you in a different way." I didn't know what he was getting at. How could I see with using my eyes?

Then I started to see something. I focused on it to see something red, as I broadened my focus I began to see the entire room, but not in the same way I see with my eyes. Things were different colors. Ranging between red a blue I realized what I was looking at.

My brain was sensing the heat given off by each of the objects surrounding me, and creating a mental picture of what seemed to be an infrared map of the forge. As it focused I became to get a clearer picture the colors got less noticeable, and eventually it looked like I had opened my eyes, the only difference was there was an aura surrounding everything. Each a different color depending on how much heat it was giving off.

"What do you see?" Ithilagar said, I turned my head toward him the colors slightly blurring as I moved.

"Enough to know that I can do this."

"Good, then get the metal from the forge." I went over to the giant oven and pulled out the stone cup holding the metal, "Now put it in your hand." Even though the cup glowed with a red hot aura, it didn't burn when I grabbed it and poured the contents into my hand, "Now get the gem to be set into the ring." I went to a nearby table and grabbed the precious stone, "Now only focus on the metal." The world faded until only the partially melted substance remained. "And when you do, focus on how you want the ring to look, and channel it through you're fire, then just let go." I focused and breathed deeply. Then all went dark.

(Ithilagar's P.O.V.)

Zander had a distant look on his face, yet he looked at peace. Something I don't think I've seen on his face for a long time. After a few seconds of nothing the metal and gem was surrounded by an orange aura and floated into the air and Zander slowly opened his eyes.

His usual hazel eyes were now glowing like a pair of embers, no pupil, just a sphere of golden yellow glow. As the eyes stared at the floating metal small streams of flames the same color as his eyes flowed out and began to circle the small amount of metal, and eventually it began to change.

I don't know how long it took, but finally the flames vanished and a ring fell into Zander's right hand. The glow faded from Zander's eyes and his left hand held his head as if he just broke out of a trance, he stumbled forward and I rushed forward and caught him the best I could.

Using me as a support I helped Zander into his room when got to his bed he just fell on it not bothering to get under the covers. I stood at his side until I was sure he was asleep. On my way out I heard him begin to breathe out words barely audible, but they were words I've heard him say in his sleep before "Fire… anger… burn." There was a moment of silence, thinking he was done I headed out the door, when I heard a new word. "…Elsa." And he said no more when as I continued to walk away.

(Zander's P.O.V.)

I didn't remember much during the time that I seemed to have passed out, groaning I sat up in my bed and rubbed my temples hoping the headache I had would go away. I got down from my bed and went downstairs.

"Ah look how's back from the dead," Ithilagar joked as I came into view.

"How long was I working?" I asked. Not in the mood to cook anything, I simply grabbed an apple and took a bite.

"Three days straight for the first bit, one day for the last bit. And you've been asleep for two days." Ithilagar explained.

I sighed, "Well that explains why I feel like I head-butted a wall after running from a pack of wolves,"

Ithilagar chuckled, "Well the good news is that you got the job done, and just in time too." I looked at the wolf, "Well if I'm getting this right, Kristoff will be coming by tomorrow to pick up the ring."

I nodded happy it got done, but I was still confused, "What happened in the forge? I seemed to pass out and I can't remember anything." I questioned.

Ithilagar shrugged, "I'm trying to figure that out myself, but I do know one thing; the crafting result was something no ordinary human could come close to replicating."

"Well I better get down to the shop and see if there are any customers, and I need to get my gloves back on." I said as I went to the forge.

I was polishing a newly crafted chest plate when I heard the door open. I looked up to see three of the city guards' walk in. This can't be good, "Good morning gentlemen," I sad in a welcoming tone, "I welcome you to Dark Metal Forge. What can I help you with?"

The middle guard, which I assumed was the leader, spoke first, "We were hoping that we could ask you a few questions."

I knew this couldn't be good, "Very well, by all means ask away, and be sure to look around the shop and tell me if you see anything you like."

While the two guards on the side started to look around the head guard spoke up, "Are you aware that there was a fire about a month ago?"

I looked down to focus on polishing the chest plate, "Yes I heard about, strange for a fire that big to start so quickly with it being this close to winter."

He nodded in agreement, "I agree, which is why we think somebody purposely started that fire."

