Frozen II: A Fire Fueled by Rage

Chapter 9: Arrival

(Elsa's P.O.V.)

I shook everyone awake like Ithilagar asked. "Anna, wake up." I said as silently as I could.

She stirred and slightly opened her eyes, "Elsa, what-?"

"No time to explain, we need everybody up." Elsa went over to wake Olaf, who was currently resting against Sven. While Anna went to wake her husband. "Olaf, wake up."

"What," he said a little loudly and I shushed him, "Why are we whispering?"

"Ithilagar smells something, and according to him. It's not friendly." I explained to him. Ithilagar sniffed the air and began to growl.

Kristoff went to wake up Sven, but he was already up, he was looking around too. "What is it Sven?" Kristoff asked him, Sven grunted in response, Kristoff looked into the woods as if he could see something.

Ithilagar's growling got louder, when I turned around I saw that Ithilagar wasn't growling louder. Ithilagar wasn't the only one growling. That was when the howling was heard.

(Zander's P.O.V.)

I stared at my reflection looking at the changes I had made, I found myself smiling at it, "What do you think Ashara?" she cawed in response, "Yeah I think so too." Talking to a bird, I must be losing my mind. The sound of howling outside caught my attention. I turned and walked out towards the balcony, then stopped, "It's nothing I need to worry about." I turned away, but still looked out towards the doors.

(Elsa's P.O.V.)

"Wolves," Kristoff said, "C'mon get in the sled," Everybody except Ithilagar climbed into the sled, "Ithilagar c'mon!"

The wolf turned toward us, "Go ahead I'll buy you some time." I could see the glowing eyes of the wolves in the shadows of the trees. Kristoff urged Sven forward just as the wolves came out of the cover of the trees. There were at least nine silver-grey wolves with cold-hungry steel blue eyes. Sven Pulled the sled forward at a fast speed and soon I couldn't see Ithilagar or the wolves.

We followed the flaming trail hoping to put some distance between us and the wolves. I looked behind us almost waiting for that ferocious pact to come up behind us. I saw the silhouette of a single wolf start to come close to us. I was about to blast it with some ice, but when he got close enough I saw it was Ithilagar.

He came close and with a burst of strength he leapt into the sled, "You made it," I said.

"Yeah," the wolf said slightly winded, "But unfortunately the others did too." As if a response to his words snarling and howling sounded as the rest of the wolves came around the bend.

"Guys the forest is going to come to an end soon- Whoa!" Kristoff jerked the reins to the side to avoid some wolves that were coming from the side. The jerk the sled made almost caused me and Anna to lose balance.

"Ithilagar, can't you breathe fire or something?" Anna asked.

Ithilagar struggled to stay on his feet, "I'm a wolf, not a dragon." Kristoff tried to take a sharp turn, but the sled of spun and collided with a stump sending the sled, and everyone every one inside it flying. Reacting quickly Kristoff cut Sven's reins so the reindeer wouldn't be pulled with the sled.

Anna landed on a large pillow of snow, so she had a bit of a soft landing, but unfortunately. Not everybody had the most comfortable landing. Kristoff slammed into a tree, I landed on a patch of ground that wasn't covered by snow, Olaf's body burst into three pieces that scattered a bit, Sven almost broke his antlers after head-butting a tree, the sled and Ithilagar flew the farthest and crashed into a burning building causing part of it to collapse on top of him and the sled.

Everybody quickly recovered after seeing the building collapse, but the growling wolves distracted them somewhat. The wolves were starting to emerge from the forest, when they saw something that scared them enough that they turned around and ran back into the safety of the forest.

I got up as did the others, in seconds we were getting close to the partially collapsed building hoping to find the magical wolf. It wasn't that hard because Ithilagar crawled his way out of the burning rubble and debris by himself. "Are you alright?" I asked the wolf.

He shook of the ash and soot covering his fur, "I'm fine, can't say the same for the sled." The rest of the building collapsed.

Kristoff was silent for a moment, "Once we find and bring Zander back," He started, "I'm gonna kill him."

Anna patted Kristoff on the back, "I'm sure Zander will replace it… somehow."

Olaf was in the process of literally putting himself back together, "Hey guys, a little help." Every turned to see that Olaf's head was stuck on a thin post and his body was running in circles around it. "Olaf," I said trying not to giggled, "Hang on little guy." I walked over and pulled his head off of the post and put it on his body.

