Frozen II: A Fire Fueled by Rage

Chapter 5: Wedding Problems

(Zander's P.O.V.)

"Okay Kristoff, where to next?" After Kristoff collected his winnings from the bet he made on me and Ithilagar's fight, we decided that I knew everything I needed to know about being the best man and we needed to continue.

"The place where the most dreaded part of weddings are made." Kristoff said in a cryptic tone.

"We're going to the tailors aren't we?" Kristoff nodded and I groaned. Unless they were made by the best, most fancy clothes were stiff itchy and just plain irritating. Three things that I'm sure will drive me mad throughout the wedding. Which would cause me to burst into flames, and then… Well bye bye clothes.

"Oh come on Zander, it won't be that bad." Kristoff, probably to encourage himself more than me.

"Yeah, nothing beats standing still for about an hour while people jab you with needles to make sure a set of clothes more only going to wear once fit just right." I said sarcastically.

"Well aren't you a hothead." Kristoff said in a joking voice. Oh you have no idea how right you are.

"You know this isn't as bad as I thought it would be Kristoff." I said.

"Really?" Kristoff asked.

I smiled, "No," my smile fell, "It's far worse- ow!" I exclaimed as a needle jabbed my side. We were now at the tailors trying on fancy clothes, and it was taking every ounce of self-control I could muster not to use my fire, but it was getting harder with every needle jabbed into my side causing my irritation to go up, and it was getting very hard not to erupt, and I mean this almost in the literal sense.

"Zander it's only been fifteen minutes." Kristoff said.

"Yes and they've been the worst fifteen minutes of my life, and with the life I've had." I said, "That's saying something- ow!" I turned towards the seamstress, "Careful with those pins down there."

"Well Mr. Smith this is a hard outfit to fit, you have a unique build. If you would just hold still I'll try to get this done as soon as possible" The seamstress said, "Believe me when I say I want this to be done just as much as you do." I grumble and tried to keep still.

"Oh this better be worth it." I said.

"Don't worry Mr. Smith," a new voice said, it was the owner of the Tailor Shop, he had a last name, but he told everyone to call him by his first name; Taylor, "When were done with that outfit, every non-single girl at that wedding reception is going swoon at the sight of you. You may even have a chance of winning the queen."

Kristoff smirked, "Yeah I'm sure he does,"

"Oh shut up you little-" I was cut off by a needle jabbing a little too into my side causing he to grunt in pain, "You know what Taylor, this session would go a whole lot smoother if I had something to clench between my teeth, a piece of leather perhaps." Taylor nodded and walked into the other room, the seamstress seemed to run out of pins, because she followed Taylor.

When they were out of sight I turned to Kristoff who was scratching Ithilagar's back. I narrowed my eyes at him, "You're enjoying this aren't you?"

Kristoff smirked and so did Ithilagar, "I might."

I rolled my eyes, "I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to Ithilagar."

It was silent before Kristoff laughed, "Are you saying Ithilagar talks to you?" I nodded, Kristoff turned to the wolf, "So can you talk on your own, or does Zander do it for you?"

Ithilagar looked at me, "We'll tell him after we get out of this place, we can trust Kristoff."

Kristoff was confused, "Trust me with what?"

"You'll see," Taylor came back into the room along with the seamstress, "But just to warn you, I have no idea how you'll react to what I'm going to tell you when we get back to the forge." I grabbed the piece of leather and put it in my mouth, "Let's get this over with." I said the words slightly muffled by the leather strip in between my teeth.

About an hour, and several needle jabs later, Kristoff, Ithilagar, and I were walking out of the shop with them telling us our clothes would be ready the day before the wedding, which means we'd have to go back for another fitting. "See that wasn't so bad?" Kristoff said as he rummaged through his pack for a carrot for Sven.

I rolled my eyes, "Easy for you to say, it didn't take long for them to get your measurements and make adjustments to your outfit." My brain was sensing several signals of negative emotion, it was getting hard not to snap.