I looked the guard in the eye, "Well if the fire was about a month ago. I would think that you would've caught him by now."

"Yes I would think so too, but this criminal is crafty and escaped without a trace," I fought the urge to smile.

"Hey are these swords strong?" I turn my attention to one of the other guards, a slightly young and skinny one, my guess would be he's a new guard.

"Are they strong?" I repeated with a smile, "I walked from behind the counter and to the young guard, "You won't find a better sword for miles." I took the sword he was using, "A hand-and-a-half blade, a good choice."

The third guard, an older one, looked at me, "Forgive me Mr.…" he trailed off.

"Smith, Zander Smith."

"Right, forgive me Mr. Smith, but isn't the term bastard sword?"

I nodded, "Yes, but I prefer my name for it, then people can't accuse you of being one." I examined the blade, "Can be used for one-hand and two-handed combat." I gave the blade a few swings, "Lightweight," I tossed the blade into the air allowing it to turn a few times before letting it fall back on my gloved hand, "Very well balanced, and the best quality about the blade is the metal it's made from; titanium."

"Titanium?" the young guard asked.

"Yes allow me to demonstrate the effects of the metal." I handed the sword back to him before taking a steel long sword I still had yet to work on off a nearby rack, "It exceptionally strong, think fast!" I twirled the sword in a downward stroke, reacting slightly rushed the young guard brought the blade up in an attempt to protect himself. When the steel made contact with the titanium there was a clang of metal as the steel broke splitting the blade into pieces. "Only tempered steel will be able to handle crossing blades with you while wielding that, take a look at where I hit the sword."

He examined the blade, there were no dents or scratches, there was little evidence that I had hit the blade at all, "A very fine piece of work Mr. Smith." The head guard remarked, "But if you don't mind me asking, are you wearing leather?"

I took the titanium bastard sword and put it back on the rack, "Yes I am, it helps to protect me from the flames."

"Yes I would imagine the flames are pretty powerful," Oh you have no idea, "But is it really necessary that you wear so much leather?"

"Is there a point to this question Captain? I asked.

"Yes there is," the captain equipped his sword, "Mr. Smith I have reason to believe that you caused the fire."

I laughed, "Honestly Captain, do you really think that I could've done something like that?"

"I admit you don't look like much," I inwardly cringed, I hated it when people underestimate me, "But there is the fact that you're wearing nothing but leather, have black hair, and that you look fairly young; which fits the description of what the person who started the fire looked like from the report of a witness." Okay you've proved your point now shut up, "And that you don't seem to have been in Arendelle for very long. So in the name of Arendelle, I'm placing you under arrest."

My subconscious seemed to sense his hostility and began to translate it into anger. I began to take off my gloves, "Now Captain, don't do anything you'll regret."

The captain laughed, "Mr. Smith, I highly doubt you could pose any threat to us."

My vision became rimmed with red and I smirk, "You want to bet?"

The older guard spook up, "We can do this the easy way or the way, you decide."

A smirk still on my face I looked at the older guard, "Yes; you can leave, or I can force you to."

The captain mirrored my smirk, "Any threat you make to us you make to Arendelle. Which would only get you in deeper and we would be forced to send our queen after you." Well that wouldn't be a very good first impression, but then again I probably wasn't already on good terms with her, "And believe me when I say you don't want Queen Elsa after you."

My smirk dropped, "I believe you, but you've forgotten one thing." I narrowed my eyes, "You won't be reporting me to anyone."

This time all three of them laughed, "And what makes you think we'll agree to that."

My voice took on a deadly tone, "I suggest you quit mocking me."

They stopped laughing, either from the tone of my voice or something else I don't know, frankly I didn't care either, "We don't have time for this, boys apprehend him."

"That's the thing," I started as the guards approached me, "I have don't plan on going anywhere I don't want to, and prison doesn't sound all to appealing to me at all." The guards probably grew impatient because the younger one lunged at me hoping to knock me out with the hilt of his blade. Seeing as his form was sloppy and easily beatable I stepped to the side and used his off footing to send him right back at the other two guards.

The captain caught the younger guard and turned to the older guard, "What are you waiting for? Get him!" the older guard unsheathed his sword, knowing this guard had a lot more experience I grabbed the bastard sword I was showing them earlier and met his blade as it came close to me.