"Thanks," Olaf said before seeing something behind me, "Whoa, what is that?" I turned around and saw that the smoke from the collapsed was clearing. Hiding behind the smoke was a village, the entire place was almost burned to the ground, but I was shocked when I saw what was beyond the village.

"What are you guys-" Anna started to ask as she was turning around and she was shocked to the point that she couldn't speak. The Smoke fully cleared and everyone got a full view of a large black mountain, and the fortress at its base.

The rising sun shined on the black obsidian wall of the immense fortress. It resembled the palace I made on the North Mountain, but it was much more jagged. It looked taller with towers of rock stretching from it topped with large bonfires glowing against the black stone of the mountain. The fortress was surrounded by burning and damaged wastelands. It had a different kind of majesty than my palace. It seemed more like the fortress of a… demon. No, I won't think of him like that.

"Did Zander make that?" Anna asked.

"Whoa," Kristoff said, "It almost beats your palace of ice Elsa." I nodded finding myself unable to speak. We trekked through the burning village and soon found ourselves in front of a large moat of molten rock that surrounded Zander's fortress.

"How are we going to cross this?" Anna asked.

"Maybe we can use that bridge over there?" Olaf said pointing with a stick hand, we all turned and sure enough, a black stone bridge was stretching across the river of magma in a slight arch. "C'mon guys let's go!"

"Olaf," Kristoff called, Olaf turned around, "It's a fortress created by fire magic, I don't think you should go in there." Olaf looed disappointed, "Don't worry, Sven will be here to keep you company." Sven grunted in agreement.

"Yeah Olaf, we'll have some real fun." Kristoff said in his Sven voice.

Olaf seemed to perk up at that, "Okay," Sven leaned down and Olaf hopped on, "Have fun guys!" Sven walked off with Olaf riding him.

Ithilagar looked around for a bit, "You guys go on ahead. I'm going to do some exploring, and it's been a while since I've gone hunting." The black and red wolf ran off.

Anna was the first to walk towards the bridge, "C'mon guys, let's go see Zander." Kristoff followed her, but I stood still.

What if Zander doesn't want to see me? Well, I've come this far. No use turning back now, "Elsa!" I was brought out of my thoughts when Anna called out to me, "You coming?"

"Yes, right behind you." I replied and walked to the bridge. The three of us crossed it with a bit of caution since there wasn't much guarding the sides so there was a good chance that we could fall over the side if we weren't careful.

When crossed with little trouble and came to the door. It was tall and black, just like the rest of the fortress. There was a symbol carved into the rock. It was a phoenix taking flight, in the center of the phoenix's chest was Zander's insignia, a capital 'Z' with a vertical line cutting it in half.

Anna examined the door for a second, then she walked toward it a knocked, "Zander, it's us." Does she really think that's going to work? The phoenix began to glow and the vertical line extended utile it reached the bottom and top of the door. The glow intensified and the line melted the door spitting it in half and it swung inward.

"Huh, it worked," I said to myself. Anna giggled and we walked inside.

The first thing I noticed about the room was that it was several degrees warmer than the area outside, in fact it was warmer than the inside of our castle. The room we walked into was pretty big with polished black floors and the walls were surprisingly smooth with a slight wave like pattern, there were obsidian sconces on the wall as well as pools of lava bubbling next to the walls illuminating the room. On the opposite side of the room there was a pathway that probably lead to the next floor.

"Zander?" Anna asked and called out at the same time. "It's us, Anna, Kristoff and Elsa." A song like sound was heard and was followed by a soft flapping sound that grew louder before a bird with black wings and a crimson red underbelly flew in screeching a songful cry. The bird flew toward them and screeched as if telling them to leave.

"Is that a phoenix?" Kristoff asked, it seemed like it, but it was impossible… right? The firebird screeched again this time some flame erupted from her orange colored beak. I was ready to shoot some ice at it when I heard a familiar voice.

"Ashara, that's enough." The voice came from the corridor to the next floor. "I'll handle this." There was the sound of someone coming down the stairs echoed throughout the chamber and a glow was seen coming. Zander entered the chamber, but he looked different. He looked gorgeous, no… he looked hot.