Kristoff only laughed, "Okay so, what were you going to tell me?"

"Wait until we get to the forge." I replied Kristoff only shrugged as he put a carrot in front of Sven's mouth. The reindeer took a bite then- Wait did Kristoff just take a bite out of it too?

(Elsa's P.O.V.)

"Anna, please just pick a dress, we have to meet the Royals of Corona soon, they're docking today." I pleaded. Me and my sister Anna were currently in a dress shop looking for a wedding dress for Anna, but so far she's refused every dress she's looked at, and like I said. Me and Anna were supposed to meet our aunt and uncle, the King and Queen of Corona. What made it even more exciting was that they were bringing our cousin Rapunzel too.

"I know Elsa, but there are just so many choices, and this is supposed to be the happiest day of my life, and I want it to be perfect," Anna said as she looked at what was probably the 20th dress that day. I looked at the dress she was looking at, it was very pretty, but it seemed to be missing something. Wait a minute what if…

"Anna!" I said a little too loud because Anna jumped a little, "Buy that dress, I have an idea to make it better."

Anna looked confused, "What?"

(Kristoff's P.O.V.)

Okay I'm pretty sure something in taking up most of Zander's mind, because he hasn't said much since we left. He kept muttering stuff to himself and he was constantly clenching and unclenching his fists.

"Hey you alright?" I asked, he only grunted as a response, I'm not sure what, but something sure riled him up. Maybe I went too far on the jokes about him liking Elsa.

"We're here." Zander said as we walked up in front of his forge. Zander opens the door and me and Ithilagar walk in, Zander quickly follows closing the door on his way in.

"Okay so were at the forge, what were you going to say?" I ask.

"It's not me that will be doing the talking, that would be Ithilagar." Zander says as his rubs his forehead. What does he have a headache or something.

"Why not you?" I asked.

The yellow in Zanders hazel eyes seemed to glow a bit, "I'm not in the mood," he said rather coldly.

"Okay no need to be so cold about it," Zander seemed to shut up at that, an awkward silence followed.

(Zander's P.O.V.)

Cold? Strange that a fire wielder would treat people coldly, but he's right. I leaned my back against the counter and stared at the ground.

"Okay I'm sorry I didn't mean to-" I cut him off his a hand.

"No it's alright… you're right, I can be a little cold sometimes." I said, because that's what curses are, cold, soulless, and unpredictable. Just like me.

"Hey don't worry, you know. When I first met Elsa she came off as a little cold." I looked at him to see if this was another one of his jokes, "I mean what else would you think if you were thrown out of a palace by a giant ice monster." I chuckled.

"Okay, now I know I need to hear this story."

Kristoff smiled, "Well the wedding is coming up soon so you will get the chance."

I nodded, but then I remembered something, "Speaking of which, don't we need to have a Bachelor Party?" Kristoff looked at me, "Hey it is your last time of freedom as a single man."

Kristoff thought for a moment, "Yeah you're right, also who are the others that will be coming to it, it can't be just you and me."

I smirked, "It won't," I patted the wolf's neck, "We'll have Ithilagar with us, then it will be a party." Kristoff looked at me as if I was crazy, "Ithilagar… speak."

There was silence, "What is that it?" Kristoff asked.

Ithilagar did what I think was a shrug, "I don't know." He said, "You're the first person I've talked to in a long time, I don't know what to say." Kristoff seemed to freeze. I walked over and waved a hand in front of his face. I looked at the wolf; he was smirking, "Was it something I said?" he asked in an innocent tone.

(Elsa's P.O.V.)

"Anna are you sure you asked Kristoff to come meet us at the docks?" I asked my sister.

Anna seemed to think for a moment, "I think I did." After a few minutes of waiting Anna pointed behind me, "There he is, or should I say, there they are." I turned around and saw Kristoff walking with a black-haired boy I have never seen before, but for some reason he seemed familiar, but that was impossible.

