If Only You Knew


Jendayi Hamilton
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We've Grown So Much

If Only You Knew

Chapter 1: We've Grown So Much

Hyugan Training Grounds, 8:35 am

"Hinata, I'm ashamed at your techniques. I thought that perhaps you are the heir to the Hyugan clan you would be better than what you are now. I see that I was wrong."

Hyuga Hiashi stood towering over his daughter Hinata. She was panting and drenched in sweat from the vigorous training with her father. It had been three hours…three hours of hitting, chakra selection, and techniques. Now came the talk. The speech she dreaded. She still stood in her Gentle Fist stance know her father was strong in surprise attacks, which she learned all too late before.

"I-I do try Tou-san…I-I really d-do…" Her eyes started to fill with tears that she couldn't stop from coming.

Doesn't he understand that I try my best? I want to make him proud of me, I really do…but why am I so weak? Why can't I be strong like Neji-niisan? Or like Naruto-kun? I know I have inner strength…but it isn't enough!

"Hinata! This isn't a game girl! Pay attention!" Before Hinata could react her father moved with super speed and attacked her. She stepped back to avoid his palm and twisted to catch his back, when he grabbed her wrist throwing her into a tree.

"Ack-cough ugh." Hinata tried to stand up but she couldn't and slumped back down to the earth, drops of blood dripped from her mouth.

"Why can't you be like Neji and actually be worth something to the clan? Instead you're just like your mother; weak and insignificant…Leave my sight. I don't want to see you for the next 6 hours."

"Hai. Tou-san." He walked away from muttering curses under his breath. Hinata sat there and let the tears fall. She was a disgrace to her family, to her father, and to Neji. He had said she was worthless, she was no good…

But I must be of some good…I-I must…She jumped up and ran toward the Branch House Compound. She needed to talk to someone…she needed her nii-san. She was worth something…she was. She flew past the servants and Main House members not thinking of where she was going, but she knew because her feet always carried her there on their own.

"Hinata-sama! Where are you going?" Neji stood in front of her with his arms full of scrolls and books.

"Oh Neji-niisan!" Hinata flew towards Neji, her hands clutching her heart. Neji dropped the items he had been carrying and cradled Hinata in his strong, protective arms.

"What happened? And why-"Neji's eyes fell to her stomach…his arm when he hugged her lifted her jacket abit, there was a purple bruise marking her perfect, pale skin. On her sides were red and swollen dots…her chakra points. Hinata continued to cry as Neji's temper began to rise. More than once he had talked to Haishi about his rough training with Hinata, more than once had he said he went too far. But Haishi care? No.

"Your too rough with Hinata, Hiashi-sama…she can't do well when she's under pressure-"Haishi held up his hand.

"I will deal with Hinata as I see fit to. She is my daughter and I have authority over her. Not you Neji. Besides, Hinata is to kind for her own good…just like her-"Haishi stopped abruptly and stared out the window.

"Her mother." Neji stated...

"Hinata is just like her mother, Haishi-sama. But that doesn't mean their fates will be the same. Hinata is stronger than you think she is." Hiashi leaned over his desk and looked at Neji. His face was hardened and his eyes were glowing with frustration and anger.

"Get out." Neji's blood started to boil. Didn't he understand that Hinata needed him? Needed her father to support her?

"No." Neji stood.

"You have no idea what Hinata goes through. Every day she looks for your approval and praise yet you throw it away like ashes to the wind…do you even love her? Or is she some pawn that you use for your own ends?"

"How dare you question my motives for Hinata? And as for me treating her too harshly…who was the very one tried to kill her during the pre-chunin exams?" Neji gasped…how could he bring that up? He loved Hinata!

"I was young and selfish. I didn't realize how much Hinata meant to me then…"

"But you do now?" They stared at each other. Seconds, minutes…

"The questioned is not now, Hiashi-sama. But with all respect…will you ever?"

"Leave. LEAVE!!"

Neji sat on his bed with a crying Hinata leaning on his chest. His arms were wrapped around her small waist, her petite form wracking with sobs. Her bruises had gotten worse and were swelling up. He shook his head, hating to ruin the moment but she had to get them wrapped before they became infected.

"Hinata we need to bandage your wounds. They're swelling badly." Hinata nodded.

"Take your shirt off, and I'll go get the medical cloth." Neji stood up and flashed stepped to the bathroom, rummaging through different drawers. Hinata while waiting for Neji applied healing chakra to some of the wounds her father had inflicted on her during training.