His leather outfit was gone. In its place was a black vest that looked like leather, but it seemed like it was made of something else, printed on the front was a symbol that matched the one on the door, the shoulders of the vest were slightly pointed and had a flame-like shape. The vest was over a crimson red shirt that seemed to accent the muscles in his arms the ends of the sleeves are a darker shade of red and got lighter is a flaming pattern as it traveled up the sleeve. He was wearing black pants that were tucked into black boots. Attached to the shoulders of his vest and running down his back was a living cape of fire. His clothes weren't the only thing that was different.

His tangled mess of black hair had somehow been tamed. It was neatly combed and in a similar hairstyle to Flynn (or Eugene's) hairstyle, but the major difference was the red of blood red hair the fell down the left side of his face and ending at the middle of his cheek. His eyes were no longer glowing, but they were still flaming orange in color.

The phoenix, Zander called her Ashara right? Flew over and landed on his shoulder, "Whoa Zander," Anna said, "You look… different. It's a good different." Anna added the last part and I had a sense of déjà vu.

"Not bad Zander," Kristoff said taking a good look around, "You really did a great job with the place."

Zander looked around too admiring his handy work, "Who would've thought fire could create something like this." He said quietly, but still loud enough that I could hear it. He looked at each and every one of us, his eyes seemed to glow a little, and I could've sworn his gaze lingered on me and Anna for a second. "What are you doing here?" he asked. "You should be back in Arendelle."

"You should be too," I told finding myself able to speak again.

"No, I belong here, where I'm at no risk of losing control of my fire." Zander said.

Anna stepped forward, "Zander look around you, look at yourself, look at what's on your shoulder. You do have control."

Zander eyes flashed and he glared at her, "And why are you here?" he almost shouted, "In your condition you're in you have more reason not to be here."

Kristoff looked puzzled; I don't blame him because I had no idea what Zander was talking about. "What are you talking about?" Kristoff asked.

"Oh she hasn't told you yet?" Zander said, "Well I'm sure she'll tell you soon enough, but you need to leave." He sounded serious.

"We're not leaving without you." Anna said.

Zander's eyes began to glow and his hands went up in flames, "Yes you are!" his voice sounded different, as is two voices were speaking at the same time. Zander shot flames from his hands that impacted the area around us. Zander then arched his back and his hands halfway clenched in a way that it looked like he was lifting something.

The ground shifted beneath us and soon we were almost thrown out the door. I sat up and looked at Zander who was now lowering the ground and sent the part he had melted solid again, "Zander please," I called out to him, "Why are you doing this?"

"Why am I doing this?" he repeated, "Because of you." Zander made a motion with his arms and the doors closed and sealed.

His words hit me hard, I was the reason that he left? "Anna are you alright?" I heard Kristoff say not too far away.

Anna got up, "I'm okay, I'm fine." She looked over at me, "Elsa are you all right?"

I didn't answer her question, "Let's go," I got up and started to walk across the bridge. I felt tears come to my eyes but I refused to let them fall. We found Elsa and Sven waiting for us on the other side of the bridge.

"Hey guys," Olaf said, "How did it go with Zander?"

I didn't want to answer, but Anna did it for me, "We were able to bring him back."

"Oh, well now what do we do?" the little snowman asked.

"Well we can't just give up on him." Anna asked, "Not when Elsa was so close to getting a boyfriend."

"Anna!" I partially scolded, but it didn't stop my cheeks from heating up.

Kristoff chuckled, "Well, maybe Pabbie can help us, he knows a lot about magic, maybe he can tell us how we can help Zander." Everyone agreed to the idea, but I was uncertain. I had never met Kristoff's family, well not since the time that Pabbie took away Anna's memories, and from the stories Anna told me they were an interesting group.

The others started to walk away with Kristoff and Sven in the lead. I was about to follow him with a beam of light hit my eye. I looked down to see something was reflecting the sun partially buried in the snow and ash. I leaned down and brushed the burnt earth and snow away and picked up the glimmering object. When I saw it by breath got caught up in my throat, it was the necklace I gave Zander.

"Elsa, are you coming?" Anna called out to me. I put the necklace around my neck thinking of nowhere else to put it and went to catch up with the rest of my family.

(Zander's P.O.V.)

The second after I closed the door I ran up the stairs to the top floor. I needed to let off some steam. When I got to the top floor I was pacing the room in random directions constantly doing this with my hands to relax myself. Seeing that this wasn't working I decided that I just needed to clear my head.

I went to the center of the room and sat down in a meditating position, I had never meditated before my time in prison, but it worked a little. I closed my eyes and began to breathe, then my vision began to return, even though my eyes were closed I could still see. In fact I could even see better, it was like I had eyes outside of my body observing every source of heat around me. Then I stopped when my focus landed on the mountain.