"Sorry I'm late I was caught up." Kristoff said slightly out of breath, the black-haired boy on the other hand looked totally fine.

"Kristoff, who is this?" Anna said pointing to the boy he was with. Kristoff was still catching his breath.

"Since my friend is unable at the moment, I'll introduce myself," the boy smiled before bowing slightly, "Zander Smith, It is a pleasure to meet you." He had a surprisingly warm voice considering he had the look of an assassin with his dark leather clothing, wait dark leather clothing.

"Hi I'm Anna and this is Elsa." Anna said in her cheerful voice.

Zander's hazel green eyes seemed to lighten up a bit, wait hazel green eyes why does that sound familiar, "Oh so you're the Anna Kristoff won't shut up about," I tried to hold back a laugh at Kristoff's embarrassed expression. When Zander's eyes fell on me I felt a weird feeling in my stomach, "So you must be Queen Elsa of Arendelle," I nodded and Zander turned to Anna, "I trust you enjoyed my work?" So that's where Kristoff got the ring.

Anna smiled, "Yes, I can't believe you made something like this it must've taken you so long." Anna looked concerned, "You didn't hurt yourself making this did you? I would hate it if you did and-" I giggled at Anna's rambling and Zander put his gloved hands up, leather gloves. Now that I got a better look at Zander, he seemed familiar, but not in the 'I've seen you before.' More like the 'I recognize you.'

"Whoa, slow down a bit." Zander chuckled, "Kristoff wasn't kidding when he said you were full of energy." Kristoff tried to look innocent as to say he didn't say anything, "And if you must know, the ring took me days to make, and I didn't sleep at all while in the process." Anna gasped, I don't blame her it surprised me too. Zander nodded as if he expected this kind of reaction, "Yeah, making a piece of art for a princess seems to keep you up." Zander said.

I was starting to get a little curious about this Zander person, "So Zander-"

"A queen calling me by my first name? Now I've seen it all." I tried not to blush.

"So why are you here with our friend Kristoff?" I asked.

He shrugged, "Not sure, first I had to drag out of my forge so I could wake him up from a daze I put him in," A forge?, "Then he remember he had to come here, but after several collisions with some lamp posts," Anna giggled at that, "I decided to help him out by leading him here. Thought it was the least I could do with me being his best man." Now that last bit caught my attention, but before I could question more Anna interrupted.

"Elsa they're here." I turned around to see the Corona ship docking.

(Zander's P.O.V.)

I can't believe I almost had a conversation with the Queen of Arendelle. I can't believe how calm I sounded I was freaking out of the inside. Ten more seconds and I'm sure I would've panicked; good thing Anna saved me from a very embarrassing moment.

"Well that went well." Kristoff said behind me, I turned around, "I would've thought you would've been fumbling with your words."

I shuddered, "Ten more seconds and I probably would have been." Kristoff laughed, "This is why I tend to avoid socializing."

"What you never had the experience?" he asked.

"My parents never wanted me to go into public," I replied, "Almost as if they were storing me away from the world."

Kristoff patted my shoulder, "Well I'm sure they had their reasons." Yeah they did, and it was a pretty good one.

"Kristoff! Zander!" Anna excited voice called out. We turned to see Anna and Elsa walking toward us with four people behind them, two of them I recognized to be the King and Queen of Corona, but the brunettes that looked about my age were unfamiliar to me, but the man seemed to look familiar.

"Guys this is our aunt and uncle the Royals of Corona," She said pointing to the king and Queen, she then pointed to the younger couple, "And this is Rapunzel and-" the man cut her off.

"How ya doing, the name's Flynn Rider," he said smiling and holding out his hand. Now I remember, I saw his face on a wanted poster once. Strange, his nose doesn't look like it did on the poster. Flynn Rider the thief, looks like I can have some fun.

"The thief?" I asked while shaking his hand.

"That's right." He replied with a slight amount of pride.