"You're strong I'll give you that," the older guard grunted as I caught him in a blade-lock and started to push.

"I'm full of surprises," I said showing no sign of struggle and I pushed him away.

"Captain maybe this isn't a good idea." The young guard said clearly not wanting to mess with me anymore.

"Then maybe you can be the one to report to Queen Elsa that we found one of the biggest threats we've seen in months, and we let him go because he got a little angry!"

"Oh I'm not convincing enough?" I asked as if I was an actor playing for a role, "Maybe I should… heat things up a bit." I smiled and the sword in my hands immediately was covered with flames. The display made the three guards pale considerably I walked forward and put the tip far away enough that it wouldn't hurt the captain, but he could still feel the heat so he knew I wasn't faking it. "Now will you tell anyone what happened here?" They shook their heads no, "Good, but just to be sure." I knocked each of them out with the hilt of the blade.

"Zander what's going on out there?" I heard Ithilagar say as he came into view and he barked in surprise at the sight of me holding the flaming blade over the unconscious bodies, "Zander you didn't-"

"I didn't kill them, don't get your tail in a twist they're only unconscious." Ithilagar sighed in relief. "They were going to arrest me and I got mad."

"Great," Ithilagar grumbled, "Zander you need to get that anger under control, lately you've been having more outbursts in one month then you did in the past two years."

I put the titanium sword back on its rack and the flames slowly went out. "I don't know either. It seems that every time I'm around some sort of negative emotion, this curse absorbs it and turns it into anger." If Ithilagar wanted to say something, he didn't. "Either way we need to do something about these guards. Do we have any strong drinks?"

Ithilagar looked surprised at the request, "Yes, but I never thought you'd be one to-"

"It's not for me." I stated, "If I pour some of it on the guards, when they wake up they'll assumed that it was all something they hallucinated while in a drunken stupor. And if they report whoever they tell will think they're drunk and imagined it." Ithilagar nodded and walked away. As I waited for him to return the titanium blade caught my eye, because it looked different.

"Zander I got it." I hear Ithilagar slightly muffled. When I saw him enter the room I saw there was a bottle in his mouth. I took it and got to work.

(Kristoff's P.O.V.)

Today was the day Zander said he would have the ring ready and frankly I was nervous. This entire week I had been contemplating how I would propose to Anna, and frankly every one of them always ended with me looking like an idiot. I turned to my reindeer friend Sven, "How am I supposed to do this?"

"Easy," I said using Sven's voice, "Just do it and she'll say yes."

I made my voice normal, "Easy for you to say, you're not the one proposing."

"I'm with Sven on this," Olaf said next to me, I really have no idea how he managed to come along. The reason I was able to get away was that Elsa had managed to get enough time to have a snowball fight with Anna, and I would've thought Olaf would've preferred to stay behind.

Knowing I was outnumbered on the subject I decided to change it, "So you think Zander did a good job?"

"I think he's great!" Olaf said in an excited voice, "Though he seems a little weird."

"In what way?" I asked curious on what he was talking about.

"I don't know, being around him is like being around a lit fireplace. Really warm, but I know if I stay too long I'll melt." I was going to question him further, but I saw that we were at Zander's forge. Telling them to stay put I walked through the door.

"Kristoff good to see you." Zander's voice called out as I walked in. "I take it you're here for the ring?" I nodded and he vanished into the back room. As I waited I looked around at the other things Zander had made. What caught my eye was a bastard sword hanging on the wall.

I walked toward it to get a closer look. It looked to be made of a substance I've never seen before. The metal was a shiny dark grey and looked incredibly strong. Running down the sharp blade were blood red veins that seemed to pulse every so often. The crosspiece above the hilt was a slightly bent in a slight arch and looked slightly demonic with it covered with strange designs and a spike going the opposite direction of the arch at each end. The handle was wrapped in black leather and the was a black stone set inside the pommel and at the very end of the hilt was what looked like the dark grey metal starting to creep his way around a similar black stone to the one in the pommel. Like the veins both stones seemed to pulse every so often.

"I need to remember to take that off display." I jumped and turned around to see Zander standing there, "There's a very special piece of work, not for sale, put it out because of habit." Zander walked over and took the sword off its rack and put it in a compartment under the counter. "Now, let's get down to business." He reached under the counter and came up with a small box.