There was an intense heat signal coming deep within the mountain. I opened my eyes and walked to the mountain wall, "I wonder…" I put my hand against the mountain, there were tunnels inside it, "Is this mountain a volcano?" I channeled by fire into the mountain side and felt some resistance. I pushed harder and felt something break and the stone easily melted away to reveal a tunnel in front of me, "No not a volcano," I said, "Volcanoes don't have magical locks," I stepped inside my cape illuminating the tunnel, "Nor do they have runes decorating their volcanic tunnels." I looked down the darkness of the tunnel, "What could be down there?" curious I walked down the tunnel.

It was longer and deeper than I thought it would be. It wasn't too steep and I took a turn every now and then, and one this was for sure, this tunnel led deep into the mountain. The runes on the sides of the tunnel were soon accompanied by pictures and strange designs, I couldn't tell what language the runes were in, but they looked old. I wasn't sure how far I'd been walking, I wasn't even paying attention until I felt myself step in something that sounded like coins. I looked down and sure enough, my boot was standing in a pile of gold coins.

I looked up and raised my hand and shot a fire ball into the air and I was amazed. The room was enormous and shaped like a shallow bowl, and I was standing on the rim. What was more amazing what that the entire place was filled with treasure, "What the." I said. It was then that I got the feeling I wasn't alone. I increased the glow of the fireball I shot and when I saw what was at the other side of the room I just about had a heart attack.

(Elsa's P.O.V.)

I didn't say anything almost the entire journey to the Valley of the Living Stones, Ithilagar met up with us not long after we started to walk to where the trolls lived. When he asked where we were going we answered without much hesitation.

"The Valley of the Living Stones you say?" Ithilagar asked, "That's a name I haven't heard for a while."

Kristoff looked back at the wolf, "You've been there before?"

"No, but while traveling with Zander we heard rumors of a troll shaman that lived in the Valley of the Living Stones, Zander took an interest in it, but if he ever went there I don't know." The wolf explained.

Anna came up next to me, "Are you sure that you're okay Elsa? You haven't said anything since we left Zander's fortress."

"What was Zander talking about?" I asked, "When he said that you shouldn't be there, especially in your condition?"

Anna looked embarrassed, yet happy at the same time, "Well, it's something I've been meaning to tell you for a while now, but so many things kept coming up."

"What?" I asked. Anna was about to answer then Kristoff called out to us.

"We're here." I looked and saw we were at the opening of the valley. "Guys it's me, and I brought some friends." Kristoff called out as soon the rock in the valley started rolling toward us and when they got close enough they turned into trolls who were happily rejoicing at Kristoff's arrival.

One of the trolls balanced on one of her comrades and got close to Anna, "Anna it's so great to see you again," she looked over at me, "And is this the Elsa you've told me so much about?" I gave a shy wave.

"Yes she is," Anna said, "Elsa this is Bulda, Kristoff's adoptive mom."

Bulda came close to me, "Gosh, the last time I saw you, you were only eight, but now look at you." She noticed the necklace around my neck, "Well that's a lovely piece of jewelry, a gift from a boy I presume."

Anna giggled, "Bulda, knock it off. She already gets enough of that from me."

"Okay matchmaking aside, we need to see Grand Pabbie." Kristoff said.

"I'm here," an old and tired voiced said as an older looking troll came out of the crowd. I recognized him as Pabbie, he didn't look too much different from the last time I saw him. "I take it you are here for an important reason."

"Yes, we have a friend who needs help," Kristoff said, "His name is Zander."

Pabbie nodded, "The one with power over fire."

"How did you know?" Anna asked voicing my thoughts.

Pabbie chuckled, he started waving his hands and a misty image began to form, "Take a look." The cloud soon became a window and a memory began to play.

(No P.O.V.)

It was nighttime and the valley was silent, the trolls were resting is their stone-like state. Then a man came into the valley, it was Zander in his regular leather outfit. "Hello?" he called out, "Is there anybody here?" the stones started to move toward him and he took a few steps back.

Pabbie came out of his stone form and examined Zander, "I sense a deep magic within you." Zander reluctantly took off one of his gloves and set his hand on fire, "I see, were you born with this power, or cursed."