I narrowed my eyes and tried my best to look menacing, "My family was robbed by a man named Flynn Rider a few years ago." I must've done a good job with my threat because Flynn visibly paled and began to look nervous.

"I-I-is that so," Flynn stuttered out, Rapunzel looked slightly surprised, I must've been more intimidating than I thought. Here I thought Flynn would be more confident, at least he was until he fell for my trick.

"Yes," I sneered in a menacing voice, "My family suffered that year because of that robbery. Do you remember what you stole Flynn, or have you committed so many crimes you don't even bother to remember all of them?"

"No I don't like to remember my crimes, I assure you I'm a changed man and-" I cut him off by hoisting him into the air with no trouble at all.

"Does that change what you did to my family? DOES IT!?" Man I am good at this, if we were alone I would've set my face on fire to add a little more flare.

(Elsa's P.O.V.)

Wow, you definitely don't want to get on Zander's bad side, 'He looked angry so I didn't question him.' The witness's voice echoed in my head.

"Zander, just calm down," Anna said, "Just put him down." I slowly turned to look at her, she had bravery I'll give her that. Zander looked at Anna before letting go of the former thief. Then he started to laugh. Wait laugh?

(Zander's P.O.V.)

Oh man that was absolutely priceless! I was nearly doubling over in laughter. I looked up and wiped the tears of amusement away from my eyes. Everybody looked at me with a baffled expression. Flynn was the first to pick his jaw off the floor, "Wait, did you just lie about all that and threaten my life just so you can get a good laugh?" he asked, a second later he smiled, "You and me are going to get along famously."

I finished my laughing fit, "Man you should've seen your face. Well I never really introduced myself, Zander Smith, blacksmith at your service." I said while giving a bow, "So I told you my name I think it's fair you tell me your real name."

"Who told you Flynn wasn't my real name?" He asked.

I smirked, "You did, just now." I held back a laugh at the face he gave me, "Well," I started rubbing my gloved hands together, "Why don't the royals go back to the castle while the boys have some fun?"

"Well technically I am a prince," Flynn said.

"Well Flynn you're still the Thief Flynn Rider in my book," I said, "Come on its Kristoff's last week as a single man, we need to make sure it's one to remember." The two guys nodded and we all ran away from the dock with me in the lead.

(Elsa's P.O.V.)

Zander is… interesting to say the least, but there's something about him that puts me off edge a bit. I saw him vanish into an alleyway, and I had a small sense of déjà vu.

Out of the corner of my eye I could have sworn I saw someone run into one of the nearby alleyways.

"So who was that?" Rapunzel asked.

I looked at my cousin then back at the alleyway he ran into, "I'm not sure."

Anna giggled, "Well he definitely seems like a fun guy," She looked over at me, "I'm sure you two would get along quite well." I felt my cheeks burn a little bit.

"I don't know, something about him… just doesn't seem right." I said, "I think he's hiding something."

(Zander's P.O.V.)

The week flew by without me realizing it, before I knew what was going on, it was the day before the wedding. I was currently with Kristoff and Flynn, turns out Flynn's real name is Eugene. I can see why he changed his name when he became a thief. I mean, who would ever want to tell someone that they were robbed by Eugene the Thief.

Kristoff chose the best and yet the worse time to ask me something, "So Zander, how's your speech coming along?" I was currently drinking a mug of glogg and in seconds the liquid left my mouth in a giant spit take. I felt a sense of déjà vu and I'm sure Kristoff did too. Unfortunately Flynn, I decided to keep calling him that, was sitting in front of me in in direct line of fire of my spit take.

"Whoa, seriously Zander?!" Flynn cried out.

I ignored him and wiped the glogg from my mouth. I turned toward Kristoff, "You could've reminded me of that a day or two ago."

"You mean you haven't worked on it yet?" he asked, I nodded, "Well that's not good."

I rolled my eyes, "You think?" I was in trouble, I need to start thinking.