"It's a nice sword," Zander smiled to show me his thanks, "So mind telling me the reason for your appearance." Even though I wouldn't say it out loud, Zander looked horrible. He face looked a little grimy with streaks of ash on his forehead and cheeks, probably a result of him wiping the sweat off his face as he worked while oblivious to whatever was on his hands(or gloves). He had dark bags under his eyes and his hazel eyes were a little bloodshot. His hair was more disheveled than usual and he smelled like a campfire.

Zander gave a small laugh, "I've looked worse, I've just been hard at work. I didn't sleep for almost four days and was passed out for another two. Ithilagar says I work too hard."


"My wolf, you met him on your last visit." My mind went to the threatening wolf that nearly leaped at him.

"That fiery demon?" I asked.

Zander laughed, "That's him. I admit his fur is a little strange, but he's tame." I nodded, "I work hard to make sure this was my best work, and I'm proud to say that it is." He handed me the box and I opened it, and what I saw amazed me.

The ring was crafted from white gold with small strings of gold weaving around the band. Strange symbols like the ones I saw on the hit of the sword were carved into the band, but these looked more elegant than the ones on the sword. How the gem was put into the band seemed like it was resting on a small pile of snow. The area around the gem seemed to sparkle at the light reflected off it. The gem itself was a marvel. A smooth sapphire as blue as the ocean gleamed it the white gold. The gem seemed to melt into the band, what was most entrancing about it was that it seemed that a white star being reflected off the smooth surface of the beautiful gem.

"What is that gem?" I asked curious because it was unlike any sapphire I've ever seen.

"That my friend is what's known as a star sapphire, the result when a sapphire is cut just right. It gets its name from the star you can see shining on its surface." Zander started clearly being very prideful of his work, "I considered using a diamond, but then I started to think of the meaning behind the star sapphire." I gave him a confused look, "There's a legend that a star sapphire has magical powers that protect the person who wears it."

"Whoa," I continued to examine the ring before looking at Zander, "this is amazing work." Zander looked relieved, "I seriously can't accept this."

"No way you have no choice but to except it. No exchanges, no take backs." Zander said in a stern almost parent-like tone what strangely reminded me of Anna.

"Okay you seriously should meet Anna, I think you would get along pretty well. Elsa would like to meet you too." Zander grew silent.

"I don't know," Zander started, "I've never been one to get along with people, especially with girls."

I chuckled, "Well you're not alone there, my whole life my best friend was a reindeer named Sven."

"Well that explains a lot," When I gave him a confused look he added, "When you first came here I was curious on why you smelled so much like a reindeer." I tried to appear hurt but it only resulted in me bursting out laughing with him joining.

When the laughing ended I just had to ask, "So what do I owe you for the ring?"

Zander thought for a minute, "You owe me…" Zander paused for what I think for dramatic effect, "Nothing." My jaw dropped, "At least not until you get an answer from Anna."

"So wait," I began, "You stayed up for days to make this ring and made it your best work, and you're telling me I owe you nothing unless Anna says yes." Zander nodded and I shook my head in disbelief, "Okay now I know that you'll get along well with Anna and Elsa, especially Elsa." I could've sworn he grew slightly embarrassed at that last bit. "You know Elsa is single." I added, I couldn't resist.

Zander refused to look me in the eye and cleared his throat, "No I didn't know." I was going to continue, but Zander started leading me to the door and kept talking, "So you have the ring, so be on your way. Come back when you get her answer, if she says yes. Tell me what you think the price should be and then I'll tell you what you owe me." And with that Zander almost pushed me out the door.

(Zander's P.O.V.)

I leaned my back against the door and blew a sigh of relief. "Man that was close."

"What afraid people will find out you have the hots for the ice queen?" Ithilagar said as he came into view.

"Yeah that's very witty Ithilagar." I said sarcastically and I took off one of my gloves.

"Hey maybe when Kristoff comes back maybe he can set up a meeting between you and Elsa?" I shot a small amount of fire at him which only dissipated when it hit his fur. Ithilagar laughed harder, and I'm pretty sure my face was blushing to the point that I grew any more embarrassed my face would catch on fire.