Zander sighed, "Both," he replied, "A sorcerer cursed my mother while she was pregnant with me and I was born like this. Can you help me?"

Pabbie climbed onto some of the other trolls and put a hand on Zander's chest, "Are you wanting to control it?"

Zander shook his head, "No, I want to be rid of this curse."

Pabbie sighed, "I'm afraid only the person who gave you this power can take it away." Zander hung his head, "But I can tell you about this power." Zander sat of the ground and Pabbie was lowered, "Your fire draws on the energy around you, particularly emotion." Pabbie placed a hand of his head, "A deep anger flows through you veins, allow it to consume you and you will have no chance on controlling it. There is another thing."

"What?" Zander asked.

"Your fire cannot be put out, unless you willing tell it to, or if it runs out of things to burn. And there is another way," Pabbie said, "You fire can be put out by ice magic."

Zander sighed, "Like that's going to help me."

Pabbie chuckled, "Actually, there is someone in Arendelle with power over ice, maybe she can help you." There were muttering among the trolls, "Listen to me, your power is strong and it will continue to grow stronger and stronger every day, I don't know to what extent. Just remember, the only thing you have to worry about is what you make of it." Zander nodded, "Good, now off you go. You are almost to Arendelle, but you still have a little ways to go." Zander got up.

"Even though you couldn't solve my problem… thanks." Zander walked out of the valley and out of sight.

(Elsa's P.O.V.)

The memory faded until it was nothing but a cloud that dissipated, "Zander wanted to be rid of what was forcefully put upon him," Pabbie said, "Unfortunately I couldn't do that for him."

"So what can we do for him?" Olaf asked.

"I've known Zander for a long time," Ithilagar said which caused everyone to turn toward him, "I've learned that at these times the best thing you can do is give him some space and hope he gets over it."

I looked down, "Well then we might as well go back to Arendelle."

"Oh no you're not," Bulda said in a motherly tone, "You all look terribly exhausted, you'll rest here for a little bit and then you'll continue home later."

I opened my mouth to protest, but Kristoff beat me to it, "She's right, we're all pretty tired and could use a good rest." Seeing that I was out numbered I agreed.

(Zander's P.O.V.)

I've seen some pretty strange yet amazing things in my life, talking snowmen, magical wolves, matchmaking trolls, handmade firebirds, even giant ice monsters. But I think what I saw in front of me definitely topped the list. I was looking at the sleeping form of an immense black dragon.

It's scales were black like obsidian, it's snout was pointed and I could see some of its sharp teach poking out and two large black horns curled out from the back of i's head, the wings looked old, but still incredibly strong, the long back tail that curled around it was spiked with a group of longer spikes gathered at the end. It was a magnificent beast, but what really amazed me was its size. Its head was larger than my entire body. The body could have passed for a large black hill and its legs were like towers, wide and strong. Its claws were longer than my arm and much thicker and each of its teeth was the size of a long and sharp knife.

I wanted to back away slowly, but I didn't have the chance. When the fire reached the dragon one of its large eyes opened. The eyes were the color of molten lava with reptilian black slits for pupils. A crackling sound was heard as the large dragon stretched its long neck cobwebs and collections dust breaking as it moved. It shifted its position at the neck easily stretched across the room and the large eye, which was bigger than a dinner plate looked into my eye, or at my entire face I couldn't tell.

"W-who are you?" I asked.

The head backed up a little until the dragon looked like a swan looking down at its reflection, "I could ask you the same thing." The voice was obviously male and had an ancient and wise feel to it and there was a rumble to his words that made me think the mountain would shake if he spoke any louder.

"I am Zander," I said, "Zander Smith."

The dragon regarded me with interest, "Young, brave, resilient, has a deep magic running through his veins. Yet he doesn't belong to any titles. Tell me Zander Smith, how is it you hold such a powerful magic inside you?"

I could not believe I was having a conversation with a dragon, "I was cursed by a sorcerer,"

"Yes, I sensed it wasn't a inherited magic," the dragon sniffed the air above me and then snorted a large about of smoke leaving his nostrils. "Yet I see that it is strong magic similar to my own."I gave him a questioning looked and he made a rumbling noise that I assumed was a laugh, "I take it you don't know who I am," I shook my head, "I am Xant, the oldest and most powerful Fire Drake of my time," He laughed, at least I thought it was a laugh, "But that was a long time ago, and now all I can do now his hibernate building the power of my soul until I find a way to continue my legacy."