"You know," Flynn said seeming to have gotten over the spit take thing, "You should just speak from the heart, don't prepare, just say what you're feeling." Kristoff and I looked at Flynn and there was a moment of silence. Flynn sighed, "I've been hanging with Rapunzel too long haven't I?" We all laughed.

(Elsa's P.O.V.)

"I can't believe my little sister is getting married tomorrow." Seriously, I really didn't believe it for a second.

Anna smiled, she was in the wedding dress I told her to buy and the finishing touches were being put on it, "I know, it feels like yesterday that I was seeing you for what felt like the first time in forever." I giggled, "Maybe if we're lucky you'll find someone special too."

"Don't get your hopes up Anna," I said while turning away, "I doubt many people are interested in me anyway." I could feel the two girls opening their mouths, "I mean interested in me as a person, not a sorceress, not a queen, and not a monster." I whispered the last part while slightly hugging myself. I could feel the girls looking at me with sympathy. I shook off my loneliness and tried to bring up a new subject, "Anyway Anna, what do you think of your dress?"

Anna gave a small twirl, "I admit I like it, but something seems to be missing from it." I smiled.

"You're right, and I think I know what that 'something' is." I responded and the light blue magic of my ice started to form around my hands.

(Zander's P.O.V.)

"Kristoff you know how tomorrow is supposed to be the happiest day of your life?" I grumbled.

"Yes it is." He responded.

"Will all I've been going through it better be." I was getting the final fitting for my clothes for the ceremony tomorrow, and I was going through a familiar irritation was several pins were being jabbed into me.

"I assure you it'll all be worth it, at least the reception will be worth it." Kristoff added.

I looked at Kristoff without turning my head, "For you or- ow!" I turned towards the seamstress, "I've told you before and I'll tell you again, careful where you poke those pins!" Kristoff and Flynn chuckled and I shut them up with a glare.

The torture formally known as fitting ended sooner than I expected, it was late and Flynn, Kristoff and I decided to spend the last night of our 'Bachelor's Week' at the tavern, we all shared stories from throughout our lives, and with Flynn being a thief, he certainly had quite a few tales to tell.

"So what is the strangest thing you've ever done?" Kristoff asked Flynn and me. I really had to think for a while on that one, Flynn on the other hand seemed to have an immediate answer.

"That would be shorty after I met Rapunzel," Flynn replied, when Kristoff and I looked at him, he knew that he had to explain, "We we're running from a squad of guards- don't ask." I closed my mouth, "We were cornered and I was forced to hold the guards off with nothing but a frying pan." I raised an eyebrow and held back a laugh, "Laugh all you want frying pans are actually a powerful weapon, but that wasn't the strangest about it, then I had to defend myself against the sword-wielding Max."

"What's so strange about that?" I asked.

Flynn waited a bit before answering, "Max is a horse." I looked at him surprised, "And he beat me." That did it, all that I've been holding back exploded from my mouth in a large amount of laughter. A few seconds later Kristoff joined in of the laughter, "Still you can't beat that Zander, what about your strangest event?" my laughter died and I fell silent.

"Well I don't know about my strangest experience, but I can tell you the experience I remember the most." I said as I took a few gulps of my glogg, the looks on their faces told me they had their attention. I took a deep breaths, "It all started a little over two years ago when I turned 20…"

(Han's P.O.V)

Despite the barge's large size, I could still feel it every time the waves crashed against the large boat. Good thing I don't get seasick, otherwise I don't think I would be able to handle this journey. I stirred my spoon around the gruel I was forced to eat while on this boat. I took a bit and grimaced "It'll all be worth it Hans, it will all be worth it." I put the bowl down I began to think. The entire plan ran through my mind, it seemed all too simple, but after dealing with Arendelle before, I knew it wasn't going to be easy.

"Prince Hans," I opened my eyes and turned toward the voice; it was the Duke, "Not that I doubt your plan, but are you sure you have every part of this plan figured?"