"Oh shut up." I grumbled as I walked away from the wolf almost literally howling with laughter.

(Elsa's P.O.V.)

I was laughing as I threw a snowball at my sister, "Come on Elsa, at least give me time to make my snowballs."

"Sorry, but I just get a little carried away." I called out. Both of us continued to throw snowballs at each other until we decided to go back, "Anna I think we should go back, Kristoff and the rest of them should back by now and I'm sure you'll want to be there when he does." Anna's smile grew even bigger and she ran off while dragging me with her like she did when we were little kids.

"C'mon Elsa we need to hurry." I silently laughed at Anna's eagerness.

When we got to Kristoff I was exhausted, Anna on the other hand still seemed to be full of energy and hugged her boyfriend as soon as he was close enough. After a while Anna kissed Kristoff catching him slightly off guard.

As I watched the scene I was happy that Anna seemed do happy, but I felt something else; jealousy. I was slightly jealous that Anna had found someone that treated her like she was and is the greatest thing that's ever happened to him.

After learning that love was the key to controlling my ice, I began to realize just how lonely I was. Sure Anna loved me, but she was my sister. I just couldn't shake the feeling that I wished I could find someone for me. Everyone I've meet has either just treated me like the queen… or a monster. I wanted someone to treat me like a queen, not the queen. If only there was someone like me.

"Elsa!" I was taken out of my thoughts by Anna's excited voice. "Kristoff is taking me out tonight for our anniversary, you'll be okay by yourself right?"

I giggled, "I'm sure I can manage. Go have fun." She gave me a short hug thanking me and I looked at Kristoff. He winked and I returned it. I came out of the hug, "Well go on, enjoy your night." Anna and Kristoff bowed respectively and rush off.

(Anna's P.O.V.)

When Kristoff said he wanted to take me out for our anniversary I was excited. When Elsa told us to have fun we didn't hesitate to rush out of the castle and through the gates. Where I saw Sven hooked up to the sled I gave Kristoff waiting for us. "Where are we going?" I asked, but before I could turn around a blindfold covered my eyes, "Really Kristoff?" I asked sounding younger than I was.

"Yep, this is a surprise, so no peeking," I felt Kristoff lead me into the sled and I felt it begin to move.

When the sled came to a stop I felt Kristoff take my hand and bring me off the sled, then the blindfold came off. "What do you think?" Kristoff asked when my vision came into focus I gasped.

In front of me was what looked like a candlelit dinner for two, "It's amazing," I turned to my boyfriend, "How did you put this together?"

"I said it was a surprise, I never said I'd tell you how I did it." as I walked toward the table I barely heard him say, "I'm not sure how I did it myself." Trying not to laugh I just went to my seat. Kristoff pulled out my seat trying to be a gentleman and I sat down.

The evening was really amazing, it was like the night of my sister's coronation. The evening I spent with Hans. I shook the memories out of my head, the main difference between that night and tonight was it was way better than that night; because Kristoff's love for me was real and it still is. Unlike Hans, it felt good to punch that no good son of a- "Anna?" My thoughts were interrupted by Kristoff.


(Kristoff's P.O.V.)

Okay this was it, no backing down now. "Anna well um… you know we've been dating for a few months, and they've been the best months of my life. Well it's just-well maybe we- um he he this is not coming out right." I rambled.

"Kristoff." I looked into Anna's blue eyes, "What are you trying to say?"

I gulped, relax. This is Anna, no matter what happens, she'll be kind about it. "Anna I have something rather crazy, but very important to ask you." Anna listened very closely. I stood up and got on one knee in front of Anna and took her hands in mine, "After Elsa ended the eternal winter back in the summer I realized that you were the best thing that ever happened to me." Anna gave me a slight smile, "I wanted you to become my girlfriend because I really do love you, and I'm happy to have given you the love you deserve after… you know what he did to you."

Anna nodded and I sighed while reaching into my pocket, "I'm happy that you are my girlfriend, but lately I haven't been seeing you as a girlfriend." I saw fear in Anna's eyes, "I've been seeing you as something more," Anna's fear was replaced by shock, "I guess what I'm trying to say is…" I stopped for dramatic effect as I brought out the box, "Will you marry me?" I opened the box and Anna gasped.