"Why did you choose to hibernate? I mean, I thought the dragons went extinct a long time ago." I asked.

Xant's expression grew distant, "If we're going to continue this conversation, I think we should do it somewhere else."

I looked at Xant, then back behind me towards the door, "Uh, no offense, but I don't think you're going to fit through the tunnel." Xant gave a rumbling laugh.

"You don't know much about dragons, do you Zander?" I shook my head, flames started to gather around the dragon and Xant began to shrink. When the flames disappeared Xant was in human form. When he walked closer to me I saw that he looked surprisingly like an older version of me.

He was taller than me by an inch or two and a strong looking build. He had neatly combed black hair that was starting to grey, a neatly trimmed peppered black beard and mustache, tanned skin and flaming orange eyes, he was wearing a suit of dark grey armor and had a cape of what looked like dragon skin.

"Do you think this will help?" Xant's voice wasn't rumbling anymore, but it still had the wise and ancient feel to it.

"Yeah I think it will." I turned around and went into the entrance to the tunnel.

After a lot of walking the two of us got back to my fortress. The two of us were immediately greeted by Ashara, "A firebird?" Xant commented and laughed, "I haven't seen one in ages."

I smiled and held out an arm that Ashara happily landed on, I stroked the feathers on her back, "Her name is Ashara, I created her, just like this fortress." I looked down and Ashara took flight.

"It sounds amazing," Xant commented, "But I see you're not too thrilled about it." I shook my head, "And why is that?"

I sat down on the floor and let out a huff, along with a bit of smoke, "I want to control my fire, and I've come close a couple times, but every time it seems like I have full control. Something happens and I'm back to where I started." Xant took a seat across from me and motioned for me to continue, "I was told that my power would get stronger, but I just can't find a way how I can control what's only going to get stronger."

Xant rubbed his beard in deep thought, then he seemed to get an idea, "Well then, get up." He got up and so did I, "You need a mentor, and who better than a Fire Drake?" Was he serious, "Now you might want to pay attention because I don't like to repeat myself."

(Elsa's P.O.V.)

I was seeing several images, each of them memories that haunted me. The first was when I hit Anna with my ice, then it showed my parents coming into the frosted room, "Elsa, what have you done?" my father's voice echoed.

The next image was when I tried to stop Anna from marrying Hans, "More than you, all you know is how to shut people out."

The next image was when Weselton's men tried to kill him, and when I almost killed them, "Queen Elsa," Hans' voice said behind me, "Don't be the monster they think you are."

The next image was me trying to escape Arendelle, and Hans telling me what happened to Anna, "You're sister is dead… because of you." The heartbreak returned as I saw the memory.

The next images were ones about Zander, when I hit him with my ice, when he was in the infirmary, when he burned me, and the last showed him in his fortress, "Why am I doing this?" he said, "Because of you!" the doors slammed shut.

I sat up abruptly and breathing heavily, I looked around. I was back in the Valley of the Living Stones. Everyone was asleep, "It was just a dream,"

"But one you've had for a while," I jumped and turned around to see Bulda, "You hold a deep affection for Zander don't you." I looked away and blushed, "Oh, no need to be embarrassed dear." She came over and sat next to me, "You know I may not have the same abilities Pabbie has, but I do know love when I see it, and when it comes to Zander you're filled with love for him." she gave a playful smile, "Not that I blame you, he is quite a catch isn't he?" My face felt like it was on fire. Bulda looked up, "Look at that, the sun is rising." I looked up and sure enough the sun was beginning to rise coloring the sky that beautiful combination of pink and orange. "Well we better wake the others so you kids can get back to Arendelle. It's a pretty long walk on foot."

(Zander's P.O.V.)

And I thought everyday life was hell on earth, but training with Xant was an entirely new sub-level of hell. I launched a fireball from my fist, "Very nice, "Xant said, "Add a little more juice and you might be able to light a candle." I growled.

"I thought we were teaching me control." I said.

We are," he commented, "But first I need to know exactly what you're capable of, now why don't you give me some real fire. Or all this work will be all for naught."

I grumbled, "This is all for naught." I said quietly.

"I heard that." Xant said sounding like a parent.

"You were supposed to." I commented.

Xant nodded, "Good you're putting flame into your words, now try to show some fire a dragon would be envious of."