I narrowed my eyes at him, "I have spent months thinking of my revenge, and you have the audacity to ask me such a question?" it was more of a threat than a question.

The Duke looked terrified, "No, not at all, I just have a bad feeling." He explained, "It was a similar feeling I got whenever I would think of why Arendelle locked their gates." I stared at The Duke, searching for any sign that he was trying to weasel his way out of this, he seemed to be sure.

I shook it off, "I assure there is nothing in Arendelle that has a chance against us. Once Elsa is out of the way, our way to victory will be clear."

(Zander's P.O.V.)

I finished my story and there was a moment of silence, I looked up and saw that Kristoff and Flynn were looking at me with stunned looks on their faces, "I can't believe that you could've gone through something like that." Kristoff said.

Flynn nodded, "Yeah, and I thought my past was pretty rough." I nodded and stood up.

"I'll meet you guys before the wedding starts, I need time to think." The story brought back memories which also brought back old emotions, and old rage. I could feel it bubbling and burning inside me. Without another word I walked out of the tavern, I felt everyone's eyes on me, as if they all heard my story.

I walked into my house without talking to Ithilagar, when I got to my room I threw myself on the bed and instantly fell asleep.

I was surrounded by a burning village and no matter where I looked, I couldn't anybody… anybody that was alive. I knew this place, I had seen it several times. I was in the ruins of what was once a village, and I always knew what caused it. A large burst of flame ignited in the corner of my eye, I ran towards it and saw someone setting flame to the building. When the person was finished burning it to the ground he turned around and could clearly see who it was; it was me when I was angry, I usually call him Rage. Rage glared at me with glowing red eyes, he then formed a blade of flame in his hand and jumped into the air ready to strike.

I woke up the same way I did every day, terrified and hating myself. Shaking it off I decided I had to get dressed. I was the best man, I still have some time to think about my speech, but I want to make sure it's a good one. I grabbed my formal clothes and began to get dressed. I looked in the mirror before leaving the room.

I was wearing a black suit with a dark green formal vest over a white formal shirt. I put on a pair of leather boots and made sure to put on my leather gloves. Deciding that it was pointless to even try to fix up my hair I left.

I was standing next to Kristoff with Flynn on the other side of me. Both of them were in fancy clothes and Kristoff was freaking out, "Kristoff, calm down. It's your wedding day, you should be happy." I whispered. He seemed to calm down a little, but not much.

"I know, but what if something goes wrong?" I rolled my eyes, I knew this was going to happen.

"Kristoff, it'll be fine, the second you see Anna walking up that isle you'll know that everything will be perfect." As if on cue the music started and Elsa and Rapunzel started walking up the isle with Anna behind them. I was stunned, each of them was wearing a dress similar to the one Elsa usually wears, but they were pure white. The lace on the dresses was similar to snowflakes, Anna was wearing a veil that covered her face with a similar design to the lace(or is it ice) on her dress.

"She looks beautiful," Kristoff said sound just as stunned as I was.

"Yeah she does," I agreed.

"You got that right." Flynn added, I wasn't exactly so sure which girl they were talking, but I guess it didn't matter.

I couldn't really remember some of the ceremony, before I knew it Kristoff and Anna had finished their vows and the priest had said, "You may now kiss the bride." Kristoff and Anna then shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

I know I haven't been to many parties in my life, but Arendelle sure knew how to throw one. The feast was pretty good. A few minutes into the feast Kristoff nudged my shoulder, "It's time for your speech." He whispered. Oh great, time for a lifetime of humiliation to hit me in just a few minutes. I took a deep breath and stood up. I picked up my glass and tabbed my knife against it. I'm not sure how everyone could've heard it, but in seconds all eyes are on me.