Anna continued to stare at me until I saw tears welling up in her eyes and she slowly began to smile, "Yes, yes yes a million times yes!" she exclaimed. I took out the ring and slid it onto her finger and I stood up and she practically tackled me in a hug and kissed me as tears of happiness slid down her face. When she brought herself out of the embrace she began to ramble, "There's so much to do. There's food, the ceremony itself, the reception-" She halted and she grew worried, "Wait we need Elsa's blessing we need to get over there-" I cut her off.

"Anna relax, I already asked and she's already given me her blessing." Anna smiled at this.

"So I gotta ask, where did you get this ring?" She asked amazed by the beauty of it.

"From a blacksmith that recently moved here." I responded.

She looked at me puzzled, "When did we get a blacksmith?"

"Last week." I clarified, "He's a great guy and looked to be the same age as Elsa if not a year older."

"Really?" Anna asked.

"Yeah, but that's not the best part," Anna listened close, "I think he likes Elsa." Anna was silent for a minute before a smile crawled its way onto her face.

After I talked to her a little more about Zander. I dropped her off at her room I realized I had to pay Zander for the ring, and I have the perfect bonus for it. Not caring whether he was awake or not I rushed to the forge wanting to tell him the news.

Bursting through the doors of the forge I shouted, "ZANDER!" there was a clang followed by a yell of pain and someone yelling with a quite colorful vocabulary. After a few seconds Zander came out shaking his hand and gritting his teeth in pain, "What happened?"

He massaged his now gloveless hand, "Oh nothing much just hit my hand with a hammer."

"Are you hurt?" I asked.

He rolled his eyes, "No I always burst into a rage of curses at this time of night, it's sort of a routine to me." His voice was dripping with sarcasm as he put the glove back on his hand.

I dismissed his comment, "Okay Zander I got an answer," Now I had his attention, "She said yes."

"I knew it." he said with a slight laugh all signs that he was in pain were gone, "So I guess it's time for my payment then?" I smiled and put a leather pouch on the counter, when it hit the hard wood there the clinging of coins hitting one another. Zander looked inside and went from tan to albino, "Okay this is definitely too much." Zander pushed the pouch towards me and I pushed it back.

"I insist, and there's more to it. A bonus."

"What, this is already more than enough I can't except more." Zander explained.

I put up a hand, "Your bonus is an invitation to the wedding." Zander's eyes widened, "Not only that, I want you to be my best man." Now his jaw dropped.

"What, are you serious?" I nodded and his eyes narrowed suspiciously, "What are you planning?"

"Nothing, I just want you to be my best man." His expression didn't change, "Okay the second reason is that it was the best way I could get you to meet Anna and Elsa."

Zander stared me down, "There's no talking you out of this is there?" I shook my head, "Okay I accept your invitation."

I smiled in satisfaction, "Okay I hope you have some nice clothes. I'll be back to tell what your duties will be, but until then I'm off" I said as I walked out the door, but before I closed the door I poked my head back in, "Oh and by the way, Elsa is the maid of honor." And without seeing his reaction I closed the door.

(Zander's P.O.V.)

"Kristoff asked you to be the best man at his wedding?" Ithilagar asked when I told him the news.

"Yes, which means I need to get some nice clothes, but I highly doubt there's more to it than that. He also told me that Elsa is Anna's maid of honor." Ithilagar smirked and I grew curious, "What?"

"You know it's tradition for the best man to dance with the bride and maid of honor at the reception?" Ithilagar asked.

"No I didn't-" I came to realization, "Oh crap." I said silently.

(? P.O.V.)

I looked down at the map in front of me, "Okay first I'll come in with a small group of soldiers and begin the first phase. If that doesn't work I'll send word and then you'll bring in the armies. Then the throne will be mine." I looked across the table at my co-worker, "And Arendelle's trade will be yours."

The short skinny man in front of me stroked his mustache, "But what of the sorceress? Sure we can't do this with her in the city." He said in his slight German accent.

I looked up, "Which is why I'm coming in with a small force. So I can… take care of the main threat Arendelle has against us." He nodded and I picked up a knife and stared into the reflection coming of the shiny blade, "They will regret and pay for what they did. Arendelle will be mine." I said my voice filed with hatred and anger. I stabbed the blade right into the center of the map where it showed Arendelle, "On way or another."

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