I thought for a minute, I couldn't come up with anything. It was aggravating beyond belief. Angered and filled with rage I shot my head up and roared flames erupting from the back of my throat and out of my mouth. When the flames ended I was breathing heavily.

When I heard clapping I turned around to see Xant slowly clapping his hands together, Ashara was perched on his shoulder, "Now that was fire." The he examined me, "But still no control, you have the heart, the strength, the will, what's stopping you from achieving control?"

I shrugged, "I don't know, maybe I'm just too human." Xant perked up.

"Say that again." He requested slowly.

"Maybe I'm just too human." I said.

Xant started to pace, his movements caused Ashara to take flight. He was muttering so I could only pick up some of what he was saying, "Maybe… no I don't think I should… it would help… but the qualifications he would have to have…"

"Xant," I asked getting his attention, "What are you talking about?"

Xant looked at me, "Come with me, I have an idea."

I was following Xant down the tunnel to his lair. Xant was lighting the way with a torch he created with his hand. It was when we finally got into the vast treasure room that I decided to ask the question on my mind, "So Xant, what is this idea you have?"

Xant didn't answer my question right away, he walked across the vast room and into a door on the other side, he opened it and went inside. I followed to find that the inside was a study and a library. Xant walked over to the shelf and grabbed an old black book and flipped a few pages. Then he started to walk around the room.

"Well you're being strangely cryptic, as you walk around your hidden study still not telling me what it is you're doing." I said as he walked toward what looked like a sacrifice alter. He grabbed a bowl and sprinkled in what looked like bone dust into it. He then grabbed a scale, probably one of his one and tossed it in. He took of his gauntlet and grabbed a knife made from a dragon tooth. He took the knife and spit his palm and spilled a decent amount of blood into the bowl. He pointed his finger at the contents and they burst into flames and the blood mixed with the other stuff he threw in and turned into a dark grey bubbling mixture. Xant walked toward me and pulled out one of my hairs as well as one of Ashara's feathers, which she squawked angrily at Xant afterwards. Xant threw them both in the grey liquid and the color started to change.

Xant held a hand over the potion and then he spoke in his rumbling dragon voice, "Petimus ut ignis draco benedictione probus," I couldn't understand the language, but it sounded powerful,"Petere eum quia caro et sanguis, et filium meum simul." The mixture started to swirl and black smoke left Xant's hand and into the potion. The mixture glowed brightly and then there was a bright flash that temporarily blinded me.

When the glare faded I saw the liquid was replaced by a small bottle made of ruby with a glowing orange liquid inside. Xant reached a hand and grabbed the bottle. He turned and offered it to me, "Drink up, but brace yourself. You need to drink every drop of it."

I was a little confused but I took the bottle and opened it, it smelled like a campfire. I raised the bottle in a toast-like manner, "Bottoms up," I raised the bottle and drank the whole thing in one gulp. Then my mouth felt like I drank liquid lava, it was hot even by my standards. Soon the pain spread to my entire bodyuntil i felt numb. I dropped the bottle and I felt myself lose consciousness.

(Elsa's P.O.V.)

We were getting ready to start the trek with Ithilagar suddenly jumped up as it someone poked him with a hat poker, he fidgeted a couple of times before falling to the ground. Anna immediately walked over to check on him, "Ithilagar are you alright?"

Ithilagar got up looking a little dizzy, "Yeah I think so, that was weird. My connection to Zander suddenly changed."

I looked at him, "What do you mean 'changed'?"

"I don't know," he replied, "All I felt was a great deal of pain and then nothing."

"You don't mean he's…" Anna said.

Ithilagar shook his head, "No I would've of been able to tell if he was dead, I just lost my connection with him." he shook it off, "Anyway we should get going, we don't want to keep Arendelle waiting." I still felt a little concerned for Zander, but I knew he was right.

We got to Arendelle around midday where Kai and Gerda immediately greeted us, "Your highnesses, are you alright?" Gerda asked.

"We're fine," I said, but then I remembered something, "But I think you should take Anna to the doctor just in case." Gerda nodded and led my sister away from us.

Kristoff turned to me, "What was that about?"

"Yeah, what was that about?" Olaf repeated.

"Zander said Anna had a condition. Whether or not he was right we need to check to see if there is anything wrong with her." Kai led us inside.

"Queen Elsa," Kai started, "Some of the other staff were wondering where Mr. Smith was. Do you know where he is?"

I didn't want to answer, I guess Kristoff noticed and answered for me, "He just decided to go on a trip for a little bit, he'll be back in a few days don't worry."