I cleared my throat, "Hello everyone, it's tradition for the best man to begin the toasts, so here I am." Why did I ever agree to do this, "Let me just start by saying that I'm really glad to be here. No one has ever done this for me. Most people I meet find me a little intimidating, some don't even think I'm a real person." I don't know what I said, but I definitely had Elsa's attention, "When I came to Arendelle a month and a half ago, I was just expecting to live my life as a smith, but that all changed when the Royal Ice Master came to my shop asking for a ring. When I questioned him, he replied it was for the best thing that ever happened to him." It wasn't a total lie, but Anna seemed to look happy, "I worked day and night to make the ring Anna now wears on her finger. Every minute Kristoff talked about Anna, the more I thought on it was impossible to feel this much love for a girl," I smiled at Anna, "But after seeing Anna and Kristoff together for the first time, I knew it was possible." Kristoff and Anna smiled at me, well the later than the two had a bigger smile, but I guess that didn't matter, "I have never seen two people more right for each other than Kristoff and Princess Anna and I hope until the day they die and even beyond that. That their love stays that strong." I raised my glass, "To the bride and groom." Everyone clapped as I took a sip of my drink.

Once the feast was over it was time for the dance, but I was over by the snack table. I was examining the snacks, "The royal family must really love chocolate," I said putting a truffle in my mouth.

"Yes they do," I was so surprised I almost choked on the truffle, "Sorry to surprise you. I turned around to see a man dressed in a dark green suit, "My name is Kai, I work here at the palace." He said as he extended a hand. I shook it, "That was a very nice toast you gave, I'm will to bet that it was better than the toast given at King Agar's wedding."

I nodded my thanks, "Did you come here to thank me, or was there another reason?"

Kai chuckled, "The dance is about to start soon and Princess Anna has asked me to make sure you Dance with Queen Elsa," Oh great, now for the second part of my mental torture, I could already hear Ithilagar and Kristoff chuckling.

(Elsa's P.O.V.)

Zander's toast was very nice, but that one line kept repeating in my head, "Most people I meet find me a little intimidating, some don't even think I'm a real person." It really caught my attention, maybe that's the feeling I get around him, maybe it was because I knew I could relate to him.

"Excuse me your majesty," I turned to see Kia with Zander behind him, "The dance is about to start and Princess Anna would appreciate it if you were dancing on the floor with her." I nodded. Zander stepped forward, I had to admit, he did look handsome in those clothes.

He gave a slight bow before asking, "Would you give me the honor of giving you your first dance of the night?" he extended a hand and gave me a warm smile, I tried not to blush, I returned the smile and accepted his outstretched hand.

Dancing with Zander had been better than I expected, he was a true gentleman and did his best not to step on my feet, I could tell because he would occasionally glance down at his feet. When the song was over he let go of me, "Thank you for the dance your majesty." He gave a slight bow before walking away. My eyes followed him, he wasn't like any of the other people that wanted my attention. If anything, it seemed that the last thing he wanted was my attention.

(Zander's P.O.V.)

Why does she have to be so damn beautiful? I can't get too close to her, it wouldn't be good for either of us, most of the guests have left by now, I guess I should think about leaving too, "Hey lover boy, did you enjoy your dance?" I turned to see the newly wedded couple.

I shrugged, "It was nice." I simply said.

Kristoff chuckled, "You know Zander, in a way, you've made history."

I raised an eyebrow, "How exactly?"

Anna giggled, "Elsa has never danced with anybody."

I shrugged, but I was doing my best to hide my surprise, and pride, "It was tradition-" Anna cut me off.

"Tradition or not she still danced with you, and practically every guy in there that was single looked at you with jealously." So that was the anger I was feeling afterwards.

I was about to respond when I sensed a huge spike of rage, one I could recognize any day of the week, "Would you excuse me for a moment," the couple nodded and walked away. I turned to the anger spike, "Hello Captain."

(Elsa's P.O.V.)

After dancing with Zander, I had gotten several invitations to dance with some of the nobles that were at the party, of course I politely refused all of them. Now I was listening to my little sister talk all about how happy she was, I'm not saying it was bad thing. I guess I just wasn't in the mood, "So is Zander a good dancer?" she asked, somehow I knew this was coming.