I wish…I wish that I could be just a little bit better. I wish I could be stronger like Neji. I know that I'm strong in my heart. But what about physically? Naruto-kun said I was strong in my own way…but what did he mean?

"Hinata? Are you alright?"

"I-I'm fine Neji-niisan…just tired I guess…maybe…I don't know anymore." Neji frowned…what was Hinata talking about? Being the caring loving cousin he was, he went straight to a terrifying conclusion.

"Hinata…you're not going to kill yourself are you!" Hinata jumped up from the bed and stared at Neji in disbelief.

"Oh, no Neji-niisan! I would never do something like that! I-I have too much to live for! I could never hurt you or anyone like that…especially Naruto-kun…"

Hinata blushed at mention of her precious person. Neji merely sighed. Ever since Naruto and Hinata had gotten together it had been torture for him. It seemed like he was always watching them, or making sure Naruto didn't make any sudden moves on his innocent cousin.

But he knew Naruto meant well and that he would never do anything to make Hinata uncomfortable or unhappy. Ever since Neji realized his own feelings for his cousin that he did deep down truly care about her.

And hardly ever left her side. After all he was the one chosen to be her body guard right? Hinata was like the little sister everybody wanted (if they wanted one). But she was little no longer. She had grown in stature and internally. She was 5", she let her hair grow out and it came below her waist, her body had also changed…a lot…which made Neji nervous.

She really did have a nice body…as Sakura put it…one to die for.

Well…let's hope it's one to die for. It seems that I'm always watching out for her. Is it become we've grown closer? Or is Hinata-sama growing on me? Either way…

"N-Neji-niisan? Neji!" Neji snapped out of his thought life and stared at Hinata as if she was a wild woman.


"I'm getting cold." Hinata's shirt was on the bed. She had her hand covering one of the bruises, glowing with chakra.

"I apologize Hinata. Here, you're going to need some help…speaking of help. Naruto returns from his 3 week long mission today…" Hinata jerked off the bed.

"Oh no! I won't have time to see him get to the gates! I was supposed to meet him there!" Neji laughed at Hinata sudden change of attitude.

"You only have 45 minutes, Hinata. And you can't see him wearing that." Neji smirked at Hinata's crimson blush.

"Neji! You're not helping! We need to go to my room so I can change! Hurry!" Neji looked at the window by his bed. He raised an eyebrow.

"The window?" Hinata smiled and shook her head.

"Yes the window, silly! Now come on!" Hinata went first then came Neji.

Going through this window isn't as easy as it used to be. When Hinata and I were younger I could fit through it so smoothly…ha…I'm too old for this…

In just four years Neji had grown to the height of 5"11. He kept his hair the same long, silky way. Hinata always teased him about how the women in the village were jealous of his beautiful, wavy, brown hair. At times, she would pull his tie out and watch it shine and bounce in the wind as if it were specially treated, then she would fall over laughing and he would mutter under his breath,

" Every aspect of the body should be treated with utmost care…" He had gotten more muscular and stronger. All the women drooled after him when he passed them by. Hinata would only laughing knowing it annoyed him.

"Nii-san. There's my window come on!"

Oh, God not another window…but I have to admit. It is fun...

As soon as Neji and Hinata landed on her floor she bolted to the bathroom. Neji only shook his head. Women could be so troublesome.

Hinata has been in the bathroom for over 20 minutes…she's going to be late if she wants to see Naruto.

"Hinata-sama! It shouldn't take you an hour to get dressed."

"I can't figure out what to wear…"

"Let me see."Hinata stepped out the bathroom wearing her favorite black ninja pants and a lavender tank.

"I don't like it. Change." Neji turned his face so Hinata couldn't see him smirking. Her face fell and she poked her finger together.

"Y-you don't? I thought it was really cute…"

"I'm only kidding Hinata. If you like it wear it. It suites you well."

"Thank you, Neji-niisan!" Hinata rushed back into the bathroom.

"S-should I wear makeup? Maybe some perfume…what about my hair? In a bun? Hmm…" She leaned out and looked at Neji. He shrugged.

"Whatever fits you Hinata, but I'm sure it won't matter to Naruto. He sees you as you are. Beautiful." Hinata smiled.

"Oh no! I'm going to be late!" Neji rolled his eyes…

You don't say…

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