Kai seemed to accept the story, "Very well." Thank you Kristoff, "Another thing, a cargo ship from Corona came into port this morning, just thought I'd let you know."

I tilted my head in confusion, "What was on the boat?"

"Mainly cloth, equipment, and other similar items." Kai explained, "I had the guards scout out the place and it looks good."

I nodded, "Thank you Kai, be sure to have the servants and dock workers unload the cargo on board." He nodded and left.

"Well sorry to leave you Elsa," Kristoff said, "But I need to go check up on Anna to make sure she's alright."

I nodded in understanding, "It's alright, I still have duties I need to fulfill. I'll come see Anna as soon as I'm done." And with that we went our separate ways.

(Zander's P.O.V.)

I had a sense of déjà vu when I woke up with fuzzy and unfocused vision and a harsh headache. I was resting on an obsidian bed covered in furs with Xant's dragon skin cloak draped over me like a blanket. I tried to sit up, worst mistake ever. Instead of a chill like a felt while infected with Elsa's ice, I felt a wave of intense heat.

"Go easy on yourself," Xant said as he entered the room, "Your body has gone through a lot. I'm surprised you woke up so soon."

I looked at the dragon in human form, "How long was I out?"

"A couple hours, almost all day in fact." He said, "Your body needed to shut down for the elixir to take full effect."

"What did it do to me?" I asked, then I heard something to my right and I flinched looked towards the direction. It was then that I noticed how clear everything looked, every detail was sharper and clearer than ever before, my sense that detected emotion was sharper as well.

Xant smiled seeing the way I seemed to adapt to the better senses, "I've given you more power, and have given you the ability to control it."

"How?" I asked.

"To put it simply," he said, "I made you my son." That got my attention.

"WHAT?!" I said.

Xant nodded, "I performed a blood ritual that made you my son, by making you my son I gave you the blessing of a Fire Drake; your senses are now sharper and you have more control over your fire than ever before."

I looked down barely believing what I was hearing, "Now get up," I looked up, and Xant smirked, "Now it's time for your real training to begin. If you're going to be my son you have to live up to it."

(Elsa's P.O.V.)

I had no idea how long I was working, but I felt really tired now. I finished the document I was working on a stood up wanting to check on Anna before going to bed. I left my study and then noticed how dark it was, it was also very quiet. I decided to take a shortcut through the meeting room to get to Anna's room faster thinking she was there.

I opened the door and walked inside, the only light available was the moon light shining through the windows. I had a bad feeling, but I continued to walk to the door on the other side. Before I could close the door it suddenly slammed shut. I turned around and felt someone try to grab me from behind. I instantly fought back using my ice whenever I could, when two people grabbed my arms I tried kicking.

"Really Elsa, do you really think that's going to work." My blood went cold at the sound of that voice, "We wouldn't want to have an accident, would we?" Hans stepped out of the shadows, a man clad in dark leather armor stepped out with his. He was holding Anna, she was gagged and a knife was held against her throat. Hans walked forward, "Don't resist, and we won't harm Anna. If you try to fight back… things won't end well." I wanted to resist, but I was sure that he would harm Anna if he wanted to.

Seeing my expression Hans smirked, "Clamp her hands." More armored men came out and covered my hands in metal cuffs very similar to the one they used on me last time. "Don't bother using your ice to get out, the metal your clamps are made of get stronger and tighter the colder they get." He explained, "Do you want to know how I got here Elsa? Well you can thank my accomplice for that." The doors opened.

The Duke of Weselton came in with two mercenaries at his side, "Good evening, your majesty." He said the last bit as if he had a foul taste in his mouth. He turned to the prince, "Milord, we knocked out the mountain man, what should do with him?"

Hans waved a dismissive hand, "Throw him out, he's no use to us." The Duke nodded and left the room. Hans turned back to me and spoke to the mercenaries keeping me down, "Chain her up, I'll be down there shortly to deal with her." I didn't like the sound of that. He started talking directly to me, "Tomorrow we will show the kingdom their all-powerful Ice Queen and I will rule Arendelle, ad there's nothing you, or anyone can do about it." Hans grinned evil as the dragged me away. "Nowhere to run, and no one can save you." They pulled me out of the room, one of the last things I saw was the fear in Anna's eyes. As they pulled me along I thought a silent prayer and plea. 'Zander, help me.'

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