"Zander is a bit of a gentleman," I tried to give a vague answer, but the squeal my sister gave me as a response told me I failed.

"You like him don't you?" I blushed at the thought, but before I could respond Kristoff came.

"Elsa, I think the guard captain is threatening Zander." I turned to see Captain arguing with Zander. I decided to try to stop a fight before it happened and walked toward them.

As I got closer I started to hear Zander talking to Captain, "-all I said was you had a little too much to drink Captain." Zander said to a red-faced Captain.

"Why I outta kill you on the spot." He growled, I could see that Zander's calm expression was starting to fall.

"Captain," both of them jumped at the sound of my voice, "Come with me, I would like to speak with you privately." I could see Captain's red face pale considerably.

"Captain I realized you're stress about the criminal case, but that doesn't give you enough reason to threaten people you've never seen before." I explained trying not to lose my temper.

"Your Highness, listen to me, Zander is the criminal." Captain practically pleaded.

I rolled my eyes, "Not this again-" Captain interrupted, that was unexpted.

"Queen Elsa, think about it, the fire was around the same time that Zander came into town, he fits the description. Tell me that doesn't say anything suspicious." Captain shouted slightly forgetting who he was talking to.

I wanted to tell him he was wrong, but when I thought about I saw that he was right. It was a little suspicious, "Okay Captain, I've come to a decision."

(Zander's P.O.V.)

Oh it would've given me great pleasure to burn that son of a bitch's face until it was nothing but ash. My vision grew red and I found myself taking of one of my gloves, I stopped. What am I doing? I can't give in, I can't let myself to become Rage, not here at least.

"Mr. Smith," Speak of the devil and he appears. I turned around to see Captain, Elsa, and a few of the guards. This can't be good.

"Can I help you Captain?" I asked.

He pointed at me, "Zander Smith, you're under arrest for crimes against the Kingdom of Arendelle." I narrowed my eyes.

"What are you talking about, I haven't done any crimes." I said, acting was one of my greatest qualities, it's gotten me out of several situations that could've had me killed.

"Cut the act," Captain said, "We know it was you that set fire to that building."

I rolled my eyes, "This again, Captain it was one fire that happened over a month ago, just let it go."

"You seem to know a lot about a crime you didn't commit Zander," Elsa said. Dammit, "Just come quietly and we can sort this whole thing out." I wasn't going to come quietly, that I was sure off.

I could feel Rage's words leaving my mouth, "What, you don't even bother hearing my side of all this," I shook my head in disgust, " I'm outta here." I tried to walk away, but the guards cut me off.

"You're not going anywhere," Captain said behind me, I just kept walking. The guards held up their spears and their points were inches from my chest. I closed my eyes and my mind started to sense the heat of everyone around me. I felt someone come up behind me to knock me out. Right when he was about to I ducked and grabbed his arms and threw him and the guards in front of me, high enough to avoid hitting the spears, but high enough to hit the guards.

I opened my eyes just as the guard I threw made contact with the guards. I used the opportunity and started to run. I heard Elsa's voice calling at me, "Zander wait!" seconds after she said that I felt something hard and cold strike me in the back of the head. I chill spread out through my entire body and found myself losing consciousness.

(Elsa's P.O.V.)

I watched in horror as Zander fell to the ground unconscious. I can't believe I just did that, I had no idea what was happening until the blast left my hands. The guards ran to collect his body, "Let me see him." They didn't argue. I examined his face for only a minute before Captain gave his orders, "Lock him up, and make sure to chain him up." As they carried away I thought about what I saw when I looked at Zander.

When they brought Zander to me I looked at his face, his expression wasn't like Anna's when I hit her, it seemed… conflicted. The ice on the back of his head disappeared and like Anna, a streak of Zander's hair changed, but it didn't turn white… It turned blood red.

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